Sexual offense registries need to go

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      Published 3/5/2020 at the Portsmouth Daily Times By Sandy Rozek Melissa Martin (2/28/20) makes an eloquent but often erroneous case in favor of sexual
      [See the full post at: Sexual offense registries need to go]

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      Well put, abolish all registries permanently.

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      Not a SO

      Yes, this is a great study, very informative indeed; however, I have conducted my own study on the residivist issue as well and what I have concluded based on my findings is this, proponents of the sex offender registry (SOR) don’t care if the residivism rate is 0.000001%. They want to know if a registrant lives near by and the SOR is a good tool for them to find out. Never mind that the SOR stands like the Berlin Wall obstructing the goals, i.e., career goals, financial goals, reabilitative, social and most importantly family reconnection, of those subject to the SOR. No, these people don’t give a DAMN about these life enhancing components.

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      The primary reason the registry exists, is to further damage SOs and keep them them linked or attached to the justice system. Either in custody, or out in the community where failing to register, intentionally or not, and despite any circumstances like a medical condition, is enough to get charged with a felony and put right back into custody. The SO record itself could be used against a SO who committed a non-SO crime as if SO crimes and regular crimes aren’t already made seperate from each other by law and the public.

      The registry mostly gives the people a false sense of security, but in some cases it works just the way it was intended to work. It brands and dehumanizes those people (mostly men), whom most others would consider as sub-human. It prevents SOs who desire change and redemption from accessing the things that “law-abiding” citizens take for granted everyday. Things that the “law-abiding” citizens believe the SOs do not deserve to have. It gets many of them re-arrested, simply for not registering their address, which keeps the SOs out of the community entirely.

      Things like a job or career, home, money, water, family, etc. The “law-abiding” citizens basically want, or at the very least, would like the SOs to live in a similar way in which the SOs had lived while they were locked up. The very same things that SOs cannot have, like a job or career, are things that keep a number of people who are predisposed (or have it in them) to commit whichever crime, in line with the law.

      Those are some of the things that keep the “law-abiding” citizens as “law-abiding” citizens. Whether or not they have it in them to commit a crime. Though a number of them do commit crimes should circumstances and/or people allow the opportunity. Like for example, certain evil individuals conspiring and committing perjury against an SO or any other criminal, as that person’s life hangs in the balance. That is why I put quotation marks around the words law-abiding.

      Things like a job, career, home, etc also keep a number of people who have a record for other crimes, like aggravated assualt and gun possession, as “law-abiding” and helps them stay out of trouble.

      The registry, in some ways, does just what the people would like it to do, as in keeping the SOs seperate from “good,” “law-abiding” citizens like them but at the same time, it causes more problems than it solves.

      I think this would be my very last reply.

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      Nice rebuttal, Sandy, to the hit piece and nice defense by Shelly Stow in the comments to those who are not open minded, but more antagonistic.

      If you look up the original opinion author in Ohio online, you will find her credentials very interesting. Given the area of work she does and her education, you’d think she’d be on board with the science and data to help people, as she is supposed to do, and not be against it to ensure they stay down.

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      Nice article Thank You!

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      I agree 110%!! Why don’t the legislatures understand this???

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      totally against public registry

      Thank you, Sandy for putting her straight. She is coming from the hate/emotional/misinformation side of this whole issue, that’s why she should not be writing about things she can’t prove.

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      Well put Crash. One thing I noticed is that being able to work has reduced my stress as an SO. Except my employer wants me to travel a lot for my job, and the state I live in has ridiculous travel restrictions. Thankfully my jobs have been in several different counties at this point. I am thankful for the job, but am stressed every day hoping nothing happens where I have to give my info.

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      Registered Citizen

      Thank you Sandy for your wisdom on this article. I’m a victim of the registry and I just got out it in my neighborhood. My situation is 11 years old and I’m still dealing with it. I think this is psychosis for our government and they’re delusional. I think they need counseling. Thank you again.

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      Sex offender registries need to go period. The only ones who should have access to them are the police. The public should have never had access to viewing the sex offender registry due to threats and harassment. If they cant abolish the registry at least make it to where the public are not allowed to see anyone on it or any of their information.

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      Glen Senecal

      When I was 17, I was immature and impulsive. I got into a lot of trouble. I viewed child porn and that landed me on the registry. Since then I’ve grown physically and mentally. I realize what I did was wrong. Yet now, ten years later, I’m still paying for my mistakes. I forgot to change my address when I moved and they slammed me with a felony and added an additional fifteen years on the registry. I agree the registry needs to go. They also sent me to SO treatment and most of the guys I’m in group with made a bad decision due to impulsiveness. They’d never reoffend. This is a prime example of our corrupt government.

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      Sandy, THANK. YOU.

      And THANK YOU to each and every one of you who post fact and truth to these message boards within these news organizations.

      My hope is, that all of you are effective in your endeavor to reach the sound mind of the opposing man or woman, while navigating through their intense emotional being in order to do so.

      Many of these folks have either been abused themselves or someone close to them have. They have not been able to heal and the only salve they receive is from bludgeoning a person associated with this topic…even when it is not their abuser.

      I pray that you remain disciplined, factual, articulate, and clear when you post or confront.

      Once again, their emotional outbursts only inflame when we are not the above.

      I pray that your sound postings and confrontations reach the legislative minds in our States and Nation.

      And that they respond in favor of implementing policy that reflects the fact and truth of this matter.

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      SO Dave

      I can appreciate Sandy’s article. I offended in 2010, served 4 years on a 3-6 sentence for a first offense with a F-2 conviction. Since being released on parole in 2014, I have been able to find work, but in reality, a hard manual labor job is not exactly what one would define as a “career”. I myself was not classified an SVP, but I still cannot obtain a respectable 2nd job (hospital, Uber, office worker, etc..) because of my record. I have, (since my release), found and maintained my current employment for the last five years, I’ve maintained my registration requirements, and am in 100% total compliance with said registration. What I still don’t understand is why there is no statute stating something like, “if an offender should successfully complete (his/her) registration requirements, their record shall be sealed from public inquiries by potential employers (at least). Rehabilitated offenders that show no sign of re-offending should be given the reward of redemption for an equal and fair second chance at life. I, personally, would love to obtain a career that allows me to provide for the family I have created since my release.

