“The ‘sex offense legal regime’ ” pronounced a failure

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      By Paul M. Renfro . . . The “sex offense legal regime,” which has developed alongside mass incarceration over the last forty years, has failed. US sex
      [See the full post at: “The ‘sex offense legal regime’ ” pronounced a failure]

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      Tim in WI

      “The leading voice of the American left, offering socialist perspective on politics, economies, and culture.”

      Pardon me while I cover my mouth to hold my stomach vomit from spewing.
      Who was in charge wen the SOR baby was born? W.J.C.!
      I discussed this very issue with Robin V. in post over at NCRSOL. The dimwit left begat the registration regime and in doing so cut the throats of their own base.
      Other people believe the left and right have sold America out to big data. All of which resulted directly to the election of Donald J. Trump who completely demolished both parties establishment with the votes from the middle.

      I get JACOBIN is now anti-registry, good for them they figured that out but it’s far too late as humans are already indentured servants to database machine properties.
      Socialism and it’s finest attempt at creating a more perfect union of people began an electronic collective to enslave humans for life to machine maintenance.

      “Resistance is futile…You must comply!”

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      We have had this discussion before, and it seems that it bears repeating.

      Neither party, nor “side,” is innocent in the evolution of laws dealing with those on sexual offense registries. It started with the Jacob Wetterling act, introduced in 1993 by a Republican congressman and enacted by the 103rd Congress where both houses were under Democratic control.
      In 1995 Megan’s Law was introduced by by a Republican senator and signed into law by Democratic president Clinton in 1996.
      The AWA was a total Republican deal, introduced in 2005 by a R. congressman and signed in 2006 by Bush.
      And then came the IML, pushed by Republican Chris Smith for several years before it caught on in 2015. It was signed by Obama in early 2016 on his way out of office. Had he vetoed it, he would have been crushingly overridden as the Republicans had control of both Houses. He was enough of a politician that he didn’t want part of his parting legacy to be his refusal to sign a bill that everyone believed would protect children around the world.
      The bottom line is that, regardless of how we got them, we have the laws we have, and our job is to figure out the best way to combat them and achieve some equity for those with previous sexual offenses, and, with any luck, put some people in office who might be inclined to help with that.

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      I agree that both parties are involved with the evolution of restriction laws. Regardless of where one is on the political spectrum we are on this forum because we’ve been impacted with these laws. Now is the time to come together finding candidates that support true prevention and healing for both sides of the justice system.

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      Sandy, with the number of people on the registry today, there can’t possibly not be someone in politics that doesn’t know someone (friend or relative) who is affected by these laws. Certainly there has to be someone in politics that knows the difference between a dangerous person and a stupid “in the moment” decision to break a law (like having an affair with a post pubescent teen or someone ensnared in a sting that was on an ADULT website).
      Who are they protecting from these people who simply want to spend their own money to travel?

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      Robert Neal

      I was just told, for the 80th time ” your requirement on Megan’s law website disqualifies you from renting from us” I have lost jobs, homes, relationships because of this crap.
      When are we going to start fighting back against the discrimination of being a sex offender? when do we push for reclassification of offenses? When do we really start to fight… So far it has been them gifting us change and us not demanding it.
      Where and When are the injunctions against discrimination by the government, and state agencies going to be filed, as a class issue? In Californa, we are denied section 8 housing… no matter the level of Rehabilitation we show, where is the class injunction against this? Against court rulings, California Department of Corrections (CDCR) still in force and prevent registrants from having relationships with members of the opposite sex, or socializing with members of the opposite sex, where is the injunction against this? What exactly is the organization doing to fight discrimination and unjust enforcement of unconstitutional rules and regulations against SO’s?

      Education is fine, but it only gets us so far. Why are we waiting, when the Constitution says equal protection, and under this equal protection we can move for just laws and civil remedies. So I ask again, why are we waiting? Why are we begging them for change? Sex offenders will never be accepted! Just his gays moved under equal protection laws for rights and equality, so too must SO’s move for the same equality.

      This new equality must start with a reclassification of offenses. To segregate those who are dangerous and violent offenders, from those who are not. Public sentiment must be on our side, yes. But where do we draw the line, I am sick of being told I cannot have a job or a house and in some instances education, because I am a SO.

      For over 12 years while I was incarcerated, I practiced appellate law. I assisted many in obtaining an order to show cause in their Habeas Corpus Petitions. In the past I have offered this organization free legal research assistance, I have personal access to LEXIS-NEXIS advanced to which I was willing to donate my time and energy into conducting legal research, on this organization’s behalf. I reiterate and re-offer this assistance, I want change. Yet, I cannot achieve this alone. State representatives do not recognize me, because I am not a member of the California State Bar.

