Pope Francis to Congress: Preserve dignity of citizens; Give hope to convicted criminals

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      By Robin Vanderwall . . . If you’ve ever had a chance to view the Washington Monument on an overcast day, you may have noticed something peculiar. It’
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      Wonderful courageous letter! I hope there are more letters written to any and every high soul there is who is representing the good of the people, such as the Pope ~ in EVERY organization for family. All church organizations. Great words are needed. Trust has been infected by men/women who fear what they don’t understand, such as SOL…there most definitely needs to be REFORM. Thank you for those who speak up for what is right. I pray their will be more. I pray more of us will become “sweetly bold” to help each other and our families.

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      Praise goes to the pontiff in his edyfying and assuredly affectionate words. I can certainly attest that congress has eroded it’s own influence and rapport with the “represented”. I can say that with affirmation due to the dead response I received on multiple congressional inquires , regarding the federal branch of government I was employed by. When it became operationally discovered and ambiguously required of entites becoming aware of my previous sex offense, over a decade old, it became a matter of ping pong politics and a hot potato no constiuent wants to address no matter what aggrievable conclusion. The new way congressional inquires are handled, is with a tiered-out system that ignores purposeful inclusion of the exact representative or senator being away directly of a citizen’s greivance, unless it becomes media worthy or could make the constiuent look bad for the lack of a response. What’s even more abhorrent is the rubber stamping “enabled” by email and proxied memoradums, making lower directorates and entities responsible for congress’s casting of rejected rocks rolling outside its capitol stairs so to speak. We currently have congress so consumed by political posturing, that the people are nothing but necessary numbers with no voice but a highly coveted and cherished vote. When it becomes necessary to contact media for ill responses, the aforementioned usually become responsive or reactionary to enact damage control. I paid my debt to society and was made to repay again with government trying to fire me from my job due to my criminal past that they were consciously aware of and accepting under continued, contractual agreements and conditonal employment. It is inherently egregious to turn around and say, “oh your’e not worthy anymore and we don’t need you!” only to ignore and circumvent deserved retirement. I very much understand the pitfall of our “elected” to desperately desire the need to be politically correct for you are nothing more than a consequential casualty. More citizens need to go before senate floors and knock on doors just as john walsh did, who seems to have unfettered access to the capitol. At every meeting that adjourns for or against convicts, it becomes absolutely required that the voice of the convicted be present just as much as the victims. I’m not deterred by fear from going public of my plight or pleadings, but want to convey as effectively and soundly as possible. The pope is nothing but one man in flesh , the great and beheld to the highest , just one man .it takes nearly the entire empathy of mankind to exact change and to wrest the loose coins from congress pockets and put back into the hands of the proper people’s. There is even a code among thieves as well as prideful countrymen. Who arr we today compared to the very beginnings of of our foundational pillars. Shall we strike down the very base of exsistence or strike down the actual intent and meaning of laws well given. The pope setts the current for other heads and governing bodies to follow. I commend you for reflecting the disparity potrayed and practice at every level of government. The knee jerking has turned into illegal punches outside the ring under the cloak of political protection, with no judge, referee or true constitutionalist to intercede or interpret the illegality desired by any given audience that appluads such change , regardlessly who it effects. I pray for a better day for all. The societal ill is ignoring rehabilitation and rectifying nothing but perpetual punitive provisions and relying heavily on expected recidivism as a solving social model.

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