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      Janet Buchmiller

      This registry has destroyed my life… I’m begging and pleading for them to do away with it… I got charged inn Maryland ordered 15 year registry… I have 19 months left in Maryland…. I moved to Virginia and have to start all over because Virginia only complies with the length of time you’ve lived in their state… I have 4 kids… I had to turn down a career offer in Florida that could have sent my great grand kids thru college because Florida is a mandatory life time registry even if you get off in your original state you have to retegister for life there… There are alot of states that make you register for life even after you’ve completed your sentence… Someone please help us

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      Those of you that have read some of, or all of my posts in the past, know where I’m about to go with this:
      First off; Sandy, once again, Thank You for ‘Telling It Like It Is’, and Thank You Crash, for doing exactly the same. Look. None of The Legislators currently in Washington D.C. OR, The Pennsylvania Legislature are going to do anything about abolishing The Registry. In fact, Many so-called ‘Lawmakers’, have consistently argued that they would fight to develop ‘Newer So-Called Fairer’ Registry Requirement Laws for People on The Registry…which we all know is actually Double-Talk for Outright BULL@&#*! There is NO WAY ON THE PLANET, that Any Legislature or Congress will EVER Change The Laws for the Safety of Us, BECAUSE THEY WANT US TO BE ATTACKED BY VIGILANTES AND KILLED OR SERIOUSLY HURT! I just read an Article on Vigilantes, and surprisingly found that in many cases, those that Attack and Greatly Harm or Kill S.O.’s, ACTUALLY GET WHAT THEY DESERVE. PRISON TIME! TOO BAD THEY DON’T GET THE DEATH PENALTY WHEN THEY MURDER S.O.’s!!
      I’ve said it before, and I’ll continue saying it, because I seriously believe that one day THIS WILL HAPPEN! There will be some kind of ‘PURGE LAW’, that will Legally Allow ANYONE, to seek out and Kill Us…BUT IT WON’T apply to The So-Called Lawmakers Themselves. IT WON’T, apply to Crooked Judges, Crooked D.A’s, A.D.A.’s, in fact, there are a Whole Slew of so-called ‘Community Pillars’ at the Local, State and National Levels that IT WON’T APPLY TO! Remember; If you’ve got WEALTH, You’re Safe. You can Buy Your Way out of just about anything. Don’t think that Law-Enforcement isn’t Immune to what The Future Holds either…BECAUSE THEY ALREADY ARE!
      There is absolutely NO WAY, that Society Today will EVER allow S.O.’s to Have a Decent Paying Job. I’ve been out of Prison for nearly Six Months now, AND NO ONE WILL HIRE ME FOR ANY DAMN JOB! If it wasn’t for the fact that next month I’m getting My Early Retirement,-BECAUSE I’M FORCED TO AT THIS POINT-I’d be either Revoked, or DEAD ALREADY! Mind You, The Vigilantes haven’t caught up with me…yet, but I know they’re coming for me. So Every Dingle Day, I’ve got to Watch My Back. Oh And By The Way; those of Us on The Registry CANNOT DEFEND OURSELVES FROM ATTACK ESPECIALLY WHILE ON SUPERVISION BECAUSE THAT’S A SURE ONE-WAY TICKET BACK TO PRISON. It doesn’t matter that The Vigilantes have Weapons to ATTACK US. WE…CAN’T HAVE ANY TO DEFEND OURSELVES!!!
      Hell NO, The Lawmakers aren’t going to change anything…especially when it comes to Re-Election Time.
      Instead, they’ll just turn their backs on Us, LIKE THEY’RE DOING NOW!

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      The whole truth about the registry is this. It was created 30 years ago by misinformed people who were Scared almost to Death by the United States Media. The scared people and media created a Witch Hunt that threw all rights of sex offenders away. First was false arrest and sent to mental institutions even after release, which was over turned thank God. Next came the need to know who the sex offenders are and where they live only to protect schools and day cares from them working at these places. This was supposed to be a resource for schools, day cares and police to use only, not public info. Again the Media jumped in and asked why the public was not allowed to protect them selves with this info. This started the registry being public info.This provided Apron Strings for the scared public to hold on to for safety after the media scared the public again for “safety” reasons. This turned the scared public into a 2 year old child clinging to their mothers apron strings for security. They will not let go. They truly believe that this very false sense of security is saving them. They will NEVER LET GO. As well as the public, police, prosecutors, judges, prison’s, law makers, ect, ect, ect, They will never let go of the registry because they hope it keeps them safe and makes them famous for fighting the fight of safety. Fighting the registry is like Farting at a Hurricane in an attempt to make it change directions. Its too big to move and has too much power to defeat and is backed by the Media. Whew were screwd.

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      I do t know if anyone lives in New York or has been in New York but the registry is super difficult here because there are schools parks literally everything u can live around on every other block. I live in a shelter and every address I ever have got denied and the shelter system is supposed to find you somewhere to live but then they want to segregate you onto state. Island and not even the front the back where to get to any support if you don’t live there will take u up to 3 hours or more depending where you live I. Nyc and if your on parole you would have maybe and hour to see any support you have it’s unfair and I want to know if anyone knows what’s going on for nyc have we been forgotten?

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      no human should be on this earth to involuntarily enhance the life of another.

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      Kirk Kubik

      But Society needs someone to wear the Scarlet Letter. How would it function without a group of people to look down upon, Hate, Loath and make them feel better about themselves.

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      Fortunately for us we don’t live in a Democracy, and the mob doesn’t rule.

      But we MUST keep fighting even if it’s only by posting articles such as this one on social media, and/or sharing with email friends.

      And donating to organizations like NARSOL that really fights for our human rights, is a must!

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      I feel your pain. I went down in 1998 and was released in ’05. I’m on the registry for life in my state and not on probation or parole, but you can believe that I maintain my right to bear arms…just not firearms.
      Most of my neighbors just ignore me, but I know they have my back and watch out for trouble-makers.
      I’m lucky that I have a trade, and a wife with a good job or I’d be in deep doo-doo.
      Hopefully you can find a hobby that will stimulate your skills and creativity so you don’t go mad. The bitterness is really bad for your health.

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      Wealth hasn’t protected Harvey Winestein or R. Lee Kelly.

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      After the 10 plagues, Moses’s people were released from bondage. Joshua circled the walls of Jericho using the Jericho’s own fear as a weapon.

      The addresses of SO’s are public and there are a million of us.

