Update on Zach Anderson: Judge shows no mercy at all

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      Sandy Rozek

      By Lenore Skenazy . . . Even Zach Anderson’s probation officer wanted him off probation, but the judge ruled no. Zach’s one night of consensual teen s
      [See the full post at: Update on Zach Anderson: Judge shows no mercy at all]

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      This is a good story that Sandy brings. My hats off to you. I guess the power of the press does work in certain situations.. Now to work on those cover-up sex offenses and those that play ordained ministers of Justice and don’t know the first thing about justice, mercy, forgiveness, or their growing up days. I don’t see why they don’t post on those adult sites and teen sites about hooking with underage people or being cautious of undercover agents disguising themselves as teenagers. To be politically correct.

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        Mark Noonan

        Are you Kidding. The Kid should have never been on the sex offender registry to begin with. Why do they always ignore when the so called victim tells the court she lied about her age and punish the guy anyway.

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          Because God forbid some SJW group like #MeToo accusing judges of being “victim blamers”. It’s all about public perception and politics.

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      Tim Lawver

      We see from this case ONE of the reason s why our nation holds a 20,000,000,000,000 $ debt.

      That we spend government tax dollars chasing him around for doing what young men naturally do is pitiful. That is what a society gets for permitting the federal entities into the day to day lives of individuals. Some will make the counter argument that it be the proper jurisdiction of States to do so. Sure the young man seeks relief from his state probation in the case, but that case evolved from coercive federal agencies using Byrne grants as leverage to further monitoring of those with certain moral laws.

      The point is who decides what counts as “decent” and what counts as “deviant”? Let us hope its not the federal government deciding for individuals.

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        Mark Noonan

        It’s pretty sad. My Best Friend killed himself two years ago because the Judge did not give a rip that the young girl testified she lied to him about her age. But he was convicted and did 8 Years and life as registered sex offender.

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      “Her reasoning, according to Zach’s father, Lester Anderson, was that she never allows anyone in Zach’s situation early release. Instead, Zach must earn his freedom.”

      That is not reasoning- it’s the opposite. Seems a basic tenet of behavior science- reward good behavior. We don’t do nearly enough of that in our corrections system.

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        I take it the PO (or any PO) has no real say in her court on whether their client should be released early or not if this is her thinking and process in regards to RCs. A most stellar client will be damned no matter what.

        Another six months of this and you earn your freedom? I am seeing a reelection campaign point here since she was elected to her 2nd Circuit Court position, not appointed as she was in the 5th District Court. She was also always on the prosecution side of the law in her career, so you can maybe presume that taints her thinking also with RCs.

        Hang in their Zach, six months may seem long, but spring flowers will sprout still and you will be out of this mess soon enough.

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        The judge actually contradicted herself and yet NO ONE called her on it. She said freedom must be “earned”, well, he complied with the ridiculous conditions of probation and had a probation officer say in his favor that he should be let off… ISNT THAT EARNING IT?

        My goodness! What EDUCATED defense attorney let that comment of hers just slip through his ears???

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          Your point is on. However, I would imagine the PO and the client did not hear much once she said “No” and would not until they read the transcripts of the hearing to catch what you mention. Additionally, she is making the point to him and others since he was given an additional six months for non-homework internet access, e.g. fish tank, etc, an early release from the additional six month given will not be granted even if the PO says you earned it.

          Why is the question on “Her reasoning, according to Zach’s father, Lester Anderson, was that she never allows anyone in Zach’s situation early release.”. What are her reasons behind her reasoning? She doesn’t have to explain herself, as many judges don’t, but it would have been helpful if she did because otherwise it just reeks of supremacy of her judgeship in an authoritarian manner in our society which is authoritarian enough. No one will learn or understand other than the “No” if reasoning is not shared for all, including those in this situation.

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          An unethical and lazy attorney who probably has his or her own biases against “those people” called “sex offenders”.
          Many criminal defense lawyers are woefully ignorant of the nuances of a sex offender case.

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        Mark Noonan

        He should not have been on the list in the first place.

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      What’s confusing to me here regarding his probation conditions is that the probation officer has full authority to NOT enforce certain conditions.
      At the top of the probation conditions that we sign (well, at least in Connecticut) it clearly states in bold black print:


      That means that the P.O. gets to decide which conditions from the enormous list a probationer must follow. But since probation officers are just paid bullies, they make sure to check EVERY BOX next to EVERY CONDITION just to be assholes.

      Many people here have disagreed with me regarding the necessity of probation and I still say it’s a waste of tax payer money. Period!
      The guy can’t walk by a damn school – BUT ONLY WHILE ON PROBATION.
      He can’t use the Internet – BUT ONLY WHILE ON PROBATION.

