Weaponizing social panic

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      Michael McKay
      Michael McKay

      By Michael McKay . . . What happens when social panics are weaponized in order to create and persecute a leper-class in our society? Nothing good, acc
      [See the full post at: Weaponizing social panic]

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      Weaponizing panic as you put it is exacerbated via social media and other internet bradcasts. Fake news and yellow journalism is alive and well. Essentially every story is click bait. What ever sells.

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      Wow Michael I’m still wondering if your the H.G. Wells of Sifi or a treckee, or the Eger Allen Poe of the mask of the red death, but all that aside, what govornment said there is nothing to fear but fear itself? Good ole FDR.

      Today its a whole different ball game or is it. All those events were allowed to occure that you mention in your article for a reason. Actually a more focused vision of the sex offender situation should be established. Is man killing man with this registry or invading one’s conscience. Is government, police force, using thir sword for their own protection or their own benefit. I wonder in many cases who is pretecting who. We can all talk about recidivisim rates with this sex offense thing that all are going thru but its really about keeping the faith.

      I wonder who has faith today, who has trust today or for that matter truth. One wonders who is a christian today or just goes thru the motions of their saving faith. Was Billy Joel right way back when or did he stumble with his ways.
      One wonders if government causes people to stumble or causing panic. Are these ministers of justice tempting and instilling others with this deceptive view in many of these scenerio’s? Is the sex offenders opportunity to speak up void in some ways or does truth over shadow fake news?

      I wonder what government is keeping their own faith or cheating on their tax return with their clout. This whole ordeal of the sex offender in so many ways burns people up so where is true justice or do we still call a spade a shovel.

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      Michael McKay
      Michael McKay

      Wow, I’ve never been compared to HG Wells or Edgar Allen Poe before, but…… ummm, thanks? LOL

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      Derek Logue of OnceFallen.com

      It is interesting you brought up the views of homosexuals in the 1980s.

      Gene Abel’s “Self-Reported Sex Crimes of Non-Incarcerated Paraphiliacs” (1986) discussed PARAPHILIAS, not to be confused with pedophilia. While Abel was studying the sexual behaviors of people he called “sex offenders,” he studied a number of behaviors that were not criminal but not generally accepted by the general public, which notably included “homosexuality.” (It also covered transsexualism, transvestisism, fetishism, urolagnia, corprophilia, and arousal to odors, all behaviors mostly frowned upon but not criminal in nature in the 1980s or even today.) This study is abused quite often by victim industry advocates but the study wasn’t just about sex crimes, but about sexuality in general, and added actions that give people the impression that “sex offenders” are highly deviant people. Obvious this attitude persists today. This report would be less impactful if the big numbers created by adding these non-crimes were taken out.

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      Michel you may have something their in this conparison thing. This sex scare tends to lead on the psyco movement. Course I don’t hink a lot of us would look good in 3D elton John glasses.

      The psychoanalyst movenment of the fifties and manulipation sometimes one wonders who’s controlling who today. Did all this start with man being power hungry and now look were its gotten in this era of life with the sex offender ordeal. I really wonder if Sigmund freud was really a genius or a lot of propraganda in this movement of the mind anaylist or was Edward Bernays a manulaplator also. One could talk about automatons in the late 50’s which didn’t lead to much study by the CIA. Sure we could all go back to how this whole sex registry ordeal or idea came about but in the long run its still man manulipating ones conscience. I would say LSD and shock therspy is out of the question today. Michael I still believe it all comes down to being manulipated in a lot of this sex registry skullduggery. We’ve all heard the ole saying, you are what you eat.

      I believe we all must remember who created the conscience and soul and who is violating this with what measures one come up with. I have to still say who is protecting who in a lot of this ordeal or who is doing this proganda to all these people who get wrapped up in all this whether by callousness or being overthrown by this stimuli of these sexual encounters.

      Are police the devil working ovetime or do they not put their pants on the same as anybody else. One wonders who is wicked and who is evil today in this psychological game of cat and mouse. Where is the discernment in any of this. Were s the logical.

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      Could a database be considered a weapon against persons? Yes.

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      Hello i found some interesting information on the Doj they have a report stating recidivism rates are 3.5% and yet don’t say anything about but yet it is on there website for anyone to see & it’s on Smart.gov website almost identical report 3.5% I don’t understand why then is the registry is still up n running?

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