Suffocating on the sex offender registry

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      By Dolley Madison…. I stepped outside after another week’s end. It was Friday afternoon, and I took my coffee to sit at one of my favorite spots–the
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      Life certainly does not seem fair, just or rational sometimes. I lived in a sober house where there were a number of guys caught up in the registry as a result of mistakes they made. I got to know them, some were fathers, brothers, sons; all had one thing in common, they had alcohol and drug abuse issues at the root of their skewed mental functioning. They were all convicted of misdemeanors, mostly with victims near the age of 18, simple assault and such. Now that they are sober, the consequences of these mistakes haunts them for the rest of their lives. It has prevented them from further drug and alcohol treatments should they relapse, because anyone on the registry is barred from these programs, most cannot find work, some cannot pay their child support nor support their families. The registry is truly a misleading idea and ruins people for life, no matter what their future behavior. Some simply give up living, and this is a dangerous attitude that seems to fester, which can lead to further dangerous behaviors. There must be a change that motivates people to redeem themselves and live a righteous sober life.

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      The registry has created an instant mailing list for porn companies.

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      All of what the author says is true…but I am wondering why SO FEW of all the facts associated with “sex offenders” are reaching the ears of political movers and shakers!! And even more to this, the judicial authorities of the land seem to have forgotten their sacred oathes of office to uphold the United States Constitution!! ALL sex offenders in the U.S. have been reduced to ‘three-fifths of a person’ status and the 13th Amendment’s slavery prohibition’s fig leaf about “due process of law” does not cover the naked truth about the RANK INJUSTICE deliberately afflicted on almost a million citizens of the country.

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      Till the lies stop on how often sex offenders reoffend the law will remain a huge cluster of misleading info. They are human lives that are been ruined due to misleading law. A good example for this is person convicted if sex crime having been sentenced to no jail time and listed as low risk.

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      Then one day your all of sudden listed as high risk without having broken any law or failing to folow the sex offender law. You get told its due to the new adam walsh law that states was forced into adopting this law or face a lost in funds. So you did what you was orderd to do only to face having life destoryed due to lies been used to write the new law.

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      jonathan garza

      i was on the sor for many years. it make your feel dirty and like a monster. you always wonder who knows what about. so people use your past to get proctive orders against when you have done nothing to this person. i try to contact old friend. she found out about my past. she went to court and lie to them. say i want to hurt her and her kids in two letters i wrote her. i have the police report which states she never read the letters or got them. so how would she know what was in them? secondly when she went to court she put the wrong address. this address is next to park which i could not live next to. i think she was trying to get me throw in prison again. sometime i still feel like i’m a monster or bad. because of my past.

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      This is exactly what happened to me. I yelled out a car window while on meth and then i was put in jail and convicted and my life is ruined because i yelled a derogatory comment out my window while on drugs to teen girls who by the way did not even know what i said.

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      It is not just being on a registry that ruins lives, it is the publically available criminal records as well. I was convicted of misdeamenor indecent exposure in Wisconsin, which does not require registration. Since that conviction, a misdeamenor, I have not been able to find work or develop a relationship. I am alone and jobless and socially bankrupt. I don’t have a future. My life was destroyed for taking off my pants. Suicide seems like the only option.

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