Sexual offense truths needed in the media

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      Mike W
      Mike W

      In response to an online media story hyping fear over registered sex offenders voting in schools in New York and “having access” to children, Mike W.
      [See the full post at: Sexual offense truths needed in the media]

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      I have a fear – I fear that this letter will be tossed in the trash can.
      There’s a key statement you made which is completely against the agenda of the news media…

      “The best solution, then, is to publish accurate information. Spectrum has the responsibility to make transparent widely held misunderstandings so that baseless fears are reduced and we have an educated public. The public deserves to be aware, but no benefit is derived from being afraid of the wrong things”

      This is EXACTLY the opposite of what the media wants. They WANT the average person to be misguided and ignorant. That’s how they bait their readers and (for the TV news) that’s how they get their viewers.

      The only thing to do is what others have tried to do which is go on national TV, but every time that happens, the sex offender advocates are always pitted against someone with a child molestation story (like Ron Book’s daughter). But they still miss the very important factor in that story which is that the nanny who did the molesting had NO CRIMINAL RECORD.

      If a news program like John Stossel’s “Give Me A Break” which is seen nation wide hasn’t resonated in people’s heads that this fear of sex offenders is nonsense, nothing will. People would rather take scripted, acted TV shows like “Law & Order” as real life documentaries and live in the fear it purposely instills in them.

      So sad.

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        I served a full term of incarceration in CT and was released with probation. Because my family who I rely on for support live in NY, I moved to NY. Because I have a sex charge NY assigned me to division of parole. So in the eyes of NY I am on parole even though I served my entire term. Now I am told i am not allowed to vote. Even though true parolees who are on early release are allowed to vote, I having served my entire bid am not.

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      The public needs to know the truth about registration. I just read this on Wikipedia, if it’s been declared unconstitutional, why do people still have to register???


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        MARK S.

        Really Mike? YA THINK………………………………………

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        If you read the first paragraph from the link you provided you will see, “The Supreme Court of the United States has upheld sex offender registration laws each of the two times such laws have been examined by them.”
        I think what you are probably referring to is some federal district court cases that found some “unconstitutionalities” in specific cases. For example this one out of Colorado last fall –

        Colorado sex offender registration act is unconstitutional, federal judge declares

        If you go beyond the headline you will see in the article:

        “U.S. District Court Judge Richard Matsch found that the Colorado Sex Offender Registration Act violates the cruel and unusual punishment clause of the Eighth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and the due-process rights guaranteed by the 14th Amendment.

        Technically, the ruling only applies to the three plaintiffs in the case, but it could lead to more universal impact — particularly if the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals upholds the decision on appeal, said Boulder attorney Alison Ruttenberg, the attorney for the three plaintiffs. There are similar cases in other states challenging sex-offender registries.

        Ruttenberg said she expects the cases will eventually reach the U.S. Supreme Court.”

        Hopefully you can see there is still work to do to win the war but be encouraged as battle victories are being picked up along the way.

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      I am concerned about what this section implies:

      In fact, we also know that sex offenders have the lowest rate of recidivism as shown in this comparison to other rates of re-offense:

      13.4% of released robbers
      22.0% of released assaulters
      23.4% of released burglars
      33.9% of released larcenists
      19.0% of released defrauders
      41.2% of released drug offender
      2.5% of released rapists – SO SEX OFFENDER IS DEFINED AS RAPIST?!?

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        Sandy Rozek
        Sandy Rozek

        That specific study seems to have been done measuring the re-offense rates of those who were convicted of rape. That is not saying that all who have been found guilty of sexual assault were rapists.

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          Sandy, I understand that, you understand that – but it does not say that – it is left open to interpretation. Since one of the great myths is that all sex offenders are either rapists or child molesters it is a short journey for the uninformed to draw the wrong conclusion. Thanks for your response.

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        We need complete sex offender statistics on:

        re-offense rates of child molesters (female victim vs. non-familial male victims)
        peeping Toms
        peeing in public
        teen-to-teen consensual sex
        teen-to-teen sexting
        little kids who played doctor and got put on the registry

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      Sex offense truth needed in the media. Michael I’m a little confused today. What is truth that I slept with my 10 yr. old daughter and she told mom, and I’m not even married or that we are all immigrants or the constitution was made up by indians. So what is the real truth around a lot of this sex offender hype that one was 19 years old and had a 15 year old mistress relations that blew up and than authorites got involved. Well Michael this is everybodies lucky day on here. Here is the real reason I got mixed up in all this. To prove that one area of this sex registry is a sham.

