Sexual offense laws: What does the future hold?

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      by Ken Abraham and Brenda Jones . . . Over the past 25 years, the U.S. has developed a pernicious system of sexual offense laws, including increased s
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      Something definitely needs to change. My son is looking at Parole in 18 months and the Michigan Parole Board states he is to have no contact with minors which means he can’t come home because his sister lives here. His case had NOTHING to do with her nor a child of her age. I am told that Fathers can’t go home to their children either. JUST WRONG! I was told I may be able to contact his Parole Agent and plead his case on why he should come come and that there would be no safety concerns, working on a letter. If anyone has any help or direction that they can share it would be greatly appreciated. Was even considering contacting an attorney for civil rights. I have heard some say the registry is against our Constitution.

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        Dear Rita, sorry about ur frustrations, my husband just got done serving a 4 yr sentence for touching his daughter inappropriately. She said something 8yrs after the fact. Didn’t happen, his ex-wife courses her. He actually served 3yrs and as of 2018 in parole. He couldn’t come home because he was not allowed in any of the counties around me (his wife)….He is currently living with his grandfather 2 hours away. Even though he is at a Low risk, he has to register for Life. I hope these laws change and will be Praying for ur situation.

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          I think this is so wrong. The same thing happened to my son. He met this women at work. She had a 4 year old daughter and no place to live. She got very friendly with my son and because he felt sorry for her he let her move in with him. After about a year or two she stated questioning her daughter about if he was touching her. This went on and on with the mother even texting me messages about her daughter thinking he was her boyfriend and not her daddy. They had a child together when her daughter was 10. She was very jealous of the new baby.When she was 15 she told her school councilor that he touched her and did all kinds of other things that her mother was filling her head with. I just want to tell you that I can relate to your story. We were told that what she said was unfounded but don’t really know what’s going on. Can’t find out anything. My son tried to help her so she would have a place to live and this is how she thanked him. My son would never hurt a child and tried to treat her like a daddy would treat hid own daughter. T he mother is evil.

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        Will Crump

        The main way child pornography leads to relapse is when an offender WHO HAS ALREADY COMMITTED A HANDS-ON OFFENSE accesses this material. It is so similar to drug abuse. One can’t ever see enough and just seeing the images ramps up the desire to fulfill the fantasy by orders of magnitude. At first the pictures are great. Then the pictures get boring and one then craves videos. Once the videos lose their initial thrill the only thing left is to actually commit the offense and relapse. The pornography stirs up memories of the offender’s own hands-on offenses since he will seek out that child pornography that mirrors what he did. That then whets the appetite in the same way the ringing of the bell caused Pavlov’s dogs to salivate after they had learned to associate the ringing bell with food. For the offender the child pornography is the bell that reminds him of the rush and sense of fulfillment and excitement and arousal experienced while committing the act. It is a thing most dangerous to those of us who have committed hands-on offenses. I steer clear because I don’t want to flirt with ANYTHING that could EVEN ALMOST send me back to jail or prison.

        It would be disingenuous of me to act as if the offender who has not committed a hands-on offense is not putting himself and innocent children at risk when viewing child pornography. One only seeks this material out if the interest in sex with a child is already there. My concern is that over time the pornography gets to where it’s not enough for some individuals. Some consumers of child pornography will escalate to committing hands-on offenses against children if they don’t get help and come clean about their addiction to child pornography and their attraction to children.

        This brings up a most serious problem. Our mental health system is in bed with prosecutors and law enforcement when it comes to the subject of child sexual abuse. Any offender who came forward and admitted to viewing child pornography and having strong sexual desires toward young children would very likely be reported. Law enforcement would step in and immediately file charges of exploitation of a child by electronic means. Hands-on offenses must be reported. I’m not sure how much confidentiality a person would have after admitting to viewing (AND ONLY VIEWING…NOT DISTRIBUTING) child pornography. The possibility of prosecution and public humiliation (not to mention the fear of public reaction) along with the fear of losing their family and seeing their world crumble down around their very ears stops them from coming forward. Sadly, the problem only comes to light after the person has victimized a child or multiple children and now has to face the full weight of prosecution.

        In Germany there is a program that allows those who struggle with pedophilia BUT HAVE NOT EVER TOUCHED A CHILD IN ANY SEXUAL WAY to get help confidential, supportive help without law enforcement getting involved. If our society really wanted to protect children, a program like that could be put in place here. Also, the Canadian program COSA (Circles Of Support and Accountability) would be implemented nationwide here in the U.S.A. However, it seems as if no one is interested in helping BEFORE A CHILD IS VICTIMIZED. Our society only seems to want to destroy the individual utterly AFTER THE OFFENSE HAS BEEN COMMITTED. It does not make sense. Society prefers PUNISHING AFTER THE FACT AS OPPOSED TO PREVENTING THE VICTIMIZATION OF CHILDREN UP FRONT?