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      Tyrus Young

      Semantics are important. In 1997, I was accused of a sex offense (non-violent, touching) thereby being given the label as a sex offender. However 22 years later, I have not re-offended, therefore how is it that I still am labeled a sex offender? In 1972, I cut, sanded and varnished a wood object… am I a carpenter today? Between 1979 and 1984, I owned a small ranch with horses, sheep, etc… at the time I was (sort of) a rancher – am I a rancher today? NO. Thus, unless I continue to offend, labeling me an offender is a misnomer.

      As such, the media and registry label is not only inaccurate, but defamatory. It perpetuates the idea that a risk is involved. The public is notably uninformed, and those charged with informing them are ignorant. Most of the police or sheriff officers I have dealt with (I have been registered in 6 different states) are appalled by the application of the registry against those that have proven to have changed and re-integrated into society. I am self employed which helps, but have lost clients over the issue. Again, it is the myths and perpetuation by the media that all offenders are child molesters that creates fear in the general public. Fear leads to utter stupidity.

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      Great rebuttal, Sandy!

      Sadly, I do not believe any elected official will stand with us anytime soon. They would be crucified by their own constituents for doing so. I still believe the only solution would be mass revolt/resistance or a complete “boogaloo.”

      I am off the list in PA, however Nevada still has me on in name only, without any pictures, information or list of alleged crimes, and of course, Nevada ACLU “just isn’t able to help.” Florida has me on for life, and there is no chance of that money-making operation being disrupted anytime soon. It’s beginning to look more and more like expatriation is the answer.

      Si vis pacem, para bellum!

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      No such registry needs to exist. Not even for law enforcement only. Why? Simple: the same rules for updating information and registering every 4 months or yearly and all the ordinances would still apply. Also, the passport issue would still apply because you’d be on a registry.

      I keep saying this and I’ll keep saying it – There was a time BEFORE the registry and there were people with sexual offenses back then. This country lived day to day and wasn’t in any uproar of fear mongering back then. People with sex convictions back then were not banned from taking their families to Disney World or picking their kids up from school or going to their kids’ high school sporting events.
      So what the hell happened?
      Oh yeah… a 7 yr old was kidnapped, raped and murdered by an obvious psychopath. And because of that, everyone must suffer for consenting teenage relationships, adventurous sex in public places, sexting, urinating on the side of the highway after hours of driving, mooning someone as a prank and tons of other nonsensical crap that is of no “threat” to anyone.

      No registry needs to exist when we all got along just fine when there wasn’t one.

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      I’m so glad I read this and all the comments. I’m a mom in Colorado and so against the registry for my son . It’s a blanket law for all types of offenders and that is so wrong .Like a lot of you my son was convicted (no violent/ touching.). Hasn’t re offended or never will. Is there anyway to get the registry time lowered in Colorado . How would he even ask to get off registry early . Thank you

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      Sandy in many ways these comments from others hit the nail on the head as some say. Sure NARSOL and everybody is beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel or have already seen the show of colors of the rainbow. Of course any advocacy group always looks at the issues wheather legal or illegal in many ordeals but the sex registry issue is so different from any other to compare. Much of this registry is like a thief in the night so where s the comparison in all this.

      Much of this registry is vary uncanny in many respects but the main goal is to sexually trapping someone. Its like changing one’s character when the character needs the change themself so who offends and who and who pretends or are many other flaw’s in these issues. One wonders who’s tested for a coronavirus issue today or who is overbalancing things today.

      Letting others know about others and putting one in a dangerous position is just one of the many scare tactics that are instilled by this type of ordeal that many face. Most of you all have commented about a lot of these issues some are just as confused as the other. Sure we as human’s sometimes mis-understand a lot of things and as Robin pointed out to someone that NARSOL is not affiliated with any Christian organization. Well many organization or advocacy groups are not but that is a different story in itself but one thing about avocacy groups is there is a moral issue that is at stake or come’s into play in these issues.

      This sex offender issue takes the cake as far as any other issue. So yes the registry should be abolished in many ways or should be a private matter or who is on the man hunt for new victims to chastise or abuse into all this folly. One can see the wanted posters now… Anyone that touches, taste, or handles or is induced via the internet will go to jail for moral issues as we as authorities deem necessary even if beguiled by your local law enforcement.

      The main thing of any advocacy group is to get to the truth or else others can run over any group. I don’t care if its the N Double ACP, Mothers against drunk Drivers, or the pros or cons of abortion. Yes theirs moral ethics in everything under the sun. So are law enforcement taking advantage of this being a bit judizers or does taking the Pledge of Aligence out of Schools tell one something about the status quo today or even prayer if one wants to call one on that.

      It seems today parents can’t even spank their kids as that is a form of abuse. Well what is the sex offender issue a form of? Sure nobody likes confusion and authorites appear to be above the law of confusion. I’m sure many understand this very well.

      Their are many reason’s why the registry should be abolished in a lot of ways. Much of this is due to lack of respect and respect is essential for any understanding in many or much of these registry issues. While I’m not saying their shouldn’t be some punishment one can go too far and mankind wants to make their own rules. Doing harm to others is bad enough but preconciving is a bit too much in much of this registry that blast people’s names all over just like a gossip columnist in newpapers and now over the internet. Half of the American public doesn’t even have a clue of whats going on and come to one conclusion about any type of sex offender. Common sense would say a child is involved. Is that true understanding of liberty and justice for all. One would even have to say kiss off is bad enough today.

      Preventing something is good but instilling to prevent by perverse means and playing the temptress is a bit shabby, or who deceives or beguile’s who, or who is casting the first stone as one said on here at one time. Mankind has always wanted to take things to far and this registry is being taken to far in so many respects but in the end who draw’s the boundry line as many heard in the audio that NARSOL presented about living near a school. Much of this registry doesn’t make sense. Maybe all this would help if we all understood the movie Cool Hand Luke or this failure to communicate in much of this poker scene. Life’s not easy for many on the registry in much of this fraud type game.

      At this stage I don’t care if anyone reads my comment or if it is posted. What does it really matter who draws their own conclusions but still respect is respect, so who’s respecting who in a lot of this crap. Actually a lot of this registry is as simple as ABC if one seeks the truth and the true justice in this tresspass game in many ways. And yes I believe pardon’s are due for a lot of people caught up in this web of deceit and restutution should be paid also.

