Special Christmas Eve conference call

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      The holiday season can be very stressful and sad for those on the registry. Many have restrictions that prevent them from participating in family and/
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      While I did not wish to participate in this New Years call or the Christmas Eve call, I am sure it benefited many and much of those caught up in much of this mischarriage of justice in this immoral way. Reaching out is good if done in the right way. While the shame of imprisonment and the guilt feelings are their where is the true justice in many and much of these ordeals. Even thia probation and the leg monitoring are bad enough. One wonders who wrestles with flesh and blood today.

      While we are going into a new year and decade we need to put an end to much of this internet sex registry as it is degrading to any law enforcement to even induce these ordeals. Yes we all should stand up and fight as these principals are out of line in many or much of this endeavor.

      So who is leading who into temptation with these jezabel scheme’s. Safety is safety but to induce in a manner like this in many or much of these ordeals is evil in itself. Sure we all press on with this heartache we all carry so who is casting the first stone in these immoral issues of this sex registry plight with this pursuasion. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this all out.

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      Thanks, NARSOL, for providing a forum to those of us in desperate..all the way to optimistic..circumstances this holiday season.

      Your heart reminds me of the heart that a dear Pastor friend had while I was incarcerated.

      He met me in jail one day. We had never met before that.

      And from that day? He either visited me or wrote to me each and every week for the entire time I was in jail and then through prison.

      My belief system..took a radical right turn because of that.

      My fellow RCs…Continue to look for “little hopes”. Each day. Of this new year.

      They’re there.

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      You know I like that testimonial. When I was in jail back in high school and growing years I even spent some with one of my sisters friends. That was back in the 70’s. People were smoking dope, wanted to go to woodstock and some were still learning about life.

      Actually its all about correction but in the right way. Nothing wrong with going to church reading the good book and understanding about life. I was even glad that this Rev. put up an article on here when I made a statement about this type of ordeal.

      Folks’ we that are involved have to clean up this mess and yes I am thankful for NARSOL and how it contributes to help others in these crucial issues we all face. Abuse comes in many forms and even abuse of power. Sure supporting a constitution is good if it is centered the right way.

      One would assume the days of the flat foot police are gone via this internet junk but everything has its purpose if done in the right way. Sure I wanted to be in corrections but I lost interest in it in my college days after pondering over many things.

      Yes with NARSOL’s help and yes, we ourselves, we can all make a difference to help others and rid this internet debacle that has compromised many that are on the registry now and in future years to come. Yes change is going to come. I’m sure others would speak out on that one also. I hope we still have mothers against drunk driving. So speaking out is good.

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