Too young for sex, but old enough to murder

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      Sandy Rozek

        By Sandy . . . He is 18. She is 14. The age of consent in New Mexico is 16. He was a cheerleading coach at Hatch Valley High School; most likel
      [See the full post at: Too young for sex, but old enough to murder]

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      totally against public registry

      I agree with the fact that this young woman is capable of thinking and acting for herself. If we issue a state driver’s license to a 15 year old, are we not saying that they are capable people who can think for themselves and make decisions for themselves. After all, opponents of drunk driving claim when someone is under the influence of alcohol and are involved in a car accident, that their vehicle is a dangerous weapon! Hello! If a vehicle is a dangerous weapon, why do we allow a 15 year old the opportunity to accidentally kill someone? That’s because most 15 year olds are pretty capable of decision-making. They can work. They can handle money. They can think for themselves. And yes, they can decide to have sex when they want to whether or not adults (18+) agree or not. That doesn’t make it a crime!

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        Jonny everyman

        There is no state where you can get your license at 15. My state is 16 and that happens to be the age of consent

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        Chew on this !
        You can have a baby while underage, regardless of what happened, and you don’t go to prison! But don’t you have a beer until you are 21 ! Huh! Yes, you can marry with parental consent @ 15 in Alabama, but it’s ok to abort (kill) baby yet the satatistics prove very few rapes and incests are the reasons for KILLLLLING not abort as if you are in air force stopping a mission! And the Fathers have no say or rights, but we want child support if mommy wants baby for herself and we put dads in jail if they don’t pay or want child, so either way men are the bad ones, same with sex, a woman teacher has sex and it’s called romance passion love etc…and if a man lets castrate the perv! Not mentioning… allamony and courts granting favor in devorce to the women! Yet more women work, have degrees and own small businesses for many years now! Than men, but let’s not get into these subjects, we grant privileges to women for many social causes, from breastfeeding, to breast cancer, so if a male has an erection it is shunned and vulgar and if a woman wants to express her sexuality it good acceptable, and we see pampering women with sex therapy and magazines and swim suit models enjoying their sexual roles and we have so much social help for women and on and on! But are we really honest and fair about this bias culture toward men’s sexuality or crime and punishment= victims, IF THE LAW PUNISHES 1 IOTA MORE THAN IT SHOULD, do we the government just throw chump change at the new victim {perpetrator} At what time in history was it ok to allow or conjure up laws that have stupid consequences and are based on idiots that are responsible for inciting the people to riot or hate or fear any class of people regardless of crime or political, religious or any other conceivable thing ! Our leaders in the criminal system have a moral and ethical charge to estable laws that better society as a whole and are ALWAYS to be of sound mind and non prejudice when establishing or implementing laws especially when the possibility of civil and constitutional rights are strained and questionable policies are bestowed upon the defendant! Guilty does not mean without proper judicial process and strong legal debate concerning life and liberty of individuals! What madness has ensued in the Government legal and judicial system ! Who allows policies to be so destructive, so easily to deceive the mind of the people and harsh without regard to personal rights established by the very constitution which these justices supposedly derive their basis for law and order ! SORNA brings chaos and separation in society, and yet more damage must be tallied for the narrowest minds too see ! WOW ! WOW !

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          Imagine this – a 15 year old girl has a baby. She has had sex with a boy her age and got pregnant. She carries a child in her body for 9 months and then pushes it out of her womb.
          The same girl, while still under the legal age of sexual consent, with her new born baby, moves on to have a romantic involvement with an OLDER male. The older male is now a CRIMINAL for engaging in an act that this 15 yr old has ALREADY DONE AND HAD A CHILD FROM. So, having to ‘grow up fast’ in order to be a mother is still not enough for her to be able to make a conscious decision to have a penis more than 2 yrs older than her enter her body.
          She would be a “victim”. She can’t possibly consent to sex with a 20 yr old. She doesn’t know what she’s doing and the 20 yr old is obviously a perverted predator.

          SPARE ME!!!!

          As for the government/courts not thinking with their own natural logic in regards to favoring women, well….people here are gonna get angry with me for this but…. they’re only doing what the left has forced them to do – MAN HATE.