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      The facts are clear, the legislatures create new local ordinances and laws to produce sex offender recidivism beyond 5 to 7%. Most Sex Offenders in any tier do not re-offend. Ask yourself, is it a conspiracy? I’d say it’s a conspiracy to create a “Bad Guy amongst us” (Referring to any person labeled a Sex Offender) viewpoint in social interaction. Many Politicians wouldn’t have been elected on such slim qualifications for a particular office unless they (The Politician) went after and pushed the “Bad Guy amongst us” agenda. I remember the one Police officer registering my nephew telling him, I see that you were supposed to be off the registry in 2016 but we have to do what the State Police tell us to do.

      It’s evident as the color purple looking different to the color red that these legislative schemes are far reaching and unconstitutional. The problem is simple, imagine being in a boxing match just defending with your 2 arms and hands the whole first round. Taking blow after blow (New legislative restrictions and ordinances) to the face, neck, and abdomen. Just absorbing every hit. By round 2 even the defending ability you had is gone, you’ve been knocked down twice (Violated for some new thing the legislative branch has come up with). It’s only 1 fall from either winning, drawing, or losing for you (3 strike rules). Do you sit in your corner (do nothing) call the match and take what’s coming beyond the personal hurt you sustained or stand up and continue to attempt to defend (let more legislative rules be passed that govern how you even use the bathroom in your own home). Or do you come out of the corner ready to face the opponent’s next attack with actual ability to fight back (having an organization with lawyers and experience to fight against these unethical and misleading legislative issues)?

      From what I’ve seen at the moment; with no solely defined organization existing that is purely made to challenge any and every restriction added since 2000 to these state laws. It’s hit and miss. Most choose to sit in the corner (do nothing) because the society stigma is so great that she or he that is labeled a “Sex Offender” has fear of challenging the rational associated with these bogus and inflated restrictions.

      In most of the laws they mention, “where a child frequents,” what does that mean? It’s left to interpretation by law enforcement to apply it as they see fit. As far as I know my nephew (a Sex offender) is a father. His kids may go to places but they do not go anywhere he or their mother does not go. So in that interpretation even though adults are present, because most places (ones listed in the restrictions) have posted signs saying “A Minor must be accompanied by an Adult;” are those considered “where a child frequents?”

      I brought that up in the previous paragraph because that is just 1 of so many stupid and far reaching laws that have been legislatively enacted through fear propaganda.

      The “Bad Guy among us” propaganda has gotten many powerful people into a solidified spot in politics and created a societal outrage at any person labeled a “Sex-Offender, Predator” or anything else. Without an organization that’s sole purpose is to legally challenge every single law enacted since they decided to circumvent actual laws enacted by Congress. No relief (no fight as in my boxing example) will happen.

      We may not want to admit it in our society but the same tactic was used in the 1920s to 1940s by Hitler against any person from Jewish decent. It starts with laws, and amendments then eventually becomes more. Without any “actual” (existing) organization to fight this repression its only going to get worse than just sleeping under bridges. I hope an organization can take up the fight (legally) to rid these currently considered acceptable (truly unacceptable) discriminatory laws.

      That’s my 2 cents, I hope that relief is on the way for this oppressive situation.

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      Terry H

      Hi Everyone. My name is Terry and I am a Registered Sex Offender via Pornography, I served my time, and now after 6.5 years off paper, I have an awesome life. Am I affected by the registry? Yes, to the extent that I am alone and lonely all the time. I have a great support system, a family that loves me but I have no relationships outside of my Home Family and my Church family. I want to do so many projects and be Social, but I can’t, so for me, it’s the Social isolation that hurts and is what the Registry is doing to my life. However, I am blessed in comparison to so many that suffer daily and for them, my heart hurts and I wish I could change that for them.

      As I read these entries here I see so many of the same topics being discussed and hashed over with little to no real change in the LAWS. Everyone is talking about and trying to change the LAWS. It seems to me that the focus should be on stopping the abuse in the first place. I know this is a very delicate conversation for so many but if the abuse and the reasons one abuse’s in the first place are not addressed and solutions found to stop it, then this situation we face will never change.

      As you all know LAWS will never stop the abuse, LAW’S are created for those that would break them, and those that will never break them, suffer. But I must ask, what would a World look like without the Abuse of any kind, not just Children but all kinds of abuse? It seems to me the discussion needs to take a drastic turn and find ways to stop the abuse from happening and then address the LAW’S as change occurs in our society. People must change before the Abuse stops. The way they think about Abuse and feel about harming others must change. If the powers that be do not step in and stop the abuse from the start, then the LAWS will continue to isolate and destroy the lives they affect.

