The sex offender registry: a many-headed monster

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      By Sandy . . . What do these headlines have in common? “U.S. Marshals protect trick-or-treaters from the threat of sex offenders.”  “ ‘Operation Black
      [See the full post at: The sex offender registry: a many-headed monster]

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      NH Registrant

      I hate the registry and all it stands for. It protects no-one and harms so many people who aren’t on it – not to mention the people ON IT! Are we all TRULY beyond redemption? Why do so many people who call themselves “Christians” support non-forgiveness?

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        A parole officer told me recently that someone under his supervision and on registry re-offended. How is this possible? The registry is here to protect children? Might I suggest all citizens be placed on registry so that all may sleep well at night.

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          Alan R Hyde

          NOTE: I live in San Antonio Texas.

          I Believe you have a point.. I believe we all would totally sleep better in our beds knowing the dangerous ones was listed like the ones which have guns and would enslave us on false claims.. can we start listing the member’s of the law enforcement first?

          I ask you can we trust them?

          ‘More than 130 cases mishandled by SAPD detective assigned child sex abuse, injury, officials say

          and what of this as well?

          Jury finds ex-San Antonio cops guilty of all charges in sex case….

          Two former San Antonio police officers were found guilty Friday on multiple counts of sexual assault and other charges after a lurid trial in which three women described how the men seduced them with the promise of money and legal favors for participating in what turned out to be a fake undercover operation.
          Emmanuel Galindo, 31, was convicted of four counts of sexual assault, five counts of compelling prostitution and 12 counts of official oppression. Alejandro Chapa, 29, was found guilty of three counts of sexual assault, four counts of compelling prostitution and eight counts of official oppression.
          State District Judge Steven Hilbig immediately began the punishment phase of the trial, and the wives of both men made tearful pleas for the jury to keep them out of prison.

          oh well ok but what of this??

          Two San Antonio police officers repeatedly had sex on duty, which sometimes affected the way they responded to 911 calls, police say.
          Officers Rebecca Martinez and Eman Fondren were both suspended indefinitely in April for disabling their GPS units and having sex with each other while on duty, according to suspension paperwork obtained by the Express-News through an open records request.
          They appealed the decisions by Chief William McManus and will likely appear before an arbitrator this year.
          According to the suspension documents, Martinez and Fondren disabled the GPS units on their vehicles two times in October 2015 and met while on duty, once in the rear parking lot of a Home Depot store and another time at a private residence.

          and I love this one for sure ..
          TEXAS DIGEST: San Antonio police mishandled sex crime investigations
          Wires From wire services
          4:27 p.m Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017 Texas News & Politics

          and I like the following as well…

          ‘Sex Crimes’ detective accused of tossing hundreds of cases without investigating claims

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        Stay outraged

        Sadly, the “love is stronger than hate” battle cry and moniker doesn’t seem to apply to us… Why? We’re somehow exempt and immune from ever being trustworthy, much less being humanized.

        Actually, Megan’s law encourages hate – weaponized hatred towards us. Most of it is sophomoric, bandwagon fake outrage perpetuated by the cops, media and lawmakers. Another things is society just can’t get past the “yuck and ick” factor that surrounds the word “sex offender.”

        We’re not all guilty by association, but we are in the court of public opinion.

        There’s TOO MANY people who have dedicated their life’s work, and made a career out of these laws which is why they continue to fight us every step of the way – exploiting unwarranted fear and the presumption of risk while.circling the wagon to save face. The legislative intent of community notification is an outlandish pipe dream while giving aid and comfort to people that don’t need it (strangers, intruders and invaders). Meaning, it Stop trivializes OUR ACTUAL safety and security while glamorizing the PERCEIVED safety and welfare of children.

        This is exactly why law enforcement fails the American people every single day.

