Wayside Cross registrant staffer: “Right now I am scared and confused”

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      By Sandy . . . Illinois statute 720 ILCS 5/11-9.3(b-10) states, “It is unlawful for a child sex offender to knowingly reside within 500 feet of a play
      [See the full post at: Wayside Cross registrant staffer: “Right now I am scared and confused”]

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      Lori Hamilton, OK Voices

      This breaks my heart… If only we could fix this problem everywhere. God help us.

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        Arlene Martin

        Seems like a better idea to put the hobbyhorses somewhere else, rather than uprooting men who are being rehabilitated! Seems like an easy solution!

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          This park is large, not a pocket park, and has a large water feature that acts as a splash station for dozens of kids on summer days. I haven’t seen the hobby horses there, but there are benches, trees, a gazebo, and the whole park is fenced with wrought iron fencing. Many parents are concerned for their kids’ safety. I understand that. I also understand that Wayside residents have not had any issues with the park. And recently there’s been controversy over Wayside taking in well-known sex offenders who put the whole community at ill ease. There need to be solutions. As our population grows, this isn’t going to get easier. And we can’t lock people up indefinitely. I look forward to seeing what comes of this issue here in Aurora and I hope it is resolved well.

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            When teaching counseling students, I nearly always have to explain the concept of safety to them, particularly when they are experiencing group therapy for the first time. The common assumption is that safety means never having to feel uncomfortable. But that’s wrong. Safety means there are mechanisms and processes in place to assure that people are not actually harmed. The idea that people want to feel safe and therefore person’s convicted of a past sex offense need to be targeted is ridiculous. So what if a parent feels uncomfortable. Discomfort is not a crime, nor is it a protected right. I’m uncomfortable about many things in life, but that doesn’t make the world a batch of predators. Just makes me human. Parents need to get over themselves a bit and realize the world can be safe enough without taking away the rights of 1,000,000 people and their families. Kids playing in a park less than 500 feet from someone’s lodging has not been show to pose any more risk than if they play a mile away. I think somewhere this society of ours has simply chosen to attempt to make themselves overly comfortable. Next they will want anti-gravity chairs to float through life like on a certain movie. People need to get realistic. Registered citizens are not the problem. Stop fixing what isn’t broke simply to get a false sense of a security. That’s the reason Adam Walsh got taken…mom had a false sense of safety because there were other kids about the area playing, so it must therefore  be safe for her to abandon her child to happenstance. Stupid application of just one more thinking error.

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      I say go ahead and make that FOIA request, and also ask how often those hobby horses are actually used. A query about why such information requires a FOIA request wouldn’t hurt, either.

      Sounds like a good battleground to challenge the constitutionality of pocket parks.

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      Ok. Where are the backers and attorneys for a lawsuit? First, file a TRO (Temporary Restaining Order) against the City when a lawsuit is filed. For legal arguments, start with Does vs Snyder, Pennsylvania vs. Muniz, and their prodigies. Build the lawsuit around the Illinois Constitution, then additionally, if federal claims can be made, add them. The plaintiff’s will more-than-likely inn on the State constitutional issues. This will be a fight, and there is no guarantee of a win, but, it is a start! Many cities across the nation have buckled and have been beaten into submission without violence on these issues where they withdrew and repealed the ordinance, so can Aurora.

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        A federal court upheld the constitutionality of Illinois’ residence restrictions last year.
        Should this move by the city of Aurora be challenged, perhaps this could be another chance for the courts to revisit that decision.

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          After reading the courts opinion I recognize no use of the Martinez Mendoza Kennedy test by that court. Affirmative restraint is at the heart of the prohibition here and that is key to ex post question. Free to live and work as other citizens ( SMITH V DOE).

          Was an appeal made to the next level. IMO the 7 th fed Circuit is the leftist of the bunch. Chuck full of federal democratic socialist activists and public union(ASCFME) sympathizers. The retribution MUST BE EXPOSED VIA FTR.

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        I was wondering that. A temporary restraining order? But how? Who? And mostly I assume the money to do so. Is there a state affiliate for NARSOL? At least to help with the leg work? I don’t know enough about all of this registry stuff yet, but I do know money is what we need….and don’t have.

