Sexual offense facts needed. Hype? not so much

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      By Sandy . . . News bulletin: Sex offender arrested for violating his conditions and going to a school. The original header for this — and what searc
      [See the full post at: Sexual offense facts needed. Hype? not so much]

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      The media sold their story. They are happy. They care absolute ZERO about such a follow up to their “heroic school staff” story.
      How about NARSOL file a suit against th school and the media outlet who ran the story?
      Or maybe send the school and the media outlet a nice little pamphlet about how they are being fear mongers? And keep sending (may cost you a few stamps) until they speak to someone at NARSOL and give an interview where they can be taught to keep a closer eye on their teachers rather than registered parents.

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        Sandy Rozek
        Sandy Rozek

        I did send information to them.
        As for a lawsuit, we would have to prove that we have standing to file such a suit and that there has been harm done to us in either financial loss or to reputation due to their actions.

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          Facts should matter

          Just a suggestion, but why don’t we start having quarterly “sit ins” during school hours in the parking lots? We can hold up snarky signs like “I’m not the ‘bad guy,’ but I’m made out to be one on the Internet.” or “Not a legitimate safety threat.” or. “Amazing how you’re children are still safe while we’re here.”

          The public’s misguided and misdirected reliance on Megan’s Law (to “protect” their children) needs to discouraged, discredited and devalued at all costs. Nothing will change unless we show the public that we’re not afraid of them getting outraged and offended.

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      Phys Ed

      All these sex offender laws are just a bad infection finally catching hold on the entire body politic from a disease of legislative origin in the deep south. “Jim Crow” was instigated to get around Lincoln’s 13th Amendment guaranteeing freedom and full rights citizenship for former slaves immediately following the Civil War and demonstrably not buried until the 1960s with the civil and voting rights act of 1964. Here it is… IT’s BAAACK!!! reincarnated and virulent now all over the country as Sex Offender laws!!

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      Nancy Galuppo

      From the history that i have read … the restrictive multitude of laws against one group of people…reminds me of the concentration camps (during World War II.) and how the people ended up there.

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      NH Registrant

      I was recently watching the show ‘Daredevil’ on Netflix. But, I think I will stop watching it altogether. In BOTH of the 2 seasons I’ve been watching, they shoe-horned in a sex crime story. It made no sense to the plot or continuity. They just had to include it. I watched the entire season of The Punisher and there wasn’t a single reference to sex crimes in the whole season. But, yet, they just HAD TO put it in the Daredevil show.

      This isn’t the first time I’ve been irritated by some show or movie that shoe-horned in a sex crime story. It’s SO irritating! It’s like the country is so completely obsessed with molestation and/or rape stories being included in TV and movies. I hate it. I don’t want to see it anymore. I already know it happens. I don’t excuse it. But, I am sick and tired of seeing it in everything I watch! WHY do they have to keep doing this? To keep the hysteria alive and well? When are we going to grow up as a species instead of always demonizing a specific group of people while excusing another? In these stories, it’s never a cop or a politician doing it – it’s always some poor person or a regular parent. I’m SICK of it!

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        I feel like many people have a deep desire to see and highlight bad things. It’s dramatic, exciting, and maybe sometimes people feel more secure when they can point a finger. Possibly people can even relate to a sexually oriented crime better than other crimes. I think current laws and restrictions have little to do with safety and much more to do with our social and political climate. It’s sad.

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      Tammie Leigh Lawson

      I Absoulty can not understand why people are so quick to judge a RSO when they have no idea why they are labeled. Recently I was beckoned to come onto school property for an IEP meeting by staff if the school, I refused the offer the meeting was to have taken place at a church across from the school but somehow the keys to the church were lost needless to say we help an IEP meeting on the hood of my car in freezing temperatures outside in a off street parking area. I feel staff was ready to break a rule at their conscience and let it slide or maybe they needed a reason to violate me either way I stood firm in my decision to stay off school property. When will people realize that we are normal people and are productive citizens?

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      Tammie Leigh Lawson

      When can someone contact me I’m interested in advocacy groups in my location. I’ve sent multiple request. Maybe I could be in charge of answering emails and providing information to those seeking change.

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        Sandy Rozek
        Sandy Rozek

        Tammy, we apologize. To where have you sent multiple requests? Have you filled out a volunteer form? If not, please do; if you have, I doubly apologize; please let me know that and I will figure out where things went awry. Go here to fill out the application.
        You may email me directly at And tell me what state you are in.

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      John Gibbs

      I am in Virginia and begun contacting my governor and Senator trying to understand the logic behind these laws. I am not anticipating much of a response, fingers are crossed. I have called NARSOL and emailed several times to no avail.I want to set up an affiliate group here in Virginia and will fill out the volunteer form. Is there is anyone from VA reading this, please contact me.

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        When did you last email or call NARSOL? I have no recent records of someone with your name contacting us.
        We do have an affiliated group in Virginia, but we are looking for a new leader for it and a new contact person. And you would be welcome to start a second group in Virginia if you prefer.
        Please send us an email by clicking the link at the bottom of this page, and we will put you in touch with our regional coordinator for Virginia.
        Also please fill out the application at
        We will look forward to hearing from you.

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          Hey John give me a shout out at I would love to get together with others in VA about this sex offender ordeal since each state’s laws seem to different as we all need to stand up to this dark area that those seem to say its for public safety. Public shaming is basically what it is and thru an internet device how cleaver.

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      Tim L

      Maybe SO protests at public school entrances would make the point. All holding signs ANTISOR. The press would run with it.

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