The Coronavirus as seen through the eyes of our Insiders

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      Part V: The Caronavirus has become a joke See also Part I   Part II   Part III   Part IV Jay 4/15 (OSCI, Salem, Oregon) The Coronavirus pandemic has b
      [See the full post at: The Coronavirus as seen through the eyes of our Insiders]

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      The article says the information came from “OSCI, Salem, Oregon,” but clearly describes “OSCI” in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. All of the facts mentioned in the article correspond to the Wisconsin Department of Corrections facility at Oshkosh.

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      See. This is EXACTLY, what I’ve been talking about for the longest time. I feel for Jay and every Inmate at this Institution. What’s happening is simple. The Oregon DOC, is openly allowing this Disease to destroy Inmates. Inmates that are also Human Beings! No Soap to wash their hands. sending Infected Men back to the Units to the Cells to Infect their Cellmates-if they too aren’t infected themselves already-and ensuring that NONE OF THEM, can get adequate Medical Attention. Requiring a Co-Pay? THEY KNOW, these Men can’t afford a $7.50 Co-Pay, but willingly take the money anyway, for what ‘So-Called Precious Little’ care they MIGHT get! Yes Jay, I sincerely hope NARSOL sends this out over YouTube. You can’t trust that The Media will report it. They’ll water it down to something less that what you’ve said, and even make it sound like you’re making this up…which I don’t see how you could, given what you’ve said. I certainly believe you, and am praying for you all.
      If Every Family of someone locked up in Jail or a State or Federal Institution were to go March on Washington D.C. and Protest in front of The White House about how the so-called ‘Justice Department’ and ‘Bureau of Draconian Prisons’ are allowing Institutions to allow Coronavirus to kill off their Loved Ones, I bet there would be a shake up. I’m saying this yet again: When this Virus kills off enough People-and I Pray to Almighty GOD I’m not one of those who will die-maybe…just maybe many of those who lost a Loved One or Two, will be someone who’s a State Or Federal Legislator, and plainly see that The Registry is a Two-Edged Sword that truly DOES, Cut Both Ways!
      Then, maybe they’ll see just how Unjust that AND The Prison System REALLY is, and they’ll try to change it so that it’s Humane for once!
      By The Way; let’s see how These ‘Far-Right’ Knuckleheads feel when Coronavirus takes a few of THEIR Relatives that work in Prisons as Correctional Officers, Nurses, Doctors, Maintenance Staff, Kitchen Supervisors, Teachers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Recreational Staff, Institutional Parole Staff, Wardens, Deputy Wardens, Security Majors, and Etcetera!
      They’ll REALLY be crying then!!

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      Donna M

      Jay, my heart goes out to you and all the other inmates who are being treated so unfairly. I am all for a march on Washington but I fear not enough people would show up and then it would be a “See nobody really cares” attitude to our legislators.

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