        On a side note I did go to their site in part because I was thinking a donation if it is used for this cause and I say this cause only because I need to donate what I can here at home for our fight here, but anyway I saw their press release and I will say when I read “20 of our residents who are registered sex offenders” my heart broke a little more. Why do we keep on calling people registered sex offenders? How about Registered citizen or person required to register.

        20 of our residents who are required to register…..20 of our residents who are registered citizens….or? I would love to point this out to them…nicely, but I don’t know how. Is it appropriate to do so?

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          Sandy Rozek
          Sandy Rozek

          I think we just need to trust that the leadership of Wayside Cross is in excellent hands. Have faith that they will take the wisest course of action in the situation. They know what they are doing.

          As far as the other issue, yes, we are all becoming so aware of the importance of language and how we think of ourselves. Right now, with the current problems they are dealing with, is probably not the time to do anything but support them as much as possible in their struggle.

          Hopefully there will be a happy ending, and then….and then will be the time for other issues.

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            Hi Sandy, yet another great article! This is an example of little pockets of tyranny going on all over the country where registered citizens are the sacrificial lambs. It’s disgusting. But by bringing focus and all these individual circumstances we can create a more global understanding of what’s going on.

            I’m reminded of John down in Texas who’s program was so successful, profiled on humans on the registry forum, who a short while back was targeted by political change wanting to make a name and attacking his program. I spoke with him at the conference and he said things have been remedied. I did not get a chance to find out how he did it, but I have to imagine the efficacy of his program spoke for itself. When the community sees that there is a program that makes them safe for real, I think they will be less likely to jump to conclusions that politicians and media have forced upon the falsly constructed social group think.
            Perhaps a reasonable fix is to do those hobby horses. Or perhaps they need to lease a house that’s in a area that is Not at risk for their staff and the 20 min. I don’t know what the finances of the program are, but it might be possible for them to have a separate house. It won’t prevent them from coming to work there. I know that is unfair, putting the burden onto the program that is doing the help for free and saving the taxpayer big bucks. But when the government is relentless sometimes we have to bend until we can get a victory. I tried to open group homes in the past in different communities and I have been pushed out with local politicians using things like water and sewer rule zoning rules setback rules at all kinds of things just to keep us from having a group home in the community for children. Prejudice has been around a long time. And the public really doesn’t care until it hurts them. But if we can get enough public sympathy, perhaps we can get the tables to turn. When Paul described the community in the Northeast that was shown the cost of keeping their ridiculous laws intact, they back down quickly. Sometimes it just takes someone smart enough to make the case. I’m going to pray that wayside cross prevails.

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            Sandy, thanks for the comment back. Being new to all of this… and horrified….I am not always sure what is what and when to do what and so on. The one thing that stood out to be quickly is that we are registered families and citizens required to register. Calling someone by an offense they committed as a life long title is….argh!! As you all know. I will pray they win this fight. I am sure you will let us know if there is more we can do.

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      linda shedlock

      My heart breaks for these men who have changed their lives for the good ! I have a brother in az. who has to register for 3 pictures of porn ! NO contact . They have residency restrictions also ! Yet when he got out of jail to return to his home with our mother if he had lived there before 2010 or something like that there was no problem with the restrictions . How does that make sense . There are children on both sides of him ! Makes no sense . Either there is a law or there isn’t -which one is it . These men have been there for years . What happen to statue of limitations ? Hopefully someone with knowledge will step up and help !

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      Oh my; yet another obstacle. When will the punishment stop? It seems that more States are hell bent to cause all SO to fail. To take all hope and just not allow them to prove their worth and ability to change. Again, they are always all umbrellered. This world is becoming sickening. My continued prayers and hope for all SO.

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      The truth about sex offender registration, is that it has been designed by Pathetic, Ignorant law makers, judges, justices, detectives, police, prosecutors and sex offence group leaders that are trying to show off their ” so called courage ” and abusive power. All to bully people that they positively know, have no recourse or defense against their attacks and bulling. They have installed total fear, anger and panic into the public with false information about sex offenders, the same as they have done to the Indians and African people that are still being bullied by this misinformed USA. This is all in attempt to be viewed as hero’s, in an attempt to be reelected to retain their existence by the people who are afraid and fooled by these officials. In my opinion these government officials are cowardly bullies that shouldn’t be in office.