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          Jonny everyman

          Not going to lie. I nodded my head your whole post. So much truth to a corrupt system. Everyone benefits but us, even defense attorneys

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        Mr. steve

        There is absolutely no law in Tennessee authorizing or ordering “operation blackout”. The sex offender registry does not place restrictions on Halloween. This whole dog and pony show is choreographed solely by the ever more powerful tdoc, and there is NO policy on it…none. Don’t believe me, ask your parole officer for the policy on Halloween rules. Also, the state Dept in TN does not post sex offender policies on state dept website nor are they available for public inspection as is mandated in TN law, the uniform administrative procedures act, tca 4-5-101 et seq. The whole thing is illegal and I am putting the works together to challenge the whole thing as it pertains to me, a SO subject to CSL. If you’re interested in joining or helping drop a line to my email at longrichard 360 at gmail dot com

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      People, and we know who they are, have really become more and more ridiculous sounding every time we read a new post. We have all heard the term “dumbing of America” in referance to our school systems, well, it certainly pertains to those who consistently refuse to stop what they are doing to scare people needlessly and harass those who are on the registry. This has become the dumbest most greedy, and hateful place on earth, the USA! There are amazing statistics showing how every state in our wonderful country has more people in Prison per 100,000 than any other country in the world. This is proof how profit driven our society has become. Maybe we should quote some statistics on these facts also. People take notice when they feel it in their wallets.

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      Tim L

      What can a man expect from a protection racket. According to Wikipedia:
      A protection racket is,” a scheme whereby a group provides protection for business, other groups through violence outside the sanction of law. Through a credible threat of violence, the racketeers deter people from swindling, robbing, injuring, sabotaging or otherwise harming their clients.”

      According to SCOTUS’s own definition of (2003) SORNA is a ,” scheme. ” A regulatory scheme established by the state to protect our most vulnerable. While this scheme is established by law it contained no specific identification concerning Halloween. Halloween itself is not a state or federal sanctioned holiday, therefore falling outside the jurisdiction of ” law”. In reality most of this Halloween racketeers are acting on their own volition. They do so not so much out of a sense of duty but rather because it makes for good publicity and marketing. These Halloween activities provides OVERTIME PAY for cops, DOC specialists and other government agents.

      My fellow Americans we are $20,000,000,000,000 in the hole as a nation. Just 1 of those trillion equates to 1000 pallets each holding a billion dollars. Dividing that by 50 states, we have each & every state needing 20 pallets(of 1billion) EACH to just cover the first trillion of national debt. I dare any state in this union to show good faith to the people by putting up those 20 pallets of cash upon the Governor’s lawn. What could we do about the other 19trillion?

      This is the actual state of the nation, one in denial! The same denial exists with gun crime which takes 10,000x more lives than “deviant sex” does. LE has essentially GIVEN UP on solving that social illness. Yet they must appear to be doing everything possible to justify their costs, so concentrating on the sexual deviant makes an easy, and marketable solution to their problems with efficacy in public protecting.

      This lack of measurable success is a REAL problem for our professional police forces. We see in our society rampant murder, assault, robbery, espionage and drug addiction of every sort. It makes for good for the press as it gives them ammo to sell to readers. It does not help to project the best light on our home as” the richest and greatest nation in the world” indeed we have devolved far from that ideal despite our collective unwillingness to own it.

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        Amen and Amen. Beautifully and eloquently written Paul. How do we change it? It’s not just this issue that plagues the US. It is the politics of hysteria that abounds across this once great country affecting everything from RSOs being continually the cross-bearers of society to parents who lose a child in a terrible accident being portrayed as villains and arrested and charged for failure to place their child in a booster seat until they are 25. We have a sex offender president and powerful people in Hollywood who are sex offenders… but they have money and power and have escaped prosecution and restriction… and the country’s masses eat it up on every news magazine, TV show and on the internet. The reality show mentality of Americans today can’t get enough of other people’s misery… unless it’s true misery like the shootings in Vegas and Texas er al. Meanwhile those of us who can and want to do something to fight the outrageous RSO restrictions don’t… and why not? For myself it is because for some reason unknown to me, the state of California removed my registration requirement 3 years ago and I am currently enjoying a life free from that stigma. Most of my friends here along with my employer do not know of my conviction… don’t ask, don’t tell.. and so why would I bring the government down upon my head? I won’t. I still fear the IML passport mark and still am not truly free as there is always that chance that someone will “find out” and my life will come crashing down. I don’t attempt to travel with friends or my partner outside the US. I don’t pass out candy on Halloween and I can’t even consider moving out of California for retirement which means I will be working until I am 70 to afford to retire at all here. So I work and I pay my taxes and my house is dark on Halloween and I hide because, I lived it, it can be so much worse..

