RSOL Conference: Public Registration–Untold Collateral Damages

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      The Public Sex Offender Registry–A Perpetual Shame Amanda Hess has written a brilliant piece about the re-emergence of public shaming using the tragi
      [See the full post at: RSOL Conference: Public Registration–Untold Collateral Damages]

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      Chrysanthi Leon

      From Chrysanthi (Santhi) Leon and Ashley Kilmer –University of Delaware: RSOL 2014 leads to New Reports on Impact of SO Laws

      Many thanks to those of you spoke with me at last year’s amazing RSOL conference or who participated in our research on family impact. Even though data collection is still ongoing:

      we have two papers that are just about ready to share, and we would love your feedback on whether we are “getting it right.” If you’d like to read and comment on our two works in progress, please email They are tentatively titled,

      “Nobody worries about our children”: Unseen Impacts of Sex Offender Registration on Families with School-Age Children


      “Sins of the Fathers: Stigma and the Secondary Registration of the Families of Sex Offenders”

      best wishes,


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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      Santhi, thank you for your support and for your very important work. We appreciate you so much.

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      I give ode to all involved and included in this plight. As a nation the deterioration of alienable rights affored to us and betokened by our father’s has suffered a rip of the rug for the average american. We are groomed to think that we are entitled to know more in this inherited information age more so than any other time given in history. The right to know should not infringe on the individual liberties given to each and person, protected under reasonable expectation to privacy. But we tend to encroach our fellow citizens privacy by default. News, media, justice and the legislative systems are the biggest enablers and complicit to this debacle. I can give you cited occurrences of what accounts i habe endured myself and you would likely be amazed about the outcome. For nearly ten years now Ive worked in the department of defense and my family and I have suffered continual collateral and collective harassment and condoned vigilantism. My kids were exposed to searching for pedophiles during classroom projects, viewing their own father, internet pages place in the screen of my front door, car Windows smashed and so on. I made a mistake long ago and revamped my how life. I met a young woman i thought was of age and subsequently was convicted and allowed to stay in the military now i arrive to the point where the service wants to eradicate me time spent and circumvent giving me my retirement without due cause and justification. I am blessed to be able to fight the fight for it was a hard road to redemption. I am in legal challenges which seem unprecedented due to how ive served so long without the legality to discharge me, and now it comes to the pentagon shaping policy around my situation abusing political plights for self serving functions. Not one entity repsonsible for dealing with this carried it out the process without bias or fairness. I fought back and i am still fighting. You cant ever let the bureaucracy beat you down. It is a shame how the service disregarded my family and allowed abuse and ambiguity to take place at all angles. Registry doesn’t work, and neither does perpetual punishment.

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      kenneth cornine

      I can wholeheartedly agree.. I live in Missouri& have bn on the Registry since 7-21-93..Then taken off.. Then put back on.. Because of AWA..& SORNA.. How disgusting this law has changed 4 ever the lives of us that have related our debt 2 society..

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