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        Joseph McQuiston

        Its apparent that the screaming voice, pointing at the sinner is indeed the sinner themselves. These people that are active and anti-SO are most likely the sinning parties themselves. I’ve been told, inside and out, that the only difference between us and them is they haven’t been caught yet. I don’t see public officials creating laws that prevent convenience store robbers from ever going into a convenience store ever again. Why? They could go to Walmart. I don’t see car thieves being barred from owning a vehicle. They should be required to walk or, at least, get a horse. Why is it so pertinent that registrants are so easily discriminated against? Well, that’s an easy answer. But is making all these laws really the right thing to do? Nope. Not when the laws are designed to benefit only the political gain of the people that write and enact them. These laws gain points for them. Help them seem tough on criminals. It’s a show, designed to wow its supporters. That way, the coffers of the lawmakers are filled faster with each eager voters loose change. They will tell you otherwise, only because if the secret gets out, that political person may have to skip a payment on their Escalade or their 3 story mansion. Remember that money is that huge root and if they would ever pay politicians middle class wages, it wouldnt be such a problem. But hey, I’m just a pathetic child molester. I dont know s#!÷. Why listen to me?

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          Hi Joseph, yes you are correct, the screaming voice of the hated goes unheard, like the masses “culled” from German occupied lands, the screams become irrelevant as group think takes over. but if our voices aren’t her just because of our status, the voices of family and friends are hurt. But they need to be raised in a constructive and intentional way. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but for those who haven’t hated it, the best way to bring about change is to be able to become a collective rather than individuals. I can think of no better way than for each individual feels like you do to either begin a Fearless group in their area, or if they are unable to associate with other registrants, to get their families to do if your lips group. Families and friends have tremendous opportunity to turn the tide. The silencing of the registered citizen is done through intimidation and threat of retaliation. Contrary to what someone posted unthread a few days ago, and this is not cowardice this is self-preservation. But the families can stand up and scream as loud as they want and they will be heard. But it has to be done en mass. Politicians are motivated by the optics that make them look like they’re doing their job and therefore worthy of re-election. So we need to change the optics. Not raging lunatics fighting, but well-informed well-organized and well targeted arguments by a solidified group. If the friends and neighbors back in world war II and all stood up and defended new Jewish neighbors, and the others that were rounded up, it would have been much more difficult for the government to operate with impunity. Let’s take lessons good and bad from history and stop ranting where we have no voice and instead inspire those who have a voice to join with us. If you do not know about Fearless groups keyword search it here on NARSOL. Or, email me directly at virginiafearless@gmail.com and I will help you or your support network get organized. It’s the best way when the possibility of a lawsuit is beyond our means. Let’s use positive optics to reeducate the community, and shaming optics to stop political opportunists. Charlie

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      seems to me if no crime existed until the moment the toys were installed then those installing the toys are principles who must also be prosecuted or solely prosecuted with the toys removed.

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      obvious answers

      Castrations, electrocution therapy’s, branding, residency restrictions, public shaming, retro-active sentencing, forced and coerced confessions,manipulative lie detector coercion that are not even legal for any other case, uncivil incarcerations, chemical testing, travel restrictions and false international propaganda pre-designed to insure you are hated and a vigilante target, marriage restrictions, living restrictions, communications restrictions, media restrictions…

      Ok Folks..I am lost..Please tell me other then gas chambers (which some states are already calling for “civil culling” ” what really is left? The only “victory’s” you have are minor reductions of losses that in 6 months some other bozo in a black skirt over turns and says should be taken away from you anyways..
      Even your supreme court justices (Alito) admit what they are doing is criminal and they will do it anyway , and well since they dont like the accused it is acceptable. (read Alito’s response in the Grundy case) He clearly admitted if it was anyone EXCEPT a sex offender to bring up said case he would agree it would be completely illegal.