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          “We have a sex offender president …”

          That’s a hell of a claim. Care to back it up? Is this because of his words when he said “grab ‘em by the p*ssy”? Because words do not make a person a sex offender. If they do, then the words “f*ck you” make a person a sex offender and I’m sure you’ve said those words several times to several people in your lifetime.

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      I just registered today. It’s the worst day of the year for me. I work 8-14 hours a day and have a host of good friends. I mind my own business and I’ve become a productive and law abiding citizen. But on this day, I’m treated like a low-life, disgusting criminal. Every memory of going through the justice system returns. It takes me a couple days to bring myself back up. Be it known, I was convicted of indecent exposure. Had I stabbed someone with a knife, I would have not a single restriction placed on me and I would be able to travel the world freely.

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        I understand your plight….and I wish that all who post on this blog would begin a letter writing campaign. They ( law enforcement/prosecutors/defense attorneys NEED to know that we are watching their work…..if that is what you call it. You are soooo right…..if murder, theft, burglary, assault of another nature other than sexual, there is no “list.” This is what the “beast” system does and there are those who are colluding and conspiring with a system in which I have named, ……”flesh pickers.” The “beast system” pulls people apart very maticulously and slowly eats their flesh, speaking rhetorically, of course.

        In support of the Papillon Foundation, “YOU ARE NOT YOUR CRIMINAL RECORD.”

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      “And that is recognizing that the count of children harmed in all of the states and all of the counties that place no restrictions whatsoever on those on the registry at Halloween is also zero.”

      This, I would think, also shows the registry as a whole does nothing. The world doesnt fall into anarchy the minute you stop breathing down a rc’s neck. Maybe stuff like this (states with Halloween restrictions versus states without) could be used in lawsuit against the registry to provide proof that restrictions do nothing at best. They do cause great harm to the rc and burden anyone that associates with them…

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      I love how they take credit for something they had nothing to do with. I am sure they think that it was all them, but what about before that? As it says, there has NEVER been a case of a RSO offense. Hmmm, looks to me like they had nothing to do with it.

      The truth of the matter is, most sex offenses are first time offenses. In my own case, nothing the registry can do to will protect anything. I don’t re-offend because I do not want to do that. And trust me, I have had opportunities. I have had young people literally throw themselves at me, and guess what, it ain’t gonna f’ing happen. No, I don’t care how much they promise me they will never tell. The victims in my case didn’t tell and I still ended up with 3 felonies. So no, it ain’t gonna happen, no matter if there is a registry or not. That is my promise to myself.

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      I now am wondering why my son’s city police department actually informed the apartment complex management of the fact he was living there with his girlfriend and their son just a few days before Halloween. Is this a coincidence? Or was it a way of informing the public prior to Halloween. He had lived there with her since May and no information was passed on to the mgmt. company! Now he was forced to leave them because she would have been evicted if he didn’t leave in three days. Split the family up for the sake of fear? It is so difficult to just exist as a normal human being once the Scarlet Letter has been placed . . .

