“Sex offenders’ prison deaths often are ‘choreographed’ “

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    Used with permission By Chandra Bozelko and Ryan Lo . . . Many people aren’t buying the official “suicide” story from the Manhattan Correctional Compl
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    What angers me, actually really angers me, is that the law enforcement gave him special priveleges for years that you or I could never have got, because he had money. All of those officers involved in that should be fired, charged with complicity and obstruction of justice, and put into prison themselves as examples to all law enforcement. Oh…..my bad……what was I thinking……..people in the law enforcement and justice system are super good people who only make ‘honest mistakes’.
    Last time I checked, all people in the enforcement and justice system put their pants on the same way we do-one leg at a time, and because they are the ones entrusted by the people to do proper justice, they should be held doubly accountable for their criminal actions hands down because they hold a position of civil authority!!! Criminals arresting, judging, and incarcerating criminals. Welcome the American justice system.

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      William Gratchic

      In 2008, Alex Acosta was informed by the CIA, that Epstein was an “asset” to them and MASAD and was to give him an easy plea deal. This was wrong and the fact that Obama and the media hamstrung any real followup to this only shows how corrupt and hypocritical our two tiered judicial system is.

      Even now, the Epstein “suicide” is riddled with inconsistencies. The guards purportedly asleep and others that allegedly falsified the records should have been charged as well as having been fired. No video record is also inconsistent with safeguarding many inmate. When I worked as an RN in corrections, a high profile inmate would have been removed to another cell. Being a prior suicide risk, he would have kept in direct eyesight in the most proximal cell and maintenance would have been called in to fix the camera asap.

      His cellmate, who was transferred out the day before, was said to have expressed that any reporting by him of what he knew would have resulted in his death. The fact that the “Daily Post” was able to get a photo as he was boarded into an ambulance is very suspicious. Why did they have a photoshopped picture of Ghislaine Maxwell eating at an L.A. “In and Out” fast food restaurant published and not verified. It was determined to be a fraud two days later.
      All of these variables lead many to believe this was a staged affair so as to get him out under witness protection since he was an asset.

      In any event, his treatment is unlike others accused of sex crimes. As an inmate, the offender is a marked person with no empathy from staff, for sure. The disdain for these folks continues to intensify and unless something dramatic occurs to reverse the way the public is being conditioned by the media and politicians, reversal of this situation appears grim.

      Without apology.

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    Why is it not a mandate or law that people convicted of these crimes be put in a safer prison where more of the same people are incarcerated. There is no excuse for any murder in prison for any reason. And don’t tell me the gang members haven’t egaged in similar crimes but never caught. I think we all know better. So sad, it needs not to happen at all.

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