Sex registries as modern-day witch pyres

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      Robin Vander Wall
      Robin Vander Wall

      By Guy Hamilton-Smith . . . Perhaps the most irrefutable statement that can be made about modern day America is this: we have a penchant for putting p
      [See the full post at: Sex registries as modern-day witch pyres]

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      I agree! Here in Missouri the lawmakers revised the criminal charge codes to be more lenient EXCEPT on sex offendes, of which they did the opposite. My husbands attorney accually told him it would have been better for him to have walked up, put a gun to someone’s head, and shot them in cold blood than to have a sex charge. The two guys that killed the RSO in Doniphan Missouri have been given a plea deal of 20 years right off the bat. They will most likely only get 5-10 in the end. Where as my husband was offered 30 years. His attorney got him a 15 year deal and told him he would most likely lose at trial because it is very rare that a man charged with a sex crime will actually win in Missouri.

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        Is NARSOL aware that it is illegal for registered citizens in Louisiana to give Christmas gifts to their own children? Because of this law, I have not been allowed to give my kids anything for Christmas in over 5 years. I wonder if the law makers are actually aware of the laws for which they voted. How does this law “protect the public”?
        I ask this directly to NARSOL… how do I fight this law?
        Here is the text of the law:
        §313.1. Distributing candy or gifts on Halloween and other public holidays by “sex offenders” prohibited; penalty
        A. It shall be unlawful for any person convicted of or who pleads guilty to a sex offense specified in R.S. 24:932 to distribute candy or other gifts to persons under eighteen years of age on or concerning Halloween, Mardi Gras, Easter, Christmas, or any other recognized holiday for which generally candy is distributed or other gifts given to persons under eighteen years of age.
        B. Whoever violates the provisions of this Section shall be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of not less that six months nor more than three years.

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          That right there calls for an all out legal war against the laws surrounding what THEY have deemed “sexual offenses”. Notice how the law is written to broadly say “any sexual offense”, which means when your 14 yr old daughter sends nudes of herself to her 14 yr old boyfriend, she better not put her name on any gift to her younger brother because in the eyes of the lawmakers, she SURELY wants to engage in sex with her younger brother.

          THIS IS RETARDED!!!!!!
          Stop kissing their asses with all this prim and proper legal terminology and just tell them to their faces how RETARDED they are!

          Are you listening NARSOL? Are you listening defense and civil rights attorneys?
          It’s time to tell it like it is and stop tiptoeing around!

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          I don’t believe, in my opinion, Christmas and Easter is a public holiday like Halloween is (or Valentine’s, Thanksgiving, or other holiday of the ilk that is government or Hallmark generated), but a religious holiday that you should have the ability to celebrate under the freedom to practice your religion, including the giving of gifts.

          I see the law you quote and reference, but to constrain someone from practicing their religion is something I would think someone in LA Voices could make a case against the inclusion of those two religious holidays in the list of public holidays (religious, government and Hallmark), especially where gift giving, stockings, a bearded man in a red suit, Peeps, colored eggs, and a bunny etc are cultural norms and pertinent to the overall celebration to the particular religious day and which the public has made them into what they are today.

          Even in LA, where religion can reign supreme (Bible Belt), it would seem to me that would not hold up in an upper level court, especially federal, when presented as such. That is my two cents, I could be wrong, but I recommend lumps a coal for each LA legislative members who voted this in.

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          Tim L

          Give your family gifts!
          what you think they’ll drag you into court for doing it?????

          No way a jury convicts you for that!

          You are correct in complaining about that law, but living by it is your fault. So yea you risk a charge but so what??

          Just give already.

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      Billy Jack

      If we lived back in the years 1100 and 1200 during the pogroms and witch hunts of Europe we would see similar policies with incriminating people we fear. Fear drives elections, fear drives funding, and fear drives new draconian laws. I commend NARSOL on their quality of Journalism, their sound research, and what I like to call intellectual consistency. Keep up the great work everyone.

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      Excuse me but am I missing something here. Their has always been witch hunts and yes today its a modern day witch hunt for those that commit sex offenses. Sexual misconduct, adult misconduct, having a potty mouth, being indifferent to the status quo of society. I feel like I’m in the movie of ” the graduate” with an internet twist too it.
      At times I wish I never gotten involved with all this but I also feel that justice has run amuck in a lot of these ordeals. There is no love thy neighbor in any of this witch hunt. Maybe we all should go back to playing with ouji boards or reading palm’s, when we did when we were young.