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      “… Florida is a mandatory life time registry even if you get off in your original state you have to retegister for life there”

      Yeah, this sh*t has to stop!!! When you’ve served your length of punishment and registry obligations in your state, no other state you move to or visit should have the right to make you go through it all over again. Please, someone fight this insanity! When we get off the registry we are under the (obviously false) impression that we got our lives back. What the hell right does a state have to put someone BACK on the registry? This IS punishment. And for something that’s already been finalized.

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      I continue to state:

      The “Registery Mechanism” and anything of its kind must be abolished. Yet NARSOL continues to only argue the RULES of the registry. Meaning they are for the Registry, but only want to change the RULES of it.

      The Registry Law was passed based on idealogies & personal opinions. They had & continue to have empirical data published from our own Govt recorses specifically showing people who have been convicted of a crime of sexual nature are the least likely to commit any crime, especially one of sexual nature. (With the only exception of a forceable, violent rape to a complete stranger)

      We must start to charge these people starting with the politicians & the media outlets with Crimes Against Humanity. They are the perpetrators of the entire scheme.

      The definition of which is clearly stated and easily identifiable to this specific “group”

      Crimes against humanity are certain acts that are purposely committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian or an identifiable part of a civilian population.

      I was on the phone conference call, yet I heard nothing from NARSOL on this matter, only continuing to talk about the RUlES of it.

      It is social & economic genocide. Pure & simple.

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      Rodney Ferrer

      Svejk, I also live in Pa and been on the registry since 2008 here in Pa. Took a plea deal for a misdemeanor in Alabama for Attempted Sexual Abuse which required 1yr in the county and follow registration requirements. No probation. What can I do to get help with getting off the registry here in Pa. I’m on a fixed income. I can be reached at my email
      Thank you
      By the way, great read and good luck to all.

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      Having to be on the registry myself the biggest nightmare is finding gainful employment. I committed my offense in 1998 when I was 19 years old. And background checks weren’t as thorough as they are now. This day and age the background check will know if you committed an offense 30 / 40 years ago. And in the mind of those checking it, your no different than someone who committed the offense yesterday. At least murderers who have been released from prison can get a job. But make a mistake like meeting a 13 year old who actually reached out to you, not the other way around? Thats what happened to me.

      My biggest mistake was in agreeing to meet her. I had just gotten booted from the military. I was down in the dumps, lonely, living with mom and dad. I was 19 years old. A girl took interest in me. My heart yearned for the attention. I agreed to meet her. I didn’t have sex with her though we both wanted to. Weeks later stuff I gave her was found by her mother, who called the state police, and the rest is history.

      23 days in a county jail was my sentence, and the requirement to register for 25 years. Had to pay a fine and a 1 time fee “in writing” for the registry. A couple years later they increased the fee, made it mandatory for everyone who had already paid to pay the difference. They said we would never again have to pay any more, and again this was in writing. Finally, and then a couple more years later it became an annual fee.

      I continued to work, kept my head down, went to college, got a degree and started working at a big tech company. I had to deliver pizza’s on the side to help make ends meet. Found out my district manager was also on the registry for touching a little boy.

      Circumstances forced me out of the company, not related to my offense, had to move to Florida to join family that moved here, I was able to get a job delivering pizza’s down here. Before the paperwork finished with my change of address for the registry.

      At first the county told me I could ignore the lifetime rule down here. A couple years later the registrar decided to remind me that my requirement was almost over.

      The following year she came back and told me, removal from the registry is no automatic. I would have to contact the state I was convicted in, have them send me a letter stating I was no longer required to register. Then “I” had to turn that into FDLE and then they would have a hearing to determine if I could come off the registry or not. She said that would take several months and I would still be on it until it was approved. And you know what that means right? They can decline it at a whim. With or without a good reason. Guilty. always guilty unless proven innocent.

      Let me blunt, I do not, can not, and will not condone any intrusion or violence towards children. Meaning I am not some perverted pedophile who can’t control his urges. But what I am and was, a stupid teenager who let his hormones drive his ambition and “head”.

      And even saying that, I do not think other sex offenders to be above or without redemption. We all make mistakes in life. Its a learning process and curve for a reason. We are all here to learn different lessons, whatever they may be.

      The last couple years every job lead I follow up on either comes back with the following:

      No reasoning- We have decided to go with other candidates. We thank you for applying and have a nice day. I am overly qualified for these positions.

      CBC (Crim Back Chk) – We regret to inform you that we will be momentarily rejecting your application for employment. This was based in whole or part thereof to information contained in your consumer report. They provide a copy of it, and the only negative thing is that I am a registered sex offender. Sometimes it has the date od adjudication, sometimes it doesn’t. It lists the out of state conviction with – “no information found” as to the why.

      Then a repeat letter stating they have rejected me.

      Or they simply never respond beyond a certain point. And any followup communications go unanswered. That tells me they did the CBC without telling me and cut me off.

      Any of those three have happened with Walmart, Walgreens, Dominos, Uber, Lyft, and pretty much every other place I have tried for employment. It has happened with more serious companies that I have interviewed with.

      Fortunately one contract company has been willing to work with me, and actually protects me as a person. They keep finding me work. But they are only 1 company and a few of the contracts fell through because they ran a separate CBC check. And for every 1 like them, 6 or 7 other companies follow the same pattern of rejection.

      My recruiter knows the full details of why I got in trouble. He also knows I’m a hard, loyal, worker who does his job and doesn’t cause trouble.

      All I want to do is work, earn a good wage, pay back my family for the support they have provided, and support the hobbies I have. Which do not involve anything inappropriate.

      Soon I will be moving to another state, and my battle with them will begin. But unfortunately my battle with Florida will not end. Cause registry entrees here are permanent. They don’t care where you move. I believe this to be a “moral attack” by this state on citizens who would otherwise be harmless. This state has already damaged my friendships by 1, posting a news article about me. 2, making it so that no matter where I go, all CBCs will always get a hit on me for the rest of my life, making it near impossible for me to move on. I want restitution from the state of Florida. If not for defamation of character or slander, unlawfully imposing sentencing without due process that violates the Constitution of the United States of America.

      The registries are un-American. Just imagine if the nations that founded us kept registries where citizens and to update every movement they make prior to our founding. Imagine the consequences of the King of England being able to track down the ones who began our revolution.