        Our nation has too many hate-filled, self-righteous vindictive people in it today. They love to see others get destroyed beyond redemption. Heck, they don’t want the sex offender to change. They want him or her to re-offend just so they can point a self-righteous finger and say, “See!! I told you that scumbag would do it again!! It was only a matter of time!! Not IF, but WHEN!!”

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        If anyone considers the registry NOT a violation of the constitution, then they are either completely ignorant/uneducated about the topic or intentionally choose to lie and believe that it is somehow OK to enslave people like this after they’ve served their time.

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        obvious answers

        Yes, you are correct..
        The registry violates every single part of the constitution from retroactive enforcement and cruel and inhuman treatment to the fact it is so bizarre and out of scope that not even the judges, prosecuting attorneys or police who enforce it and determine it can translate it… Unfortunately the powers that could fix it frankly care less and are often genuinely enjoying flaunting the fact they can violate the constitution at will rather then uphold it..
        Do not expect much integrity from the courts either as they are just as corrupt and the few who may not be corrupt are so geriatric and senile that others are making the decisions for them while spoon feeding their baby food and changing their diapers.. If you watch the debate interview posted on this site you will hear a statement that is unfortunately the battle cry.. Out of millions of people 900 thousand or so is a small number and frankly their rights dont matter..
        I apologize if this doesnt sound positive but it is not a positive situation… Even the attorneys, like the civil liberties union who should care about Americans rights prefer to spend more money defending the imaginary rights of criminal illegal immigrants .. If even a third of that energy was placed into defending you then you would see change..But that will not happen. You are not popular and there is no money or positive news media in defending disenfranchised Americans. Any effort to defend registry victims will be half baked and accidental at best. that is why the wins are always slipshod and not definitive victorys…you think it is bad now..wait till they remove of gun rights, which is coming..our government will keep staging shootings until they get their way… then you will really see bad.

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      What does the future hold for sex offenders? Hope and true justice for all. I noticed in the article Sandy mentioned monitoring but that’s is man’s device and a form of bondage in itself. A lot of these sex offenses are really out of the norm of human reasoning.
      Two years ago the Dept of Corrections wanted me to do my treatment program again, they told me this time the course is free. Well two weeks went by and I was out of the program. Yes I said something to one of the other new people coming into the prograsm of a true nature and they , the DA, the instructure, even my PO told me they decided they didn’t want me to attend. While I’m sure there was an underline to all this.. they law enforcment have their “pride” and wouldn’t comment on that.
      Actually a lot of this stuff is dupping a lot of people up in all this “Katznjammer craze”‘. It like a fiction mets reality situation, but the realty is police enforcing and enticing sitting behind a computer giving & presenting people the opportunity. Now what prtdon dedicated to God would do that? Sure evil is evil but are they promoting evil with this specktrum.
      Should we all go back to the ” do unto others as they have done unto you or should we say enough is enough. Sure they can put monitoring devices on peoples legs but are they trying to control one’s thoughts, one’s intent, who one seems in daily life, who one talks too, if they look at a person and lust in their heart, or if they brush their teeth regulary three times a day.
      Doing something actually in public is what people should worry about not some mind control type of robotic’s. That my friends is considered a yoke of bondage and not freedom or liberty.
      We all should address this as a redress of grivance as these things getting very out of line with basic law. I know some people have gotten on me here but if you take christiany out of law than what do you have. If thats the case than we wern’t born carnal, so we might as well be perfect as someone mentioned on here.
      So what does the future hold actually that would be predicting just like they predict the sex offender.

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        They did this to my son. He has to wear a leg monitor for 4 years. Not only that he has to pay 300 dollars a month to wear it. Being on the registry no one will hire him. Therefore he can’t make the payments. I help him when I can but I can’t always do that. He finds odd jobs where he can earn some money but they aren’t always available. If he can’t make the payments they will put him back in jail. It’s a no win situation and it is hurting the whole family. When will this ever end. It’s a high price to pay for making a mistake.

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      Jill a mother of a rso

      I my son and his girlfriend went thru this all. They wouldnt let him be in my home because my daughter was under 18 and he couldnt be a parent to his son. We hired a lawyer to help let him be in his own apartment with his gf and son to no avail. We got a bill, no justice. The laws are messed up and these crimes that they plead to out of fear only create more problems . . . Loss of family, support, lack of employment, education and then back in jail for some non criminal act listed on a probation restriction. . . Like looking at someones Vine video or taking a child to the doctor without permission or picking up mail across a county line when on a gps monitir device. Going to jail for things that humans simply do everyday is what my son went thru for 4 years because he wasn’t deemed “good to stand trial” because of his skin color ADD and his deep dark brown eyes!
      My advice, beware of probation and get counceling for your family cuz you are in for the worst ride of your life trying to figure out how to just BE a mom who loves their child who is a RSO.