      I feel bad for all the lady’s on here that have husbands or son’s that are in prison and I even wonder why I didn’t go to prison at times. Even with the little violation I did while on probation by saying I was on face book and actually that was to sign up to campaign for Trump which was the main purpose.

      Now hurting people is no good and some what to voice or put down others as in these sexual misconducts, little grouping incidents and what for some vanity. Shouldn’t we all learn to reconcile to each other talk it out but no we as human’s seem to get the police involved. I wonder who bully’s who when it all comes down the pike. I even year today that they want to start an adult sex offender registry… talk about witch hunts or talk about government going a bit too far. Should we all go back to the days of Carly Simon your so vain or I bet you think this song is about you.

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      With all the sexual misconduct in the Government and Hollywood settings, including assaults with minors, whether now or from 50 years ago, will they also be charged as sex offenders in the registry and/or serve time? What about the coverups and hush hush money from government officials? There can’t be status preference. Will this help NARSOL’s case?

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        Jewel, I was wondering the same thing with all these sexual harassment cases coming out. Wouldn’t this also be considered a non-consenting crime? And if these women, who certainly deserve compassion and understanding file charges, wouldn’t we see something of a registry coming out? Huh, food for thought. No answers from my side, but Justice and equity would seem this would be one more way for this broken criminal justice system to gain.

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        Jonny everyman

        Nope, on many of these accusations the statue of limitations has expired making it impossible to charge people with crimes.

        For more recent incidents these are cases filed in civil court where the damages and restitution are much greater for the victim than they are in criminal court.

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      Terry H.

      I have a question: ” Where is the evidence that the registries protect anyone ” ? I am on the registry and have been for over 4 years and NO ONE has ever check on me, looked in on me, stopped me, harassed me or otherwise looked sideways at me…EVER. Now, if I am such a threat to society, how is my being on the registry protecting anyone? If an SEX OFFENDER wanted to re-offend they could do so easily and for the most part, no one would ever know before it happened, so how is this public “Outting” helping, protecting or even in some cases informing real or updated information. We all have laws to follow if we wish to be a part of this world but some laws are ridiculous, have no true or real value and need to be changed, thank God NARSOL is here with their efforts but we ALL must do more if this is ever going to change.

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        Tim Lawver


        It is not important that the regime actually provided protections, it is that they appear to that counts.

        Ultimately, the databases will be used for political security opposed to individual liberty.

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      Check it out. I am the victim of chilld molestation by a family member who was murdered subsequently and my boyfriend as a child was brutally raped by a guy who worked at dairy queen when he was ten. I can tell when I am talking to someone or looking at someone who a sex offender is (predator) and I can tell if an accuser is a liar. My ex-husband plead innocent to a case in San Jacinto county. His piece of trash attorney should have declared a mistrial as me and my father were talking this last year. He told me that he heard the bailiff say to my ex-husband’s attorney that the jury had made up their mind because they did not like the way he looked. I need to find this bailiff and get all of my husbands transcripts. I am not an attorney but for 2 hours a day every day that I was in TDC (I was guilty as hell) I did a lot of reading in tin the law library mainly in the Texas Laws on Criminal Procedure. I fought my last case in 2016, sat there 67 days and I because Sigmund Freud, my attorney (mr Craft) was trying to play a numbers game with the DA and my stupid judge with the porn star name (262) in Harris County never studied the metric system or dewey decimal system most of us learned in the 5th grade. That is a whole other matter.
      Now, in my husbands case, he took a polygraph and he passed with flying colors. My daughter from a previous relationship and her (sucking off the system for personal gain) father’s family didn’t even offer to take one. Well, his polygraph wasn;’;t admissible in court and that was the only reason his attorney took his money just to represent him.

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      I have looked, but have yet to find a credible study indicating a positive correlation between sex offender registration and decreased sexual recidivism or public safety. Some studies even indicate that overall (non-sexual) recidivism increases as a result of online registration. This is due to the scarlet letter which makes it difficult to find decent housing or employment.

