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      For some time now CA-RSOL, under the direction of Janice Bellucci, affiliate leader, has been fighting the good fight–and winning–against unconstitu
      [See the full post at: RSOL is news in California]

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      Denise Johnson

      I have some a questions. Will you please call me. I have a friend that plead guilty to attempted rape over 20 years ago. Can he get off of list now?

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      Denise Johnson

      Need help.

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      I have been a RSO for nearly 25 years, I’d like to volunteer and help reform this law so that young people or people with redeeming qualities who make mistakes early in lives may have a chance to redeem themselves.

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      victor normand

      27 years Ago I was lied on I was 18 at the time never had sex with her never in her house she said I touched her my lawyer I better take a deal I got probation 1989 .I have raised. My kids and grandson I always wanted to take lie detector test. Any 27 years ago and still getting treated like I’m a predator how can I get of registry and I have not had a violent crime in my life

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      Clifford Ray Irby II

      I took a deferred adjudication plea on 02/28/94, on a charge that never happened, (claimed to occur on 03/12/1991) in Texas. Texas law valid @ that time, calls for the dismissal of the indictment. I never had to register, or be treated as a sexual predator. Fastward to April 29, 2009, in the State of Louisiana. I am arrested on a made up drug lab charge & FORCED to register in order to be eligible for bond. I have a sworn document from the very Texas court that the deferred adjudication was handled in stating that deferred adjudication was not a conviction @ that time. Yet, Louisiana refuses to accept &/or adhere to the full faith & credit clause of the U.S. Constitution. They are publishing that I was convicted.

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      Clifford Ray Irby II

      How do I obtain an attorney “willing” to help me sue the state of Louisiana for the constitutional violations they have done, & laugh @ me when I attempt to have them correxted? I need help. I have been all the way to the 19th District Court, even when my paid advocate refused to appear.

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      29 yrs ago I was convicted of p.c.261,289, on my then sister in law,an adult and sent away with 12 yrs. It was my first time in trouble with the law .they gave her a sex exam at hospital minutes after the so called rape occurred and it yielded NOTHING! NOT EVEN A SCRATCH. During the trial it was never mentioned and when asked my attorney he said it’s “NOT OUR EVIDENCE, IT’S THEIR EVIDENCE IF THEY CHOOSE TO USE IT”!
      I WAS CONVICTED IN 1988 and have been paying for it everyet minute of every day since.I live in hell! NO AMERICAN DREAM HERE….

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      Does anyone know where I can get a post conviction attorney to help me file a writ of misconduct or ineffective counsel on this? Please let me know.

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        s, l. colvin

        A very good friend has ask me to help him. Over 40 years ago he was charged and sentence for sexual assault in Nebraska. They labeled everything as sexual assault. In Ca. where he has lived all his life it would be statutory (he was visiting in Neb.) the was no force and no intercourse. He was never ask to register until recently 40 years later when he paroled for a crime that had nothing to do with any sexual crime. Now he can’t get help with housing or any help to make his transition from prison. There has been no other problems in all the years with sexual assault of any kind. Do we ned to get an attorney if so what kind.

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      I am looking for a post conviction attorney to help me file a writ of misconduct or ineffective counsel on this case.29 years later it only continues to get worse everyday. Can anyone point me in the right direction? PLEASE!

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      Gordon vandonsel

      There needs to be a time after so many years that they are released from public notices. They need a chance to experience the American dream again. Let’s stop being another Nazi Germany. Chris from California.

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      I feel like I got ripped off a lot of money for a pardon or expunge to get myself of the list.

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