The Coronavirus as seen through the eyes of our Insiders

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      Part VI: “I am afraid for my son” See also Part I   Part II   Part III   Part IV   Part V Julie is not an Insider but rather the mother of one. And he
      [See the full post at: The Coronavirus as seen through the eyes of our Insiders]

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      Tim in WI

      Prisoners are generally segregated IF a gov agent ( guards) is culpable of having infected a prisoner(s) it seems a reasonable tort claim. A moral issue to be sure, but political fire as well. It’s ugly anyway you do it.

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      Julie. I feel for you and will pray for you. This is yet another example of State Politicians beating the proverbial drum of ‘Live and Let Die’, all over again. Illinois is known for being Corrupt anyway, and it wouldn’t surprise me if all the other Prisons in that State operated the exact same way now. Added to that; the fact that you also, might not have the support from people you once considered friends, because they act like the rest of the ‘Far-Right Self-Righteous’!
      “Well, it’s not MY Son in there, so he’ll just have to deal with it for what he’s done!” Some will and most likely have told you already. The State will maintain the ‘Administrative Custody’ Lie and run with it until long after this Pandemic is over, so they can come up with a new set of Equally Criminal and Corrupt Reasons to once again Break The Very Laws They Create…for everyone else But Them!

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      Barre Flynn

      It is very sad to see this going on. I have often wondered how God sees the good intentions of political leaders who create such unjust and unfair laws for political gain. It’s is also odd that the Corona Virus has the biggest hold on our nation judging by the numbers. I would think that God has created a special place in Heaven for these leaders, it’s called hell. Hopefully, if your son gets the virus he will be able enough to fight it. I work with Nursing Homes in NYC and that is a prison of another sort. Cuomo forced cases to be sent to these homes knowing it would be a disaster. Earlier in the year, he sent a mandate to cut Medicaid by 2 Trillion dollars. This will go a long way to help achieve that goal. There is no doubt that injustice reigns, but behind the scenes, Jesus is our good Shephard and will help us in our time of need. May God Bless your son.

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      Staff are the ones bringing it in, and the residents should be protected by all means. They are there for treatment. It’s bad enough that they are there as long as they are! (Double Jeopardy) At least give them what they need to stay! Remember all the money they get for each resident.

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      This is an unequivocal crime against these men, and not Civil Commitment but a Penitentiary. This is Quadruple Jeopardy people. Sending this to everyone I possibly can and hope everyone does the same, please!

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      This has nothing to do with the unconstitutional registration law.

      There are plenty of agencies arguing the barbaric & draconian practice of locking people up in cages not fit for human living conditions.

      When are we going to see the article about abolishing the registry or anything of its kind?

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      There is no one! No leader, No country, No Rationalizing, No group, No world organization, No war. Nothing can stop the USA. Period. If the USA decides your a piece of junk then you are. Has Been proven for hundreds of years. Just ask an Indian if you can trust the USA government. The USA has, and always will, stomp on and do everything it can, to eliminate the people that it has decided are not in the best interest of what it wants to accomplish. Didn’t Hitler get killed for doing the same crime??? The USA took out Hitler because it didn’t want the competition. Most of the countries on this planet despise the USA for their forced compliance of the USA’s demented addenda. If you go against the USA and their belief of which people should be allowed to exist, your screwed. The ONLY criminals the USA will tolerate are the Politicians, senators, judges, police, probation officers, governors, mayors and who ever else that are employed by the government. And since they cant walk all of us criminals into an incinerator, they will slowly kill us in the prison and probation system.

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      The drawn pictures are almost the exact likeness of Bay County Jail. So they are residents huh? Not prisoners or inmates? I call bs. Are there 8 rooms to each common room? Thats how Bay County arranged them. 4 by 4 across from each other to each cell block.

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      It is vitally important for governors to hear from their constituents that people care about how those warehoused in so-called “sex offender civil commitment” facilities after the completion of their sentences are being treated.

      There is a sample letter that you can use, provided by the campaign, or you can edit that letter or substitute your own.

      (The action item is only available to persons residing in the 20 states with pre-crime preventative detention laws or the District of Columbia)

      Here is a list of the states where people can take this action:
      Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Washington DC.

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