“Sex offenders should be shot”

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      By Sandy . . . So stated an email written by a staff member of the Little Rock Police Department and sent to all staff. She was apparently irritated t
      [See the full post at: “Sex offenders should be shot”]

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      nice letter except that not all sex offenders are male!

      “…the longer he lives in the community”

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        Sandy Rozek
        Sandy Rozek

        Yes, I know, and I will often say “he or she,” but I am older than dirt and somewhat old school, and I also often use only the masculine pronouns in keeping with the meaning of “mankind.” I understand that some are embracing “personkind,” but I fear that I will never be among them. My spell-check doesn’t even recognize it as a word.

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          I’m an old fart as well!

          thank you!

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            Tim Lawver

            @ Concerned
            An NY U grad? 😉

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      Should sex offenders be shot. If one offends or abuses little children, an adult should be punished. isn’t that what punishment is all about correction or should we all go back to medievil days.. Locking up someone is ok if its a just punishment and all types of situations are more of a way for governments to overthrow man. One can call them cover-ups such as one of the paticular churchs demonations that has been in recent news and TV. While I wonder if the regular sex offender can go to church today. From what I hear after they finish their parole or probation. Even the monitoring was a type of a leash if one wants to call it plus one has to pay for it.

      That is not to say that all are sex offenders on the registry in certain circumstances are scum of the earth or that they should be shot. Everybody should think better of themself on here and keep a positive attitude. I know some of you all on here feel bad enough with some of your ordeals. Sure its not easy to be on probation for some. If one really wanted to talk about a sex offender one needs to have a bit of understanding or real principal.

      Are we still a nation under God and Maestro if you would give me the pleasure tell me who we are under that would be nice. Now we all have reason to try to understand why the sex offender is the scourage of the nation it seems or should we all just throw our lves away. I sometimes wonder why people have divorces and its usually the woman that takes everything. Idon’t even see why people don’t even compromise but leave it up to the sheriff to interviene.

      Now Sandy did good for NARSOL by writing this letter and speaking out. I’m sure any person that has morals today would speak out in a positive way. Has our whole court systems gone to supreme authority in this blood for blood system of sex vendification or isn’t even the public aware of this or should one leave all affairs up to Government as they are never wrong wheather republican or demoncrat.

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        G. Hammers

        I believe that the listed petition for removal of a SC Justice contains grammatical and other errors. While I can support the sentiment, the format and proposition must fit format and styling. I believe it should also state in particularity the exact transgression of US Code or Constitutional violation.

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        Well there was a guy in councillng that told me that while on probation he used to pickup his kid at school n when he took the lie detector test he said the guy asked if he had been to park or school n he said no and the test said he was telling the truth yet he lied so the test is crap.

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      Tim lawver

      DO HEREBY PETITION THE PEOPLE as proper under……

      A draft to mandate or compel the resignation of John J. Roberts, From his position as CHIEF JUSTICE OF THE SUPREME COURT of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA In all entitlements & capacities thereof; ……(est.)

      RE: In defence of plain liberty and free men of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, it’s territories….
      My fellow citizens,
      As far as this American is concerned, Mr.Roberts must resign. He will go down in history as the first man to defend law making free men subservient to machine. He, by default from the prior charge, also re-patronized the long disembodied GENERAL WARRANT. No man of such inclinations can robustly JURIS free men based upon a constitution, precedence, nor God given individual liberty. He lay claim to constitutional conservatism and reverence liberty, not even remotely close.

      The signature below dated August 20, 2018.
      Timothy D.A. Lawver
      ALL YEE, ALL YEE, Come by signature below to defend peace and dignity in our great nation, SO SAY US….. without reservation……

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        Timothy D,A Lawver

        Chirp chirp chirp nothing but crickets 2days in.
        I guess my idea not so good. He should go down JJ doesn’t deserve his I’ll gotten gain.
        Anyway I thought I’d post this story from my town.

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          Your story has been moved to https://tftr.narsol.org/2018/08/23/when-running-into-a-juror-who-wrongly-convicted-me/ . Please submit any stories you want to share to that website. Our comment policy has been updated. No more links should be shared here and please try to stay on topic.

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            Timothy DA LAWVER

            Would you sign my petition if it were in front of you?
            It’s absolutely not a crime to do so!

            What say you sir?

