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      Michael McKay

      By Michael M . . . My decision to become a full-time advocate for criminal justice and registry reform wasn’t an easy one. When I was arrested, the ne
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      We all have certain qualities and I’m sure we all have days. Yes we can all hang out with this person or that person or get attached to this person of the opposite sex which may or may not be of legal age to consent but there is also that other “gray area” that we all need to explore with this sex offender issue.

      I know Mike’s talked about data and we have all talked about recidivism but who controls the human mind. Is it intrinsic views about these acts or are they perverting there own actions? If they were preventing their own actions they wouldn’t of given a crass opportunity such as this. If nature is going to take its course its going to take its course. Is this internet thing a cheap tactic of government, and yes government has done cheap things. See there is a principal involved in all of this. Just like the mexican’s wanting to come to the USA and all the other stuff which is in a bit of kayos today. Is a lot of this sex offender stuff a bit kayotic when most those on the registry are given plea bargains. Sure thats the data one needs. I would say there is more plea deals than actual ordeals that have their due processin a court of law. Where did they get such a plea deal idea when due process some thing of the past and they offer a plan A or a plan B to these things because they know that they are wrong in giving an opportunity such as this.

      I wonder about these ordeals. Is one’s conscience being invaded by these public moralist. Common man just doesn’t go around raping others or peeking in windows do they? Regardless of man view one still has morals, but to instill something like this via the internet encounter is so different from the basic “Tammy and the Doctor” dilemna. Sure physical rape is not good. Even those law enforcement that present these opportunities are quilty and its all questionable. Even if one wanted to appeal, that was given a plea deal I wonder how they stand up in this “cabbage patch law” that would even make lady liberty turn her back on America today. Does a person give up his or her rights by this uncanny ordeal that government induces with this plea deal thing.

      Someone explain that to me as hearing it from a police agents can tell you anything such as these internet encounters to make one believe or intimidate one. For what its worth have a nice forth of July.

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      Jo Doe

      Found about this organization thru referral.
      Please forgive me for my ignorance and straight forward comments and questions. I find it very discouraging that NARSOL’s section to obtain volunteer information and “”sign-up” to volunteer in the cause for Sexual Laws Reform has a striking albeit, eerie similarities to work application nationwide. This discourages people, in my opinion, from getting involved. Too many question, which most people as you may already know, do not want to be answering yet again on yet another “application”. Emails should not be with an asterisk to fill at all (I get that instructions are provided if one does not have one).

      Emergency contact? (Are people applying for insurance of some sort?)

      “List any health or physical conditions we should know about. *” Why? Isn’t that too personal? What purpose does it serve?

      Education, Certifications & Work Experience I could understand if…getting or requesting a salary in exchange of work which, would not be volunteering would it?

      Employment status & details… Why? What purpose does it serves for someone to volunteer or to be able to? Is NARSOL after an “educated with degrees” group of volunteers? (which somehow makes them better at volunteering than non-educated or degreed folks)

      References…Some people don’t have or choose not to have “friends” or find themselves without friends or family because they have distanced themselves from them.

      Criminal History (honestly this was the most upsetting question to me) …other than NARSOL’s asking directly to protect the organization non-profit status if a person is currently and knowingly (keyword: knowingly) a fugitive or evading law enforcement, I do not see why a Criminal History details are being asked or necessary. Most are here for a…well, sexual offense conviction or someone that did.

      Again I ask forgiveness for my ignorance, but believe these are valid comments and questions.
      Thank you in advance for any logical response though I expect no reply due to the sheer volume of articles and comments on this site.

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        Sandy Rozek

        You are certainly forgiven. We welcome questions and concerns, and you have asked some legitimate ones.

        I’ll start at the end. You will have noticed that the question about criminal history is not marked with an asterisk and is accompanied by a statement that a criminal history is not a disqualifier. Many of our volunteers are registrants.

        As for it and for all the others, the answer is essentially the same. The application is the only insight that we have into any person who is first volunteering for involvement with NARSOL. The totality of the information leads us to find the best fit for the person within the range of what he or she wants to do. We refer back to it when a person is being considered for a more responsible position.