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      That’s the hypocrisy that has dogged this entire issue from the get. Old enough to be charged as an adult in some situations, but too young to consent to sexual activity under any circumstances. At 14 or 15, young enough to be a victim if the other party is 4 years older, but old enough to be the perpetrator if the other individual is 10 or 11. Either persons of a certain age are responsible or they’re not.

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      This bothers me….

      “Should he work in a school setting? Almost certainly not, at least not for the foreseeable future.”

      And why not? This 18 yr old had an affair with 1 female that he was interested in. I don’t see anything about having a harem of 14 yr old girls at his bedside.
      If law enforcement stayed the hell out of these types of situations, then for all we know these two might have had a healthy relationship leading to marriage.

      Hmmmm…maybe someone like Elvis Presley should not have been allowed to have anyone under 16 at his concerts since he chased after a 14 yr old when he was 24. Ah…but look what happened there; No law enforcement, no charges, no conviction AND….. he ends up marrying her.

      Interesting eh? But the rest of us are just common “Joe Blows” who are perverted. And 1 rendezvous with 1 person who wins your interest means you wanna have sex with ALL the under age girls in the school. Smh. Unreal.

      Hey, if a man is convicted of beating his wife or girlfriend half to death, should he be kept away from ever dating or marrying again for fear that he might abuse the next woman he’s with?
      That’s how ridiculous that probation “rule” is and I can’t believe Sandy actually played into it in this article. Wow! Just wow!

      And that is what helps to feed the “fear mongering”.

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        Sandy Rozek

        Hi, Maestro; to answer your ‘why not,’ because he represented the school district as an adult and in a position of authority over the students. I think the real problem is the school district allowing a teenage boy with the requisite supply of raging hormones to fill such a position. In the situation of two teenagers, your opinions are valid and I am basically in agreement. In the situation of an authority figure over a student, he has shown he cannot separate the authority figure from the teenage guy. He should have shown better judgement and restraint. We don’t expect teenage boys to show better judgement and restraint in such situations, but we do expect their coaches and teachers to do so. Parents have different expectations for their teens when it comes to their sexual activity, but I feel safe in saying that no parents send their young teens to school accepting that he or she will become sexually involved with a coach or teacher.
        And I did make it clear I felt there was no element of perversion in the situation.

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          I partially agree with what you’re saying except for one thing: “human nature”. And human nature doesn’t care about jobs that are “positions of authority”.
          I’ve always been of the belief that none of us know when or where we might meet the person of our dreams or just simply someone we’re attracted to (for those who aren’t into falling in love but would rather just have the pleasure of a sexual endeavor).
          This is why I also am not fond of the whole “work place sexual harassment” boom that began to get out of control in the 1980’s.

          If someone asks someone else on a date and that person is not interested, all he or she has to say is “no, but thanks anyway”. How difficult is that?
          Too difficult as people would rather sue or get someone fired for being HUMAN.

          Here’s a great TRUE example of that which happened to ME when I was a teenager:
          I was working at a grocery store and I had 2 tickets to a concert which I bought with the intention of going with my best friend. Well, the store wouldn’t give him the night off but I had already requested it way in advance.
          So there was this cashier who we always talked to (yeah, she was extremely pretty, ALL the male employees talked to her).
          I asked her if she liked this particular band (it was Styx btw), and she said she did. So I asked her if she’d like to go with me since my friend got denied the night off. She said “Sure! I’d love to see them”.
          The next day I go into work and get called to the office and told I am terminated for potential sexual harassment!!!!!!!
          And I was just as “ballsy” then as I am now as as I walked out of the place, I passed by her register and made the comment to her face: “All you had to say was NO, you obnoxious bitch.”

          At the rate we are going in this country, I wonder if anyone from the previous generation ever bothered to ask their parents; “Mom, how did you meet dad?”
          Like seriously! This is sickening beyond sickening.

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            The way things are said is only dueto a woman’s point of view and the new age we live in is acceptable for women to establish new policies such as can’t have relationship in this boys position ! it is garbage policies and he is not a bad guy or wrong ! It’s a woman’s established political view and rule ! The females want change and this is what comes out of all the gender wars and much more is to come ! Male bashing is the new deal ! Hate to be the one and only HONEST voice ! So like it or leave it people ! My words are just words like everyone’s !

