The Coronavirus as seen through the eyes of our Insiders

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      Part X: “I just want to bring him home while he is still alive” Also see   Part I   Part II   Part III   Part IV   Part V   Part VI   Part VII   Part
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      Ernest B Tucker

      I hate to bring this up but it is all about money. You need to follow the bouncing buck.
      Departmental budgets are set on certain criteria. The US Marshall’s service is based on the number of arrests. The prosecutors are budgeted based on the number of convictions obtained. The courts are budgeted by the number of cases that are decided. The BOPs budget is based on the number of beds that are filled.
      So the Marshall’s arrest as many as possible and have been known to fabricate evidence. The prosecutors offer a plea agreement as soon as possible so that the can obtain a conviction asap. The court will run as many cases through as they can as fast as they can without any consideration for the truth and turn the convicted over to the BOP as quickly as possible so they can keep the beds full.
      The prison industry in this country stands head and shoulders above the rest of the world.
      I find it interesting that we tout this country as the land of the free, when we have the highest rate of incarceration per capita than any other country in the world.
      The United States has 5% of the world’s population and 25% of the world’s incarcerated and 50% of the world’s lawyers.
      In the USA Today back in 2015 there was an article that according to the Northwestern School of Law, by 2025 25% of the United States population would have felony convictions.
      We must be a truly evil people.
      I want to thank NARSOL and the supporters for all you do for those of us that can’t do for ourselves.

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      Mr. Tucker, I am in complete agreement with you on everything you said. It’s the Truth too. We have what I consider, THE MOST CORRUPT So-Called ‘Justice’ System on The Planet, and if it isn’t, it’s one of the Top Five for certain! You Cannot, get a ‘Fair Trial’ anymore, because of Back-Door-Dealing, and Political Career Considerations being at hand in the whole sordid affair. The Media also is Complicit in this too, and didn’t give a Damn about her feelings at all, and most likely wouldn’t. ‘Can’t Sympathize, Or We’ll Lose Our Viewership And Ratings’. I feel for this Lady, who most likely-and I’m really sorry to say this-will never see her Beloved Husband ever again, even AFTER he’s dead. Once he is, they’ll just bury him in some Undignified Burial Plot despite his being a former U.S. Servicemember. He won’t get a Military Funeral.’ Nooo…that costs too much.’ That’s what They’ll say. ‘They’, being The Prison he’s at. As for Treatment Programs? I have to say only this: There are those That Do properly function as they’re designed to, and there are most certainly those That Don’t. It sounds to me from what this Lady’s said, that this one in particular Does Not! They’ll accept only Lies for The Truth, because many Treatment Co-Facilitators-and that many Should Not have been Certified by their respective States Any Damn Way-cannot see that there are instances where some ‘Victims’ Actually Never Were Victimized At All! There’s been instances time and again, where it’s been found that False Accusations were made, just because it was easier, and less time consuming, to get speedy convictions. ‘Put The Pressure On Him If He Fights It In Court.’ Many District and County Attorneys will say. The most favored and preferred tactic being of course: ‘If You Don’t Take This Deal, We’ll Hit You With The Maximum Amount Of Time On A Conviction!’ Of course, even on a Lie, thousands of Men and Women too, would and have rather served perhaps an average of ten to fifteen years instead of 25 to 50 because of ‘The Pressure’! Even when the same District and County Attorneys KNEW such cases were at best Flimsy and/or outright False, they would rather take it to Court, knowing they would get Convictions just based on a Say So. No Physical or Forensic Evidence ever be needed. Much less even ever Admitted. No Sexual Assault DNA Evidence ever introduced to Dis-Prove the alleged ‘attack’ No Witnesses to Refute the So-Called ‘Victim’s Statements’ are ever called upon and often they simply vanish from the face of The Earth. Where they’ve gone, No One Still Doesn’t Know! I know Personally, of a Man that all of this happened to. I don’t give a Damn WHO YOU ARE. You CANNOT convince Me, that these things Don’t Happen. Time and again, I’ve seen that it has. My Cases were all Legit. I did My Dirt, so I paid and am still paying My Price. That’s All On Me. Others however; like this Poor Soul And The Spouse That Still Is Suffering? Well; The Corrupt, Back-Door-Dealing, Pharisee-Attitude-Driven, Media Backed, Political-Aspiring So-Called ‘Champion Of The People’, Judge, and Jury who ensures that HIS, HER OR THEIR OWN DIRT, is Never Ever found out by anyone, anywhere, anytime, continues living the Soulless Life they enjoy…for now.
      Believe That!

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      It is sad, if he was a drug offender (which has a much higher recidivism rate), he would of been released already, but to the world all Sex Offenders are like Ted Bundy!

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