RSOL Calls for Immediate Moratorium on SC Sex Offender Registry; Demands Response from Gov. Haley

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      Reform Sex Offender Laws, Inc. (RSOL) denounces the brutal murders of Gretchen and Charles Parker and calls for immediate action to be taken to render
      [See the full post at: RSOL Calls for Immediate Moratorium on SC Sex Offender Registry; Demands Response from Gov. Haley]

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      There was a case about 6 or 7 years ago in Tennessee where a couple burned to death after a neighbor set fire to it to kill a sex offender. Please add them to your list.

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      Great post. I amm dealing with a few of these issues as

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      Mark NEPennUSA

      Odd and ironic. Soon there will be (or should be) a registry of ones that have killed registered sex offenders, ones that may have even considered it, ones that have made open comment about their desire to kill a registered sex offender, and ones that may have even had a thought of killing a registered sex offender. Why do I say this; simply, because it is getting to the point where the misconception of sexual abuse of children as new victims that these acts are committed by registered sex offenders when in fact the registered sex offender is very less likely to abuse a child sexually than a member of the family including a child’s own parent or a very close relative and family friend. But with the numbers of vigilante killings climbing, soon the numbers of murders of registered sex offenders will be greater than the number of registered sex offenders re-committing a sexual act against a child. So we should demand as a registered sex offender a public list of persons (names, home addresses, physical description, employment, vehicle info, you name it) who have been deemed a threat (or even a possible threat) to us in one way or another no matter to what degree they may or may not act on that impulse to kill a registered sex offender so we may prepare ourselves and protect ourselves and our families so we know it is safe to even leave our homes. Oh, heck, at this point the vigilantes are posing as cops and other authorities and even coming to our front doors to gain entry. We don’t even have to leave our homes to be in danger. We might as well just hang a sign on the front of our house stating “we have lots of cash in this house, come to our door and get some”; what’s the difference.

      This registry is going in a downward spiral. Supposed public safety alert, but not less than a “hit list” in the making.

      Now how “Ironic” is this list??

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