Sex offender registries — instruments of oppression

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      By Michael Rosenberg . . . I see little in life that looks like a sex offender registry with its incumbent restrictions. School was tough when I didn’
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      Grace Imburgia

      I agree with you and understand your frustration, your loneliness and non acceptance. I see my son go through this everyday. It is over ten years and he is classified low risk. He is it a danger to society. Just one wring choice and someone who lied about her age has labeled him for life. It not only affects his but his family as well.

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      A DUI registry would make more sense. Perhaps pushing for one would invite the ridiculousness of registries.
      I was recently a victim of a dui hit and run, was lucky to walk away unharmed.
      In recent news a woman drunk driving in the highway the wrong way killed a 20yo and was sentenced to 5 years in prison. When she gets out I assume she’ll be a felon but not on any registries.
      I think knowing you live next to an alcoholic who has murdered someone is of bigger value than the teenager who mooned someone or hooked up with his hs gf.

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      DUI offences kill allot more people then sex offences do. I think you have a good point J. If there were a bunch of American citizens who were forbidden to Drink ever again or for 10 years, Forbidden to be in bars, or anywhere alcoholic beverages were served, not aloud to drive for 10 years or for life, And had their names added to a government shame web site, may be the idiocy of the registry would become apparent to more people.

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      There was supposed to be a decision to abolish or change the registry for low risk offenders back in January in Ohio and other states, but I haven’t heard anything about it since then. Has the decision been made?

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      There is a drunk driving registry….

      There is a DUI registry in Ohio already….you can search for it online

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      H n H

      Did that and came up with the following

      The last sentence of that article should make everyone reading this LIVID! Beings most won’t, here it is:

      And there’s nothing wrong with shaming someone into driving sober.

      That’s the entire unspoken purpose and intent behind the registry!

      Reposting, forgot the captcha

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      Lori Bates

      I know nothing about this decision having never heard of it; however, it could apply to my son. Could you please give me the source so that I may find more information?

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      Phys Ed

      De jure bills of attainder are outlawed under the constitution of the U.S., but the whole system of sex offender registries legitimizes the same results in a de facto fashion of any “bill of attainder” that is labeled as SORNA on the federal level or just plain SO registration on the state level where states don’t want to pick up the tab for running the federal’s program. Whole families who happen to share a last name with an offender are punished and shunned with public online registration. How just is this? The DOJ has become the DOIJ.

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