      And to make it worse, counties can impose increasing sanctions and rules that exceed state laws. All under the guise of protecting the public, by publicly humiliating and shaming anyone who committed a sex crime. I would rather have been put to death than have to live with the way things are.

      And just so all the crusaders know, God loves me just the same as he loves you. Jesus died so that my sins could be washed away and my soul saved. Crusaders are guilty of “hate” above all else. And that is a deadly sin. As a christian I forgive the haters and crusaders. I know what my mistake was and I have repented to god for it.

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      I have to agree with much that has been written.

      The Michigan Governor and her AG have been pushing for registry reform. They filed the amicus brief that moved Judge Cleland to make his judgement. But the system works for those that have.

      Here is a good example. Several months ago a Michigan state senator who believed the state congress was too busy to focus on SO registry reform. Well he was accused of sexually harassing 3 adult women. So what happened to him? The Senator was removed from one of the committees he was on.

      How can a system that still uses the “good old boy system” work for all of us?

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      Ed C

      To begin, kudos to Sandy for yet another insightful and well-researched article.

      You make a good point, Kirk. I’m not a psychologist (I don’t even play one on TV), but I think it goes much deeper than a mere feel-good scarlet letter. People tend to hate what they fear most in themselves. Sexuality is pervasive in the human psyche. Very few have not had an uncomfortable thought they would rather not acknowledge. It could be an attraction to a neighbor’s wife, a passing homosexual thought, a teacher who has a fleeting “wow” reaction to one of her students, or simply noticing that your niece is becoming a woman, etc. etc.

      Vilifying SO’s is a way to push the mirror away, to pretend the monsters are not inside, but outside. It is the sense of shame and fear of ourselves that drives society’s reaction to SOs. Notice how many vocal homophobes end up coming out–or being forced out–of the closet, or the number of prominent preachers who slobber passionate pleas for forgiveness after a history of marital infidelity is exposed (Jim Bakker comes to mind).

      Are there any real psychologists out there who have a more learned view on the subject than I have?

    • #69289 Reply

      You want to have power to protect yourself? congregate in numbers. I know that many of you are on supervision and aren’t allowed to associate with known felons or even move out of your home county. But when that is over, leave. choose a place with a high concentration of SO’s that have a more liberating system. Many places allow restoration of voting rights. (obviously, not in the south…) Move yourselves and your families to these places and then control the narrative from a community that holds a majority of SO’s with voting rights. Elect officials on the premise or our interests.
      The major hurdle to this action for most of us is comfort and fear. Were are afraid of the unknown (and even more so when the stakes are high against us as they are.) And, moving away from what you’ve always known is very unpleasant at first. However, this is what every historical community of strength has done. Immigrants coming to America in the early 1800’s were often the banished citizens of Europe. Early settlers of the Western United States were often relocating because of social failure in the better established East. Modern day examples include the Jewish exodus to modern day Israel and San Francisco with the Gay Rights movement.
      There’s never a time when ostracization was easy, or in that matter found a super hero to save those effected individuals of such a phenomenon. But, history tells a story of how certain people who have faced persecutions have overcome their oppressors and it always includes congregated efforts.

    • #69291 Reply

      I’m reading through some of the articles linked on the main page, and I came across part of the judgement in Michigan. It talks about part of their SORA (Sex Offender Registration Act) being similar to the conditions of parole.

      6th Circuit, Does v. MI (2016) related: ACLU FAQS
      Here is a snipping for you to read:
      “Finally, SORA also resembles the punishment of parole/probation. In Smith, which involved nothing more than reporting requirements, the Court took seriously the claim that the Alaska statute resembled parole/probation, acknowledging that “[t]his argument has some force, but,” concluding that it was ultimately dissimilar because, unlike parolees, “offenders subject to the Alaska statute are free to move where they wish and to live and work as other citizens, with no supervision.” 538 U.S. at 101. Under SORA, by contrast, registrants are subject to numerous restrictions on where they can live and work and, much like parolees, they must report in person, rather than by phone or mail. Failure to comply can be punished by imprisonment, not unlike a revocation of parole.”

      It talks about how their is no supervision of those on the registry. I have kind of a question.

      In the city where I live, I receive a monthly visit from the local police force who checks to see if I still live here. For a little while I was traveling for work. Because I was away for an entire month he basically asked me why I wasn’t coming home for my visit with him. He basically told me I would be in very big trouble if I missed this visit. Implied I could go to jail cause he could violate me because our meetings were “mandatory”.

      I ended up calling his supervisor, while I was driving to a location, at 11pm at night, in Virginia. I tried a little sarcasm to get my point across, which fell short of the Sargent. So with all seriousness in view I simply explained this officer’s disrespectful and threatening attitude. I held back the part where my “father” stated that when he was at our front door, he reached for his side-arm in response to my father coming around the house. He was disrespectful and impolite in attitude toward my family. And my father was scared and intimidated by him.

      How am I any different than a parolee who has a supervisor come and verify them each month. I’m not. Fortunately some of the Police actually try to joke and talk about stuff “like video games” as a lot of them don’t see these visits as a point needed….

      The laws state I have to report twice a year, in person to the county Sheriffs Office, and the registrar. I follow the rules and report my movements through email like a good little SO.

    • #69294 Reply

      We all have the right to bear arms! I do and have several 40 caliber revolvers. I also have a 50 caliber rifle. They are black powder and are considered as primitive weapons. We are allowed to poses these weapons. If you get the right coach, you can load these and have them ready to fire at will. So let one of these vigilantes come see me. I’ll give them a real reason to fear me for real, no joke. Stand your ground and protect your self and family with no regrets. F#ck the people who harass us.

    • #69297 Reply

      Wow Phil while one can see each other’s view points we all have to have rational laws or should have in some form of rational understanding today. Now Rational and rationalizing are two different aspects. One could even be Rational about the dollar bill and rationalize about where did this inflation come from or does man go with hindsight or foresight or go with a rain man theory of whos’ on first. Phil you are right on many points but in the end the truth will come out or should we all eat pork.

      Yes Phil everything has merit but most of this registry is like a conspiracy that was whipped up behind closed doors and NARSOL and others are working on Rational laws or making strides’ to end this whole registry completely. does that make any sense or should we all give credit where credit is due. All minds don’t think alike.

