What do judges and persons on sex offense registries have in common?

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      Sandy Rozek

      By Sandy . . . In mid-July of this year, the son and the husband of a New Jersey federal judge were gunned down when they opened the door to a man wea
      [See the full post at: What do judges and persons on sex offense registries have in common?]

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      Old Offender

      I hate living in fear

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      Well said @Sandy…

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      Innocent Bystander

      Not to mention police showing up at my door in full S.W.A.T. gear with guns drawn just to do random residency checks and then trying to add MY car (which he never drove) and MY trailer tags to their online database. Scared the hell out of me and had me living in fear while a registered person was staying with me. I could have been killed by them or vigilantes at any time rather than served and protected.

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      Facts should matter

      “People deserve to feel safe – to be safe – in their homes.”

      Actually, it is a human right to feel safe and secure in one’s home.

      Their “if it saves one life, it’s worth it” argument really is a selfish and arrogant emotional plea. The circumvention of privacy and safety just so intruders, invaders and strangers accessing your information can garner a false sense of relief and reassurance. That -In and of itself – reeks of fascism, thuggery and ill-earned entitlement.

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      This needs to be sent to the judges in Colorado. Are you aware of that they just did in a sex offender suit?

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      Tim in WI

      It is called Collateral Consequences.

      What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Is it time to build a registry of judges? I fully expect to see more attacks in this environment of unfettered uses first promulgated by the Doe decisions. Attack begets attack Sandy and no one is safe. Take a good look at what is happening. I expect it to collapse, shortly after the next election. If you think it’s ugly now…..just wait a few months.

      Resistance is futile…you must comply

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      Dying of Registry

      For 45 years, I have worked hard to be a new person and proper citizen. For over 40 years, I have registered as a sex offender. I accepted and still accept what I’d done those many many years ago. I have indeed changed my life and I live humbly, away from people, so I can reduce my risks that in reality are not possible to manage.

      Then unexpectedly 5 years ago, after completely satisfying all legal obligations and thus dropping off the registry, I moved to another state within the US, and overzealous officers arrested me for a pretentious violation I was forced, again, to spend my last $dime to stay out of prison, and now as a result shall report every year for the rest of my life. I now, again, shall watch carefully and live life in fear until I die.

      Amazingly now, as a direct result of these recent, unlawful registration regulations, I cannot attend any church, walk on city streets, attend any events or activities or work in a business where the public participate. And am no longer able to shop in a grocery store or mall or sit inside a McDonald’s — not because of any worldwide virus, but because I may be arrested and sent to prison for life.

      What’s worse? Life or Life. Thanks for your support.

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      Arne Hesson

      You are absolutely correct tim.
      As will durant once said:
      “A civilization cannot fall from without
      Until it destroys itself from within.”

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      perplexed in NC

      During these unsettled times, federal agents have been “doxxed” like Judge Salas was, and their families have been relocated and put under protection in some instances to keep the mobs from going after them. Last week, even the Postmaster General had his residence harassed and mobbed. Clearly the government types do not feel protected enough by the letter of the law; after all if the mob does damage to property or person, it is a violation, a crime. They recognize that being against the law does not deter the mob. Prosecution of the mob does not restore the peace or sanctity of the lives affected.
      We need to use the words that Judge Salas spoke in her first public statement after the shooting in our condemnation of the registry. We need to turn their rhetoric about this issue, racism, intolerance, etc. against them. (“Science shouldn’t be ignored.” Etc…)
      The registry was something else in its infancy than it is now. The same could be said for the internet. Also, our society is coming unhinged and breaking down more and more into mob rule. That leaves those of us on the registry and our families in a terrible position.
      Sandy, thank you for this article. I saw the parallels as well, but you brought it to the fore…

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      Tim in WI

      @Arne H.
      Established as a 13 separate AND independent States. It was never intended to be a two party system. Federalism promotes homogeneity by definition. This equates to protracted limits to liberty. (States choice)

      Registration regime is plain indenture repackaged and marketed. It is all about ” uses of the database machine driven infrastructure ” to maintain and ever consolidating authority. There are no less than 54 separate federal police agencies (overt). Each fighting for overlapping jurisdiction & appropriations among themselves and State police agencies. Naturally electronic surveillance and collections advances and advantages each while simultaneously providing more overlap in jurisdictional sovereignty.

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      There is no reason for them to show up in swat gear other then to show off and make sure everyone is looking at them being imaginary heroes.
      This is something else that might need to be challenged in court because it’s purely for show. These LE’a watch too much “Law & Order”.