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      What the future holds for “Sex Offenders” will depend on Activists who realize that the Constitutional illegality of SO laws and requirements are a threat to Democracy & Constitutional rule-of-law for ALL Citizens! (Law never stays in the cubby it was designed for.. It always expands in applications) The answer to this complete erosion of human rights is the Court system. Cases must be brought forward & presented in such a way that they succeed in reversing the permanent ostracism & victimization of U.S. Citizens who have served their sentences for past offenses! Allowing the erosion of Citizen’s rights to continue & expand is the real threat to our free society!

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      This is where I have a problem with how NARSOL and other advocates for us word things to please the powers that be:

      “These people need counseling, to be sure, but they do not need to be in prison. ”

      How can you say this when you’ve also talked about how SPAM EMAILS which contain illegal images can get a person into trouble even though they did not request such emails? Just opening it out of curiosity to see what the email is (and let’s face it – a lot of people are stupid and will open emails that contain headers such as “Claim Your Inheritance” or “The Government Owes You More Money back”).
      I’m really upset that you guys keep playing into the garbage of “they need help”. No, not everyone needs help.
      Someone who has a rendezvous with a 15 yr old in a heat-of-the-moment lapse of reason doesn’t “need help”. The “help” is just one of those ‘feel good’ things we do to sexual offenders to please the public and the lawmakers.
      If the legal age is 16 in a particular state but someone screws up and caves in to the advances of a 15 yr old….oh wait…we can’t say that either because we can’t even let on that we all KNOW that those who are underage could EVER be the ones to make the first sexual advances.
      But keep this in mind: The legal age of consent in MY state is 16. Over the state line into New York State the legal age is 17. So, if I have a CONSENSUAL affair with a 16 yr old in NYS, that person is a “victim” and I’m a monster. But come back to Connecticut and that 16 yr old can consent all day long with anyone older than they are.

      No, NARSOL, not EVERYONE needs ‘help’. Laws simply need to change and courts need to be able to determine, by the nature of the crime, that some people are not the threats to public safety that they are forced to be labeled.
      The public is no more at risk of threat to their safety by me or most people who are on the registry than they are of a house fly. When the hell is someone who advocates for us going to say it like it is instead of lolligagging the truth?

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        If a grown adult agrees to meet my 15 year old daughter for sex, the only help they’re gonna need is a funeral director. Sorry, but you need to realize that we live in a society that does not condone such behavior and for those that “slip” in judgement and engage in that behavior society wants to know why you did it and wants to be assured you won’t do it again. Now, how we get there is what is at issue but what is not at issue is somehow condoning, ignoring or treating lightly the behavior itself.

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          Sandy Rozek
          Sandy Rozek

          And after you serve your prison sentence for murder and are released, you will not be on any registry. You will be free to live where you wish, to stroll in any park, to go in any school where you have business. And we would fight for those rights for you, just as we fight for them for those who have served sentences for a sexual offense.

          And of course the idea that being on the registry assures that one will not repeat his offense is blatantly untrue. The registry does nothing but make it difficult, sometimes impossible, for those who have every intention of never reoffending to make a life. For those who either cannot or will not alter their behavior, a very small minority, the registry does nothing to prevent reoffense.

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          If a grown adult agrees to meet your 15 year old daughter for taking part in a bank robbery gone wrong, the only help your precious princess is gonna need is a good lawyer. Because she will be charged and prosecuted, and likely as an adult, including and up to life (without parole) in adult prison.

          Sorry, but you need to realize that we live in a society that does believe that a minor is responsible for every single one of their actions, easily as an adult, but for some reason that the same adult / child cannot make rational decisions about their willing and voluntary sexual conduct.

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          Just to be clear, what is your definition of a “ Grown Adult”….? Technically, a 19 year old is an Adult.

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          Randall Flagg

          Just how does someone who agrees to meet a 15 year old girl who is already most likely sexually active doing something that deserves the death penalty. were you a mindless robot when you were 15 and then you magically became a man three years later on the day you turned 18 ?
          Enough of your dumb Sh*t.

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          “If a grown adult agrees to meet my 15 year old daughter for sex, the only help they’re gonna need is a funeral director.”

          And YOU’RE here because….???
          Let’s get something clear – NOT EVERYONE MEETS A 15 YR OLD ON THE INTERNET. I love how everyone is STUCK on the internet. Ever heard of co-workers? (Yeah, 15 yr olds can work part time, duh!)
          Ever heard of a family friend or step-parent?
          Oh…wait… you’re one of those who are also of the mindset that a 15 yr old cannot possibly make advances because a group of people in the legislature SAID SO.
          Well, those same groups of people said a 16 yr old can consent in 27 states while another group of those same types of legislators claim they can’t consent until they’re 17 or 18. So thanks much for actually READING and COMPREHENDING what I said earlier. Kudos, macho man!