      This registry is so complex as one of the monitor pointed out with its many facts and facets that it is like an abomination that Sandy mentioned to someone on here with a lifetime stigma in much of this nonsense. While many or are all things good if used properly are these law men using this enticement via the internet properly. If someone tells you on the internet to come down just to talk dirty something is wrong with the whole picture not to mention the pretense factor. The sexual overtones and many more issues.

      One person talked about Elvis Presley and the gal he married and yes many had a field day with that one. One wonders if he was rational or moral with his “suspicious mind” or did Nixon rationalize some cover up and than stepped down to avoid more embarrassment. Sure we all strive to understand this immoral type of justice in a Rational way and with rational laws but one wonders if Jennie was really Tony’s master in the series.

      I’m sure we all in agreement to abolish much of this registry ordeal and yes if NARSOL is fighting in their than its for a just cause or who in government is being immoral in much of this alteration type of hankie panky ordeal. Even enticing one to sign a paper or statement saying that they knew that one was talking to a teenager is a bit devious and unjust.

      Actually, and this is just my theory, you have a mixture of legalism and a mixture of jeapardyism with a basic principal foundation. or what where is dishonesty today or who gives plea deals to save face with a vain slant. So who is burning their bridges without fixing the problem.

    • #69300 Reply
      Jonathon Merritt

      I have an AirForce Texan .457 rifle that can shoot a 500 grain hollowpoint. its always loaded and full of air.
      Black powder weapons can not be left loaded because they will damage the barrel and the powder will go bad from moisture. The best defense against vigilantes is to to live in a good place and have good neighbors

    • #69299 Reply
      Jonathon Merritt

      I know what your going through and understand the hopelessness and dispair.
      There is a path to a job for us that I found through big rig trucking. If you can get your CDL I can point you to a company that is a second chance company that gives anyone a chance. Let me know what you think of this idea.
      I have been driving since I got my cdl in Dec 2003 and I was released in 08/2003. Once you get that two years experience otr many jobs will open up to you.

    • #69306 Reply
      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      Phil, I fail to see how anyone with any degree of reading skill can read what I wrote and say that NARSOL is for the registry. And if you are referring to the most recent NIA conference call, that call was not on the issue of being for or against the registry or enumerating the reasons why we are against the registry; it was for the purpose of providing updates and information relating to legal challenges that are currently being made or will soon be made.

    • #69311 Reply
      Not a SO

      Thomas, you are not alone with your analysis of the point made by SCOTUS, 538 US @ 101. Believe it or not but I have not only asked a combination of 21, yes 21, defense, appellate and constitional lawyers here in Texas, but also NASROL lawyers about these statements made by SCOTUS. Guess how many have answered? 0, zilch, nada! No not one lawyer could or would answer my questions as to what these statements mean. My interpretation of these statements are that if the Alaska statute DID restrict where a registrant could live and work and also restrict a registrant’s travel then the Alaska statute would be unconstitutional. (if this is your interpretation let me know) But I could be in error, but that’s why I asked all those lawyers; however, none, not one could or would answer my inquiry. I would have felt better if one or two would have answered with “F-you” man, those questions are like “Toxic Waste” and I’m not going to touch it”. That would have been sensible to me but no, all I got from all of them were cricket chirps. Let me know Thomas.

      • #69313 Reply

        @Not a SO
        The lawyers who work with NARSOL are typically not available to answer random questions. They would be answering questions all day long if they were. When you want to ask a lawyer a question, it works best when you make an appointment and go in and sit down to talk with them.
        Which NARSOL lawyers did you ask and how do you know they are NARSOL lawyers?

      • #69314 Reply

        Honestly, I am dismayed by how many people think they are going to get answers to complex legal and constitutional matters in an email. Even in Ask a Lawyer sites like AVVO, the usual response from the lawyers there is, “make an appointment with a lawyer”.

    • #69315 Reply

      I guess the old saying has come about with this sex registry in many ways. Too many chief’s and not enough indians. While we can all have our good days or bad. What does this sex offender registry really accomplish or for what does this internet ordeal really accomplish.

      Who know’s who talking on the internet. That right their should tell one something and yes what teenager dupes others with a story to come on down, mom’s not home and I have the whole house to myself. That right their would be a bit out of character and promiscuous. Even any mother would understand that of their daughter. Who is over riding who with much of this So a lot of the registry should be abolished as the methods don’t fit the true nature and one wonders what the scales of justice are unbalanced and blind. This is a good example.

      Sandy you both get my vote. All of us can all rationalize, argue, or whatever but the main thing is the truth will come out of all these ordeals.

    • #69325 Reply

      1. Report your address yearly or be punished = compelled speech a Constitutional violation

      2. Determination that you are a Danger and classifying you as such without due process = no Due Processes a constitutional violation

      3. If any of these laws are done to punish or are found to be punitive = Double Jeopardy a constitutional violation

      4. Coming to your house to see if you live there = Illegal search a constitutional violation

      Everything they are doing is against our rights and they know this. They are not doing it for the children they are putting children in the registry now. They might do it for votes, but i believe it is for control, and creating citizens without rights the real government agenda!

    • #69324 Reply
      Not a SO

      Fred, understood my man. What you say makes perfect sense. I guess if I were a lawyer I would probably not answer questions in this manner either. But consider this Fred, myself as well as Thomas above do raise an illunmative point, i.e., in that the court did say in “Smith v. Doe 538 US @ 101” “…that registrants in AK could live and work where they wished and travel without restriction…” Now, using basic logic and reasoning, these statements tell me that that can be interpreted as the court saying that IF the AK statute DID restrict where a registrant could live and work and their travel was restricted then yes, the AK statute would be unconstitutional. I mean come on Fred, how else could these statements be interpreted? Either that or like “James Brown” would say, they were just ‘talking loud and saying nothing’. Which is it Fred? Offer your opinion.

    • #69333 Reply

      We all love pharses or some proverbs but the pharse “nobody tells me what to do seems to be the topper” sounds like some trashy gutter phrase. Yes respect comes in many different ways but who respects a sex offender that’s labeled an offender. Should we go with a speak softly and carry a big stick today or nothing to fear but fear itself. Sure I’m with you all on banishing much of this registry ordeal or should we all just think of ourselves. Why do you think NARSOL’ and the other advocacy groups are here.