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      NH Registrant

      My situation:

      I live with an elderly parent because I am a social pariah and my health has gone straight downhill all through this ordeal (forced plea deal, prison, parole (which is now over), LIFETIME registry that I have to PAY FOR! ). I have severe health problems and have to live on SSI. I get a maximum of $730 a month to live on. I get a whole $19 in food stamps and I get medicaid. But, none of that will save me at ALL. I am due to die sometime soon – not by my own choice. However, It is inevitable. I’ll explain how and why:

      When my elderly parent dies, I will not be able to afford to keep our home. So, I will be homeless. Being on the Registry, I cannot get into low income housing. No roommates want to live with a registered sex offender. I have no friends anymore thanks to my conviction that I can go live with. And my relatives are all too busy with their lives (those that are still living, that is). I cannot even go into a shelter anywhere. I have no car. So, when my elderly parent dies, so will I. With my severe health problems, I cannot live on the street. I need regular medical care and medications to stay alive and breathing. I cannot be exposed to the elements by being homeless. So, therefore, I will die on the street (slowly or quickly – whatever happens) when my elderly parent passes.

      The Registry is a DEATH SENTENCE for me. This mark I bear for images on a computer resulted in a practical sentence of execution. This is the future I have laid out before me. This is what I have to look forward to. All because of a couple people who wanted to punish EVERYONE for the actions of a few. And some very greedy individuals who saw profit in it. This is the face of the registry for a lot of us. Shunned from any help to survive. It’s amazing we do survive! However, those of us with no connections, and no help , do not.

      With my elderly parent becoming more senile with each passing day, bad decisions have been made and we are in dire straits financially. We may lose our home even before my parent leaves this life. My parent will probably be taken in by some shelter somewhere. And I will not. I will be left to fend for myself on the street.

      So, when you think about us on the registry, ask yourself this: Do we all deserve death? All of us? I know there were people who did some unspeakable things and have zero remorse for it. People who do evil things exist, yes. But, that is a VERY SMALL percentage of us on the lifetime blacklist. So, do we ALL deserve to die for it? Do we deserve to be locked out of life-saving shelters? Do we deserve to be shunned from being able to support ourselves with the meager resources we possess?

      Ask yourself that.

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        Justice is needed

        I agree that it is a death sentence. A slow and painful one. Physically and psychologically. America is backwards. Sex has always been taboo and we are not happy until we find the bogeyman under the bed. To be a man in America today is a scary thing. I am a female who sits and watches my fellow women distort the meaning of feminism and have instead transformed it into a take no prisoners, man-hating, witch hunt. I tell them that the one positive thing about their “crusade” is that there will be no cats in the shelters anymore because they will all be cat ladies. I fear for my male friends who have never been accused of anything. It’s all about money in the end. Money. Evil and disgusting. Justice has nothing to do with it.

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      Witch hunt, witch hunt burn the witch but who’s the witch in all this confusion? Man cannot predict the future of another man can one?. Actually that is basically what they are doing in all this “being on the registry for life issue”.
      I remember in my early 60’s we did’t have any of this sexting, sure we had corrupt police, we also had programs like Perry Mason. Sure police were corrupt. are they still today, I leave that up to you all to decide. All I know is I didn’t ask for sex and thats on recording unless they erased it and that was my one condition. You see a lot of this is a trap of man’s device to enslave man. I just wonder why the detective told me right before I entered the judge that he was a christian instead of while we spoke during the interrigation. So who is the witch and who is the witch hunter. I believe its easy for any of you all to understand with these circumstances. Its funny about government they will go to any lengths to honor their code but not God’s commandments.

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      A modern day witch hunt. no Sex Offenders have it much worse! the people whom were accused of witchcraft either got killed or had to leave. we can’t do that. we are stuck. NARSOL tell’s us one thing and the gov. ( which includes the media) tell every one else something completely diffreant. it’s hard to see how we can ever win.

