The Coronavirus as seen through the eyes of our Insiders

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      Also see Part I  Part II  Part III  Part IV  Part V  Part VI  Part VII   Part VIII Part IX: The time to implement large-scale Community Residential Co
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      Adam S.

      Former WI DOC inmate here… RCI was my home for some time.

      People still need to serve their sentences regardless of whatever you believe the policy makers should do or should be doing. That requires the restrictions that are inherently in place to be in place; just because you think people should go home, does not mean they should. There is the phrase ‘in the interests of justice’…. think of the precedent set if we just opened up the doors and sent people home without having completed the incarceration portion of their legally mandated bifurcated sentence. The court would be flooded with sentence modifications and appeals based upon whatever happened during the pandemic.

      The people at the work camps are doing well because of the monitoring and the rules; the violation of an escape charge for crossing the perimeter is a lot more threatening than violating a house arrest order, and it is the threat of that punishment for escape that keeps these prisoners in the camps. Earning a less restrictive incarcerated setting is not synonymous with earning the right to negate the incarceration portion of your bifurcated sentence.

      Per the law, there is no parole eligibility for those sentenced after a certain year. Therefore, there is no active program to parole people or send them home early if they are sentenced under the current bifurcation scheme. The CRC program doesn’t exist due to the bifurcated sentence scheme being law. It is telling that those that commit crimes are wanting to ‘go home early’ under the guise of being protected by something that is not even affecting prisoners proportionately to the general population; the mere threat of infection is not compelling enough to eradicate victim’s rights and the need for those who commit crimes to serve their lawfully ordered sentences. It reeks of not taking responsibility and of not thinking the ramifications through, honestly. i’d argue that the short-sighted view point is what got most, if not all, people into prison in the first place.

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      Dave C

      Regarding the previous comment. If someone truly is a former inmate and not a hater in disguise.. People should be aware of something called toxic shame. It’s where you hate yourself and define yourself by what you did…not who you are or your potential for positive change. That’s bad enough because it puts you at risk of reoffending. But to claim to represent the population of registered citizens is detrimental to our cause of seeking changes in the laws. For people to hear you basically say “yeah…we’re a threat to your community if you let us out any earlier..” I’m just astounded!

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      Adam S.

      I don’t know about you, but I don’t hate myself for what I did; what I did was borne of a time and place that I make sure I can never go back to (active avoidance, my friend). However, that has nothing to do with victim’s rights and seeing justice done by way of the offender serving their legally mandated sentence. It has nothing to do with actual or percieved threat, and I never said anything to the effect – but everything to do with taking accountability for your actions… And THEN dealing with life after the fact. One thing is certain: you owe the person you victimized some sense of closure and justice. That generally takes the form of a legally mandated sentence for the crime committed. If you believe otherwise then you know not the ramifications of your actions as it pertains to your offense and are likely ripe for reoffense since you do not understand the impact on the victims of such offenses.

      For the record, my offense was Incest of a Child by a Step-Parent. I grabbed my then step-daughter’s rear end and it made her uncomfortable as all get-out. She told her mother, the police intervened and I ended up with some incarceration time. Am I upset? No… Prison was transformative for me in more ways than I can count, and at the unfortunate expense of my then-step-daughter’s comfortability, I have to say prison was the best thing that happened to me. However, I have to understand that any and all reprecussions I suffer or was to suffer was because of my actions – we do not interface with prisons and guards and police in these situations outside of our own spurring of the contact by some form of moral violation. In other words, I cannot be mad that I am supervised when I comitted a crime, and I cant be mad if I am in jail if I put myself there. Calling for release because of the potential for getting ill is no less than asking for compassion we didn’t give our victims… As an offender myself, who is very aware of the effects of sex crimes on victims, this is a position that the public at large will never support and that is detrimental to offenders and NARSOL. It simply cannot be supported.

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      I’m not astounded as Dave is concerning your comments. I do however; wonder if you ever recall having done any Treatment Program of any kind. If you have, then you know something about: ‘Sexual Abuse Cycles’, as well as the terms, ‘Red Flags’, ‘Risk Environments’, and ‘Seemingly Unimportant Decisions’. The question of whether or not One Must Serve One’s Sentence isn’t the point at all. The point, is all about Humane Incarceration. All DOC’s Nationwide are supposed to ensure we as Inmates are ‘Reasonably Cared For’. The key word being: ‘Reasonably’! I see nothing Reasonable about ensuring that people Eligible for Correctional Privileges the state established, all of a sudden aren’t given that chance at all! What You Say, sounds very much like The Corrupt Politicians that engage in Back-Door-Dealing, when it comes to Human Beings-regardless of what they’ve done-being continually caged just for the mere sake of satisfying a Demonically Maniacal Desire to see these same people die! In almost every Institution I’m sure; people that have completed Mandated Correctional Treatment Programs like what we have had to, are supposed to have an Opportunity to be granted some kind of Custody Level Reduction. Now, does that mean for everyone? Of course not. Many of Us-for reasons you or I myself don’t and most likely will never know-will never get that opportunity. Does that mean they have to just die? Are you Advocating that and Nothing Else? Why do we hear over and again Phrases like ‘Social Distancing’ then? Because Close Proximity is what this virus needs to kill People. So I must come to the conclusion that you, are siding with The Corrupt Politicians, Back-Door-Dealing Policymakers, Media Moguls that want to ensure ‘We-Keep-Our-Ratings-High-To-Stay-In-Business’, and Today’s ‘Pharisees’, and finally The Vigilantes, that want All of us to simply die. Believe it or not, That includes even you too!
      Would you want any of Your Loved Ones, to suffer as many of those still-human-beings-first-and foremost, are suffering? Of Course Not! We still have to Monitor Ourselves long after Incarceration, Parole, Probation, and even all through Our Registry Required Time to ensure we don’t Reoffend ever again. Right?
      Well, that includes even you too! But, I keep forgetting. You, are on The Streets, so none of this means anything to you, anymore!
      Does it?

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