      Today it seems the internet and curiousity can kill killed the cat but their is a whole principle involved in this endeavor we are all in. Lawyers strain to look for the facts, use scientific methods to know whether one has gone mad, attracted to the opposite sex, kids, animals or what ever. Even some people keep dogs as pets even snakes or boa’s.
      Humans are a bit above the dog and snake catogory and do have a mind to reason in all this sex offender issue. Yes the states should pardon a lot of offenders caught up in much of this mess or as the old saying goes don’t let your mouth overload your brain which I’m sure its all about money in many of these ordeals. Talk about a hatfield and McCoy feud of a sex nature.

      People should strive write letters more to banish much of this registry. NARSOL and others can do just so much. Sure ask for pardons whether absolute or conditional and even one has to be a math pro to figure that one out from time served to actual pardon dates. One wonders if even government today has a master or who is stretching true justice a bit to far. Something to ponder on Im sure.

    • #69334 Reply

      How about this and yes i can back this up with evidence for people to see. The very first study on recidivism was done in 1944 and that was on violent sex offenders, plus, in 1994 and rates in 1944 3.7% and in 1994 shows 9% and government has done a recidivism rate study every year since 1994 which shows below 5%. Oh and the garbage they fed lawmakers about if we knew a SO lived across the street they could’ve protected Megan. Thats a complete lie, they went that day and asked all the neighbors and only 2 didn’t know the rest including Megan’s parents all knew he lived across the street plus there was 2 other SO’s that lived on the block which they knew about. Plus a psychiatrist who worked at a state run hospital where they lockup violent offenders. This person and another doctor followed up on those that did get released and his results didnt match the governments results and he and his study was told to stop & his paperwork on his study disappeared and they say he died from cancer about a year later. Hhmm coincidence, how can they keep it going, i think there’s way more for them to loose. When the American people find out what the governments doing every SO can sue the government and probably bankrupt the USA.

    • #69377 Reply

      For what it is worth:

      Everytime I register. I state this immediately.

      “Before I answer your questions, I am only here & answering these questions because if I do not, I fear the threat of arrest & incarceration. I am answering these questions but I unequivocally invoke my 5th amendment. Because you are using these questions against me, of which are not even crimes”

      I only answer the questions 1x. If they ask another question, I state ” I already answered the questions” & then restate my original statement about invoking my 5th amendment.

      Sometimes I include this also:
      What you did to me was
      #1 illegal
      #2 then violated my constructional rights
      #3 then ruled down tyranny on me

      (PA Commonwealth v Johnson established the registry is the same as being under supervision control.)

    • #69390 Reply

      While I ‘m sure everyone stands up for NARSOL’s views’ and Fred and all the others we all have to provide truth and understand as that is what NARSOL is all about Rational laws or where is hidden insight today.

      Sure we sall have opinions about this registry, the methods used and these prusuasive factors but its truth that will be the final victory in all this. Phil has his view’s and also view points as we all do. Phil forgiving and forgetting is good in all matters and yes everybody has viewpoints so this is just as much of a learning lesson to NARSOL as it is to those that instill on other with many of these these henious ordeals.

      We can all have a chip on our shoulders and want to be right or call out others but Phil I am with you on standing your ground and many others on here also. With due respect to NARSOL, opinions are good, understanding is good, rationalizing is good or rational laws but if it conflicts with authority that goes above mankind than we all need to go back to the ABC and put them in their proper order prospective. No one likes vain justice and much of these ordeals are in vain or should we all agree to that.

      Hashing about different points are is no good even for NARSOL but respect goes a long way. Even the enimy needs our paryers. Phil I hope you can forgive me on that one as well as NARSOL’s interpetation of who is right and who is wrong today. We all have a battle in this and should press on. Maybe forming a protest is not a bad idea in much of this registry hoax.

    • #69427 Reply
      Off the Grid


      I think you are being overly generous to use the adjective ‘eloquent’ to describe Ms. Martin’s writing.

      The only thing she writes original within the article is a short hit-piece, vigilante-leaning description of a man she has never met, and by extension, includes all registered persons in the hit-piece with her use of emotional trigger words like ‘predator,’ ‘heinous,’ ‘atrocious,’ and ‘child molester.’ She even has some rather poor sentence construction within her brief original section.

      The bulk of the article is copy and paste from other sources. One, an organization of questionable expertise, RAINN, and the other is the state codified law statute.

      Hardly worthy of being called ‘eloquent.’ In fact, it is a downright shame she has the audacity and temerity to pass judgment upon a fellow human being and citizen she has never met. What is genuinely atrocious is her using terms and words as if she has some insider information and she knows all about the ‘crime.’ Somehow, she knows it was heinous and atrocious. Somehow, she is sure some poor victim has had his or her life utterly ruined forever.

      I would say Ms. Martin’s display of her own shallow character, with her readiness to character assassinate complete strangers based upon her superficial knowledge of the case specifics is tantamount to her committing defamation of character.

      She has a Ph.D. THAT is ‘what is wrong with this picture.’

      One should expect more emotional maturity from someone with a Ph.D. I suppose it takes real life experience to truly grow up. They are handing out Ph.Ds too easily these days. Shame. An atrocious shame.

    • #69432 Reply

      @off the grid, I enjoyed that. One would even wonder why Robin had an article about a Pastor convicted of some past offense. Yes while I enjoyed the comments on that post it does open a prospective in a lot of this registry offense. Are we all not wrong or right to comment about the good or bad about anything or do we all make rational decisions before the truth be known, rational laws, or rational understanding.

      Everybody has their rhyme or reason or do we shoot first and ask questions later in this type of war. I even enjoy some of Crashes comments and many others but being understandable can be a bit much and upsetting at times. Even NARSOL’s rules say don’t get out of line and stay on topic as best one can or do we all waver at times.

      Yes rules are rules in any court of law but when law goes above the law of lets say commandments than something is wrong.Sure in this life we can either play with a full deck or half a deck and I’m sure we all can form an opinion. I am not against NARSOL or any other organization that wants to help improve the quality of life for true justice but can’t we all take things out of character at times or should we say the law is a bit out of character in this factor of sin issue.

      All thru history biblical law can be taken out of character. Principals play a big role in everything that mankind endeavors but its using the sword of justice in the right way that matters.. just like registry matters but who has the greater responsible or who usurps their authority in a lot of this game. And yes a detective did tell me it was all part of a game and at this time the Commonwealth has just acknowledge one of my letters and its stamped. I sent a copy to Janice a week or so ago. I’m sure it would be interesting to some to end much of this sex registry for all in these ordeals.