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      You know I like some of sandy’s articles, you cut off one head and another one grows, sounds a bit science fiction in a way. ,So do we all keep on chopping or whittling it down heads?
      What gets me is the opportunity and those that are a bit nosey between what boys and girls dol IF they want to have sex its their business only. If one finds out such as mom and dad or someone forced another or did something as feel someone’s leg in a movie theater or something and it comes to light than law enforcment takes over.
      Look at how many people in the bible commited sexual sins or any other sin. Their were kings, rulers, servants, and others. All that aside for right now. The common goal is for people to come together today. In other words man wants to justify their actions to be right.
      If you look at the nation today it hasn’t come together. Did we not break off with England back in the Mayflower Days. That started a battle. Their were witch hunts. It seems people want to be smarter than their creator.
      Even jill said on here that we have a President that has a sexual twinge in his background. Well call it what you want its all a sin. You know when I was growing up I enjoyed the song “Be young, be foolish, be happy”. Today it seems like the sex offender can’t with all these restrictions and such. Even Paul commeted about how his life changed. Yes a lot of lifes change for good and ba but its all a learnng process.. Now you all commeted about these Vegas Shottings, the occurance in TX and other things but for me I’d rather not see any of this happen. Man cannot hold a hedge around man or should they?
      Now how can law enforcement figure out something they didn’t give as an opportunity in the first place. God doesn’t give opportunities to do evil. Was not paul one of the chief sinners? People seem to worry about trival matters today.
      Sure I will stand up in court and speak the truth on all this sex offender situation. Now you all might not agree on this but when they took pray out of school that was a downfall. Today we have homosexual marriages, abortions, gay right, movements, discrimination, people misusing guns, greed, sex offender issue’s either fabricated or real, but were is love thy neighbor today. Yes I agree with sandy this Halloween thing is a waste of money not to mention an invasion of privacy. I believe everybody needs to ask for a redress of greivence in a lot of these sex issues as it is holding one ack for better things. We are not put on this earth to be frighten of man are we? Either we all can step up to the plate or let God be our avenger so people show what each and everyone of you are made of and lets put an end to all this sex offender stuff that is opportunity based at most.

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      It doesn’t work

      UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Enough said

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      It doesn’t work

      Thank You NARSOL. Brilliant artticle. Well written & with the facts. Contacting the news organizations was nice work. I can’t say enough good things. Great job!!!!

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        Sandy Rozek
        Sandy Rozek

        Thank you.

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      Here’s a bit of advice for those that want to get a better handle on all this sex issue thing. Now I don’t care what any of you all do on here. We can all either bare our burden or share each other’s burden because when one share’s each others’ burden that show’s compassion. Sure we are fighting a dragon with two heads if you want to call it that, or maybe even a satanic demon or a self centered government of sorts that is suppose to be a minister of God that doesn’t seem to understand good and evil themselves. I mean what government gives as person a gun and says now go out and kill the enemy because we don’t want them to attack us. Wars and rumors of war. Are they are just as much sinners as we are but have the authority to do good first.
      If I fear someone I fear the other person because no one really knows what the other person is going to do unless you know that person. These judges today most don’t even understand forgiveness, all they understand is we got it on tape and a tape can be easily edited as they the police don’t want to make a mistake and want to always be right, well they have to suffer their damnation but when money is at play they don’t seem to care who suffers.
      Now if anybody gets the victory in all of this God will get the victory. As for me I would love to see justice as I’m sure everyone else on here. If I was married I would hate to not get to be with my kids or not be able to provide for them because of job discrimination or other things that crop up due to all this sex drama.

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      Darrel Hoffman

      Until registrants start challenging these draconian laws in Federal Court, they will continue. The more that are challenged, the more the chances are that the USSC will finally see the error or its ruling allowing Megan’s Law and others to stand and strike them down. But it has to start with the fight at the local levels against these fascists laws and as the battle is won there, the war will eventually be won in the Supreme Court.

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      I’m suprised someone hasn’t said this, but the only way to kill a multi-headed beast is to strike at it’s heart.

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      I went to wendys on Halloween day, scoped it out to make sure no minors were present – there were none – went in had as burger left 30 minutes later. and when I left there were still no minors there. My PO found out, yelled at me. I told about how I checked it out and it was clear. “I DONT CARE, families go to fast food that day so they don’t have to cook. PO completely ignored my statement….sigh

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        What do these paid bullies known as probation and parole officers really think we’re gonna go in a fast food or any other “family” restaurant? Walk up to the parents and say: “Hey, your daughter is lookin’ kinda cute in them there pink shorty-shorts? What is she, 12 maybe 13? Can I get her number?”

        No one agrees with me but I’ll keep on saying it regardless – PROBATION is a waste of tax payer money and it’s a job for insecure jackasses to legally bully someone and earn a paycheck for it. It’s USELESS. It DOESNT HELP ANYONE. Just like the registry itself.

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          Jonny everyman

          It’s like this #metoo campaign. Lots of people playing the victim on something they had otherwise put in the past.

