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      NARSOL’s Vice Chair; Robin Vander Wall intertviewed by CBS17 News.  View full article
      [See the full post at: Robin Vander Wall on CBS17 News]

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      “The majority opinion cited the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit in a decision regarding the constitutionality of premises restrictions for sex offenders:

      ‘The State tries to overcome its lack of data, social science or scientific research, legislative findings, or other empirical evidence with a renewed appeal to anecdotal case law, as well as to “logic and common sense.” But neither anecdote, common sense, nor logic, in a vacuum, is sufficient to carry the State’s burden of proof.'”

      Thats an interesting statement right there by the court. It would seem to indicate a shift and awareness in which the court is moving away from basing kneejerk decisions based on the ole, false, standby of recidivism being “Frightening and High”.

      Nice job Robin. And thank you for sharing the news.

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      Robin after reading the article and viewing the video three times. I have to say pray works and I’m sure a lot of individual’s on the registry as well as myself say pray’s. At least I hope they do.
      Now when I heard the word force, well that was it, you guys have won hands down in this type of case but like Sonny and Cher said. And the beat goes on. Now the point made was good and its just like principals, nobody can “force” one.

      And than someone brought in like illegal search that got them to understand a bit more in their human wisdom. I have to give the NARSOL team congratulations.

      Sure I was looking for jail time in my little ordeal but even one of the preachers that came to my house who use to be a police officer said he knew a bit about these things. He told me you said the right things that night. We all still have a long way to go and restoration and a bit of freedom fightening never hurts. So everyone on here that is hurting a bit be positive, and positive change is what its all about.

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      Tim L

      Is this a final decision of will state appeal to a higher court?
      The decision here is so much different from the 100s of other GPSM cases where judges tell the bearer, “the device protects you too because we can rule you out as a suspect in reported crimes if we can prove you were not in the area.”

      Sounds logical enough, but an underpinning of that preposition implies that judges acknowledge wrongful or misidentification of the perp in sex assault cases occurs at a measurable rate. DNA exoneration proves this has been a problem for quite some time. IMHO, this is a reasonable foundation for a hearing BEFORE inclusion in the registry.

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        “Sounds logical enough”

        No, Tim, actually it doesn’t. It sounds more like an excuse. It seems no matter how many times a person with a criminal record is the FIRST to be assumed as the perpetrator, the law enforcement agencies never learn their lesson when they find out its someone with NO criminal record.
        The time and money wasted on harassing people on the registry first is ridiculous.

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          I agree!

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          Agreed, it’s merely an excuse which attempts to justify an injustice.

          There’s a situation out in Iowa that comes to mind – that’s being reported by several national news networks. It involves the dissappearance of a young woman named Mollie Tibbetts. At this point, the reported details and time line of her disappearance are not clear. In fact, there have been no reported signs of a struggle. All that’s reportedly really even known is that she simply has “vanished” after house sitting for her boyfriend – who allegedly was out of town at the time.

          In spite of so little know at this point, the first assumption by police, media, and many in the public seems to be she was abducted. And, of course, immediately they jump to the conclusion of “Stranger Danger”. So, they next begin using the registry and criminal records to begin interviewing “potential suspects” based on…???

          Meanwhile, in reality the evidence reported would more likely suggest that the suspect (Assuming it was an abduction), would have been someone she knew based on the fact there has been no sign of a fight or struggle.

          In spite of the evidence pointing to her leaving with someone she likely knew, and contrary to the statistics that support it is very likely someone she knows and not a recidivist registered citizen…they still seem to be looking more into the much less likely possibility (stranger danger).

          And, its as if the media is even hoping this turns out to be some horrific abduction perpetrated by a “Stranger, or registered citizen” with a criminal record. Honestly, I really think they are truly hoping for such an outcome.

          In the end, odds are it will likely turn out to be someone she knew (perhaps a secret paramour, ex, or even a family member). But the bottom line is fear sells, and Americans love a good scare… and what a major disappointment it shall be if the police, media, and public dont have their evil boogeyman- in this case- to justify more forthcoming unconstitutional laws.

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            The media is a driving force in fueling this nation’s sexual predator hysteria. They WANT the perpetrator to be a registrant so their fear-mongering yellow journalism narrative can be legitimized.

            The media does not want to cover the facts or any aspect of the issue fairly. That is why they don’t show you the hundreds or thousands of compliant, law-abiding registered citizens in every state. That just does not fit the narrative they’re feeding the public, who is, by far and large, too dumbed down and lazy to do the research for themselves on the issue. All the armchair experts in the public at large do is parrot misinformation spread by the media and Hollywood (Law & Order: SVU).