      Let’s think about it for a moment, if the abuse was not there then the LAWS would not be in place…Right? I am not Lawmaker, I am not a Doctor and someone that has lots of letters behind my name but I am someone like so many of you that are affected by the Laws we live under. If I could go back and change what I did to get me here, believe me, I would in a heartbeat but I can’t. What I have done is change the way I think, changed my old habits, changed myself from the inside, and now it reflects the me I want to be. I will never re-offend because I don’t think the way I used to anymore. Let’s start changing People and the Laws to help everyone get to a place where they can live a happy, productive life.

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      H n H


      Legislation has defined abuse as now relating to anything involving anything “sex related”, and you want to just stop all “abuse”? You’re so far off base in your assertion and here’s why. Unless you find a way for teenagers to stop puberty, and stop producing hormones, stop being horny, stop being explorative in what feels good to their bodies, and to stop wanting attention from older people, then whatever body part they choose to display, touch, ask to have touched, or take a photo of… Said abuse will NEVER EVER stop! The term abuse is now so loosely applied to any situation and it honestly greatly bothers me that you’re so far out of touch with reality to make such a statement.

      Since I’ve been released back into society, I’ve met 2 individuals who wanted to get to know me. Naturally, after a few discussions, I finally revealed my past to them. I was immediately given the cold shoulder by both. The sex offender registry is only a part of the stigma, but it’s a huge part. The dating and social aspect of parole is beyond traumatizing in itself. For the remainder of my life I’ll never have a normal relationship with anyone. If I do, I have to drag them down to the parole office so they can be interrogated by my PO who’ll have a whole range of questions to ask. It’ll be from their past, any associations with kids, their family, then our love life, if we’ve had sex, how often, in what locations? Did you hold hands or kiss already before this meeting? If so, then he is in violation and we may revoke him for not having this meeting sooner.

      What aspect of this is NOT punishment? It’s beyond sick, it’s invasive, it’s flat out wrong (!), not to mention traumatizing as all get out and causes severe PTSD. And they have the temerity to claim its all for our safety, but hey, someone is getting a vote out of it, along with $30 a month for the remainder of my natural life for parole fees. So…… Yeah, I could keep venting, but I’m content, alone, but content.

      I’m just sick of the registry being the sole focus of everyone here.

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      Terry H

      I appreciate your vent and understand your perspective and I too want the laws to change as they affect me in many of the same ways they affect you and others, but the abuse has to stop first. It is understood that teens have sex and sexual contact, I did when I was a teen like everyone else on the planet, that is not the point I was bringing. You say ” You’re so far off base in your assertion” and you go on to continue to talk about the very issue I was speaking of. Owe woe is me about the LAWS that ALL Sex Offenders have to live by. Guess what, if you didn’t commit a crime you would not be living under those laws. The truth hurts and so does The LAWS we live under and they will never change and most likely get a lot worse until PEOPLE change their actions and stop the abuse. I do not disagree with what how you replied, but it’s the same story over and over again. When are we going to get tired of hearing the same song and dance? If no one is abused then there would be no need for the laws we suffer under. You would not be where you are if you did not commit some level of abuse and nor would I. So we commit a crime, do our time and society continues to punish us after the fact and that I want to change, but that very thing will NEVER change until the abuse stops nor will the attitudes of Society and the Lawmakers toward the Sex Offender. Whether you agree with my ASSERTION or not the truth is the truth.

      There obviously needs to be a lot of change in how the powers that be access the offender, I get that, not all offenders are the same and should not be treated the same but as you know we live in a country that allows its States to take the Federal recommendations and use them as they wish. Every state is different in how they handle an SO, how they run their registries, what the requirements are for the SO and so and so forth. The whole system needs a revamp and luckily we now have so much evidence that the registries do nothing to protect people that when we get a politician in elected office that has a set of Ball% things might get going in the right direction. But with all that said and understood we are still talking about the same ole same ole. The abuse has to stop.

      I hope everything is going well for you and you find some level of peace amid all this craziness. Things will change but people have to change first.

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      Kyle De Wolf

      Tim in WI,

      Bill Clinton was not a socialist. Most Democrats are not socialists and have never been socialists. Bill Clinton was a centrist who pushed free trade and neoliberalism, and socialists don’t even like him. Maybe instead of vomiting, you could try reading Jacobin Magazine or any other socialist publication. For example, type “Bill Clinton” into the search field on Jacobin Magazine’s website.