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      Were off to see the wizard witch one, Gwendolyn or the wicked witch of the west. I wonder sometimes who’s the witch in this trashy sex degrading lifetime registry is. Should we have a registry for gossip or a tell all secert society to let the whole world and newspapers know we are all sinners and yes we inhearited that from Eve. Wait a minute, maybe we should have a nympho registry also. They say catherine the great was a nympho.
      Listening to some of the comentary of Larry and andy on the talk show the other night they talked about punishment and how many years should one get, about probation and those offenses as to what degree the judges deem is proper. Well from Eve we were all given a judgemet and yes we all die. I’m sure you all know the story. I wonder who ask for the head of John the baptist and who put her up to it. Was it political? It never hurts to talk about these good and bad situations and challanges.
      Maybe we all should be beheaded that have a potty mouth or accuse others of sexual misconduct. Well who are we all going to condemn or who are we all going to ask for money thru the basis of greed. See all this fighting and fussing can go both ways but all the answers to your questions are in the bible. Do I mind at times being wrapped up in this witch-hunt. Look we are all with stars and men of importance… senator’s and lawyers and movie stars or should we start women’s lib all over again. I believe we all should let NARSOL and those other advocate’s do their job. Sure we all should be scared but I told my PO a long time ago that I fear only one person and that is God, so everybody have a nice Christmas and remember the reason for the season.

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      This NARSOL blog post, once again, complains about America putting too many criminals in jail.
      Is that NARSOL’s position, that we need to tolerate more crime and let criminals loose among us?
      I didn’t think so.
      I disagree that we have too many people in jail for crimes, in general. For most crimes OTHER THAN sex offenses that are prosecuted in the courts, too many people get light sentences. Especially for crimes that are malum in se and have a clear and specific victim (not a crime against “the morals of the community” or some such sentiment).
      Sex offenders and murderers tend to get slammed by judges with big punishments, but those are about the only crimes I can think of that are treated that way.

      If we as Americans want to keep the freedoms guaranteed by our constitution (privacy, freedom of association, freedom of the press and speech, the right to keep and bear arms, the right to raise our kids as we see fit without Big Brother being a co-parent to every family, WE NEED TO UNDERSTAND that some people among us cannot handle that freedom, and for them, the freedom to be free of government supervision is freedom to steal from others and assault other people and get away with it.

      If you want to live in a society where criminals aren’t sent to prison, you’ll end up with either anarchy (including a return to lynch mob justice and revenge killings, such as the Hatfield-McCoy feud), OR you’ll soon be living in a police state, where freedoms are dialed back to the level to suit the unrepentant felons among us.

      As for the SALEM WITCH TRIALS, the worst thing about them was that those people were innocent, and railroaded through a “court” system that had no justice in it. Those witch tribunals didn’t have any of the rights of due process of law, admissibility of evidence, etc. that we have today. The witch trials were totally worthless at determining guilt or innocence– the equivalent today would be shaking the Magic 8 Ball and seeing what message floats into view.

      NARSOL should focus on specific laws that are unjust, and NARSOL should be against penalizing S/O registrants based on rumors, myths, and legends regarding how dangerous such people are. But if NARSOL is seen as just an apologist for all criminals— if NARSOL’s mission is seen as to take punishment out of the criminal justice system, nobody outside of the community of convicted S/O and their families will take it seriously.
      Some sex offenders NEED and deserve long prison sentences, and probation for life, with limited freedoms while on probation or parole. The thing the legal system needs to work on is to identify those people by individual assessment, not lumping all S/O together just because their crimes had something to do with children and sexual conduct or nudity.

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        Robin Vander Wall
        Robin Vander Wall

        Kurt, we appreciate your perspective and are happy to publish it here. But NARSOL stands with most civil rights organizations in America holding the view that there has been an unprecedented and dramatic increase in the numbers of citizens incarcerated over the past three decades. There are many Americans from all sides of the ideological perspective who feel that we, as a nation, are addicted to the use of prisons as tool in combating serious crime. Statistics demonstrate that our use of prisons for the “correction” of less serious crimes (which constitutes the majority of crime for which people are currently incarcerated) is costly, ineffective, and draconian. Certainly, people who commit serious offenses deserve to be punished in accordance with the seriousness of their offense. But, with nearly 700,000 people coming out of prison each year, it’s apparent to many people that most of these individuals probably never committed a crime serious enough to be incarcerated for in the first place. There is also strong evidence that the overall increase in longer sentences for less serious crimes has placed many defendants in the position of pleading guilty to crimes they may not be guilty of committing for fear of going to trial, getting convicted, and ending up with a unusually stiff punishment. Criminal justice reform across all categories of offense is needed and we are committed to advancing that goal insofar as it is germane to our primary areas of advocacy.