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            obvious answers

            I have a thought but first lets make sure we are on the right page..Mind you I am not justifying the behavior of the adult ..either of them (you as the absentee parent or the other adult) because yes as a negligent parent you are responsible as well.Own up to your failure.
            If a “grown adult” which could be a 17-24 year old by many laws agrees to meet your 15 years old daughter for sex that would A. Indicate a willingness on her part (which means odds are not the first time) B. an extreme lack of parental supervision and guidance on your part (Because it isn’t her first time, AND she has time,availability, and lack of parental guidance for the meeting) and C. An ongoing conversation and discussion with said 18 year, that a good parent would have been involved in monitoring..uhm..cough.. cough..

            So now we have set the stage..If a minor commits most any other criminal act the parent is also often held liable since it at least by extreme negligence they are a pretty dumpy parent, right?
            So, uhm..why do you feel the adult (17-24 year old) would deserve of death BUT you the absentee parent deserve to shirk your responsibility’s not once but at least twice and have everyone else bear your shame and blame?

            What we need is reciprocal and fair justice.. Parents being held to a degree of accountability for consensual sex crimes the same as the other party. Same as would be for most other crimes..
            This could end many consensual sex crimes because parents may start doing their jobs? ..
            There is no innocent party in a consensual case. In many cases the young lady’s have lied about their ages, are found in alcohol establishments, often out for nights at a time with no supervision, and even worse often with the parents permission . .
            BUT BUT then comes the aggrieved and oh so concerned absentee parent, after the fact, beating their chest in holy rage blaming everyone and anyone except their own absentee parenting skills….
            Come on folks…let us be real already.. There is a huge difference between rape which is a scenario of no choice and a rebellious young lady with absentee parents who have shirked their obligations, and this is a factual reality that needs to be considered. Why punish one guilty party and not the other? Would it not be safe to say a parent should be much more diligent and responsible then an 18-24 year old? And there for at least equally culpable since she is under their guardianship?…food for thought..

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          Robin Vander Wall
          Robin Vander Wall

          Would you be okay with a 15-year-old meeting her for sex?

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          what happens if your 15 yr old daughter begged for the man to have sex with her? Let’s say the man was mentally handicapped and couldn’t decipher right and wrong, but was no threat to society, just a gullable young man..would you still feel hatred towards that guy or more your daughter instead? Just wondering

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        a man without a country

        Good points, Maestro…

        It does seem as if this nightmare continues because so many people believe that females (for a neutral term) get the spark of ‘feeling’ from males the say Adam gets the spark of life from god on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. I have seen so many stories where I can’t help but wonder: What if we stop staying A victim and THE perpetrator and start thinking THE victim and A perpetrator? I would even go so far as to say that the opposing team’s refusal to even consider this possibility puts more youth/young females at risk. But then admitting to this might cause their house of cards to begin to crumble. Twenty years ago, I used to talk regularly with my court-required shrink (a PhD/LPC with 30+ years experience THEN AND a devout Christian) that the scale should be from 1 to 10 to show the difference between someone who goes through a window, kidnaps, etc, etc, and someone who responded to being twerked long before Miley Cyrus made that a household term a few years back…

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      Thomas Wilds

      Michigan did the retro active on all offenders. That caused so to register that never did before and some that registered 25 years to do it for life. So because the law changed it affected all offenders. My question is when I offended I was not able to get HYTA. But a few years ago they extended the age limit on HYTA. So if they could retro act my sentence then shouldn’t I be able to qualify for the HYTA program. If that was the case I could be removed and never show it on my record. I met all the requirement back then except I was over 21.

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      I was 29 and a guy lied to me about his age he said he was 19 and he looked it he was 6’1 total beard driving to come see me got into a bar with me when I picked him up not once did anyone come out and ask for a number our name or where he was going… Believe me had that been the case I never would have ended up in trouble! I found out after the fact she was a very “socially active” person making her a very negligent mother. He turned out to be 3 months shy of 16 which is the legal age of consent in North Carolina. He was allowed to talk to the DA once and he admitted to lieing about his age also telling the DA I was a good mother and person and didn’t deserve to go to jail. From my understanding that was the last time he spoke to anyone supposedly it was to emotionally scaring. Before this I had never been in any trouble with the law not even a speeding or seatbelt ticket. I did not have a very good lawyer and ended up with 3 indecent livery charges with a minor. I served 16 months incarceration upon release I had 3 years probation with 2 13-25 months hanging over my head and a parole period of 5 years. I also had to register which has ruined my life. When I was released it took me a year of not living with my own children to get permission from the parole board to be allowed to live with them. I am on the registry for at least 10 yrs at the end of which I can petition the court to take my name off of the North Carolina registry. I will never be able to go see my son play a high school football game or my daughter play a softball game or her 8th grade graduation I have to get special permission to see my children graduate from high school. I have made it through my 3-year probation and will soon reach my 4-year mark on parole at this point I have 19 months left. I feel that the laws regarding sex offenders are so generalized and it is completely unjust each situation should be looked at and judged by each case I would never hurt a child or anyone for that matter and I feel that My Punishment was taken to the extreme. I take responsibility for what happened I should have been more careful and making sure that he was the age he claimed so I do agree that’s some punishment was fair but not to this extent. I really wish there was something I could do or help that I could get to be removed from this registry I believe it is totally unjust and unfair. Just wanted to put my story out there and say that all the people that are fighting against things like this You Are Not Alone and feeling that our judicial system have let you down.

