Some Ohio counties persist with in-person registration despite health crisis

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      By Paige Pfleger . . . Even as most Ohioans are encouraged to stay home during the coronavirus pandemic, people convicted of sexual offenses are still
      [See the full post at: Some Ohio counties persist with in-person registration despite health crisis]

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      linda shedlock

      How ridiculous this is ! Every american is now seeing what its like to live as a regristrant during this covid 19 and the stupidness of some people continues ! Every american is complaining about the quarantine and stay at home orders , yet they don’t care about taking the chance of infecting others ! Welcome to our world of life ! stop complaining and forcing people to chance exposure or exposing others !

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      Linda. You’re exactly Right. I agree with You in this 1000%!!

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      “State Rep. Bill Plummer (R-Dayton), a former sheriff, says that pandemic or not, there should be reforms to the state’s sex offender registration law.”

      Someone check this man’s temperature! He sounds logical at this point given his prior line of work, from Dayton no less! Even though the entire concept of this needs to disappear, in-person at this time is nuts and reforms can certainly help that if those in Columbus are willing to do so.

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      Update: 5/12/2020

      Today, I completed my 6 mos. “Appt.”.

      I wore a bandana as a face covering.

      (Incidently, due to the mask wearing recommendations caused by the pandemic here in Ohio, I was finally able to complete this dreaded task… unrecognizable.)

      A sign on the entrance door to the building that houses the S.O. offices in Montgomery county, listed what functions were still taking place inside the building during this Ohio shut down.

      Registering was one of many, actually.

      I had to have my temperature taken at the front visitor desk.

      One lady working the desk was wearing a mask, the other, who took my temperature, was not.

      A 4′ section of the 12′ counter space, was blocked by a plexiglass barrier.
      Not much protection at all.

      After that experience, I was cleared to enter the small vestibule where RCs stand. It is a closet sized room with a door leading to the deputies cubicles on one wall and a sliding window on the adjacent wall with a small writing surface underneath that window.

      The detective conducts the business via this window.

      Upon entering this small space, a separate detective opened the door, unmasked, walked within inches of me, and then exited through the door leading into the main area.

      Yes, I took notice to all of this.

      I asked for my assigned detective.

      My detective came to the service window. No mask, but the window remained shut.

      I spoke calmly about the series of sex offenses that have occurred in our area since March.

      …And I calmly made him aware that those offenses were not carried out by me…Looking him in the eye, the entire time.

      We spoke mainly of the two law enforcement officers who have been charged, and in the case of the State Patrol officer here in Ohio, convicted and sentenced.

      I told this detective plainly, folks,
      “I am not a threat to our community, detective.”

      …He treated me with dignity and respect.

      I pondered that as I got back on the bike and returned home.

      My process may be moving at a snails pace here in Ohio, but every inch towards removing these restrictions?

      …Is one more inch towards our freedom.

      Stay strong, speak softly, speak with facts, conviction and sincerity, and look the authorities in their eyes when you speak.

      I believe that these authorities, one day, will realize the huge error these laws are…and have been.

      And on a side note, Phil Plummer, the once Montgomery County Sheriff, now State official, is in fact on record saying that these S.O. laws in Ohio “are broken”.

      I voted for him.

      Keep praying, and keep up the good work.

      Blessings, everyone.

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      I go to Franklin County every 6 mths they are only open Tue, Wed, Thurs, from 8am-230pm!!!! They will not allow you to do anything over the phone. Including a small matter of adding a new email address they require you to go DownTown. First you start off at the jail on the first floor where the records department is, then you cross high street and go into the door for Concealed Carry permit office and fingerprints. You go through a metal detector and if you have a bag it goes through an x-ray machine. Once that is done you go to the So door and pick the phone up give them your name and then sit down. You can be there from anywhere between 10 mins to 2 hours. Franklin county registration is the worst due to having to go to the records department and say your there for SORNA and get your paper, the long wait time someday’s, the detective that treats you like dirt, Not to mention the hours come on really 8am-230pm I have to take off work just to go down there, plus the parking tis either lucky with a meter or stuck in the county garage which is $5 and if that is full find a surface lot for $15


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