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        Jonny everyman

        Lame post. Like those caught with CP who think they are better than others on the registry. The fact is a lot of people make mistakes and if people are willing to move forward they should be allowed to reintegrate into society. Repeat sex offenders sure, people who rape and kill sure. But everyone who doesn’t reoffend once released deserves a second chance!

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          Jonny Everyman,

          I never once saw a comment on here where any of us were proclaiming to be “better than anyone else” with whatever crime we committed. But let’s look at this example shall we…..

          You steal a lawnmower off someone’s property.
          You get arrested and you’re sitting in the courthouse holding cell with someone who stabbed/shot another person (without killing them) in a botched convenience store robbery.

          The judge gives the stabber/shooter 8 yrs in prison with 5 yrs probation.
          You get 10 yrs with 10 more of probation.

          You’re not gonna feel a little f*cking upset about that?
          A stolen lawnmower vs physical harm to another person? Really?

          Peace out!

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        One thing about your post that makes it obvious that you have fallen ‘victim’ to the typical brainwashing of our judicial/prison system is the use of the term “felon”.
        A felony is any crime committed that (based on man made laws) carries MORE than 1 year in prison.
        How does that make a person ‘dangerous’ as a ‘felon’ just because some upper class suits decided to make up an idea that anyone who gets a year or more in prison is a ‘scary, dangerous felon’?
        Try to screw with your income tax and get caught. Tell me how that’s a misdemeanor and how you’re not going to be looked at as a “danger to society” when the word FELON is attached to your history. Tell me and the rest of us aaaaaaalllllll about it.

        Also, the prison system in our country DOES like to incarcerate people because it’s a BUSINESS and in such business is MONEY to be made.

        You seem to think prison is the answer to everything like most Americans do. Ok, let’s see how that works….

        You drive drunk. You get pulled over and arrested. You go to court. It’s your first time ever being in trouble with the law. You are NOT an alcoholic, you were just an idiot in that moment when you THOUGHT you were ok to drive home.
        D.A. and judge determine that ‘probation’ is good enough for you THIS time. (Lmao!) So then you get an asshole of a probation officer and because you may have eaten at TGI Friday’s or Olive Garden with some friends or relatives on a birthday and that was their restaurant of choice, you then get VIOLATED for being in a restaurant that has a BAR. Even tho you are NOT ADDICTED to the alcohol that you once made a dumb decision with, but in the eyes of the retarded, narrative following probation officer, YOU MIGHT HAVE BEEN TEMPTED TO DRINK.
        So…he violates you. The Judge is not happy about you being back in the court room and the D.A. is going to rip you a new one in front of the judge JUST. TO. MAKE. IT. STINK.
        Now you’re gonna do jail time because you got a violation of probation.
        This is typically what happens and we call it “recidivism” and/or “reoffending” and this is shoveled down the public’s throats in a way that makes them think you’re just a constant criminal who keeps breaking the law (probation conditions are NOT laws, btw).

        So, you don’t like the idea that NARSOL feels the prison system here is too harsh and we just love sending people to jail/prison for the hell of it.
        You fall into that category of people who buy into the scripted crime drama TV shows and the over exaggerated News casters who say “sexual assault” when it turns out the ‘victim’ is of age but the older person happened to be their damn gym coach.

        Smh. And it’s peope like you who help to keep such fear mongering going on and on and on and on…..

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        Nu Bing

        Kurt, the laws hurt those that are so-called victims of statutory laws that say that at an age throughout most of history they would not be considered children (e.g. 17 year olds in some states) that they were unable to consent so if they want to protect the one they had sex with, they may keep it secret. In that case, they may pass on counseling they need even to reconcile the difference between their own feelings and what they are told, simply to protect someone they have feelings for.

        In some states, MINORS are convicted for being their own victims.

        In some states minors are convicted as adults that, although they cannot consent for sexual intercourse, are apparently old enough to convict for other reasons.

        In some states, sodomy with a minor is considered aggravated even in cases vaginal penetration is not. What group does that target? LGBT offenders, of course. That’s wrong of course, though it’s also wrong that apparently one hole is aggravated and another is not.

        Real predators who cause real harm need to be addressed, statutory laws need to be removed (beyond maximum sentence) and things should be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Many of these are predators of adults as well and essentially opportunistic hunters. Some of which are public officials and people you look up to.