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      If we would all just think a little bit more rationally, these kind of exercises or warnings about Holloween don’t make sense. Who in their right mind would jump out of their own house on Holloween to grab some kid. 90% of sex offenders are family or friends of the family; of that number…80% are parents. Why don’t they consult experts in the field?
      My sex offender therapist told me only about 1% of the sex offender population are “true predators”. I was a parent and will be ashamed of what I did for the rest of my life.

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        “Why don’t they consult experts in the field?”

        Because they don’t care. They know the stats. They look at the same studies the people at NARSOL and other groups look into. But if they backtracked their fear mongering, the brainwashed public at large wouldn’t go for it.
        Have you ever read the comments on some of the news articles that are linked in this website? Whenever someone comments that not ALL sex offenses are done to children and not all have a victim (skinny dipping), you get a backlash of idiots calling you a “pedophile apologist”.
        The media craze has made people view this topic with tunnel vision. And I have a feeling things are never going to change. Ever.
        Every politician, every president no matter which political party they belong to, will NEVER say “no” to a law going by his desk that has something to do with making our lives more miserable.

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      Bill and Maestro have made some interesting comments on here and so have a lot of others. Actually is anybody really looking at the big picture. What I mean by that is ethical and moral values. Bill says he will be ashamed for the rest of his life. Maestro wants someone to consult an expert in the matter.
      I believe everyone wants to be an expert if you ask me. Now this trick or treating thing is for public safety, lets call that ethical. The moral is really what’s important. We could all take a good example from this killing in TX and at a church.
      Did someone give him an opportunity? Did someone slip in his conscious. Now moral is not to kill and yes behavior has a lot to do with it.
      An article I just heard is that CNN is taking down an impeachment ad as they could not in good conscious take their money. Now could those that are rapped up in all this in good conscious take our money? Ponder on that one. Who’s morals are right or who’s ethic’s are right.
      Binding one up with rules and regulations and curfew’s would make someone go berserk or stir crazy. Bill, I’m sure a lot of us are ashamed of a lot of things but their is forgiveness if one ask or reconciles to one another. Hey even a little bit of the bible doesn’t hurt anyone. Oh and I do like Wendy’s chili and I see nothing wrong with passing out candy.

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      John Logan

      To all of the above comments-allow me to summarize the reality of what sex registration is once it is stripped of its smoke and mirrors dog and pony show—LEGALIZED VIGILANTISM FOR COPS!! Period!

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        John Logan – EXACTLY!

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        Tim Lawver

        OMNIBUS 94 Under W.J.C\ Community Policing: Fed + State+ community
        That makes three levels. ConstitutionPlus form of government.
        Welcome to it. LOL

        Now we will see FACIAL RECOGNITION DEVICES USED TO PROHIBIT LIBERTY! will make stop and frisk obsolete. AUTOSTOP\ENABLED.
        Mr. Schumer takes credit.

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      In order to kill the many headed beast you must attack the body in which it prevents it from growing anymore heads. It’s like when they pass a law, then squish a law, then another law pops up, this is getting to be ridiculous. I think some judges are catching on to what’s really going on and I have said it many times.

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      Reading the above article, it seems for the government to put people in jail seems so casual. “Just put those perverts in jail for Halloween.” However, those in the sex offender registry are people and who may have developed fear of being imprisoned again (I don’t think people in general would want to go to jail). That’s why the labeled citizens comply even the absurd laws so they can be outside (even though, being outside is more and more burdensome and one simple mistake away from being imprisoned).

      There is the psychological terror of being sent to jail, which may be (like) PTSD. But it does not matter to the government and the low enforcement officials (including the overlords at the probation). The society does not care either. Everybody needs to protect the children, after all.

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      We all agree there is no doubt it is cruel and unusual punishment. The fact that a murderer can pay his debt be forgiven and Move On freely with his life and a kid who makes a stupid mistake can never pay his debt or be forgiven or MoveOn is wrong. The fact that it Does not stop with the offender but it affects the offenders children’s life. 90% of a child’s life until they’re 18 is school and the offender can never participate in their children’s school life which sets those kids up for failure,fear, harassment etc. .We all talk about changing the law how exactly do we literally do that. What is step one step two step three? I know we need to write letters to our legislature but it seems in this day and age social media is what makes changes,moves minds, and influences politicians. how do we get this in the forefront of social media nonstop? Is there a group that we can go enmasse to our legislature?