      I know you all might think thats a hill of beans or a cover up. Well why did the mexican’s cross the border with their kids, now if they had abandon the kids that would be cruel and here they come to America and what did they get. A trump letcure or a Not on my watch lecture. Now I know the president is doing everything to avoid these principals laid down in the bible . Is the president an untouchable God of today or is he doing the best he can with his own mind and guidance. is it up to the people now to forgive. Is it up to the president to pardon who he will but he also need’s to be humanistic about it and show compasion instead of if you go back to the border we will forget. So were is the saying “least we forget”.
      I know I got off topic a bit but its all about principal. Now my bible says try the spirits and thats exactly what I did. Why did I say you don’t know my thoughts and you dont’ know my intent. Why did I not ask for sex when going down there and made it very clear.

      When your communicating is via the internet one really doesn’t know that person on the other end so one has to listen, even the picture that one sends you is many times isn’t the real picture that goes along with the voice and how does one listen. Look up the word discernment. Now confusion can bring depression and hardships to everyone but telling the truth never does and shouldn’t.

      And sorry people we don’t need bible preaching or religon in this and thats right as we are all sex offenders. So what is independence today. True justice covered up.

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      Punja Avid

      NYPD IDs 1 of 5 suspects in mistaken-identity machete killing

      The New York Times reported that social media users believed that the victim may have been mistaken for another teen seen in a sex video with one of the suspect’s relatives.

      Members of the Trinitarios street gangs reportedly apologized to Guzman-Feliz’s family and said, “It wasn’t supposed to be him.”

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      I’ll be interested to see if they publish the letter, and what, if any, response it draws. Mike W., I don’t know if you are an RSO, but I would fully expect and anticipate the media outlet to paint you as one and to demonize NARSOL.
      Having said that, good on ya’ for kicking these imbeciles in the teeth!
      Memento mori…..

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      Mike, governments don’t even have the understanding to discern justice today. I sort of hate to say that but as I said they do the best they can. A plea deal is a watered down version of tricking or manuliplating the true justice for their purposes to speed up court rooms.

      Sure government can pursaude or con people into plea deals and than if you rebuke them, they say well it was your choice. I was under the impression that choice and making a decision are to different factors but when government flavors the issue to the individual that would be a manulipative principal would it not? Sure Government can do anything they really want but it is really true justice that our four fathers fought for? In this game of the sex offender it is all the more important to get the message out in public notices. Just image the first time anyone got a DUI and that was the end of your driving for the rest of your life I’m sure a lot can see the point and the principal behind that.

      Now were are not talkng about a little drunk driving charge, or a little pot charge, or night burgulary and I used those for example. We are talking about a sex offense that holds one for life and with a lable or confinement. So all this should be understood. When I took my plea deal all I could do in my paranoid state was agree with those facts and say guilty but they knew what they were doing all along they were not really letting justice take its course so they hit you with a plea deal today in so many of these types of offenses. Its the fast food resturant of justice today.

      Sure its time now for Narsol to get the word out and yes they have been getting the word out, and Michael you hit up some of the big boys such as the Washington Post and strives to get articles to them. Let the public know how these people, and even their own kids at home could be sucked in on these adult media sites about these hooker type games.

      Sure New York times is good even city State capital newspapers I’m sure would want to run these storys as a human interest story for the american public to know or be aware of how they can suck up these kids today with this type of operation. Public is public and it always will be. We even need internet change as the one being the operator is just as guilty.

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      Voting is one of our highest rights if there is a problem with this then the county needs to have the voting on neutral ground not try to forbid someone to vote. Let them pay for a dedicated building because of the ignorant unwarranted fear.

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      Sexual offense truth. Well with the letters that some got in the mail in Virginia about removal of name and information from the registy for some, this change because available do to scammers alerts. Interesting the law enforcement didn’t think about that first. Government is not gonna lose money. Sure they can round up Scammers thats more income for them and also eat their profits from th many scam’s they dupe via the internet. So its a win, win for those that overthrow others. Basically that is what they were doing overthrowing.
      The lady caught in adultry is a message for law enforcement today. Those without sin cast the first stone or should we say with what measure does one measure when they in themselves are doing a fraud to get others to come down to their level. Sure I’m glad some are relieved about their name and address taken down but we are still on the registry. With the papers one signed they signed their rights away as remember they weild the power or does the Chief of the USA hold the sword. I wonder who’s defrauding who today Isn’t use of deception by fraudlent means a crime in itself not to mention principal standards and “honest” protocal.
      Their was no Democrat or Republican in Washington’s Days. Read his farewell address about a new nation concived in liberity and based on christian principals. So who entices one to get dirty on a playground today or who can call good bad and bad good..I believe we all should amend some of this and ask for a new deal to this raw deal most of us are in.
      Mike you wanted truth, well thats truth.

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      I’m so glad I seen this. The have been times I think that no body cares. If you look drug dealers and users have hurt, killed more kids than a sex offender ever has. So many families have lost their jobs, homes, kids and much more. But they don’t have to register. We will always have the title of sex offender. I served my country for 10 years and received a medal for saving the life of another soldier. Now I get no respect as a veteran. I have been out of prison for 6 years. This label I have lost me everything I’m soon to be homeless. Please fight for us! If there is anything I can help with please let me know.

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