Sex offender residency restrictions: every source says wasteful, harmful

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      By Sandy . . . The Joint Standing Committee on State and Local Government in Maine and Representative Danny Martin who heads that committee are pushin
      [See the full post at: Sex offender residency restrictions: every source says wasteful, harmful]

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      Because cold, hard facts don’t matter. This is all about a bunch of self-serving career politicians looking for the easiest, surest path to re-election, some of whom probably molest children themselves, but are rich and connected enough to keep their activities well-hidden. Politicians like Rep. Danny Martin are only playing to public prejudice.

      I hope the second the bill gets signed into law I hope a branch of NARSOL or some other similar advocacy group slaps a lawsuit on the state.

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      Tim Lawver

      Being that the electronic database is being used to impose banishment reflects the intent of its original development, that is to punish in historical ways. The courts are seeing, “the clearest proof” despite their denials of it. That is what we get for untrusting our liberty to well intended professional liars representing both parties.

      Other good but obvious lies perpetrated by the like:
      Richard Nixon, “I am not a criminal”.
      George Bush, “Read my lips no new taxes”
      William J. Clinton, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”.
      George Bush Jr., “There are WMD in Iraq”.
      Ron Reagan, “,We, I never authorized the sale of weapons to the Contras”.
      Barack Obama, “You can keep your coverage and your doctor” .

      So why would anyone believe in what comes from DC?I
      Nobody except those on the dole.

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      “… and make it more challenging for law enforcement to find and monitor offenders.”

      This would be the ONLY part of the argument that the legislature would care to listen to regarding this matter.
      Because no other criminal needs to be “monitored” like someone who offended the gawd awful laws regarding SEX!

      It truly disgusts me that this tactic of how law enforcement can’t properly monitor us is what’s always thrown into this argument. It’s no different than saying “We know they’re dangerous, so let them have places to live so we can monitor them.”

      Cuz the gang members who practically run the city streets of places like Chicago and Atlanta are NOT a danger to public safety. Nope. Only us.

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      Actually a lot of this sex offender issue is a waste of money. One has to say to themselves for those caught up in a sex offense. we all be living in a leper colony, those that are either caught up in these sex related internet issues or those that actually do physical things.
      It would seem that governments only look at protection and don’t have compassion or know how to humble themselves or show mercy.
      If that’s the way human’s are today than I’m sure one should start reading the book “No man is an island” that might clarify things a bit or just put hash tags on those that are outcasts from society. Talk about society scandal today.

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