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        Wendy, you do have a good story that should be shared! The fact that you are a female and your so called victim was a male and if it can be proved that he did in fact commit Fraud, then it should be published.

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        I feel that more than enough harm has already been done by these sexual laws and the registry and something strong needs to be done about these monstrous and inhumane laws and registry. As if having just misdemeanor or a felony cannot bar a person from finding an apartment or getting a job, they have put these negative spotlight over people in the registry which moves where they go and which cannot be hidden in public with very little prospect of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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      If a person is caught with an illegal video, prosecutors use the number of frames in the video to count as individual images… so a 3 minute video is 87 images, even if you only had that one file. Additionally, any file LABELED as child pornography IS child pornography – regardless of the contents. If you download a picture taken by the Hubble Space Telescope (yes, that’s how they got me) labeled “17 year old having sex,” then you’ve downloaded child pornography and can go to prison for 3-5 years on a first offense… and 20+ years for a second offense, no matter how long ago the first offense was.

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      What does the future hold? The total abolishment of a public registry as a result of a total re-do of sex crime laws which focuses on removing and incarcerating for life dangerous, predatory, violent and/or habitual pedophiles along with a very clear system which accurately classifies such a person. If we do that effectively, then there is no need for a registry. It will force law enforcement to do their jobs more effectively, spending money where it counts which will mean safer, better communities for all. Lesser, non-physical sex crimes will be dealt with the same as other crimes. Until NARSOL acknowledges that this type of person is indeed deserving of such treatment will they ever be taken seriously. This can be accomplished by focusing on the solution rather than obsessing over the problem.

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        Tim L.

        No man or woman or panel thereof can accurately predict the future. The utility in law making must be congruent with outcome desire. Most humans have the ability to learn therefore the best question becomes: How does society stop making sex offenders? Especially those whom eventually do murder. Is it necessary to leave undistinguishable a comparison of those who desire to cause pain to others? Many complainers of sexual ,”violence” make no mention of pain. Physical obvious pain. To focus in those proven capable of inflicting pain on a child (or living being) may prove more logical. Well defined terminology is important. NARSOL merely promotes RATIONALITY! Which leads to desired outcome.

        While I’m not a paying member I see no attempt to hide individual heinous behaviors exhibited by those labeled, rather it implicates the baselessness of irrational\ vindictive ex post law making. Its focus IMHO especially the ambiguous use of the term sex offender. Painting with a broad brush has its inherent drawbacks and liberty implications. This group does not stand alone in it’s effort to promote criminal justice reform. That the American people have decided to let the FED so far into the day to day lives in individuals is an obvious enlightenment NARSOL enjoys. That they are here provides proof of free speech as the founders declared inalienable such.

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      To my friends in America. I empathize with the dilemma your criminal justice system has. I wish the American government and the medical community would grasp the prevention system in operation here since 2005.

      Please have a look at this website for more information There are also resources online for people wanting help. It was started at the Berlin University

      The program as you will read is about prevention and is quite successful. It is completely anonymous and free of charge! Isn’t this kool?

      Please pass along this information to your politicians…

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      Not everyone who has viewed child pornography will directly abuse a child. Please be careful in your viewpoints as they may relate to some but not all. This is part of the public persona that needs to stop.

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      Someone mentioned about self-righteous people on here. Should we all take a look at ourselves for a second. Well law-enforcment does dedicate their profession to God but they seldom use the principles of God,, These internet sex sting operations done thru a computer are the very basic examples.

      People on here have called law enforcment self-righteous hyprocrites, Didn’t they call the Pharasee’s that as I recall. I guess things are different than those days or the Jim Crow laws and other “Untouchable” events. Who gives another an opportunity to kill the conscious?
      If thats the way people see law enforcment doing things in a shade tree unfathomable like manner than “YES” law enforcment has lost its respect and diginty in these types of unconscionable situations. Who know’s whats next or has law enforcment run amuck in this one area of this sex offender duping of mankind. Is law enforcment self-righteous in their judgments in a lot of this ordeal. Judge not or you be judged.