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            No I wouldn’t. I would advice others to not sign it either. Petitions are recruitment tools, used to build a database of names. They do absolutely nothing to influence change in laws. They can even be used for malicious purposes, such as gathering identities from people in order to post their details on doxxing websites and YouTube videos and encourage vigilante justice against those individuals. That has actually happened again recently. Maybe you are aware of that? I will not approve any more links or off topic messages in these comments.

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            Tim L

            @Fred@ Freedom of peaceful assembly &,Petition

            It would be entirely a paper petition. NOT AN electronic petition.
            Electronic\database petitions are indeed dangerous.
            I completely agree with your assessment of such.
            The SOR was upheld because evidence was withheld from the Rehnquist court.
            DID you read the Colorado Case? Did you feel their pain? Judge was feeling the pain too and he expressed it. DId you read the Minnesota CC case and note judge ‘s revulsion from what he’d learned?
            Plain ignorant.

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            That sounds shady, Tim. I would also recommend that nobody gives out their address so a paper petition can be mailed, or agree to meet somewhere. I will not approve any comments along those lines. If people want to start a support group or advocacy group, NARSOL has the tools and the staff to help you get started, just contact us at the link on the bottom of the page.
            Tim you are not even using a valid email address to post all these comments. Shady….

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            Tim Lawver

            All registrants addresses are already available to me via SOR itself. I’d hand carry it to every registrant in the U.S. And any significant other who ‘d sign it. Every registrant in my town knows who I am, because I’ve been in contact face to face.
            The general warrant was disembodied in the 1700s and brought back by the Mister.
            Let us not confuse who owns the plantation and who runs it.
            SOR agents act as waggon masters. Plantations had slaves to be sure but lots of hired men too. Slaves brought the commodity to the waggon, hired men took the commodity to market.
            It was\is the hired man who chased down runaway slaves and NOT the plantation owner master. Know your history pal!I

            The DATABASE is a far more serious threat to national security than the sex offender!

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            Timothy lawver

            I’d put it to every U.S. Felon 65-75 million. Sometimes ya just gotta serve notice to the elites that the people are watching. I don’t buy Mr. Kennedy’s excuse. “,We could not have anticipated………….ubiquitous….” Bull! J. P. Stevens could and did!

            It’s too late now though the dye has been caste very much in favor of the ultra-,right conservatives. Some of which reside in Saratoga Springs Utah. Sex is solely reserved for marriage, gee which evangelical groups demands that?
            NO INFORMATION ON ANY DATABASE is secure, that’s why people are spending money to protect their identity. DOE indeed through open the door to unfettered gov’t USE of the database and liberty has indeed suffered. The choice they made led directly to arson, murder, and vigilantism. WILL THEY BE HELD RESPONSIBLE?
            NOT LIKELY, they are the elites and they live above the reach of law.

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      There is an Interesting case in Indiana today

      Katelin Eunjoo Seo,
      State of Indiana,

      I wounder what the outcome would have been if it was a middle age mans phone and there were child porn images on it. I think the whole compelled free speech thing would go out the window.

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        Tim lawver

        Did you note J.P. Stevens position in the analysis? For me the question is: Is an email address “a key to the locked box” or “the combination to a wall safe.”
        Given the WIDOCSOR expressed no intention to use the demanded email addresses to communicate with registrants, then begs another question? If not to communicate…. what purpose or use is derived from informing them of it? State wants to know but for what purpose? There’s only a dark answer.

        Wisconsin registration form demand specifically Facebook account information. On the stand I put the following line to state’s Agent.
        Me: Agent, look at the reg. form in front of you (def.2b). The SOR form demands info concerning any F.B. Accounts I have correct?
        Agent: Yes
        Me: Agent are you aware that Facebook TOS prohibits or bans sex offenders from having an account on FB?
        Agent: Yes I know that is true.
        Me: So agent you already know sex offenders cannot have FB account?
        Agent: Yes I know their TOS prohibits it.
        Me: Agent can you tell the Jury panel why State is demanding from me information about FB accounts that State already knows I cannot possibly provide?
        Agent: I’m uncertain. I did not make the form up, I just mail them out.
        Me: Agent do you understand I’m under felony indictment, right here now, for failing to provide information and that I’m possibility facing up to six years of prison and a fine…. for not providing what the state demands…?(DA objects to line, judge let’s me continue)
        Agent: Well yes. but you could have left that part blank and mailed it back.