        We have one volunteer who is virtually indispensable to us. He has a serious hearing impairment, and knowing that allows us to accommodate that situation in his duties and assignments. One’s educational level and previous and current employment are helpful in consideration for some of the positions. It is not uncommon for applicants to check an interest in most of the positions. We want to provide the fullest opportunity possible for a fulfilling volunteer experience. We would not want to place a person in a position where he has no interaction with our supporters or the public if he has experience in public relations and a degree in journalism.

        Again, thank you. Feel free to ask questions about NARSOL. We will always answer serious questions to the best of our ability.

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      Timothy D.A.Lawver

      Once man decided it is appropriate behaviour to force another man subservient to machine, a computer’s database; man extinguished humanity itself in favor of machine. https://www.auburn.edu/~vestmon/robotics.html

      Even if we presume Asimovs’ rules were wrong in practical application, as this piece: Isaac Asimov’s Laws of robots are wrong. By Peter W. Singer, (https://www.brookings.edu/opinions/isaac-asimovs-laws-of-robotics-are-wrong/)
      we nevertheless diminish humanities’ value in favor of machine value.

      Mr.Singer makes his point by utilizing the example describing the use of military drones. He writes:
      “The most important reason why Asomovs’ laws are being applied yet is how robots are being used in the world. You don’t arm a Reaper drone with a Hellfire missile or put a machine gun on a MARRS (Modular Advanced Armed Robot System) not to cause humans to come to harm. That is the very point!”

      Yes! That indeed is precisely Asimovs’ point too in developing the laws in the first place. Singer’s positional piece does not diminish my point; rather he fortifies it.

      Asimovs’ laws prescribe a particular regulatory regime upon man’s uses of a machine. Asimov proceeded so not, “as a plot device to help advance his stories” but to serve as a warning mechanism. He did so out of his sense of morality. I have little doubt that our nation’s war mongers would even bother to consider the immorality of drone use. There is no money in it. From their perspective morality and mortality are mutually exclusive and thereby irrelevant. Given registrants relationship to state’s database, being subservient, I have even less doubt why such notions as Asimov puts forward are being completely ignored in our civil discourse.

      If NARSOL were going to alter their tact to a more effective course I suggest they consider making the machine, and unconscionable uses thereof, their focus. Indeed this a tact ALL HUMANS can empathise with. Man over machine.

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      Timothy, the author

      It needs an exit in “why Asimov’s law aren’t being used” not “are”. Sorry😬

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      After 11 years, I have become bitter towards our courts and legislators. I feel that too often their rulings and laws are personal opinions or ways to get votes. The registry reminds me of the Jews made to wear symbols so everyone knows who they were. The registry should be only for repeat offenders. The laws frequently remind me of Hitler. SO’s must live in certain places, rules on where they can go, jobs they can have, etc. Sex offenders have served their sentences (which are too harsh), and taken sex offender programs. They should have to right to return to society like anyone else coming out of prison. Few half way houses will take them in. They aren’t wanted in nursing homes. I have read of a sheriff who posts a sign when a sex offender moves in. I have read of cities creating little parks everywhere in town to keep sex offenders out of the area. Our laws punish them for the rest of their lives, they are denied liberty and justice. No one bothers to consider what kind of citizen they were till the crime. No one has done research on the recidivism rate for repeat behavior in the majority of ex-offenders. Our news sources feed the hate and fear for headlines. Our lawmakers make no effort to see whether the laws are just, and whether they even work. I feel that our children are capable of lying in order to rid themselves of a strict parent. They are a different breed thanks to allowing sex and murder with movies and tv. Most have lost innocence about life before they are teens. If a teen lies about their age they are guilty of leading others to believe them and if sex results and the other person had no way of knowing true age, they are not guilty of a sex crime. Our courts need to make more effort in finding the truth instead of believing a child without any proof of their allegation. How many laws do we have now because of one child molested and murdered? Some of the things these little victims are subjected to make me sick, but I don’t feel another law is needed for each one. Our government created all this hate and fear, now they need to research and inform the public that they find that many of the laws were made without thought and remove them. Our prosecutors must stop the practice of badgering the defendant and his support into pleading guilty to get a lighter sentence. I have spent hours on the computer reading professionals say sex offenders have a good record of not repeating. I have read of the ways our communities shut them out and persecute them. And I have read the evil a few do. I find much similarity in the sex offender treatment and how the holocaust started. It is wrong.

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