      Now NARSOL like any other organization/advocate if one wants to say that, is to promote rational, true and fair dignity to these unconstutional laws and rights, and helping others is what its all about. We all should fight. Sure imput and decisions are always good, some are good and some are bad types of imput. Now I know we are all in this situation in some measures of this sex delimna but true justice and not blind justice will prevail if we all voice out. Fightening dignity and rights are great for any society. Its as if the blind are leading the blind with all this kayos. Take care of corruption and than let justice take care of itself or are morals dead in this day and age. Remember you can’t have true law without righteous law. So who’s judging sinners today or should we say, it takes a sinner to catch a sinner.

      Sure we all need to send letters to President Trump or State governments or whoever one needs to or should we all just say “you can make a difference” or we can make a difference or just stay silent in this sex offender issue.

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      obvious answers

      you want to know the future?… Look at the past… Specifically let’s start at Nazi Germany… Brand a segment of society, take away their jobs and homes, fine and penalize them for the privilege of the government stealing all they owned,restrict where they can and cannot live, force them to carry a brand labeling them as a lesser human acceptable to be abused, make more and more retroactive laws against them, propagate and pander fear of them to the populace, condon vigilantism against them, place them on registrys, black list and restrict their ability to escape to other countries…… Do you smell the gas chambers yet? … Wake the flip up because like it or not that is the future!! You don’t believe it?? Look where you are on the list already!!! Only thing left is the gas chambers, and with your passports trashed where will you escape??? I really hope you aren’t holding your breathe on justice in those corrupted courts…

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      This is an excellent article, to the point. The facts are, that most of the Sexual Offenders labeled by the Laws are not offenders, as much as victims themselves by the way the laws are written. Here in Pa parents were labeled as Sex Offenders if they taken there own child, children without permission. Of coarse along with other charges. This is now being corrected here in Pa. Thank you all who were involved! I hope that more things like peeing in a corner, are looked into as well as so many things that had been added since 1990’s. People who are labeled a Sex Offender should have a chance. I am so proud of the State of Illinois to take the first step to see that there is a problem. I know that my grandson was labeled something that he was not. I know that when he was released from prison, we had to go his parole officer that same day. Now every other week unless he shows up here. He also has to go to counselling for both a group and private sessions. These things are not free, and my grandson had just turned 18, so he did not have a licence to drive. We are working on that now. He has not been able to find work even with the promise of several. It took to long with his release. Thank god for looking out for him, because he had me or he would be like his room mate still in prison waiting for Housing.

    • #36921 Reply

      What bout the fact that because someone is staring at the bank does not mean that person is going to rob it either an a cop cant arrest you because he thinks your going to rob the bank that illegal, so how come they regulate and punish you for something you haven’t done yes the person commits the crime does his time an completes probation or parole but its like the guy staring at the bank an it don’t matter if the guy robbed a bank before you cant arrest for staring at the bank so why are S.O.’s being punished an scarlet letter placed on them when they have not committed a second crime the highest recidivism is theft and arsonists are round 30-40% recidivism an S.O.’s are 4.7% and they say registration is not a punishment but if you don’t register you will have a warrant out for your arrest and it you will have a class E felony, and what other civil duties if u don’t, you get arrested and have a felony, quit making laws so you can climb the ladder in your political career.

    • #36969 Reply
      Facts should matter

      Well, the future looks unfavorable. Most of us will survive, but we’ll never live.

      • #37004 Reply
        obvious answers

        You my friend have summed up reality very well. There is no positive position. For every so called “victory” there is always at least 24 more retro-active losses on the ways threw the legislature to take it away. ..The only thing I question is the thought that most of us survive. Look at how fast things escalated in Germany from the registry’s to the camps and chambers…..Look at the horrible bloody acts hidden in Americas own not distant past..I sincerely believe as a country we are just one horrible law from the return of castrations and euthanization’s…. All it would take is one more Daumier or Bundy and a little CNN publicity to see it happen faster then you could get up and run… Unfortunately in a country of 325.7 million people the mathematical fact is that person is already running rampant and just waiting to get caught..

      • #37119 Reply

        You said it very well.

        The sad thing is that many people will not even survive. Mark Sailing from Glee, took his own life rather that go through the hell that this type of conviction brings.

        Just this past week, a person I knew of but didn’t really know did the same thing in PA. Check out rather than go through this. He wasn’t even convicted yet, so no one can ever know whether or not it was true, and since in our society we are innocent until proven guilty, he will never actually be guilty of this.

        Even my husband, who gets out of prison next month admits the thought has occurred to him, but thankfully he realizes I can forgive him for his crime, but I could not forgive him for taking his own life. I would understand, but nor forgive. He made it 8 years. His life will not be better, but we will get to be together, and that makes it ok at least.