        See what I mean d, opt for trial!

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          James Coghill

          “Me: Agent can you tell the Jury panel why State is demanding from me information about FB accounts that State already knows I cannot possibly provide?
          Agent: I’m uncertain. I did not make the form up, I just mail them out.”

          In other words, “I didn’t kill those Jews, Gypsy’s and Homosexuals I was just DOING MY JOB.” How many times was this used as an excuse at the Nuremberg Trials? It never worked then and it will never work now! Second rate performance out of anyone who caries the power of death and prison is unacceptable in any civilized society. You may therefore conclude we do not live in a civilized society.

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            @Agent’s salary,
            Over 11yrs. X $62,100 = 621,000+62,100+1,100=686,200. Better than 1\2 million career earnings for 1 agent supervisor. Not a bad gig, but isn’t this the kind of service one does for free? Considering its effectiveness I’d say over priced. Salaries differ, this was hers. There are several dozen agents in my state. One keeps his office in my city’s P&P address! NAW IT’S NOT LIKE P&P????? No affirmative restraint attached either?????????? I’ve no idea what he makes. I confronted him upon my dismissal from FTR probation. I told him to stay out of my business. I told him if a kid comes up missing I’m telling the feds or county sheriff that he himself had the missing kid. “Complain to the politicians.” He said . Suck air I said.

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      Facts should matter

      Actually, the implied and scathing: “Yes, they are bad people,” was MORE offensive and outrageous than the predictable “they should be shot” pretense.

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        Tim Lawver

        @Fact should matter
        Sir, ALL registrants live under the GENERAL WARRANT.
        MY replies to your posts and others are being unnecessarily deleted. I’m composing letters to all board members of NARSOL to be sent USPS. Try and stop that. Sex offenders and the database are inextricably connected.

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          You are welcome to write to NARSOL. We get hundreds of letters every month. A volunteer will likely respond to you to acknowledge that we received it, because we make an effort to respond to all letters.

          Your comments are being deleted because you are not following our commenting guidelines. We attempted to email you to explain this and the email bounced. I explained in a reply to you and you continue to post links and write about topics that are not related to the issues we are focused on.

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            Ok Fred,
            I’ve not accessed the address in quite some time. So maybe charter did something because I don’t access it, maybe presuming it abandoned. Is an email ” the key to a locked box” or “the combination of a wall safe”?.
            I took the action I did to protect my family from the prying eyes of the surveillance saints. My boys are on the network constantly. Hypothetically, I have others…lol. I got no real beef.

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      Ok guys come one get a grip. As I said I’m glad Sandy stood up and posted this letter to those that want to stero-type the sex offender. Should a murder or thief be shot or should my friend Maestro be shot. or for that matter anyone on the registry. That is a little vigilantism in itself.

      Should the President be forgiven, yes we all could go n that direction also but thats politics and a whole different ballgame. A lot of you on here didn’t kill anyone did you? Sure we all have our vices in life but discrimination is like slavery all over again in this sex offender ordeal. Even strides’ were made in some cases for the sex offender and we all should speak out about this. Should we all get paranoid over this. I dont’ know cases and I don’t want to know but we are all human and we all make mistakes. Diginty is one of the things NARSOL is fighting for along with other matters. I guess the old saying is dont’ look a gift horse in the mouth. I’m still wondering who the pit bull is…

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        Tim Lawver

        Fred and I are making hamburger, by grinding the meat(s) on the issue. Please don’t misinterpret it as personal. SEX OFFENDERS SHOULD BE SHOT is the general attitude held by too many. A direct product from the use of the GENERAL WARRANT.
        How many registrants were hassled by LEO over Ms. Tibbits, all wasted resources based on false presumptions.? In 2011, I got the same treatment when baby Smith came up missing & presumed kidnapped. I’ve never been accused nor convicted for such, but they came by anyway at 11:30 p.m. Woke the whole house up for nothing.