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      Judges can get all the protections they want. We cannot. I firmly believe that Politicians WANT Vigilantes, or Mobs of Them, to go after and Kill Us. Oh they’ll never SAY THAT while Campaigning for Office or while they’re in once Elected. However; they’ certainly draft Legislation that will ensure that Vigilantes and Mobs of them DO for them what they ultimately want… which has and will continue to happen! You cannot tell me that State and Federal Legislators, as well as those self-same Judges, Prosecutors, and Extreme-Right-Wing Media Moguls, don’t want anything like this happening. They Do And They Got It Now! as for so-called ‘Criminal Justice Reform’? Come On Man! We All Know there ISN’T going to be any for Us. The Registry must be defeated not only be Hard Science-Backed Data arguing against it, it also must be erased from existence by the Exposed Results of how it empowers Vigilantes and Mobs to engage in ‘Purge Mentality So-Called Justice’! When the children of Registered Persons that have been killed grow up and become Adults, look for many of them to start going after the Vigilantes that Murdered Their Parent or Parents! Then THEY will cry for ‘Justice’…and Get It. Think it won’t or can’t happen? Wait and See.

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      Registry for Judges

      A Registry for Judges

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      Sandy, thank you once again for this dialogue…

      One thing to also consider is the main difference to ‘Those Persons Forced to Register’ (as all of our civil rights have been removed) and Official Jurists that Sit on the Courts which embody ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY!

      The Safety of all persons is paramount, especially in Today’s Vigilante Society, wherein, the majority of those people robbing, killing, stealing and tearing down Federally Mandated Statutes, etc, feel that they have a RIGHT to do so-NOT!

      So herein lies the problem: The Judge has Absolute Immunity and The LEO has Qualified Immunity (of which these younger Vigilante People have no clue what these terms mean, as they are unemployed getting payouts from the government)

      Therefore, in today’s society, we are living in these vigilante times that may become even more disastrous in the coming months, if the TIDES SHOULD CHANGE.

      As Persons who are Forced to Register, we should all be on our guards, continue to respect all those around us, and continue to focus on the LEGAL Arguments, and to continue to fight against the Physical Violence, which is plaguing the America’s, even MORE in Today’s wicked society!

      Everyone, Stay Healthy and Safe!

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      Tim in WI

      Perplexed NC,
      The doors to the United States Supreme Court were ordered closed right about the time AWA2 was passed. Just as victim vigilantism was being promoted by the U.S. Congress. As it somehow magically.

      Aside from mental ilness, victim’s stance is the most dangerous mind frame to be in, because from that perspective any action is permissible. It also directly supports over vigilant groups that exercise authority outside of law. Naturally demoralization of the population occurs over time. A product of war.

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      perplexed in NC

      Tim in WI,

      Yes, I see it.

      I grew up on an Indian Reservation and witnessed first hand, the dangerous effect of focusing on past injustices. I remind myself daily not to become bitter about how I ended up on the registry; (I certainly think that there was a miscarriage of justice there.) I recognize that I have a choice involved in continuing to live well despite the challenges.
      So my point is this: our country is facing a distinct choice right now. Are we victims or victors? Do our rights to live and live well come from God or the government? Do we want government in every facet of our lives telling us how to live and how to think? The registry is just a small example of the interference that a socialist government would feel entitled to exercise in the name of benefitting the whole of society. And to obtain power, these politicians have released the Kraken to reek havoc and violence in our streets I pray the registry does not provide them with their list of the first to be sacrificed…

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      Ben T

      My prayers go out for the friends and family of the judge and the registered citizen and his spouse who were murdered in these heinous attacks. Let’s all look at ourselves and our own lives before throwing stones at others. Accountability and justice, yes. Vigilantism and senseless violence, no.

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      Hi Sandy, my first time writing a response. Good article. It reminds me of something I heard recently on the news; that police officers who are found guilty of using unreasonable force are going to have to “register” to a new registry so other police departments know who they are hiring. I believe that this is a great way for the accuser’s to walk in the shoes of the accused (or accursed). All of us who are now registrants on the SORNA sites should welcome these disgusting, vicious and irresponsible police officers who use the law to fulfill their own heinous acts of violence on the populace. Let them see what we have to deal with everyday. I propose these Registries be set up using the same methods of identification as are used on sex offenders. That is the only real way that the public can feel “safe” from these bad cops!

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      As I recall, there is such a thing as a Castle Doctrine. I can’t tell anyone how to live but use common sense. Some of us use the paranoid doctrine – suspect everything – to keep ourselves safe. Given the insanity that is occurring these days with new arrests of child sex traffickers, the rest of us are all in danger for things that happened years, if not decades ago; things we have paid with time served.

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      Tim in WI

      Consider the application of castle doctrine to ISPs mainline into your home by your ( and our collectively) own volition. This conversation implicates liability protected firms via congressional act. The founders had to have understood that when things got unconstitutional enough the people’s unhappiness would spill into attacks on the gov from within. The early judicial branch was weak as hell. Marbury put the judiciary square in the sight picture of the people, and we see it front and center about June every year. Naturally the revolution will evolve into targeting judges rather than cops. Sooner or later the people will figure out just who the real thieves of liberty are! Liability immunity stacked on liability insurance. Quite a racquet!

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