        It pisses me off to no end every time I hear of someone checking out. If I can make it through this, then you can. I have been going through this living hell for 25 years now, and every time I think I see light at the end of the tunnel, it ends up being a freight train. But I have still fought. I am still alive. I may not be thriving in the normal definition of the word, but I am alive, and until that time that my mortal vessel gives up and breathes no more, I will be alive, and I will do nothing to hasten that event up. And if I can do it, then anyone can. It may not be how we envisioned our lives, but we can at least survive. I seriously doubt anyone one of answered the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” with “I want to be a registered sex offender”, but it is what life has doled out to me, and I will carry it to the end.

        Please, please, please, if you are thinking about suicide—-DON’T DO IT. Talk to someone, a therapist, a minister, hell, find me on here and talk to me, but please don’t take your life. Every human life is precious, even a sex offender, and we can’t afford to lose a single one until it is their time to go.

    • #36970 Reply

      I want to thank Brenda Jones & Ken Abraham as this article makes one want to stand up and open their eyes and see more clearly. Civil Government compromises a lot of things when they give these opportunities. I took criminal justice and probation & prole in collage but I never thought I woud have to use it this way. A lot of this whole ordeal is going against biblical principals in so many ways. Sure we’re not suppose to judge but speaking out if what we all need to do. Most American people dont’ know what people go thru on the registry go thru. Can’t even go to church without a chaperone

      Look at how many people are on the registry that got duped up in all this. Now look at how many drunk drivers we have. Gunman even. And they say its for public safety. Now protecting kids is good but assuming just because one has a potty mouth that is entangled in all this well that’s a bit up in the air or has a porno pic of somme kid is a bit broadsided. Even some of you all that were induced just like myself and then they give you a plea deal or bargain. They are covering themselves.. Its like a one sided fax sheet coming out you from the DA and all one can do is plea guilty or not guilty.. where is true due process, You can check all this out in the bible its all there. I tell you what use your resources on the computer look up God and Government and the role of Justice. We all need action and to speak up about this.

    • #36972 Reply

      I would have to agree with “obvious answers” on the current parallels with Nazi Germany. (Altho life in a forced labor gulag is a more likely idea than gas).. The ex post facto laws currently customizing former offenders & their families have flimsy legal underpinnings based on debunked “facts”. They are both Constitutionally illegal & discriminatory on many levels.. It’s in the best interest of all who cherish freedom & a free society to pull those underpinnings completely out!

    • #37032 Reply
      Edward Ruggles

      Rita , my name is Edward and I did 8 years in Michigan State Prison for a Sex Offense. I was able to get a Parole from Michigan to my Mother’s home in Florida. I did not receive a Parole my first time up for Parole , I received a ” continuance ” of 12 more months before I would be considered for Parole again. I was sentenced to 6 years, 4 months to 16 years, 8months. And as you know in Michigan you do every day of your minimum…there is no ” good time”.
      Somehow, and I don’t know if this form will allow it, to communicate by Phone or E- mail in order that i be able to express to you how I was able to Parole to my Mother’s home, in Florida where my young niece lived at the same address, but in a different house trailer. I was not allowed to be in my Mom’s house trailer if my niece was there visiting her at the time. And I couldn’t visit my brother’s house trailer if my niece was home there.
      This is very complicated to explain the very thin lines that would violate the conditions of my Parole and send me back to Prison for a Parole Violation. My point is, I was able to be on the same “land” , same postal address as long as there was two house trailers on the property.
      I can only tell you what happened to me, I’m not offering advice so much as I feel that I would be helping you to look at the , not so obvious options that my experience of Paroling from a Michigan Prison taught me.
      If you want to hear about my experience with the Parole process from a Michigan Prison, then I have to leave it up to you to make a pathway for us to communicate to each other . If we, or you decide that we need to to that here on this form I hope it’s allowed.
      God Bless and good luck.

    • #37108 Reply

      I am completely heart broken for my 24 year old son having to register for a list that eliminates him from participating in his stepchild life. He is the idol of her little life. He takes her skating. Helps coach her soft-ball team. Was at every game all the things a good daddy does. He never did anything to a child, as a matter of fact, He was the child in my opinion. He was 21 and the woman was 51… Outrageous right??? It was a new years party with lots of drinking on both sides. She got caught by her children, friends of my son, and hollered rape. This woman should be registering on this list if my son has to. I feel this list is extremely unfair for circumstances not involving a minor. Now my son can’t do what he loves to do and be active in this little girls life and any future children he may have for at least 15 years. Maybe then he can be removed… guess what? the little girl will be 23.. He can’t attend church anymore. Go to fairs with the family, etc. The registry is actually hurting many many more children then its helping… It needs to be redone. I absolutely agree a person who abuses a child should be on it. At least have an adult registry and a Child abuser Registry with different restrictions.. What can we do to stop hurting children from this highly unfair Registry?????????
      From a heartbroken mother…….

