The Coronavirus as seen through the eyes of our Insiders

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      Part IV: We’re all in this thing together See also Part I    Part II    Part III Noah (Texarkana FCI, Texarkana, TX) 4/4 Today we have been issued mas
      [See the full post at: The Coronavirus as seen through the eyes of our Insiders]

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      NoeI Brown

      I wonder how many lose their lives in prison to Influenza every year. The Covid situation has been blown up way out of proportion and people need to wake up before all of our rights are taken.

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      Ohio alone reports more than 3,700 inmates testing positive for COVID-19.
      Nearly 2,000 of them are from the same prison.

      Flu has never taken such a toll among the incarcerated.

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      It has been suggested; that The Coronavirus was Weaponized from a Chinese Bioweapons Laboratory, to use in a direct attack against The United States. Some Place called Wuhan I believe, was mentioned time and again. I say all this to also say that, Our So-Called ‘Leaders’ that had knowledge of this before we got hit with it, evidently are as guilty of letting it get this far as anything else. We are supposed to have Bioweapon Scenarios in place that prevent this kind of thing from happening in the first place!
      Once again, the ONLY reason it’s run as far as it has-and continues to-is to kill off as many S.O.’s/SVP’s as possible, kill off as many Poor People of Color, and kill off as many people that don’t support the current US President! Now THAT’S as much a Diabolical Agenda than China’s Initiative. It began killing off hundreds of thousands of THEIR PEOPLE, before it got outside the Chinese Borders to go everywhere else!
      By allowing it to run as rampant as it does in Prisons, it’s the easiest way to get rid as many People with Sex Offense Convictions as possible, without seemingly being Complicit in appearance. Yet, We all know better…don’t we?
      Federal Legislators, State Legislators, Judges, Bureau of Draconian Prisons/Injustice Department. They do too!
      Recall that; The White House never heeded what Scientists were trying to tell them-President/Chief of Staff/White House Council-all along. It’s not hard to see why
      Now, they got the Biggest Political/Social/and most of all, Critically Medical Crisis never before seen.

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      The FCI Texarkana facility has been negligent in allowing asymptomatic positive employees to roam the prison. Is anyone filing a class action suit?

      The facility Warden has been negligent in failing to respond to the compassionate release requests made for months.

      All of this negligence is what caused the current outbreak where hundreds of people are infected.

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