Suit filed against Florida county for discrimination against registrant transition ministry

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      By Sandy . . . In December of 2019, we wrote a piece featuring missions and shelters around the country that include registrants among those they help
      [See the full post at: Suit filed against Florida county for discrimination against registrant transition ministry]

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      * A sergeant with the sheriff’s department told Ms. Miller, “I hate what you’re doing. I hate who you help. We are watching you . . . I’ll follow you until I find a reason to arrest you”*

      Well, if THIS isn’t proof of how cops CREATE crimes, I dunno what is. What this sergeant said is quite typical of what a lot of cops say and do. I hope they not only get their sorry butts sued, I hope they lose their jobs. I would also try like hell to file a personal lawsuit against that sergeant for what is clearly harassment. You don’t go around looking for a reason to arrest someone. You arrest someone only when they have committed a crime.

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      Tim in WI

      Either the regulatory regime of improves harmony or it does not. Either the regulatory regime promotes public safety or not. In the March to a more perfect union either the regulatory regime helps or it does not.

      Too bad it takes a lawsuit to determine if it is or not.

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      Good Day Sandy

      Please also keep in mind, that, in Wakulla County, there is a Florida State Prison called Wakulla Correctional Institution

      Oddly enough, it is/was known as a ‘FAITH BASED CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTION’….WELL ..

      that is farther from the truth as I was housed there and I must say, .. Religious Politics took Bounty everywhere….fortunately, the Sunday Catholic Mass Program, was the only thing that never really got cancelled, which got me thru the prison thing…..thank you Jesus

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      I don’t know why this type of discrimination still continues as it is supposed to be against the law, yet those in law enforcement are braking those laws and encouraging others to do so and still have a job! Things should be done to change things! SO are people too.

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      Find some solace in the facts; these neighbors and sheriff are “darn stupid” and should find a job where they can really take out their displaced anger on. I don’t know where this town is, but hope that sheriff’s Department starts to prioritize their work. Sounds like they have no life of their own or just don’t have enough crime there to validate themselves.

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      Good Day

      The only way to ‘SOLVE’ this Pandemic of a Problem IMMEDIATELY is to have 50% of all Quasi-Correctional Guards/Officers call out sick and demand a personal 14 day Quarantine for The Big Corona, wherein, there would be a massive prison BREAK!

      like in the movies…back in the day!

      be safe and healthy out there!

      Happy Moms Day to All MOMS

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      I had to sit back and think a long moment, before writing what I wanted to say in this particular story. The time WILL COME, and sooner than I believe or think, that Immediate Relatives of The S.O.’s WILL come together and do some kind of Class Action Lawsuit against this Sheriff’s Department. As for this so-called ‘Faith Based Correctional Institution’? To me; it seems It’s ‘Faith’, is NOT Based on The Holy Bible, but based on ‘Secular Man-Faith’. I say it like that, because There’s No Room for Spiritual Grace Practices and Mercy-Driven Attributes…and never will be! So when enough Family Members get tired of the way THEY TOO, are being Treated by People and Law Enforcement down there, look out!
      Once Again: Here Comes THE REVOLT!

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      Just think how law enforcement has used their tactics against African Americans, do you think that this class of people(registrants) won’t be next?

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