    • #37113 Reply

      Sometimes we all should smell the roses with this sex offender delimna we are all in. Yes these internet sex sting delimna’s are a cancer upon america should we try to say its man playing the devil or some taste teaster using sin as a common demonator. Ponder on that for a a bit. Now the bible say they law enforcment are ministers for bood but are they?

      One wouldt really know that unless they walking thru a situation such as this internet sex sting ordeal nor would they really care. The bible says all things are lawful but not all things dont’ edify. Do sex sting operations edify? Is our freedom judged by another’s conscienc? Sure its nice to be safe but assuming to protect something is like assuming that Florida foot bridge wasn’t gonna collaspe. Now the government is trying put to blame on someone other than them such as the contractors or the one who built it. Its like we can’t tsake the blame as we are govement and we are perfect. Yes we should all stand up in our own states.

      Remember we are ordained by God so we are perfect in every institution of law, or is it like we can’t take the blame for who’s president. Remember you are the little people and we have domination over all of you. Yes we can induce an opportunity to one because of safety, because We are the people now and you voted for us so you have no right to bitch to put it mildly.

      The future to all this sex offender needs to be rehashed and revamped in a lot of ways. killing a person’s conscience is no good or are we all some sacrifice to their God.. which is money.
      So where does “One nation under God” come in? Yes we should all be ready to seek a redress of grivance, and we do have God given rights, over all this and help others also in a lot of this endeavor. I am in Virginia and those that want to group together they can contact me at Truth must come out in all this for a lot of reasons the bible says offenses will come but by Minister of God for Justice when police are randomally assuming “grab’em by the pussy” makes one a sex offender or or just a sinner like everybody else that didn’t grab.

    • #37158 Reply

      We all should be thanking NARSOL for letting us sound off a bit about these sex sting operations. I know we all get upset about all this truspassing that law enforce seem to do in the name of public safety but what is the truth. We wil all be held accountable in the end.

      It saddens me about this fellow from that “Glee program” that killed himself. Sure pressures build up in all people and their is just so much people can take, thats why we all should take action. Yes it destroy’s lifes like Shelia, Kendel and the others have said. A lot of this is over some Dateline NBC testing over an interne “shark bate proposel” Sure some public human encounters are of a real nature. Is all this evil.. sure it is… but when someone else gives one an opportunity its like a war of the wits and seems government wants to win.

      People is that America. Fighting for others is good but when the opportunity is induced of this type, who draws the line? In a household type family situation of this nature does one go beserk or reconcile? Do we all jump to conclusions first? In a lot these circumstances the future is grim unless we stand up for all this type of human debauchery of a man made kind. No one is perfect not even government. In the end we all have hope to stand up and its up to all of us and thats what NARSOL is all about change and constutional rights.

    • #37465 Reply

      Not really the future of SO laws, but what the SO laws have caused. is the online sex trafficking law, and the interesting part is
      The amendments apply regardless of whether alleged conduct occurs before, on, or after this bill’s enactment. So now Congress in its infinite wisdom is passing ex post facto laws in areas other than SORNA. They told us in SORNA it was ok, and now they are pushing the envelope. Where does it stop?

    • #37801 Reply
      misdemeanor offender

      The best way to deal with the registry is to clog the courts with discrimination lawsuits. For example, any person moving from Arizona to North Carolina can do so freely, except sex offenders; even those removed from the registry. The process begins all over only for convicted sexual offenders. To me, this is an interstate compact violation because it requires citizenship requirements. One state may have residency restrictions such as living near a school while other states do not. The initial conditions of registry requirements changed once a SOR moves over a state border. It is confusing and the only law in the United States that infringes on legal freedoms.

      Another issue that SOR’s should clog the legal system with is proving the state is not using relevant or any data at all while creating statute or public policy. Even if the case is dismissed, there will be a record for other cases. If a SOR prevails at any level, there is precedence for other SOR’s to eventually have the law removed or abolished.

      Writing politicians are not the answer. First, they don’t have the overall support to overturn legislation in this hyped-hysteria culture. Second, SOR’s usually are not a voting force to make a difference. It is the courts that can overturn laws and public policy. Therefore, any SOR should seek an injunction, lawsuit, or filing to bring awareness. It is one of the few places remaining that is not off-limits to registered or convicted offenders.

    • #38144 Reply

      But, law enforcement does have double standards! A deputy in a The very same courtroom and by the very same judge whe convicted my son of looking at several images of teenage porn and gave him 4 years in prison, gave let one of the county deputies off with NOTHING and he actually touched a child. His only punishment was that he could no longer serve in law enforcement. No sex offender registry, no jail time, no probation, NOTHING!!! Slap on the hand! Why should He get preferential treatment???

    • #44759 Reply
      Maxx Copeland

      Just a question, please. I live in Canada, and I know the laws between countries are all different.

      If charged in the U.S.A., is it one offence and the person has to be registered as a sexual offender? Or would it be multiple offences?

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