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      admin The Ozarks Today, KRMS Radio in Osage Beach, MO.  interviews NARSOL Vice Chair Robin Vand
      [See the full post at: Robin Vander Wall on The Ozarks Today]

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      Timothy DA Lawver

      America needs to face the fact that our leadership follows the laws they like, while simultaneously ignoring the laws they do not wish to enforce. This IS the reality. BTW, you can pay taxes if you wish, I will be withholding all moneys due the state of Wisconsin.

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      Well done, Robin!! Well done!! You certainly have the gift of explaining the irrational hysteria, including the statistics, and downright common sense needed to change not only the laws, but also the viewpoint of society and the media.
      Well done, Robin!!

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      Capt Charles Munsey Jr. USN (Ret)

      Very interesting and very common sensical. Maybe one day the truth about sex offenders will permeate our society and the wealth of education and talent that is being restrained will be restored to our nation. Thank you, Robin, for such good representation of a difficult subject.

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      Robin I’m sure we all have to give you a thumbs up on your radio interview at addressing this issue. While I am not much into Halloween and the ghost and gobin thing I have gave out candy before all this offense came upon me. . One has to admit that a lot of this is like stereotyping. Now I don’t know what they say about safety in numbers today but I think we do know discrimination is oppressing in itself.
      What if certain groups couldn’t go out trick or treeting becsuse the one in the group was a parent of sex offender or the one passing out candy to the treaters was a sex offender family. I never went into a house when I was a kid. People either passed the candy out on the poarch or at the front door and groups would always go in groups while the parents waited at the side. This Halloween thing even sounds a bit controling and a bit of a stretch. I wonder if the old saying safety in numbers is still up to date.
      Even back than some responsible parent went out treating with groups. us. As I said again its a sterotype discriminating ordeal. So now sex offenders can’t decorate their house for Christimas. Robin getting hit by a car is a bit more dangerous than a possible panic attact by a sex offender. In a lot of this sex offender ordeal I think the authorities over stretch things for their authority bending.
      Maybe one should wear a sign on their shirt saying I’m a sex offender, love it or leave it kids and even that would be a bit stupid if one went that far. Guardrails or precautions are good for safety features but discrimination is never good and stero typing is never. I wonder if police knew that when they were playing this internet sex game on adult chat site’s.. Good job Robin.

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      patricia win

      It’s really a problem identifying people by their crime. No other offender gets unending identifying by their crime, think murderer, robber, etc.etc.
      Who says your neighbor, John the murderer? The way we talk about this never-ending Scarlett Letter doesn’t apply to any crime except sex offenders. And we all know, but sometimes it seems few else know, that all people who commit sex crimes are not alike. Yet vigilantes and those who love to hate offenders who have committed a sex offense often do not make that distinction.

      It’s hard to listen to this recording because the language still puts all those who have committed any kind of sex crime, no matter what degree, in the same big boat. There are too many fanatics in our society who have real problems with sex in general and maybe have no life, so their life revolves around being a vigilante and finding the sex offender to destroy in whatever way possible.

      Those who have committed a low- level sex crime absolutely should not be on any registry, yet they are. Those who feed on ruining the lives of those who are on the registry can never be satisfied. It appears to be an obsessive illness. Only the police need to have a registry for those that actually deserve to be watched and these people are a very small minority. I just wish the majority of our citizens understood or cared about this.

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