The question to ask re sexual offense laws: What bad do they do?

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      By Rudy Apodaca . . . A not-so-uncommon story: The sexual assault victim — a girl of 16. She’s now 37 years old, happily married to the love of her li
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      Government found a way to create a sub group of citizens that are no longer eligible for the full protections of the constitution but yet must produce tax revenue to survive. Good luck trying to pry this from their hands! Only one thing can do this in this broken system that used to be the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. It has to look bad to their voters. One problem people like to have a subclass of citizens to make them feel above, and Hollywood is making sure to fuel the fear fire. Find a way to make people ashamed of this policy and it will disappear. The best thing I have seen so far is showing front and center the damages of children who’s parents are on the registry. Do it for the children is how they got these laws to pass in the first place.

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        Facts should matter

        It’s socially acceptable discrimination pure and simple. Some claim that it’s not “the end of the world” once you’re publicly listed on the registry, but your life, IN this world – is severely devalued and irreperably diminished.

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          I agree. The end of hopes and dreams it is.

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      Mark Fusillo

      I know that this organization that you guys are involved in creating cannot excite me and our family more thank you.. moreover I have accumulated a great deal of let’s say hostility and I have a very very large interest in pointing out the truth regarding this registry end the one thing that does bother me about this though is that it kind of pisses me off that this guy was able to hire a lawyer and all the sudden he was removed from the registry I don’t really understand that too well…. But all that aside what I want to tell you is it seems very unusual that our society Western civilization and probably Eastern probably just the nature of human beings that I personally believe that it is the nature of darkness and that mankind has been influenced by negative energy some called Satan I just call it negative energy moral of the story as though there’s always a negative energy influencing the masses on the Earth fight with each other and then there’s the other side of the coin here’s the Lord and God and love and some people are just absorbed with God but 85% of the human race is absorb heat so of course you have to have somebody to demonize if it’s not niggars it’s spics or Jews are sex offenders child molesters but this got to be somebody that’s bad because it’s not we wouldn’t be this stupid fools that we are….. Now we all know that this is already true the atrocities that happened to this family only aggravate me more and the truth of the matter is I’m Italian and I do my very best to be as loving as possible but if it were up to me I’d customer motherfuking heads off and hang it on a spit but you know we have to be loving or else will be controlled by the same ugly next to day are so the question is what is the wrong that these lost you well to answer that question is very simple let’s put the legislators that created those laws in subjection to them and let them be the ones who are labeled sex offenders spent their lies be thrown to shit and then each one of them will stand up just like you and I and say it’s absurd and there’s going to be a whole nother audience of people pointing the finger at them so it has nothing to do with reality and it’s just the nature of darkness versus the nature of love so if you don’t mind please let’s unite all of us and let’s make sure that we only associate with the ones who are on the light and the loving side and let’s go and let’s shove this law off their ass sideways so that they never shit again……

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