Virginia grandmother prohibited from seeing grandchildren in school events

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      By Sandy . . . Seventeen years ago in Grayson County, Virginia, a fourteen-year-old boy named David and a 26-year-old woman named Shelly set in motion
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      There is great need for humans to become cognizant of the databases’ ability to destroy an American family. It is not the inert machine itself rather now the machines are promulgated and proliferated in use that does the unfathomable. How a delinquency in crime reporting constitutes violent sexual predation is beyond my comprehension. Perhaps the surrounding facts are more abhorrent then appear. The judge in the plea would have more knowledge of those untold facts than me, but we still plainly state her crime likely not motivated by sexual interest. The static ( passive) person can not be said to convey aggression in default, that is dumb.

      This case shows why the SORs we infact about big money in unfettered uses of the machines rather than sexual deviance.

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      Constitutional rights are a burden on the government. The unconstitutional sex offender program takes care of this problem. As long as it is supported by the people they will get away with it. The more innocent people are ensnared in this program the more family, and friends of these people will see the truth and support will fall away. The pendulum will swing back.

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      This is so absurd. 18 months for failing to report a crime? I know people who actually committed a crime who served much less or no time at all. And that was her PLEA deal?

      Does Virginia put everyone who fails to report a crime on their sex offender registry? How is that even a sexual offense? And it certainly isn’t a violent crime of any type.

      There is zero logic behind any of this. It just goes to show that states look for any reason they can get away with to put another person on the registry because there is a financial gain when they can inflate the numbers.

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      It’s not just 18 months for not reporting a crime; it’s a life time of the sex offender registry and a classification as a sexually violent predator. Even with the hysteria that’s currently going on, this makes absolutely no sense. What basis does anyone have to say that a non reporting bystander was violent in any way? This is clearly and totally guilt by association.
      This woman clearly wanted to do the right thing and not cause further detriment to her son’s trust in mankind. It’s clear that the government of Virginia couldn’t give a crap about the child involved in this case.
      Did anyone ever think we’d be witness to “Big Brother” only less than a century after it was written?

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        I have observed this country moving closer and close to a Big Brother state for at least 3 decades. This is real it is not for money it is for control the same things they claim is at the core of sex crimes.

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          The Criminalized Man

          I see it too d. All they need to do is keep eroding free expression.
          “What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist.”

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      So by this logic, shouldn’t Virginia be prosecuting and registering every victim of sexual assault who didn’t report for how ever many months or years after they were assaulted, post #MeToo or otherwise?

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        You make a great point if the code does not state that the victim is immune from prosecution for failure to report then by law they would be guilty as well and subject to the same punishment.

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      I’m inclined to believe that a read of the statute will prove you right. It’s doubtful they put exceptions on that piece of legislation. Your logic is undeniable, which reveals the system for the broken mess that it is: one that produces teenage selfie child pornographers in one jurisdiction and SVP grandmothers in another, all the while giving everyone rocks to hold as they toss them out of the boat, encouraging them to “have a nice swim!”

      Thankfully the system doesn’t determine our future or our fate, for there is a God in heaven whose scales of justice will prevail in the end. Man may look on the externals, but God judges the heart. If you live with a clean conscience before God, that’s all that matters. The system’s hold on us is but for a little while…. (Heb. 10:32-36)

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      Robin Vander Wall
      Robin Vander Wall

      Great piece, Sandi! Good luck, Tammie. The situation is just about as absurd as anything can possibly get. Boggles the mind!

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      Actually I wasn’t gonna give my input but Robins view gave me food for thought. “It boggles the mind”, I feel Robin has a good point. I even sometimes want to know what criminal justice is in this justice for all. Is a lot of this ordeal or is it about man overcoming man. Talk about absurd.

      Are many of these ordeals ludricious or lubricious. These ministers of justice tend to weld the sword in a vain or vaniety like manner. Do ministers of justice induce to obtain the result they are seeking. Do ministers of justice cover up ordeal to strive to rectify of justify their actions. Do they impersonate others to overcome others. One has to understand who are they really protecting and who are they really serving or is this some ego trip that is carnal at best. In many cases its abuse with a capital A.

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