      Here are just a few of the top results:

      1. Bill Clinton, Superpredator: Bill Clinton’s political career has been a disaster for black Americans.

      2. Bill Clinton’s Act of Terrorism: In 1998, Bill Clinton ordered the bombing of a medicine factory in Sudan. The country has yet to recover.

      3. Bill Clinton’s Stone Mountain Moment: In 1992, Bill Clinton spoke from the mecca of American white supremacy to launch his “tough on crime” agenda.

      4. Kool-Aid and Cyanide: At the height of his presidency, Bill Clinton had the chance to roll back the drug war. Instead, he made things worse.

      5. The Death of Ricky Ray Rector: How the execution of a mentally ill black man delivered Bill Clinton into the Oval Office.

      In reality, while some socialists have bought into the social stigma around sex offenders, many socialists have spoken out against the sex offender registry and other punitive laws, and this is not a recent development. You should read up on the history and theory of socialism before spewing your vomit.

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      I propose no laws against human nature be the law of the land in this country. The government has gotten too big and needs to get out of every aspect of people lives. Society changes; yet human behavior doesn’t regardless of what someone’s political views are. Allow actual prevention and healing while the local, state and federal government has nothing to do with it.

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      SORNA is “A Sensible and Workable Law that Helps Keep Us Safe.”

      That was the title of an article written by an executive of the conservative Heritage Foundation and published by the conservative Federalist Society.

      I hope they will migrate to Jacobin’s view on this. The Jacobin article is a good one regardless of who published it.

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      Tim in WI

      He (Slick Willy) signed OMNIBUS94 a massive bill full of socialist collective action against individual liberty! Read HR5533(93) before you knowingly place William Jefferson Clinton in the Centrists category. Clinton reinstitutionalized human indenture ( slavery) via SOR as civil and not a punitive designation as per the 13th.
      If he South fought to the death to protect slavery as an institution . It’s back! Whether courts of the people acknowledge the fact.
      Resistance is futile; You must comply. Per the collective effort.

      President Obama was far more centrist than Bill Clinton, he had to be because of his skin tone. That said, IMO the cause of police brutality forming around the murders of George Floyd, T.Martin, T Rice etc etc etc etc etc etc could have happened during the Obama administration. He didn’t make it an issue even though the same abuses were going on.

      The alternate purpose of the SOR database was advanced “and to assist law enforcement” What more needs said.

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      Politics and politicians whether conservative or liberal haven’t gotten us to this place. We might come from different lifestyles and political views; yet both sides are dismal failures. My God can we not all come together to fight the insanity of restrictions and the registry regardless our political views.

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      Glad to have this article and some stats for our advocacy work. I noticed recently that NCMEC has not only stopped updating its information, but has also taken down stats already published. Links I have used previously in my efforts which point back to the NCMEC website are now dead. I guess they realized that the old numbers were just as damning as the potential new figures they refused to publish. They want people to believe that sex offending is a problem limited to a fringe group of perverts and predators, not a widespread problem that impacts many more households than we’ve been led to believe. When it comes to the problem of sexual offending, people more often than not need to be looking in the mirror (if they are honest), and not at strangers on a list.

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      TS Rohnevarg

      ALL registry systems targeting ‘offendERS,’ of any kind, are defamatory and should be targeted for class-action suit to recover damages. To wit, OFFENDER: Noun, formed from the verb “OFFEND,” and adding “er.” “To offend” is a present tense verb; A present tense verb is a verb in “a tense expressing an action that is CURRENTLY going on or HABITUALLY performed, or a state that currently or generally exists.”’ Adding “er” to a verb forms a noun with the meaning “a person or thing that does something”; “Does” is the third person conjugation of the present tense verb “to do.” THEREFORE, an ‘offender’ defines one who is presently offending or generally offends, i.e., an habitual characterization, someone who can be generally characterized as offending. For example: builder, farmer, baker, … Construction applies equally to terms such as ‘sex’ offender. To assert that one is a ‘sex offender’ is, unless provably true, bald slander asserting that such individual habitual is in the practice of committing ‘sex offenses.’

      Consequently, unless evidence exists that a person is currently, or habitually, committing offenses, the assertion is libelous. To falsely accuse someone of committing crimes is PER SE defamation, i.e., it need not be shown to be harmful, because falsely accusing someing of a crimes is by its nature.