      So froggy’s do you stay in the pot until the water goes from warm to boiling and you are packed up into those cattle cars or are you ready to say enough is enough? The supreme courts already gave you the middle finger so it is safe to say they aint gonna save ya..You better start thinking about saving yourself. If you dont start jumping you know how the story ends.. If you dont care about yourself you better start jumping for your family because just like the Nazis when they came with torch and pitch forks it wasn’t just the “despised” it was the family’s and friends then the religious zealots, then Christians, Jews and political opponents.

      While the world forgets history’s and wont respect your stand history does remind us if you dont make a stand it wont be just you taken out and put down but everyone else they dont like as well.. It always starts with those they can manipulate the public mind to despise first, but it never ends there..

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        It’s starting to look like the only solution is to make our own country out of one of those islands nobody cares about. The price tags are not that high, but the workload to make it livable is big but not impossible. There are plenty of people in the destruction registry such as my self that have skills to transform such a place into a paradise over time or at least make it comfortable then we can just give the USA the middle finger and live life.

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      The Criminalized Man

      Jim is right. Politicians riding their hobby horses to re-election, not caring about the people who get trampled.

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      I’m sorry. I am usually more restrained in my responses. For some reason, I needed to vent to the mayor with the following letter, which I also copied to Denise Crosby of the Aurora Beacon-News.
      Dear Mayor Irvin:

      I am writing because I am concerned about all forms of injustice, prejudice and redlining. I just finished an article regarding former sex offenders residing at Wayside Cross. Even though many work there and have lived there for years, they are being evicted.

      Through the installation of a few pieces of equipment (2 hobby horses), a long-existing nearby park has been recently designated as a “playground.” Thus it now falls under the ambit of Illinois statute 720 ILCS 5/11-9.3(b-10) which prohibits former sex offenders from residing within 500 feet of certain facilities “exclusively directed at persons under 18 years old.”

      Even though they have few alternatives, 20 men who work and live there have been told they must leave. I won’t bore you with all the numerous studies which indicate that sex offenders are extraordinarily unlikely to recommit a sex crime. Political opportunism always trumps fact. This action by the city of Aurora has nothing to do with public safety, and you know it

      You are much too young to remember Jim Crow, but I am not. Tactics such as you have employed are reminiscent of those used in the Jim Crow south, and in cities like Chicago to create ghettos for “undesirables”. Though entirely unjustified, sex offenders have become the latest bogey man, the “new nigger.” Lynching or tar and feathers are not options, but running them out of town on a hobby horse apparently is.

      Shame on you,
      Albuquerque, NM

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      It was the same for me when I was in the final year of prison. I laboriously, carefully and neatly hand wrote out dozens of internal request forms and letters to outside sources to try to get some help. I carefully explained why and how I had changed to become a repentant and respectful and respectable person. I offered my hard work in return for a hand up.
      …I was totally ignored!
      On my release date they gave me an ankle monitor, a tee-shirt, a pair of prison-croc shoes, a pair of boxer shorts and socks and a pair of used khakis that were 2 inches too long (not even a belt). They put me on a bus heading for the town where I had committed my crimes. I was homeless.
      God blessed me very greatly. May he bless those penitent men, too!

      It seems like it is not so much the sinners that make this world so sick…it seems to be more the fault of the self-righteous ones!

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      So how far away from the Wayside Cross ministry are the 2 Hobby Horses? Are they 500 feet or less, and can they be moved to over 500 feet instead. So that 20 men do not have to move, and maybe take the 20 men with you when you go to show them that they are no threat. Say that they are willing to help move the hobby horses so that they can remain in their homes, and keep their jobs. Thanks Sandy

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        That isn’t the point. The playground equipment was not placed there inadvertently, but intentionally as a way to force eviction. Mayor Irvin is on a high profile mission to revitalize the downtown area, which is where Wayside Cross is located. Yes, the hobby horses could easily be moved to the far side of the park. That wouldn’t matter. When these measurements are made, officials normally measure from property line edges at the nearest points. That would put the park at about 430 feet.

