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      By Michael Rosenberg . . . The criminalization of the speech of registered citizens ensures Tom and Jane Public can continue with a campaign of blissf
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      Cant post anything

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      Pulled you back out of the loop. Somehow got flagged as spam.

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      I can’t read through comments on YouTube videos because I get enraged. I replied to 3 idiots on there and I’m sure that my comments made so much sense that they’ll be responding shortly with the typical “you’re a pedo” replies.
      If it’s not a crime by now, it should be made into a law that when people post comments ANYWHERE on the internet and social media that they’d KILL, STAB, SHOOT someone due to a sexual offense, that commenter should be PROSECUTED for a death threat. Then they can have a criminal record to deal with when they apply for jobs and housing.

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      Right on!

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      I tried that approach with a police officer who does the local sora. After giving him a legal lesson and leaving him nearly defenseless, his final defense was, “you’re a sex offender.” And then threatened to arrest me.

      I’ve heard and seen most of the reasoning behind peoples hatred and discrimination. Covers everything under the sun, but I have never seen people threatened and imprisoned simply for exercising the rights everyone else uses freely, well except for people who are enslaved.

      Everyone knows these laws are not only illegal, but ineffective, costly, and provides no safety of any kind. Just keep suing these people and bankrupt the legal system and eventually the cost will have its affect. You can count on the american way, when stuff costs to much, you find a way to get rid of things.

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      If someone directly threatens you or someone else online, report it. They should take it seriosly if it is a direct threat with a sppecific victim.

      With the registries growing so rapidly, it won’t be long before those expressing violent desires towards registrants have a family member or friend on it, if they are not on it themselves.

      I try to remember that those who lash out with such rage at others who make them uncomfortable are often merely trying to cover up something they hate about themselves.

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      TIM L


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      I applaud most of your comments although I feel that you employed a bit of deflection with regards to the different levels of sex offenses – in other words that perhaps you feel that some people convicted of certain sex offenses more or less deserve the public scorn i.e. child molesters etc. and that those on the margins such as perhaps your crime shouldn’t. I personally believe that no one should face the vilification that is going on today.

      Every person convicted of a sex offense, regardless of the nature of their crime, should be individually assessed and never lumped into a category of hatred and scorn that is happening with such wild abandon throughout our country and the world. The people who are true repeat offenders, i.e. psycho-sociopaths, are definitely in the minority and I feel could be easily identified with modern assessment tools available today.

      All persons identified as registered citizens must band together and approach this struggle as one if we are going to succeed. There are so many, the vast majority in fact, persons convicted of sex offenses against children that are remaining offense free and shouldn’t be excluded in any way from being a part of this movement. I don’t know if you meant it that way but it is was what I perceived to some extent.

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      I hear you. The line I drew was between one type of perceived sex offense and the muddling of it with a lot of others. I can speak from personal experience there, the point illustrative of only one way in which labeling does not work well when it involves us humans.
      Perhaps it would have been better had I gone on to explain that I am in support of everyone working on herself who never again commits a sex offense; registries work, if by ‘work’ we mean create more victims.
      I appreciate your adding clarity to this impassioned-if-not-fully-fleshed-out article/statement/request.

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      Jeremy Heady

      I participate in online forums frequently about RSOs and one thing I’ve found out is that instead of defending people in our status, we can gain more ground by showing how the current laws actually make people less safe. Someone can say “kill ’em all!” all day long, but they would never pick up the weapon to do it. I strive to convince these people that they are advocating for laws similar to Singapore and middle eastern countries where they kill anyone convicted of a crime. America will never go that route I hope.

      I try to convince people that this issue does not have “sides” in the traditional sense of the word because if the registries were effective, most of us would stand by it, but they’re not. I show people that I am on the side of keeping children safe and free from harm and there are better ways of doing that than branding a criminal class.

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      James Townsend

      Right speech, Right time, Right now. Fred, Maestro, Rick and all others this article when you look at it makes a lot of sense. We all might have different sex offenses. I might be low on the scale or how enforcement grades people in this distorted fashion but truth is truth.
      We as sex offenders have all been discriminated in one way or another in this who ordeal we are going thru. I have been given an opportunity to go back to court. Now Brenda Jones is doing good with helping and even her chapters are doing their parts all across the USA in the combat of all this sex folly or government endeavor.
      Everybody’s input is important that has been involved in all this discrimination sex folly.
      You know sometimes I get to a state where I don’t know how to listen to but at others I’m just as mad and upset as all of you all are on here about this registry. We have all different ages of people involved yet, authorities say put them in jail, punish them, put them on probation for so long and if one slips up toss them in jail or if one knows how to fight fire with fire, than stand your ground.

      A lot of this is ludicrous in lot of ways and infringes on ones right as a human. Can you see any love in any of this?

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