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      See update at Resources>Support Hotline November 1st Women Against Registry took what was formerly known as the SOSEN Hotline and transitioned it t
      [See the full post at: The support help line]

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      Jayne L. Sergent

      I’m so happy to see this site exists. I have a friend who was 20 and had sex with his 17 year old girlfriend and her parents had him prosecuted. I’ve sent him your web address. I am not able to donate at this time, but I certainly would if I could afford to. Violent sex offenders with repeated convictions are one thing, but what is being done to young people who have consensual sex is outrageous. In KY, there’s a picture of a “sex offender” who has been DEAD for 10 or more years. His conviction occurred when he was young and in love with a younger person. I wish you much success in your endeavors to end this
      devastating law.

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      Im in indiana and im in a motel i have to register as a sex offender me and my wife moved here so she could get a job at tyson foods and i get a ssi check i payed the lady in advance and once i registered she told me i have to leave she is trying to keep my money and i dont know where to find housing here in logansport indiana can you please help

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      My Son has a bit of time left on his 8 year sentence. I have just learned the additional conditions being added to what we already had. I cannot imagine a single reason to keep living for either of us. There is no point to trying to do this anymore.

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      Roy McAteer

      Ya,’ll are missing the argument that should be made concerning registration laws. They are nothing more or less than mental health statutes which have been cloaked as something else. Please
      ” Please ” read Baxstrom v. Harold, Specht v. Patterson, Humphrey v. Cady, and then Foucha v. Louisiana. Once you read these cases, or before, study the mental health statutes which are applied in your state. And, for the love of God, forget ex post facto. These things are blatantly violative of the bill of attainder prohibition. Brown v. US.

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      Hi, I live in Salt Lake City Utah and am looking for a 1 bed room apartment with my wife and son. Can you please tell me where I could apply for a apartment?

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