The Coronavirus as seen through the eyes of our Insiders

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      See also Part I Jacob, as many other gifted writers before him, turns to humor, farce and satire to deal with a very serious issue. Part II: An emerge
      [See the full post at: The Coronavirus as seen through the eyes of our Insiders]

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      Dave C Registered

      You know, I’m not as eloquent as most of the commenters I’ve seen here. So I’ll just say this. I love it. It’s not very often that people in my position get to laugh when it comes to registry laws. So thanks for the satirical pick me up!

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      The Criminalized Man

      If only.

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      I’m not surprised by this. They-the Legislators-don’t care if we die…as long as it’s not one of them, or their Loved Ones. And furthermore, They’ll bend over backwards, to make sure NONE of their Loved Ones get anything near what the rest of Us get, if they get a Sex Crime Conviction. Try to convince me they won’t, and I’ll sell you The Moon!

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      The corona Virus is a PLANED Demic. Simple and true.

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      In medieval times, executioner’s were treated very similarly as modern day SOs. Usually they were the outcasts of society and expected to live at the outermost parts of the city. Some very specifically branded with a mark and had to do odd jobs in between executions to survive. They were feared and often cursed by the population. Not only were they subject to contempt, but so were their family members. History repeats in so many strange ways.

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      Marian A Penev

      Even Covid-19 will come and go, but the label “moral leper ” on nearly one million will remain. Once upon a time a leper stayed outside the camp for a while and then examined and if he/she was healed was brought back in.
      Have we not learned anything from the past?
      Are we to ignore the past?
      Yet we hear the saying ” we all learn from our mistakes “. Is that some sort of conundrum for the ” LEARNED ” to solve?
      Well, that’s the 21st century puzzle to solve, so I think.

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      Anonymous Registrant

      What a perfect analogy to how the SO registry works! I plan to share with my friends. Brilliant!

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      I had heard on the news recently that they’re talking about a stamp to put on driver’s licenses that declare that you’re free of covid 19. Don’t want to stigmatize the ones that have it.
      It’s a list, but of shaming, it exalts.

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