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          Cecilia DuVall

          I am the Mother of an accused sex offender, and I say accused because there are so many aspects of his case that I am no allowed to disclose, but I can state that no violence, force, rape, or sex was involved. I can say my son is a good person who made a bad mistake. He is 34 years old and has never even been on a date and has never had sexual relations (yes, he’s still a virgin). But, because of our outdated justice system where sex offenders are concerned, there is no justice. My son has been placed on level 3. He has been chastised and demeaned at his probation office, yelled at, sat for an hour in the office, then was told, “Oh, your probation officer won’t be in today. My son is diabetic and went to the office straight from his overnight job, had not taken his shot, thank God, but was feeling pretty light headed. Do you think they were concerned? Not in the least. Let me tell you, if he had taken his shot and not been able to eat, they would have had a medical emergency on their hands. Also, the case of the LRPD staffer who sent out an email that “sex offenders should be shot” is another example of how backward the law enforcement system is here.
          Thank you for this web sight. My son lives with us still, and even if he didn’t this whole registry thing has affected our whole family. One vicious young lady, a disgruntled former dance student at my daughter’s dance studio, where my son took dance classes, found his mug shot and posted it on Facebook, and it was all downhill for my daughter after that, and she eventually had to close the Studio. This student, believe it or not, is the granddaughter of a prominent Court of Appeals Judge, whose wife sold the Studio to my daughter. That was the beginning of our family’s nightmare, and my son’s, of course. We were all blacklisted and friends began to disappear. To this day, parents who used to welcome us with open arms now avoid us. When will the authors of this incredibly life altering registry realize what they are doing to the families of men and women who are simply trying to turn their lives around? Thank you for this web sight and thank you for giving me some sense of hope.

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            Cecilia, the sad undeniable fact is that those who authored, sponsored, enacted, and enforce the S.O.R. do not give a rat’s furry behind about the debilitating effects. That’s what they intended from the outset. This registry scheme was designed to give victim advocacy groups exactly what they’ve wanted from the beginning; a law that would ruin the lives of sex offenders permanently the same way they claim sex crimes permanently ruin and damage the victims. Do you recall the mantra of the victims’ rights groups over the decades since the mid-1980s? “The victim has to live with the abuse the rest of their lives. They’re never the same again. Why should these perps be allowed to do a few years in prison and then go on with THEIR lives as if nothing ever happened?”

            We are winning small victories here and there and maybe one day, the volume of those victories will be sufficient to bring cases that will force even the Supreme Court to shoot these laws down cold. With every unreasonable restriction tacked onto these registry laws it gets harder and harder for the state to deny the punitive nature and intent of the S.O.R. At some point it will collapse under its own weight and I can’t wait to see it happen.

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            IMO MR ROBERTS ACTIONS, have lead to vigilantism and more crime. This is why a petition is necessary to remove him. How many folks have been harmed some innocents too? Not to mention they’re putting children on the databases. Sick Sick Sick!

          • #45796 Reply

            Who is Mr. Roberts?

          • #45998 Reply

            @WC TN
            JOHN ROBERTS is the chief justice of SCOTUS. HE sets the courts agenda.

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      Cecilia DuVall

      This web page has helped us deal with the effects of the sex offender registry. I found it by chance, by searching the internet, and it has awakened hope in our family. My son who is 34 was charges with a sex offense and put on the registry has caused a lot of grief for all of us. He lives with us and his two adult sisters, and we have all felt the stigma of a sex offender’s punishment. What most authors of the states’ sex offender registries don’t take into consideration is the affect on families. In my son’s case his case did not involve force, violence, or rape, but he was put on a level 3. The loss of dignity and privacy have kept him in a state of depression and he can’t sleep with sleeping pills. My faith and hope for a better future for him have been aided by NARSOL. I will become a member and contributor. Thank you.

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      THE SEX OFFENDER &,GOV USE OF A DATABASE are inextricably linked and that is NOT my doing. That’s the doings of our leadership in OMNIBUS94. I understand the nation needs and for the most part greatly benefit from them. This notion is juxtaposed from SORNA use of the machine, database as IT CAN NEVER be in the real interest of the people to violate constitutional foundations established to protect the people from financial manipulation of government. Every American knows it is a real problem today.

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      So what is the answer should all sex offenders be shot. Or has one’s megnetic ink or batteries ran out. There’s always things people can do. Seems it takes money today to get anywhere or is that what true justice is all about, where’s the money. Now in certain cases all of you all have the right to file a redress of grivance with the government of the state.

      All of us still have unalienable rights if one looks into all this with a clear head. Steinbeck wrote a book I think it was Of Mice or Men. I just wonder who’s character one has today when one shoots someone in court actions.

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