Sex offenders on Halloween are like zebras at church

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      In 1996 the North Carolina General Assembly created the public sex offender registry and established the crimes, the requirements, and the consequence
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      The logic is placed in the public availability of children. Law enforcement fails to acknowledge the negative implications that naturally flow from the policy of suggestion of general danger. It pre-supposes public sidewalks and homes are hazardous to children because the community is full of bad people. That presumptive posture, in general and ironically on Halloween is degrading the pride of community. It teaches our children distrust EVERYONE EVERYDAY by default. The adults have stolen Halloween.

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      The North Carolina Court of Appeals in NC v Griffin adopted the following from the 4th Circuit:

      The State tries to overcome its lack of data, social science
      or scientific research, legislative findings, or other
      empirical evidence with a renewed appeal to anecdotal case
      law, as well as to “logic and common sense.” But neither
      anecdote, common sense, nor logic, in a vacuum, is
      sufficient to carry the State’s burden of proof.

      Griffin addressed reasonableness regarding the State’s satellite based monitoring program, its requirements, and constitutional implications, ultimately finding the program unreasonable as applied to Griffin. I would argue that logic can/should apply to the registry itself en masse, rather than challenging its associated rules and restrictions piece-by-piece on a case-by-case basis.

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      Sex offenders are like zebra’s at church Interesting. I wonder who keeps scientific records today of human behavior or has scientific logic gotten more sophisticated that they (government) know when a leaper changes its spots. Are we all anima’sl or just zebra’s at a church today. Now all this series of NARSOL is about the offender but to have an offender one has to have an offense. I wonder who offends even more, the controller or the controllee Even with today’s goverrnment is its about behavior. Sure we could talk about presidental behavior and its eroding effect into governmental area’s, We could even talk about juduicial behavior, but what about sexual behavior. Do we all not have a form of sexuality or sexual behavior.

      Sure man in his logical mind can keep records, data, or whatever today, use technology but proof has always been in the pudding. Who has a naughty or potty mouth today, who sets up people for a fall. Governments have always wanted to be above the little people. Most all these internet sex sting’s done via a computer have at the core a sexual flavor to it that entice’s destruction and for the teenager or anyone else for that matter it leads to a whole bunch of complications, even at times to imprisonment or ultimate death.

      Its not all about the Halloween data or who win’s or who’s right and who’s wrong. Its all about principal and what is right or who’s correcting and who’s deceiving. If their wasn’t deceit in these sting operations thru this internet than law enforcement need to go back to the constitution and its basic principals.

      It only common sense for those in government to entice with a type of sexual flavoring on another. I am sure that is all mingled up in the moral law of man’s justice, but is it really justice? I wonder whos stumbling block is following over who’s with the way government has ran amuck.

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