      I’m sure the registry must go in many respects or does two wrongs make a right.

    • #69445 Reply

      This is a very informative article. SOs are never FREE from their past due to the registry. PLUS, in Wisconsin, the Legislatures have PASSED Law 01.48 which requires persons DISCHARGED from the Dept. of Corrections to wear a GPS bracelet the REST OF THEIR LIVES! WRONG. A suite needs to be started to revoke this law.

    • #69468 Reply
      Georgia mom

      The SO registry is the worst thing to ever happen for my son. No one gives him a chance at a job and he stays depressed. I wish the registry would go away for all the families that are hurting so much over this. I feel it can cause so much danger for my son because people don’t care about the facts. People think the worst and for years we have to suffer.

    • #69571 Reply

      George Mom I also just yesterday sent a copy of the stamped pardon letter to NARSOL headquarters I NC and letters do work if one presses these values. I’m here in the Shenandoah valley. Jefferson’s home and also and JMU is not far away from me and those forefathers were really for people from the history.

      Today I can’t say much about this vain justice. Even Lincoln would say this is abuse for a lot plain and simple.

    • #69583 Reply
      Not a SO

      “d”, you are absolutely correct my man! The points you make are right target. And the Federal Judiciary knows this and that is probably why several Federal Appellate Courts have ruled these laws unconstitutional, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals out of Michigan for example. However, there are Federal Courts that are to highly “POLITICIZED” and therefore scared to death to overturn their particular state’s registry. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals for example, knows damn well that Texas’s registry is unconstitutional. After the Snyder ruling a law was filed here in Texas making the same challenge as in Snyder. The Fifth Circuit was given a side-by-side comparison of Michigan and Texas registry to show that the two were the same. In Texas you have “In Person Reporting” to a police agency ( see Smith v Doe 538 US @ 101), and restrictions on where you can live and work and you damn sure better not leave the Harris County (travel restrictions) without climbing a “Mount Everest” of paperwork. However, the court still ruled against the plaintiffs.

    • #70220 Reply

      March 27th was the deadline for Michigan to submit a revised SO registry law or Judge Cleland will do away with the registry. Has anyone heard about what is going on?

      • #70222 Reply

        The deadline for the judgement to be entered was March 27. The deadline for the law to be rewritten is 60 days later, approximately May 27. I am sure the coronavirus will push it back to later in the summer though.

    • #70226 Reply


      Ok thanks. I do hope we all get relief!

    • #70420 Reply

      @Mac Apparently, to the State of Michigan, our “relief” will be as such:

      *** Correct link approved by Admin

      Now you see what they think of us.

    • #71959 Reply

      I watched the Michigan House committee hearing this morning on HB5679.

      I am thankful for those that provided testimony and expert knowledge. I am disappointed that many who signed up to testify did not respond when called.

      So……the House Committee is going to have more Hearings moving forward and invited more people to testify.

      God only knows what is going happen

      If body language is a indicator of covert feelings one of the Michigan Reps spent the entire session slumped in his chair, laughing at me point, did not have a mask on, and wiped his face with his coat sleeve.

    • #73273 Reply
      David Kennerly

      If the purpose of the registries is retributive, which is to say, pure revenge, then they make lots of sense since they deliver on that goal in spades. That’s why, despite the reasonable-sounding but ultimately intellectually bankrupt arguments made for them, they only really exist to sate the public’s appetite for revenge, revenge for acts not committed against them, revenge against people they don’t know, revenge against a class of people, an abstraction, who represent an attainable opportunity to torment.

      That’s the reason for the registry and why the rational arguments against it, which fail to take this appetite for cruelty into account, are found to be unconvincing by the mobs who demand their cruelty quotient served up by their government for their convenience.

    • #77684 Reply

      First and foremost, we must be civilized to show that not everyone under the registry is “an animal” (preditor). Terms such as preditor, monster, rapist, etc. are loosely used to identify the entire group which instills fear in the public eye. it brings to mind a quote regarding racism, (paraphrasing) if the media & government agents constantly broadcast that dogs are vicious and dangerous, then the public will constantly be afraid of all dogs.” Not everyone under the registry is a “Rapist”, some just made the unfortunate mistake of doing something they shouldn’t have, and even more, some have gotten caught up in the “me too” movement, others have committed minor offenses and yet several may have pleaded guilty just to, “make it all go away” (as reported by the innocence projects: several may plead out to get a lesser charge or were coerced into pleading out to avoid embarrassment).
      At times it is unfair for some of these individuals trying to move on and yes! i do have compassion for victims if any – however, when does the punishment end? would be under the registry justify being “handicapped” and thereby should not be discriminated against? or would it be profiling under the mentioned categories?
      A prime example would be a close friend who was accused of sleeping with someone 16years old – he was 18 and had full permission from the parents to date the young lady however, he, unfortunately, was caught cheating by the mother and after that was accused with little to no evidence (that I am aware of, I stuck by him knowing both his character and hers). After being accused, I motivated him to not let the “label stick” and convinced him to volunteer, unfortunately, the Volunteer organization would not accept due to his status as a “Sex Offender”.
      Years later the laws changed (which asked the criminal conviction after the candidate was hired) – by then the young man was deeply depressed, attempted suicide twice (that i know of), and could still not find a job because once an offer was made and after the question was answered, they would “explain” that the position he was hired for was filled, and a lesser position with less pay was given. he began using drugs and people around his area would harass him – especially the gang members.
      How can someone move on like this? how can someone make amends? how can someone start let alone maintain a family like this? the registry should be eliminated especially because of rouge law enforcement or government agents who decide to play vigilante and turns a registry meant to aware the public into a hit list (this would also include rouge citizens and gang members).
      The unfortunate comparison in a racially charged world would be, comparing those under the registry to racial minorities and comparing the vigilantes to the “KKK” or other groups. As “Jim” stated, the Which trails lasted 300 or so years, racial injustice last around 500 to 600 years, other such atrocities have lasted lesser time with more tragedy. When will it end? If one does maintain a family or decides to start one, will the torment end? or will it be forcefully passed down to the individual’s children even though they had nothing to do with the offense. will it be forcefully passed down to other family members regarding the same?
      What good is the constitution or the bill of rights if they do not encompass ALL who live under the flag?

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