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        Jonny everyman

        As a coach he is in a position of authority. Same reason a pastor shouldn’t date a minor in his church.

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          Yeah, as always, you miss the point.

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      R. Arens

      I’m understood that the frenzy to prosecute sex crimes to this degree came from modest beginnings. Originally it was intended to keep older men from fathering children with young ladies who would then go on to burden the states welfare system. Over time, it got pooled together with straight up worst of the worst child molestation legislation and now you got people doing anywhere from 5 to life for something that netted county time 30 years ago in nearly every jurisdiction in this country. In my opinion, if you’re old enough to kill, you’re old enough to screw. Our country needs to lighten up on how they do things because it costs more per year to lock a guy up than it would cost DHS to dole out a welfare check and let’s not also forget that child support is rigorously enforced as well.

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        If we lock a man up for non child support, HOW the Hellllll does this correct his attitude since he must have one? Does this improve society or enhance him as a man does this empower the family or help in any way you can think ? . . ..? Please ! I want the brilliant amazingly worth while answers from all the legal experts and A holes who screw men’s lives and get away with it while police, politicians, judges and attorneys all have the money and of course the silly women are so much bette off ! They showed him, using the law as leverage of course! Let’s keep on supporting the female populace! Are going places now, abortion her right only is MURDER and it was Roe vs Wade a “woman” and guess who loves and promotes most of the homosexual and emasculating policies ! I’m sure you can pin point that one! And I could go on and on…..Sex offender laws came about from whom mainly? ?? Now your on your way to modern day america, yes little a …..that’s what they have made our great nation! Let’s all be proud and celebrate while we are Compliantly obedient 2 class citizens !

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      Good article Sandy but not really my style of article but it is challenging. I still wonder if man can justify man. Reading some of these comment on here makes me think of playing blind man’s bluff as in these computer sting operation things.
      First of all they were both caught, with their pants down, I don’t know. The article said they both consented and they had their own “free will” to do all this … rock’in down the highway’ stuff. Should they both be punished, depends what you call punishment. Should they both be reprimanded ? Yes. Should their conscious bother them yes.

      Hey I’ve did a lot of things myself, ok I’m a senior citizen but that doesn’t have anything to do with it. They were raping and killing in biblical times but here’s the thing, you can go with the , you reap what you sow mentality or you can just try to understand this sexual situation we all face today in the Good ole United states of America.

      So actually who’s right and who’s wrong? In a way Jonny’s right. Sure some of you others are right also but I’m sure this was a physical thing that they were caught in. Sort of reminds me of “Happy Days” when that police were shining a flashlight to those at the Driving Movie making out on the opening of the show.

      Doesn’t matter what age we one can still get into trouble, sex, staling a car, rape, or whatever. In todays’ world it seems sex is the big issue and these internet sex con’s are even a bigger one.

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      John Jacob

      My biggest issue with this type of thing is the age factor. Who decides what the age should be to have sex and why does it change based on location? Who makes the decision that the age of consent is 16 (or what ever)? why 16? Like what was mentioned before, its ok for a 14 year old to have sex with another 14 year old, but not an 18 year old?
      You can even flip it. What makes an 18 year old mature enough to have sex? Because someone decided that 18 is the age you become an adult? so anything under that age is not an adult.

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        John Jacob,

        Exactly! Here’s how it works – A bunch of people in the states legislatures get together and make decisions about us and for us.
        So, if the same group of people decided to LOWER the age of consent by 1 or 2 yrs, that means we can’t refer to these 14-17 yr olds as “victims” anymore when they DECIDE ON THEIR OWN to engage in sexual endeavors with someone.
        I keep reading comments on here and other sites of average people like ourselves posing these questions of “too young for sex but old enough to be charged for other crimes” but WHEN has anyone actually thrown this argument at the courts or the legislature? I bet never.
        So, the legislature seems to make it’s own sense out of how the 15 yr old is a “victim” to the 19 yr old and the 19 yr old will now be ruined for life, but the same 15 yr old finds “daddy’s gun” and shoots her best friend in the face BY ACCIDENT and she somehow KNEW WHAT SHE WAS DOING.
        It’s so ridiculous it makes your hair hurt to think about it.

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