      I’d like you all to take a moment and let these probation conditions roll around in your brains and please ask yourself this question: “Part of the ‘punishment’ or not, what the hell differenxe does it make if the man simply WALKS by a school NOW or AFTER his probation is over?”

      And what the hell is this nonsense about not being able to make a purchase of more than $200 without the approval of a probation officer???!!!! WHAT!!!???
      What does his spending of his own hard earned money have to do with his rendezvous with a LYING teenager?

      And yet so many of you still want to challenge me about probation being a necessary part of our sentences.
      No judge is REQUIRED to place people on probation. It is NOT a requirement but it has become the “thing to do” just for the hell of it. To make themselves (the courts) feel good about themselves.

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        Jonny everyman

        I don’t think anyone thinks probation is this awesome thing but it’s way better than hard time.

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          Sensible answer. After all, if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

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        Didn’t you read the rule about being courteous and polite here? If you can’t post in those manners, don’t post at all!

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        I can tell you EXACTLY WHY he can’t make any purchases over $200 w/o his parole/probation officer’s approval:

        He is under state supervision. There are multiple fees that can go along with that such as:

        weekly/monthly treatment fees
        polygraph fees
        maybe even G.P.S. monitoring fees

        The state wants its danged money!!! The state wants to be danged sure their supervised citizens aren’t blowing money that could be going to pay the state.

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      Your comments on here intrigue me. Now a lot of men “think” with their you know what, and most of you on here are I would say mid 30’s and over. This boy was given too much of a punishment in the first place. A lot of people can do probation but the stigma of being on the registry is counter productive….. there is job security to look at, places to live, the cost of fine’s, and even living a normal everyday life. They don’t even factor that in any of this punishment.

      Did this kid really harm anyone or just his self-esteem? Hey I did 6 months PO when I was about his age for getting caught with a bag of weed. Today they would probably expel you from school if that happened. Sure I hope the boy gets a light brush with this ordeal. I would gladly take a small sentence for all this and after Probation that’s it, everything is wiped clean but we all press on. Is it age factor, I would say yes but than again the courts would say age has nothing to do with it. He actually sleep with a teenager…. Oh my gosh. I guess repentance is out of the question I guess learning a lesson is better than earning your freedom as maestro said in certain words.

      I guess they are looking for the next Al Capone and even over riding the probation officer sounds a bit out of wack.

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        Goody-goody much?

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      hmmm but wasn’t the registry supposed to be not a punishment?!!!

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      John d

      Elkhart indiana is where i got my charge. Same exact situation only difference is i was 18 and nobody at the new york times gave a crap back then. 4 years of prison two on paper. And over a decade on the registry. Ive met that po. She testified against me and we had never even met. Some of the most despicable people ive ever encountered. As upset as a parent might be that their underage teen is having sex how would they feel if their 18 year old went to prison instead of college because someone lied to them about their age. People need to wake up. Teenagers are going to have sex. Their are better ways to teach responsability than draconian prison sentences and life time banishment.

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        My case was identical other than the mom wanting the judge to sentence me to life even though the girl had been found and admitted to lying and doesn’t help that I wasn’t white with supportive parents.

        I just turned 19 she said she was 18 but turned out to be 14. Lawyer didn’t even try to get me HYTA status even though I qualified. He was besties with the judge and the prosecutor. Probably didn’t like that I tried to fire him twice because he wasn’t doing his job.

        My only saving evidence I had to have my friend print off for me and bring to the judge since my lawyer refused to.
        Said I couldn’t go to trial because the jury would be the all white baptist community and for sure I would end up in prison for at least 45 years.

        This was my first crime ever. Lawyer told me to take a plea and the registry wouldn’t effect anything. I believed him.

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        People don’t want their teenagers doing what they once did as teenagers.
        I see the people that I was in high school with being these types of parents even tho, back in their days in high school, they were dating the older seniors and even older guys that were long out of high school.

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          Oh what do you know?

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      I believe its time to say render to ceaser what is ceaser’s and to God what is Gods in all this matter. I would say juisprudent has run the gauntlet. You see I don’t like to think as thinking gets me in trouble and believe it or not we are all born into trouble.
      Now police can play by their rules, but going to far would make anyone upset but they don’t care. Its like killing someone or stigmatizing one or should we shoot first ask questions later or have a press report about it so someone can get some credit or should we write a dirty novel about all this. Well killing is killing, tourture is tourture, but who brings all this on,is it the boggyman as some say on here… is it basic instinct… Father know’s best… or designing women that want to be 100% right as in the garden of eden or is it the police over riding things a bit. Were is love thy neighbor in all this
      Now don’t get me wrong if we can problem solve and help thats good with these sex offender situations but now it seems man wants to control. Now a little punishment isn’t bad in certain situations but a lot of this needs to be stopped. Prison’s and a life long registry is bad enough. We are all equal even the police and government.
      If an article like this doesn’t open anyone’s eyes than we all might as well be anesthetized. Sure it makes me sick about this boy and girl with the boys’ hormones racing but thats not the whole problem. Even the girls mom and the girl herself didn’t want to see that kids life ruined in one minute by this. Kind of tells us about ourselves. One encounter and your a loser for the rest of your life. So Brenda you guys and all the other advocatres have a lot of challanges ahead of you and be sure to take that good book with you. I believe they still accept the good book in court these days.