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      MR. Hyde

      issue of which, we as a group are not asking the correct questions… please we must think because we are.. you state “U.S. Marshals protect trick-or-treaters from the threat of sex offenders.” “ ‘Operation Black… but we should be asking is it what their job calls for. ?.
      Does Warren v. District of Columbia mean that police officers don’t have to protect/serve an individual…
      Please note that issue a sex violation of law. As I read it the police, state law enforcement, federal law enforcement is not here to protect the normal citizen from harm. Understand that a case form D.C but wait, that case is law. From Washington D.C. and we forget the 10th Amendment which Undelegated Powers Kept by the States and the People, The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people. They are not enforce and conduct of believe but fact. the law enforcement officers are you collect information which they can then submit testimony to a judge about a defendant on a fact which had harm some one or damage property so a charge can be made, A Judge then have a healing.. Thus make a judgement for which reads a sentence. The effective law in the Warren case had to do with whether someone could sue a law enforcement agency for failing to protect them from crime. thus to even have a registion of offender is pointless because of which. The SCOTUS decided there was an affirmative duty to protect individual citizens from crime, and crime a lone. Then potentially every crime victim would be able to recover damages from the law enforcement agency operating in that area. That wouldn’t be very practical. I am saying is the fact of which the state law enforcement is not to have the duty of which to register any offender because the act is not a crime. If the person have failed to which, a report would then be submitted were the law enforcement can investigate, if a crime has been done. then act.
      the law enforcement officers are like Rangers, they are to protect the forest. not a single tree, if a tree get cut, oh well. they only to react. the system relays on have a agency of which was never designed to be so.

      No law enforcement agency can completely eradicate crime. Doing so would require an Orwellian 1984 scenario, with the state constantly surveilling every citizen, all the time, and cops deployed to the extent they could immediately apprehend anyone seen committing or contemplating a crime. No one would want to live under such conditions. if this the cause, every law enforcement department would be sued for falure to protect the common citizen in common.

      We fail to remember and need to read about the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, that was a act of recovering property. A slave was looked as property and a lot of money $$$. In the United States legal system, the 1873 U.S. Supreme Court case Taylor v. Taintor, 16 Wall (83 U.S. 366, 21 L.Ed. 287), is cited as having established that the person into whose custody [which is now the state] an accused is remanded as part of the accuser’s bail has sweeping rights to that person. Though this may have been accurate at the time the decision was reached, the portion cited was obiter dictum and has no binding precedential value bounty hunter is a person who captures fugitives and criminals for a monetary reward (bounty). (of that one and not of the common) The occupation, also known as bail enforcement agent, bail agent, recovery agent, bail recovery agent, or fugitive recovery agent, has historically existed in many parts of the world. many others only see them as cash earn mercenary with a badge.
      However, today, it is found almost exclusively in most of the United States and its former commonwealth, the Philippines, [ the islands are still under the authority of the U S.] as the practice is illegal under the laws of most other countries. As of 2008, four states, Illinois, Kentucky, Oregon, and Wisconsin prohibited the practice, as they have abolished commercial bail bonds and banned the commercial bail bonds industry within their borders. As of 2012 Nebraska and Maine similarly prohibit surety bail bonds. Some states require a license to engage in bounty hunting while others may have no restrictions. A Texas bounty hunter is required to be a peace officer, Level III (armed) security officer, or a private investigator. A Nevada bounty hunter is referred to as a bail enforcement agent or bail enforcement solicitor. It requires a minimum 20 hours of training, passing examinations and obtaining a bail enforcement agent license by the Nevada Division of Insurance within nine months of employment as a bail agent. To acquire such license one must be at least 21 years old, a United States citizen, have a high school diploma or equivalent, undergo the extensive training and pass a state examination. please also note: Bounty hunters may run into serious legal problems if they try to apprehend fugitives outside the United States, where laws treat the re-arrest of any fugitive by private persons as kidnapping, or the bail agent may incur the punishments of some other serious crime if local and international laws are broken by them. While the United States government generally allows the activities of bounty hunters within the United States, the governments in other sovereign nations consider them a felony.

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