            I again will state my deeply held belief that facts aren’t relevant because this is the intended course of action no matter what. We’re less than dogs in the eyes of most and a quick death is too good for us in their estimation. Tell me I”m lying when I say most people think sex offenders, particularly child molesters, should be taken out and slowly tortured to death and that any criminal punishment short of that is not justice in their eyes. I want somebody to comment on this and tell me I’m wrong.

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            Tim L

            What IF I’d been wearing a GPS device on or about January 8, 1992? My birthday BTW. So yes the registration form arrives by USPS on my birthday, EVERY YEAR!
            Your cynicism is disheartening. I’d be a free man AND not a felon.

            My problem with the regime is based in human truth; people indeed can learn, don’t prove me wrong. SORNA presumes otherwise.

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      Now I like you Maestro and I admit I might pick a bit on here but its not about rhyme or reason or odd man out or some jail house terminology. Sure I will agree to your theory about governmental excuse to an extent on all this logic stuff but who’s commiting the real govenmental abuse today?
      I just wonder who is created equal today in man’s society or these types of excuses or cover ups, if one wants to say that. Is it the red, the white, or the black, or the depressed or oppressed? The first term paper in high school I wrote was “God and Government” and I can’t take credit for that as my dad helped me write it.
      I got an A on it and probably the only one I got in hight school but the point is NARSOL is striving for all of us. Isn’t fighing to restore dignity and constitutional rights to millions what its all about in this sexcapade game if you want to call it that. Sure laws are laws but being a part of any organization, business or committe one has to do the prep work. Sure I belive in Justice or should we all be vague on it all. It makes no difference if one has been in jail or not.

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      Proud of you standing up and fighting for you believe in. Happy for you that you found success. I can only imagine what it felt like being ostracized in that manner.

      You are proof positive that everyone deserves a second chance and everyone is still human and deserves to be treated as such.

      I’m behind you all the way.

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      Tim L

      Hey Robin,

      I am wondering if you remember that children show we had on TV in the 70?
      It was called HR PUFF &STUFF? I n the intro to the show the one character puffs the other in the face with a powder pillow.

      You may want to consider applying that trick before your next interview. You are follicly challenged like me pal. Gotta cut that shine down some so you got some color man. — Peace out.

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      While I am glad for the big win in NC in this ankle monitoring bracelet thing I just wonder whats next. Actually Robin has a unique case. While I’m just sorry he had to spend time in jail, In a way that could of been me or anybody else with a non-contact situation.

      Course I never thought about using the phrase non contact. While Robin tryes to justify for the news article with the ankle situation are their really some situations that call for this, and I still have my wonders on that. Sure he is right after probation or parole how ever the courts go with that certain case monitoring should not be used in any circumstance. Where is trust or honesty today. The Sheriff in the article he is going to stand him ground. I wonder if sheriff’s or government are evil today.

      Now if I or anyone had had any porno of children, or any porno at all on my computer I might have been put in jail also. My court appointed lawyer even gave up on me. And from what I have heard he’s in practice now. Did I talk too much of the “word” see they don’t like to here that. While I told them straight up you dont’ know my thoughts or intent. That was a point blank statement. I don’t even think anyone has ever said that in these situations, of course I don’t really know, but it seems police can do anything they want, except come to the real truth.

      Who really know’s a man’s thoughts or intent. Who can predict even with leg monitoring that one is going to commit some rape or even talk to a little girl, teenager, or what have you.I can’t believe NARSOL sometimes in these articles that are based on situations some know is wrong and at the same time don’t even go with the right direction one should go in bringing freedom and understanding to this sex registry.

      Don’t get me wrong but Robin and all of NARSOL did a good thing in NC but that is one step. A lot of this stuff is going against the grain. Should we all go an extra mile if someone abuses us? Anyone should understand that they will abuse anyone, even listen to the victim if a true crime was commited. This internet thing its not even a crime, but it is a crime of invading ones thought process or one could even call it tresspassing against another.

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      Capt Charles Munsey Jr. USN (Ret)

      I have just recently had my probation terminated…early. I had an ankle monitor on my right ankle for 5 years. When I complained that it was damaging the nerves in my ankle it was moved to my left ankle where it remained for 4 years. Now the monitor is gone but I still have a numbness in both ankles. It feels like I have a monitor on both ankles even though I don’t. I have hope that I will get normal feeling back.

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      Determined Wife

      The reason why so many people are against sex offenders is solely based on the media. Scaring people with how terrible these people are. Almost putting sex offenders on a pedestal with terrorists.

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