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      Robin after Kurt’s post I do have to chime in a bit more. While Kurt’s right on a certain aspect I have to commend him and although my hats off to you and NARSOL’s position we the people need too draw the line on this good witch bad witch thing and this witch hung thing. Now know a bit about Tennis Hatfield since I lived in the coal fields of WV and am now in Virginia. I even know a bit about shot gun weddings. Were a lot of them imaginary or real. Some of my people lived around the Hatfield’s. Me I was not too much interested in the folklore of that era.
      Sure I listened to Martin Luther King Jr. and discrimination goes a long way. In fact I liked his speeches. See WV wasn’t a segregating bunch like VA and other states. Why do you think we broke off with VA during the Civil war.

      Are we all having our own civil war today with this sex offense and this registry that wants to maim sex offenders for life or should we dig up John Brown’s body? Now certain civil organization’s are great but in a lot of this sex witch hunt it seems that even hopes for a life beyond the registry is out of balance with these obtuse laws.

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      Woke up

      Why is anyone and everyone being prosecuted for ANYTHING?

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      Robin, I suspect that the statistics about incarceration rates in America include people who spend a short amount of time at city and county jails, where the typical stay is a couple of weeks rather than years.
      Many of those persons cannot make bond, and thus are held in pretrial detention, either because no bond was set, or the bond was out of reach of that person’s financial resources (and that of his or her friends and family).

      I’m a criminal attorney and former prosecutor, and outside of sex offenses and crimes against children, I don’t think it’s true that non-violent, non-dangerous offenders regularly get sent to prison. Especially for their first or second offenses.
      Repeat offenders with several arrest and prosecution cycles on their criminal history, YES, they are the one ones who can do some hard time for simply stealing or swindling others. But , at that point in their lives, it seems that they’ve chosen which path to walk, and they pick the path that leads to prison (or death, such as by recklessly fleeing from the cops in a high-speed pursuit).

      In my humble opinion, I think special interest groups should stick to their one core issue. NARSOL’s issue should be about sex offender laws and the restrictions that come with such a status. Not liberal touchy-feely solidarity with criminals in general. But, we can agree to disagree on that.

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        You’re a conservative and you’re a former prosecutor?
        But isn’t it the liberal minded mental cases who determined that all men are rapists and pushed for all these laws that YOU sent people to prison for?
        Wow! Interesting.
        If you were to trace back your family tree, how many years of age gap was there between your great grandparents? Today, someone would prosecute your grandfather.
        Elvis was 24 and Priscilla was 14 (way under legal age in any of the United States), but he was not arrested and convicted for it. Had he been, he’d be considered a threat to public safety and we would not be honoring him every year on the cover of Time magazine.
        But I’m a scumbag who deserves prison and probation? Screw that! And screw you!
        He married his “victim” 2 yrs later when she was of age but started dating her when she was under age.
        What would YOU do if a 24 yr old man was dating your 14 yr old daughter? Sex doesn’t even have to be involved to consider him a sexual offender for being with a 14 yr old.
        Elvis married Priscilla and never again chased after other young girls. Perhaps I might have married MY so called ‘victim’ had the law not been asked to step in and we’d have been together for 13 yrs now.
        And I’m still young in my older years. She’s now 27.
        Hmmm…. but nah, I’m just a danger to the public with my deadly penis. LMFAO! Ok 👍🏻

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        I suppose you can justify the plea bargain as a former prosecutor. You know the deal when a mug walks into a court facing two felonies And three Mr. Meaners, cuts a deal and ends up pleading guilty for two Mr. Meaners. Works great for prosecutors and defense attorneys but the public suffers because no one learns their lesson. Many of the problems with our nation are caused by guys like you distorting words in their plain meaning and by making exceptions that only the highly educated can figure out.
        Then you complain about commenters here on NARSOL blasting the notion that too many people are getting locked up. Hell even absolutely innocent people are getting convicted, some by plea, for stuff they know they did not do.
        What is happening to sex offenders IS damn well part of a larger picture whereby the police state is ever expanding and squeezing the liberty right out of the country. So the people decided to build an ELECTRONIC DATABASE for public safety, ehhh banishment. Yea that IS what you get from a police state just don’t go claiming that the United States is not a police state because the proof is in the pudding.