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        You some kind of know-it-all?

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      obvious answers

      Bet he will learn his lesson!! Wonder if he wishes he would have committed murder, or pushed drugs to children, or maybe stole a bunch of elderly peoples pensions with online scams so they would commit suicide like congress is fond of doing…or maybe sold children to the penal institute for under the table hush money by the prison unions like this judge that sentenced him is famous for… Any one of those “so obviously” lesser crimes and he would have had his life back and no registry… country is out of control.

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        You could be right.

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      He screwed a child. He deserves prison. This is no different than those men on To Catch A Predator going after girls claiming to be 15-17.

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        My kind of reply.

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        Are you kidding me? He was a 19 year old who thought he was having sex with a 17 year old. The girl was in a dating app listed as an adult and she claimed that she was 17 at that time. How on earth would he know that she was lying? You gotta be as daft as that judge who sentenced him.

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      Jeffrey Morse

      What a stupid couple of judges and a screwed up criminal justice system.

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      I’m in this exact situation I took a plea deal bc the prosecutor and my court appointed attorney both told me I’d die in a jail cell if I refused the plea of 2 years and registration now I have no clue what to do I was 19 when I was convicted the girl was 14 or 15 but claimed to be 17 and now I can’t even find a decent job for myself to support my son. I’m 29 now ten years post conviction and have been given no relief to this burden. The girl even admitted to lying about her age I don’t get it I had a clean record I was starting my career as a corrections officer and they just threw me away my entire life just like I was garbage at the age of 19.

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      And then a some 40+ year old rich guy from some oil producing country shows up in Michigan, looking to invest millions of dollars in the state. He arrives with his 16y old wife, and the governess ends up being busy 24/7 bending over backwards to accommodate his every need.

      It would be nice to see her call the police and have him arrested, and then have these same judges put him in prison for 40 years with a lifelong nation wide sex offender registration. But why bother when they can prey on the weak and defenseless who can’t even afford a good attorney? Gotta make examples after all, and gotta make sure those examples are picked from people whk are helpless to fight back…

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      Michael Miller

      What Zach went through was completely unreasonable, they were both teenagers for Christ sake, not a 30 year old and a 10 year old. He was forced to endure 3 months in prison for doing something that tens of millions of teenagers do every day all over the world, for having a casual hook-up/consensual sex with another teenager?? He shouldn’t have been on the sex offender registry AT ALL! He didn’t “rape” anyone, he violated a technicality written into law by baby boomers who are just personally against hook-up culture and can’t separate their own personal bias from objective law. 25 years on the registry is a life sentence. This isn’t Saudi Arabia. All of those BS restrictions about $200 or walking within 10 miles of a school…etc is insane, so if he didn’t know there was a school on 79th street and he was walking on 75th street and that was too close he’d be back in jail? Come on…he is not alone though, I have read about that judge who sentenced him and he was actually re-assigned to civil court after giving other people ridiculous sentences..Judge Dennis Wiley sentenced a lady to 10 days in jail and a $5,000 fine for cursing under her breath about paying a traffic ticket, some court officer ratted her out. He tried to sentence a priest for 3-10 years in jail after telling him “you deserve hell’s hottest hot fires” claiming it was a threat as the priest had a “direct line of contact with the Lord”??? Yes, this is the same judge that abused this 19 year old by sending him to county jail. Him, the other judge, and the detectives in this case should all be charged with malicious prosecution, false imprisonment, and child abuse for doing this to him. REAL rapists who hurt people cut plea deals with lighter sentences that he got!!! He should sue everyone involved for tens of millions for monetary damages. He should have taken it to trial and rejected the plea deal, no jury would have convicted him. I’d take my chances. It’s ironic that these same religious fanatics against teen sex, also pass laws exempting parents from medical neglect charges if they deprive their kid of medical care for religious reasons…THIS is legal in 35 states, but two teens hook up harming no one and they get months in jail + a criminal record, that really makes sense. This country is an expert at criminalizing victimless activities and giving free passes to actual sadistic criminals. How on Earth could you get 45 years for statutory rape but only 7 years for REAL RAPE in this country??? If a 17 year old walked by his house, what would he be required to run out the back door to “keep distance”?? No seriously those two judges, the prosecutor, the detectives who wasted time on this pointless “Case” all deserve 10 years in prison + be fired from their jobs permanently.

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