        This morning, I saw an article about a speech given by Mayor Irvin on the 50th anniversary of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King The mayor extensively quoted that revered civil rights leader. Apparently he can’t see the irony.

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      I’d be curious to know, if the city is so worried about how close the halfway house is to the park, why would be so careless to put childrens play equipment there. Sounds like they are putting children of their own citizens at ‘risk’.

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      Facts should matter

      “Over four years ago I was released from prison I was hoping it was the end of the worst nightmare.”

      As most will agree, the registry is the REAL prison sentence. Sorry, but “hope” love, and prayers is not gonna work against militant hate and disgust. They want us all either dead, culled by vigilantes or in prison forever.

      MLK’s strategy for change will never work for us.

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      Instead of lobbying to not protect the children with these idiotic laws maybe we should try lobbying to protect ex-sex offenders rights. For instance there should already have been a law made that you cannot put a playground within 500 feet of a sex offenders residence when they made a law that the offenders cannot reside within 500 feet because this makes it easy to move a sex offender out of their home by building a playground and should be unconstitutional on its face without any safety measures to protect them were they already are.

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      Keep sowing the seeds of discord America and see what your future becomes!

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      Buchanan v. Warley, 245 U.S. 60 (1916)

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      So it feels safe to assume the hobby horses were strategically placed in the park. Once placed there the city can use its authority to evict “undesirable” people from that area.
      And even if the current “undesirables“ were grandfathered in, there won’t be any new ones to fill their spot because the city would then enforce their codes.
      Most likely a big win for a politician who can claim he is cleaning up the city so children are safer in their parks.

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      Tyrus Young

      If you think that the installation of those hobby horses was by accident, think again. The city did not merely “discover” that the Wayside Cross was located within the 500 ft. radius. It was planned to cause this disruption. Two hobby horses does not a playground make. I would like to see a poll showing how much more excited the public is to visit the park now that two hobby horses were installed. I can virtually guarantee that no one gives a rat’s behind that this unused park suddenly features two hobby horses! Any legal action needs to address the fact that the city, willfully and knowingly, installed the equipment for the sole purpose of forcing these former offenders to relocate. That is blatant discrimination. Given that more than one department seems to need an FOI request indicates conspiracy. Given the length of time Wayside Cross has operated in the area, any local change such as the redefinition of the park, should result in Wayside being grandfathered in. Distance restrictions are stupid to begin with, but for the city to intentionally violate the restriction through its own actions should not be cause to suddenly create a violation when the “offender” has not changed or caused the violation.

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      It would seem that due to the length of time these men have lived at this facility, their residence would be “grandfathered” as there was no playground prior to their residing there, nor has there been a playground while they’ve been residing for these past many years.
      The problem could be solved easily if the hobby horses were just “relocated”.
      Get the ACLU involved. Registrants have a right to live in their homes and this was obviously their home before the hobby horses came into play.

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      James Findlay

      I was going to go to Wayside Cross a few months ago, but changed my mind.
      I have to register for life due to downloading underage pornography.
      I have an apartment (tough to get) and a full time job, but the stress and anxiety is killing me.
      I was going to buy a house, but was told that it was too close to a church school. When I pointed out that the school had closed down a year ago, I never heard back from the police!

      Can anyone recommend lawyers for me to consult with, and possibly retain, to see if there are any options to get out of the lifetime registration?

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      The Criminalized Man

      On the other hand, it may be the FOIA will show the Aurora government considers their 500 foot rule “the starting point for exactions and extractions; … extortion by other means.” (https://mises.org/library/government-laws-are-not-contracts) It’s clear they want something from WC, maybe something less than their demise. Might as well find out and see if a win-win solution exists.

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      Persecutiom vs prosecution I wonder if anyone learns today even government. I wonder who seeks wisdom and understanding today. Yes their have been some good articles on here by Sandy. Even the article or story about Collertal damage. Sex offenders like many people come in many forms and mindsets. Do we all make mistakes and errors in life? Do we misjudge or judge in a lot of this deceptive ordeal.

      Sure this whole situation about these men being told they would have to find other housing by this civil government is a bit irresponsible even by government. They have did their time, been released and told to find their own housing or living accomodations. I wonder who’;s the bad seed. I wonder who protects and serves today. Were are moral or human ethics today.