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        Robin Vander Wall
        Robin Vander Wall

        Here is a picture of what it looks like as of 2014 (from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, Dep’t of Justice):

        This chart DOES NOT include the 4.8 million Americans presently on some form of custodial supervision outside of prison/jail.

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      Guys on here and all you ladies that have son’s or daughters going thru all this mental abuse of the mind. Most of all this is like a mind game. Always liked that song. Could we also say its power to the people. Now I would not care who’s a lawyer on here or perseceutor or prosecutor on here but the main thing is fact. Yes this all is a modern day witch hunt if one wants to call it that, but it cuts deeper.
      Sure thereis ethicial standards and moral standards involved in all this game of cards. Now answer me this question? Does anybody liked to be duped What do you believe that video was all about. My dad happened to be a banker in the thirties. And yes he told me a bit about a lot of this as I was growing up.Believe it or not the state own’s everything is you really want to know the cold hard facts, and yes we no long have a constution or bill of rights like they were mean’t to be. We do longer have certain uninalenable rights. Those are long gone.
      Its the power of those who want to be big man on campus and play this power play on others such as duping in a lot of these sex registry encounters. We should all learn from movies like.. silence of the lamb code of honor or even the shawshank redemption… either get on living or get on dying. This collecting data stuff and all this science theory is a bunch of crap anyway to get taxpayers money. Even some of this sex therspy stuff or sex classes are a bunch of gunk. Seems man wants to dominate others in all this sexual lifetime control. So are we still in war. So this is Christmas and what have you done, or is the war over. Its time to stand up to all this witch hunt.

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      There will be no lessening of SO registry laws anytime soon.
      Many RSO’s will languish under these laws until we die. This nation grow continually more harsh, unjust, and totalitarian. There will registries (and prisons) for many and various offenses before it’s over

    • #30070 Reply

      Ah these morden day witch hunts, I am sure everybody could do without them. All this witch hunt is nothing new as it goes back to biblical times when Jesus was betrayed. Did not they Plot against Paul. Conspircy theory or an extortion to get rich scheme while under the guise of public safety. I’m glad I didn’t have or send any porn as they suggested and my computer was clean as they said.
      Now I talk about the bible at times on here but all of us share one thing in common on here I even share that with that police officer, and you all do also, that arrested me. We are all sinners. Sure understanding all this witch hunt is good. Computers are good if one uses them in the right way and who hasn’t had a little spice in their life or a little sexual potty chat. Are these witch hunts a invasion of overcoming another in this battle of those that want to conqure another.
      Most all of you on here seem to be scared and rattled by all this. Well we all should be and speak out as that stop the crime video is wanting to let people of the underhanded control of Goverment is. Why do you think Rome fell? Now to do any of these internet sex schemes one has to lie. Would one say the one presenting the opportunity is just as guilty when confronted with his uncovering notion of the truth? Oh yes when being uncovered authorities will do anything to cover their butts so to speak even giving plea bargains.
      So those on here shouldn’t worry to much as it seems everybody on here is into this fear factor stuff. I will say yes they will be a reprive of a lot of this sex offender ordeal and constutitional rights. As far as these sexual harrassments things go and this money greed thing goes there is always going to be greed and women are wanting to dominate in certain instances, to get money, recognition, speak out or what. Ever since the garden of eden thats how its been.

    • #30076 Reply

      It just proves that America is run by savage apes who are obsessed with sex and themselves even more perverted than the ones that they put on the registry. The only way to stay out of trouble is to become part of the legal criminal gang which is law enforcement.

    • #30077 Reply

      The truth is all men are perverts in one way or another. The truth was told back in 1890 before sexual politics became all the rage. The legal age when Lincoln was president was 7 to 10 years old.

      • #30098 Reply


        I doubt that the legal age was that low in the USA.
        The lowest age of consent our country had when it was being colonized was 13.

        • #30111 Reply
          Mike candela

          just google it will tell you?

    • #30108 Reply
      Tim Lawyer


      Each of these ancient punishments were conceived by authority, administered by authority, potently publicized as a “cure all” for social ills and forthwith utilized by authority. The Kings justifications are always the same.:
      1. Assists the authority and law enforcement.
      2. To protect the public.

      Eventually, through obvious misuse, the common folk come to understand that the use is inherently destructive to civil society and not in their best interest. Ultimately each method is dispatched by common folk as abhorrent thinking.

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