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We weep with Texas & the nation

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    Gwen Doshen

    My son, a registered sex offender, recently died unexpectedly in JAX FL. Besides the horrible treatment he received by the police and Medical Examiner we found out he is still listed on the Florida registry with the word DECEASED on his account. Does anyone realize how profoundly this has affected our family? FLDE says it stays up for a year after death. How can this be? We need help to fix this disgrace. Please please help us.

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      Jerry P.

      Mrs. Doshen.
      My heart breaks for you and your family. I live in Eastern North Carolina an am on the registry. I wish I knew who to write and voice my opinion… Please know I pray for you and your family and please know how sorry I am for your loss.

      Very Respectfully,

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    This whole episode that is playing out in Houston and surrounding area’s is a wake up call to America. Strangers helping strangers. It is sad to say but things happen beyond the scope of man and at times we should be thankful daily for what we have. Thinking of others in what this country need’s more of and something like this comes along to open one’s eyes. Like some of you all said we are all human.

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    Jerry P.

    Here in eastern north carolina we are prone to flooding and hurricanes. As a sex offender I am not allowed to stay at a “shelter”. It usually is reported in the news that the sheriffs office will make other arrangements…

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    no hope

    It takes a disaster like to prove that everyone is the same
    if you are drowning your not going to refuse help from an RSO to save your life or your childs life
    I hope all of the people in TX that are affected by this storm are now safe and getting help
    I will pray for the people in LA where the storm is headed today

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    Lance Martinez

    It is difficult for me to imagine the pain and suffering, the loss of life, the loss of your homes and personal belongings.
    I cannot imagine how your Texas families must face the continued onslaught of rain and flooding. Not to know what the future still has in store for you and your families can be so terribly frightening.

    I pray for your recovery and I pray for a bright future and for all the men, women and children who must overcome and survive this great tragedy that you are left with to defeat.


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    I don’t believe they are worried about them or checking their cards. They are their to save lives and help evacuate those in this freak of nature that’s pounding TX. Believe it or not something good always comes out of something bad. This disaster makes one think a bit. What if a sex offender wound up being a hero and saving a life or helping someone seek shelter. I am sure those that are in jails will be evacuated also.
    Remember the police are to protect and serve people in need. I’m sure we all have a conscience and I’m sure that with prayer’s that things will get back to normal but it take a while but love covers a multitude of sins. I hate to see something like this happen but a freak hurricane is bad and look at the damage it has caused. God help all those people.

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    I have a question about emergency shelters and sex offenders. Are registered sex offenders being allowed to seek refuge in these designated emergency shelters? In Florida registrants are prohibited from going to a shelter. If they need to evacuate, all they can do is go ride the storm out in the local jail. How pathetic!!!

    My prayers are with those who have lost their homes, worldly possessions, and loved ones.

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      I am in Houston and have had no indication from any media or information online that they are looking at prior criminal records, immigration papers, or registry inclusion. All the shelters are saying their rules are no weapons, no alcohol, no drugs.

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        Here in Dallas, anyone coming up from Houston and surrounding areas are being vetted when they arrive at the shelters. I know they are doing this in Irving. Not sure on Dallas and other surrounding areas. I was reported on the news. If anyone needs assistance. Please reach out to me.

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          Thanks for sharing. That is very noble of you. In what way were you reported on the news?

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    Lori/OK VOICES

    My daughter and 3 grandsons are there… They were evacuated by boat to another location today…. This is truly grievous for all affected. May everyone stay safe and much love and prayers to all…

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    A mom

    Prayers for all those in Texas.

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    In solidarity with the people of Houston and surrounding areas, please allow us to express our sincere grief at what is happening in parts of Texas du
    [See the full post at: We weep with Texas & the nation]

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