      One wonders who is the actual leper today or do we all not have responsiblities to help others, love others, forgive, love enimies. That doesn’t mean we always have to be around those concieted people but to each his or her own.

      This article that Sandy brought up I have to say like many on here have said: whats next. Sure its disgusting. I hope mans minds are not hollow or shallow, as man was not made to live in a cardboard box or be cast off on some desert island. I wonder who follows principals or precepts today. And people wonder today why the liberty bell is cracked. Is liberty being induced to take advantage of others today in so many of these ordeals or does deceit lead the conspircy of human justice.

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      Noel Brown

      That is Illinois for ya, they worry more about appearances than actual circumstances. I fear it may be the downfall of this country if we don’t get common sense and empathy back.

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      Noel you said the right word “common sense”. Even this deportation thing is a bit out of line. Are we all immigrants in one way or another or are we all merchandise for their political gain or their political power in this understanding of prevention or public safety. Are we all presumed innocent even our leaders.

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      Bradley Walls

      Wayside Cross Mission was functioning when the law didn’t exist…It would be grandfathered in and exempt from this governmental harassment.

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      bridget worby

      I have seen a few comments about sex offenders requirements to register, such as there should be a statute of limitations or in one instance someone’s family member had “only 3 pics” of porn. Well i’d someone is convicted of any sex crime involving a child even if they only possess pics of child porn they should have to register forever. This is not just a “mistake” they made they are sick. There is no rehabilitating someone who has those types of feelings towards a child. In my opinion they should never be released from prison they are ALWAYS going to be a danger. Statute of limitations my butt those children will never get over what was done to them it will affect their entire lives and those around them. What is wrong with some of you. Forgiveness, rehabilitation give me a break

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        Sandy Rozek
        Sandy Rozek

        Bridget, we respect your opinion, but much that you have said is contradicted by evidence. When individuals have been living in the community for ten, twenty, thirty years after a single conviction, when they are living law-abiding lives and have connections to family and society, they ARE rehabilitated. The majority of those who commit offenses against children are, once brought to face the responsibility of their actions, highly unlikely to commit another offense. They are not forever a risk. A very large body of research over several decades shows this. Also validated scientifically is the failure of the registry system to deter first-time offenders, who, incidentally, commit 96% of new offenses. Nor does it deter the few who will reoffend, those who are either unable or unwilling to alter their behavior. But most importantly, the registry offers nothing in the way of prevention, victim services, or healing for either victims or perpetrators, and the things the registry does not provide are the very things shown, again by evidence, to stop the cycles of abuse and make society safer.

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        Hi Bridget, with all due respect, you could not be more wrong about what you believe about those on the registry being sick. I have a PhD in counseling and I work with many people and many issues. The bottom line is, there’s very little difference between someone who chooses to view child pronography and someone who chooses to view any other type of pornography. It’s not a sickness, it is a behavioral choice based on something that has altered that person’s love map at sometime in the past. Everyone has attractions. And those attractions are developed over time based on experiences and beliefs. And attractions change over time. When someone is viewing child porn it is not a sickness. You can’t “catch” pedophilia like a disease. It is a maladaptive behavior which can be changed once the person confronts the issue and makes a cognitive choice to do otherwise. If you research a little bit you’ll find thay mental fusions, otherwise known as cognitive fusions, are habits of mind that develop with repetitive use. When the use is no longer exercised, in other words the behavior is stopped, and hopefully replaced by another, the old behavior is extinguished. People choose their behavior based on their beliefs which drives their feelings. When you change what you’re exposed to in life you change your beliefs. And when your beliefs change so do your feelings. And when your feelings change so do your behaviors. To say someone is sick is to imply that they have a malady that comes from outside of them. Behavior is not a sickness if it’s simply a choice. In much the same way if someone overcomes an addiction such as smoking, drugs, or alcohol, an individual can certainly give up any behavior that reinforces a desire to be with one person or another. Those who have fostered the misbelief that pedophiles are predators, and that pedophiles are also incurable monsters did so out of fear and assumption. There is no scientific evidence out there that tells us that someone must act a certain way based on some sort of genetic basis. The overwhelming evidence proves that even those who truly are pedophiles by the diagnostic definition are statistically unlikely to molest a child. Not to mention that porn sites lure people into viewing many taboo topics and it can be curiosity, not sickness, that trips many up. Please do some informed and evidence based research before spreading opinions that are both harmful and judgmental and you will not be so likely to trip over facts. Opinions are not facts. Facts only are facts.