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      I have and will continue to maintain; that, the end results of The Registry will one day bring about such rage and dissent among hundreds of thousands of entire families, that Revolt will be Inevitable. Regardless of who in ANY Political Party drafts The Next Crushing Legislation, that will most likely end up becoming ‘Law’, that may well be The Tipping Point, and the start of THE REVOLT! This Nation is on the verge of It’s Second Civil War, and I’ve said it time and again. It will Not be about Color. It will be about Wealthy Vs. Poor. This naturally includes those who draft such Legislation that is literally Killing Us-Wealthy Politicians and Those Individuals/Families that back them-while keeping Them Immune from the exact same Punishments that WE have to endure, should any of Them get caught up committing even a Minute Fraction of the same things!
      The Phrase: ‘Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness’, does not exist for Us anymore. It will never return at
      all…until we either Band Together and confront The Lawgivers Legally over and again, OR, THE REVOLT begins. Now, I’m not Advocating for Aggression, but surely, SOMETHING has to give sooner or later. I’m
      not normally a Betting Man, but if I had to wager on one of these Outcomes, I’d put My Money on the very
      Second Potentiality. People WILL GET FED UP. Add to all that; The BLM Movement, Policing Reform Arguments yet A-Gain, the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic, and a very soon-to-be Controversial Presidential Election, and we have as perfect a recipe as ever, to see a Blow-Up like never before.
      So when it finally happens, please recall, I had absolutely NO Pleasure in saying it was coming to this!!

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      I wish the author would of wrote how much mass incarceration and running a registry is a complete waste of money; that could be used for actual real solutions to problems. He should of gone for the jugular even if it would of been multiple parts to his article. How widely read is this magazine? This reporting needs to be in the mainstream with a little More of a spine to tackle hot issues.

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      Don’t bring up Hitler on FAC’s website, they will delete you; which is why I don’t support them. We can’t deny history but can only learn from it. Sometimes the truth hurts and real advocacy groups should stand behind that.

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      The design of this system is to grind you down. It’s heavily rigged. It isolates, reduces physical and mental health, reduces survivability, reduces procreation. It is meant to destroy you, you can clearly see this.

      Yet, you all have each other. The largest flaw this system has is the public registry itself. It allows everyone to network with great ease. What terrifies the puppet masters is your ability to unite and fight back. To totally imbalance the system, together you all must know it’s true design and intention. It is in the interest of those in power to use both the ability to create and destroy to maintain balance, especially in view if their design goals. To directly undermine these goals, unite and fight smartly, and create many offspring.

      Winning the legal fight is a lot like repeatedly asking a bully to stop punching you. Until you get the courage to wisely fight back, you will live a life of fear and torture. Please hear my words.

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      I have a thought. I noticed that our community uses the term registered citizen to describe our members. Sounds like a kind label when in fact we are persecuted (subject to hostility and ill-treatment) citizens in the US dystopia (a community or society that is undesirable or frightening). Dystopias often characterize dehumanization within tyrannical governments. Sex offenders of any sort are lumped together under one terrible label and this creates the isolation of millions of people and their families. So, let’s turn the tables on those and create labels associating these laws as unjust, draconian, tools of power-hungry demagogues, seeking to create a class of people that are no longer free. There has to be a narrative that Narsol can help craft that allows each of us to target those politicians and to give us back our humanity. The laws were created to separate us from society. We made a mistake and paid our debt to society, but should that debt be the loss of our rightful place in society for the remainder of our lives? Target our political enemies with the words that will show them in their true light and not some namby-pamby manner. Yes, it is true they do not want to be seen as being on the side of a SO, but it is also true, that if we rise up as a real community, our collective voices will become a roar heard all over the world.

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      Hello, I’ve mentioned this before but I’ll say it again. Why tell your probation officer if you’ve had sex & when & where. It’s non of there business, if i was on the other side and if i was in a relationship with a sex offender, i would tell the PO it’s non of his business. Because what is he gonna do, he dont know if we’re having sex & when n where, unless you tell him. Same goes for churches wanting SO’s to ask for permission to go to there church, first of all they are not God nor would they be following His word. I say don’t tell them, my church don’t know a thing. I think the best way to fight the registry is find out why they enacted certain laws and produce the evidence that shows the opposite being true. The Federal Government already knows that recidivism is below 5% because the Federal Government started conducting studies on recidivism in 1991 & 1991 study shown 9% recidivism and every year from 1992-2020 shows below 5%. How about we find an attorney and file several class action lawsuits and have as many SO’s jump on board in the lawsuit. Because when the Federal Government has to drop alot of these laws and especially Megan’s law the Federal Government can be sued and in there own laws if your on the registry & you are wrongfully put on the registry you’ll get a certain amount for every year your on it plus if you take your own case and it gets reversed you get a certain $ amount for every year your incarcerated & every year your on the registry. When i get mine overturned & with a lawyer I’ll get $260,000.00 & my conviction was in 2013. So imagine out of all the SO’s how much money that would be, that’s what their afraid of.

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