Those damn statistics again

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      By Sandy . . . The Alpena News, in reporting about the situation in Michigan where deadlines for registry reform set by the court have been ignored by
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      Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. I am sure there is a lot of truth in that speech and considering this registry it should ring bells for us and others that this registry must be banished in many ways, or do we believe everything we hear today. Sure we can all go with theory, statistics, recidivism rates, hear say, or gossip but for the truth be known there is only one direct approach and that is truth and reason or is the truth stranger than fiction in this cosmetic type of internet scheme in many fo these ordeals . Now I never got into Mark Twain that much

      Quotes aside. Some talk about a data base but there is a data base greater than any human can imagine and He even know’s every hair on your head so somethings wagging in a lot of this sex regristy mark-up. If a person wants to know about who’s lying and who’s telling the truth just read what the bible says and that is true principal for all of mankind. So who’;s offending and who’s instilling true justice in truth. I would guess these sex offenses are truth, justice, and the American way for many of these registry encounters.

      Don’t get me wrong folks but when Justice overlaps true principal than who is abusing who in this unjust nation of true justice or who is tresspassing against who in this war of statitic inbalance. Who is inducing and who is seducing. Just my view.

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      Ed C

      What everyone seems to ignore about that damned BJS report is that for the purpose of the study the term “sex offenders” is defined as “released prisoners whose most serious commitment offense was rape or sexual assault.” That is stated clearly in the first paragraph and footnote 1. These represent only a very small subset of those on the registry. Most who quote the study will not make that point clear, or may intentionally obscure it.

      In the common vernacular the term “sex offender” includes all registered persons. Uninformed or inattentive readers will assume the BJS statistics apply to everyone. While it might be true that those formerly convicted of rape or sexual assault are three times as likely to subsequently commit a rape or sexual assault, it is definitely NOT true of all sex offenders.

      Truth does matter. Unfortunately most people will not easily give up their beliefs even in the face of overwhelming data.

      Thanks for another great article, Sandy. Veritas.

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      Tim in WI

      The state of Michigan has essentially told Judge ” piss off! ” We are ignoring your instructions to fall in line with your authority granted by the people to compel us to change Michigan law.

      Unfortunately there is no strict liability for non enforcement upon the states.
      Historically we’ve seen a President call out the national guard upon a state for refusing admittance of negros to Alabama public Schools because of Governor George Wallace’s pro segregationist position.

      Clearly some segregation is occurring with registrants too. Imagining the Don sending the national guard to Michigan to enforce whatever is difficult to do. Perhaps that is why SCOTUS did not take up the case. All MI Registrants could be protesting loudly but alas few actually are. Ashamed and afraid they are and no other reasonable leadership. Michigan’s ex post registrant population have given up their right to remain silent and their sovereignty in silence. God help them.

      Registrants being the first sold out to big data have made way for the rest. Now our children are compelled to purchase identity theft else their financial future compromised. This the the nation we’ve handed to future generations one be holding to big data and big brother. IMHO, the re:public lost.

      Simply put, the term “registry” was a marketing choice which glossed over a congressional choice; the plain indenture ( enslavement ) of human to database machine for cimes. The term ” Sex offender” sold the notion whole to the whole of the nation. To protect the children but not from the databases themselves.

      That is the case I will soon make to a jury of twelve here in Rock County WI.
      I will prove fiat in WI law for profit. What was a sanction for doing became a a sanction for not! and all by fed cop influence.
      Just like old King George. It was the spark that ignited the tea party on the Boston docks. I honestly feel sorry for Agent Fugate. I look forward to pointing out the two plea boxes on that sole(1) judgment from 91.
      Defendant Plea: Guilty [ ]. Not Guilty[x]
      Term: Indeterminate term not to exceed 60 months.
      Pre conviction custody credit 3 day’s. They’ve jailed me many times without jury first being assembled for FTR. Once with but only cause I told them to shove probation 2011. This time Norma Grace Constanteneau hits the record in pretrial this month. If it holds they’re done listing me world wide.

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      If the state does something to a citizen that the court has told them they cannot do then the citizen has a tort claim against the state for any damages that were caused by this illegal action. Sue their a$$ off until they comply.

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        Alexander C Miles

        Good luck getting any damage award from a US jury!

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          You have a good point today, but every day more and more of the Jury people’s fathers, brothers, and sons are getting on the registry soon your statement will be untrue.

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      One wonders who says fire in a theater when their is no fire or who says I smell the oder of marijuana to search one’s car or brain. Interesting. Sandy with this article you have something here and all you have to do is put the pieces together. I was always taught let the crime fit the punishment or the punishment fit the crime but this sex ordeal is a whole different spectrum in this internet age. Who is inducing in this material crime via internet. I’m sure one can understand man and woman relationships even blackmail in some instances.