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      Ah bridgit, in a way you make common sense or should we all lbe guilty of conscience. One of the reason’s I didn’t go to jail was I didn’t have any kids porno pic’s on my computer but my language in texting was a bit out of character in texting. And no I’m not proud of myself. Sure we can all learn lessons and responsiblity.

      Sure keepign nude pictures of children is wrong but arin’t we all children even thou we are adults, do we all make mistakes, even our leadersd. Sure I brought a bit of Christian ethics to NARSOL, was I wrong in doing that when government wants to castrate man in a lot of this senseless way.

      I grew up with 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Dad and mom would have arguments at various times. Sure they’ve passed away and I’m under the thread of one of my sisters and thats even trying at times. Yes I still wonder why I didn’t go to jail as I mentioned on another article. Maybe it was that little Christian roots I had or was it speaking up with Christian principals. Yes I’ve stayed in missions in my life of 65 years a few times but we all press on in a lot of this nonsense registry ordeal with its ups and down’s in many cases.

      Viewpoints are good but voyerism is not good if its used in a sexual content to entrapt or snare as the government does with many of these sex offender ambushes. I wonder if the old saying, may your consciense find you out or who is more guilty than others. Its all based on principal. Principal plays a lot in all this and I’m sure a lot of people on here have had many paddlings back in the day.

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      This might not make it to monitoring, but here goes.

      Bridget I had to pondering on your comment last night and also Sandy’s and Charlie’s viewpoint and other a bit more, now I don’t like to think as it overloads what brain I do have. Sure every habit can be overcomed and cured if that is the intent for one to get well or better. I don’t even like this labeling system that is tacked on many. One wonders who the scapegoat is.

      Sure dad’s tanned my hide a few times when I was growing up and balled me out in my 30’s.This computer ordeal seems like a smokey the bear saying don’t play with matches or don’t smoke but we will still sell you cigerettes.
      Their’s nothing wrong with AA meetings, drugs reblitation but who measures mans’s or women’s carnality. Yes teens playing strip poker or doing drink games that can get out of hand at times and so can computer ordeals, marriage ordeals plus a lot of this ordeal can make ones uneasyness and have its drastic effects on the person plus families relations.

      At least I’m glad that many on here know that a lot of this is sec offender ordeal is wrong. Lifetime sex offender registry sounds even more wrong. Steryotyping is no good period.

      I hope some of this registry is not like some bug ready to bite in normal settings but government wants to play smokey and the bandit in many of these ordeals.
      I believe Bridget you make a very good point in this respect. I have to agree with you in that respect and one also should agree with Sandy in another respect but who turns the key for true value or the pursuit of happiness we might even say moral pursuasion or a moral pursuader. it could be the man or the woman. but the behind closed door method is something different in rehabilitative justice system if one would be honest about it. It comes right back to two wrongs don’t make a right.

      Now these men in this half way house setting they want to build themselves up and have some self worth of themself. Yes anyone can break habits and striving for the goal is good. Arien’t we all stiving for the goal of getting a lot of this registry taken down or some organazition in these life changing laws that seem to be some
      Freudism behavior turning a normal person into some type of outcast. This hobby horse thing or whatever is just a fly in the ointment if government were into rehiblitation in the first place. Its called overshadowing. Just the same as leg monitoring.

      Authorites have always wanted to go above themselves. History can tell you that. Even Freud wanted to study brain function, egoism and other phycho things, amazing. I wonder were cardnal comes from or who’s using the method in the right way.

      Now I might be talking up a tree but bottom line is Justice for all and helping each other. One could go as even far as govermental money laundering and lets don’t even touch on that.

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