The Coronavirus as seen through the eyes of Insiders

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      Part XII: Letters from the Harris County [Texas] Jail See also   Part I   Part II  Part III   Part IV   Part V   Part VI   Part VII   Part VIII   Part
      [See the full post at: The Coronavirus as seen through the eyes of Insiders]

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      I could use all kinds of Nouns to describe all of these Outright Cold-Blooded Non-Humanoids! As I alluded to before, in many of my Posts responding to Pieces like this: What these Jail and Prison Officials are not, is outright Criminal in and of itself. I don’t have to wager that none if them, will ever get Arrested or go to Trial for the blatant sanctioned murder, they’re committing…and will most likely Get Away With. I Damn Sure will NEVER go to Texas again for the rest of My Life. Been there once as a Teenager long ago. I won’t go back. The Lawsuits will undoubtedly be flying in droves down there too, before long.
      How many Crooked Judges does it take to throw out ten thousand Lawsuits?
      I’ll Wager it will be nearly ALL Of Them!!
      I seriously will Pray for these Men and Women.
      Here comes The Revolt!

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      Lori OK VOICES


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      I was at FSL Elkton until 4.29.20. I had covid_19 with the conscious realization of symptoms on around 3.22.20. I was not ever tested. I presented myself to medical staff twice in person and once asked for help via electronic request. I had no response from the electronic request but both times I went to medical I was told I did not have a fever and should return to the unit. In mid April I was placed in quarantine in the visitation room pending release, due to the close temporal proximity to my original halfway house date (6.19.20). On 4.28.20 I was told I would be going to halfway house in Toledo. On 4.29.20 I was put on a bus and am now in halfway house, too far from my home to qualify for home confinement. In my time at Elkton I observed their incompetent and ham handed attempts to “control the spread of the virus” and believe the intent of staff was to create a list of actions taken that they could point to to mitigate their responsibility. Inmate safety did not appear to be their intention. From news reports it appears the situation has only worsened. Now testing has begun and 1 of 4 inmates is testing positive. These are not antibody tests, however, and by waiting to test they have ensured that the numbers are lower, since many inmates, myself included, had recovered long before wide testing began. My case was, thankfully, mild and I did not fear for my life. I did fear for the life of my elderly cubemate and the others subject to risk from exposure to me after I had tried to notify staff of my illness. I witnessed much and I am worried daily for the lives of friends that helped me when I was ill. I can not help them in return. The guilt juxtaposes and diminishes any joy at being closer to home.

      Also, remember that half or more of the deaths at Elkton came from the FSL, which houses approximately 1/5 of the inmate population.

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