      Sure statistics are like comparing apples to lemons or garlic to onion’s. In real time all or many of us on the registry are being conned. Do you think Hittler was ordained to murder, imprison and torcher. Its all about principal. Sure we can all talk about “Protests” but that may lead to kayo or crossfire.. Getting involved with this sex thing is not an easy picture but principal still holds true. One thing thats puzzling is who induces to protect or is something wrong with this miscariage of justice and true principal in many of these internet ordeals.

      We can all talk about discrimination but that has been around since the dawn of time but true value is more the direct approach and morally right. Sandy much of these ordeals are all part of the game to these men in blue. Call it a high-five if you want. Taking advantage of others just because they have authority but even authority has to do things right and authority has its constutional limitations. One wonders who has the ultimate authority. Reprimanidng one is a bit better than leaving these boys in prison for so many odd years and is a bit punitive to say the least, or charging them for each porno pic they have or some little thing like a loose tongue or should we all just tell dirty jokes or or suggestive ones in public.

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      This article and all the replies make it so hard not to be blackpilled at this point. The registry is evil, pure and simple. Evil seems to be winning these days, and I’m sure I’m not the only one that sees it that way.

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        Tim in WI

        It is a machine plainly. A machine holds no emotion. EVIL is a term from the bible, like marriage. These are abstracted concepts defined strictly by convention of the social variety.

        The issue is ” use” like uses of a gun, a drone, an Ab@mb.
        Law forcing human subservient to machine. H<M.

        Plainly speech & custody is implicated by registering, ALWAYS WAS!
        SOR forms are agents, in your mailbox, in your home looking over your shoulder at your internet use! How else are the agents going to get an email address created today, tomorrow or next week? Machines are tracking humans. Voting machines are electronic vote collectors, correlators, tabulators, AND RESULTS! ID and tax refund theft is a huge problem. LIFE LOCK is really raking it in big time. The regime has negative outcomes in residency restriction & vigilante; each a form of lawlessness. What rancher advertises the worst of his herd world wide? The soon bankrupted!

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          Evil is alive and well Tim! Trying to dismiss anything related to the Bible is evil in my book! Evil is in the dictionary too. It is not made up and is very much alive in this society.

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            Tim in WI

            Evil humans do, as evil does. It exists as is stated in the good book. It is the use of the book and machine that courts uphold. The biggest data brokers are atheists and the machine feels not. Those of faith will be the first to reject the database machines as liberty of free men is ordained by the inalienable creator. However the kings of capitalists will continue the promulgation of the new world order augmented by database infrastructure and police states.

            He played a roll in the beginning of human subservient to machine by law.
            Plain indenture to property. That is what highly organized and funded propaganda buys you. Political Security..

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      I’m beginning to like this article. Lets see we have this marketing choice for the sex registry, the word evil that one presented on here, and we have machine data base, but still we have no truth or true principal, so where does decision come into the picture when making the choice?

      Sure Sandy is right about seeking truth and reporting it but who covers-up today in this random internet inducement to stain another in this internet sex ordeal or just about any other ordeal that man wants to cover-up.
      Sure I can live with my probation and my suspension to vote if thats the case, I’m sure we all can but being blackballed or black listed is a bit to hard to swallow for one. Its just like congress someone wants to be right when they don’t even understand their actions. They want the high-five from others. I do wrong every day some how, I’m sure we all do and don’t even know it. But truth is nothing to sneeze about. Justifying the truth should be the goal of any journlist or lawyer or Judge but is all this life at its best and let the others suffer in their downfall because of truth and principal.

      Police are not easy to talk to when something like this ordeal occures as they have their own set of rules and Probation officers are just doing what the judge ask them. In other words they are just a listening device when they do the home visits and don’t really have any sympathy as long as they get paid, just the way reporting is and covering up is and its all a money trail but evil is behind all of this in scamish way. Even these lie detector tests are a bit out of character in these ordeals or intimidation at best.

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      Sandy, is NARSOL disseminating the proper interpretation of these new findings? I’ve seen them quoted a couple times, but did not feel comfortable calling out the news sources because of how the sites were set up for comments – no anonymous option. I say that whenever we see the new DOJ findings referenced online and do feel comfortable, post a link in the comments to this article and email the journalists! Quote the Maynard law office article! If people are misreading statistics, they need to be set straight.

      On another note, sadly I’ve heard political officials quoted saying that when it comes to the distress of parents, appeals to rationality and statistics, even reassuring ones, are not very helpful. People want to see something *done*, that’s the long and short of it, and so they grasp at these stupid laws that we keep seeing. In fact, though, things *can* be done besides that. For instance, the Stop It Now initiative, which teaches parents the truth about how child sexual abuse really happens, how to talk to kids about these issues and prevent grooming and advances by trusted adults, the most common perpetrators. Are these resources being disseminated? Are alternatives offered to over-reactionary laws that don’t really work? How can *I* help make those things happen? I’d love to help.

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