Testimony for NE Judiciary Committee hearing

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      Brenda Jones
      Brenda Jones

      Negative Consequences of Public Registration  By Brenda and Sandy . . . In 2009, Nebraska adopted the tiering system of the Adam Walsh Act, overnight
      [See the full post at: Testimony for NE Judiciary Committee hearing]

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      Thank you. I pray the insanity of the punishment of the registry will some day be abolished. If someone is truly violent and irredeemable, they should be kept where they cannot ever hurt someone again, but for those who made a mistake and truly have worked to redeem themselves (such as the crime my husband committed by wearing shorts without underwear and offending two adult women; for which he got 20 years punishment) the registry causes more harm then good.

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      Sandy I am so glad to have someone like you involved in all this. Thank you for fighting for our loved ones who have been sentenced so hard. This includes things that I considered a normal thing that we did back in the 70’s. That is teenagers having consensual sex. Now because 2009 it is a crime if the age is days over the 4 year cutoff. I think a good percent of my boyfriends and my friends boyfriends would all be on this list, including our husbands. This was not a law that they enforced back then. I think it is now more of a weapon to get sexual active kids off the streets. Shaming them so others do not go that direction.

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      Tim in WI

      It is the plain fact human citizen is rendered subservient to the “people’s machine database” by law for an entire life span that best describes the abhorrence and anti-liberty that result. Under the 13th, an indenture is available & acceptable but it IS punishment – and always was.

      Why deem plain indenture as “civil regulatory” by State? Too lend unfettered uses to the more powerful federal under the presumption of civility in government use of the database infrastructure. Ultimately the machines are bound to be used for political security of the few.

      Naturally by the regime’s necessary operation the commitment lasts even after death every time! That is an inherent trait of such machine regimes. Thus the regime outpaces it’s stated intent.

      We can talk collateralized consequences but this focus misses the heart of the question. Can a republic of humans survive the anti-liberty wrought through the unfettered use of databases by other humans? Registrants will tell you NO! Why? The underlying understanding affirmative restraint IS evidenced and underscored.

      If registrants were on FB things would move faster in MI, but the speech denied is effectively working to the advantage of the current null output.
      We As a republic hold machine need outweighs citizen need for some whereby M>H=null.

      You may thank your former leadership for opting to enslave human to machine upkeep. A map of dots will secure you from violence.

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      Hey Brenda I’m sure that the opportunity you and Sandy had was positive and yes imput is good about the effects this registry is hindering all that are caught up in this one way or another. While we all have view’s about this registry that is stigmatizing many today one has to be positive that much of this will be over soon. Course some can look at this registry in different ways as some database thing, a christian type view, abuse of the conscience, even a thief by fraud or if one wants to go a science fiction route and say a cookbook. Wonder why I said cookbook. Guess I still remember Rod Sterlings program ” To serve Man”.

      Seems man today has all the answers today.

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