Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rejects SORNA Challenge

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      Larry Neely
      Larry Neely

      By Larry . . . In these consolidated appeals, Commonwealth v. Lacombe and Commonwealth v. Witmayer, the Commonwealth (state) challenged orders of the
      [See the full post at: Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rejects SORNA Challenge]

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      wonderful as the bogus train ride continues it would figure not all the justices was on the same page tho theres a couple that sees thru this mess and knows its puntive but as usual majority wins i know its not gonna help me in my case now not sure anything will anymore this failure to register 4915.2 is gonna be a tuff one to beat i have a feeling

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      Tim in WI

      It is clear the intent of the database driven regime has always imparted affirmative restraint or bars on registrant’s liberty. And in Doe03 the court stated it upheld registration on the basis of judicial restraint and deference to the “people’s wishes” expressed via congressional act despite their utilizing forbidden plain ex post language.

      Now the offensive intent is in the open with respect to gov\ political intent therefore
      Congress no longer retains the benefit of the doubt.

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      Jim Sevier

      Correct me if I’m wrong, it is my belief the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution & the Bill of Rights was never designed to restrain the people it was designed to restrain the government!! Yet the government has picked one group of people to restrain by disregarding every person’s rights within the law? Also continuing to write new laws & making them expo facto to cover over the old laws that don’t fit with their scheme of things? The government however, has not be restrained?
      Also, what about the human rights violation to the citizens of the sor, not to mention the collateral damage of the families?
      Look what hitler & the nazis did to the Jews, just about everything that was done to the Jews, (except maybe putting us in the gas chambers,which could be next? Some states want to castrate people, which is actually worse to most sane people?) the US is now doing to the so’s? And guess what, the US hated everything the Nazi’s was doing, called it a human rights violation, hummm!
      But I guess it’s ok now for the US to do it to so’s, after all it’s for public safety. The reason hitler did it was to make a superior race. When you think about it, not that much of a stretch?
      Don’t really expect an answer, however it would be nice if I did, curious to see what it might be?

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      There was a time not long ago in comments on this site that I said comparing the treatment of people required to register to the atrocities of the Jews in Nazi Germany was not a good idea.
      I have since changed my mind on that because the Jews were BRANDED with tattoos so the Germans could know who they are. The branding of passports and drivers licenses is no different. It’s a BRANDING of your personal identification. How could any President or governor endorsed this and why won’t any President or governor undo it? Simple; Political suicide. The government and LE have brainwashed the public for far too long and it’s far too late now to undo brainwashing. The only way these laws will get changed is one of two ways;

      1. Someone in a high office needs to get a taste of what they’ve done by having someone close to them end up being convicted of a sex “crime”, even something like one of their teenager kids or other relatives gets hit with “sexting” underage.

      2. We have to just say “f*ck it” and storm the local and/or federal government just like the radical left is doing for their own reasons. I’m not for the destruction of property but just a gathering of a good portion of the 1 million people on the registry PLUS just 1 friend or relative who is also effected by it.

      Every time I have mentioned such a protest, registrants cry “We’ll get arrested. I’m scared”.
      Arrested???? Have you seen the thousands of protesters being arrested? I’ll tell you what I see on people’s videos on social media – I see police officers backing off because they are OUT NUMBERED. Only the autonomous zones were raided and shut down by police. But just a protest of THOUSANDS of people in the streets is not getting anyone arrested other than the VERY FEW who either assaulted the police in the process or who actually got CAUGHT trying to damage property.

      Where do you suppose they’ll have 1 million + handcuffs to arrest us all? In your dreams maybe but not in reality.
      The time is coming. There’s 1 million now. How many will there be in 5 years or 10 years?

      The time is coming.

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      I agree with one thing you said, about a protect but then that would require staying til something was done or something a lot worse was done? Beside the fact that it would take a mountain of planning, it would be extremely hard to get two people to agree on anything?
      But for the idea of someone in a high place or a close relative, probably won’t happen because just recently a judge got his son off a really Hugh number of counts of cp & a number of other related chgs plus the biggie is he won’t be on the sor, imagine that! So, it isn’t necessarily how much money you have or what you know, sometimes it’s who you know & will they actually do something? Apparently the judge had friends in high places?

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      I am not surprised at all. In fact, I expected something like this. Once again, money changed hands somewhere. So it’s no surprise to me that The Corrupt State Supreme Court, along with the Equally Corrupt State Assembly-both in Harrisburg of course-would come up with something they can use to continue to depress and destroy any and all potential hope of Full Societal Restoration to Registered Citizens and especially SVP’s like me. Add to that also, The Element of Potential Law Enforcement Abuse against me because of my Ethnicity, and I have yet another reason to try like hell to get out of Pennsylvania ASAP…IF I can make it out Alive at all…which it seems like The Commonwealth DOES NOT want me to!!

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      Dave C

      The PASC is a joke. Mendoza line. LOL. They clearly support the registry. It is PUNITIVE. Try and get a job or apartment. Thats called punitive. The mendosa line is BS.

      It is 7 years if you do not register appropriately. Would you trust that to the US Mail?

      What happened to Right to Reputation?

      I went to register a job change and was told to leave and not come back. They refused to register me. They pushed a paper under the window and said mail it in and dont come back unless it was the yearly.

      How can something that carries a 7 year prison sentence not be punitive?

      How can anyone say this isnt punitive? Let them try it for a year.

      The PASC is a disgrace.

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      When I found this site a couple years ago I was glad to find that reasonable people are risking their lives and careers for the cause.


      But our politicians are NOT sacrificing their cozy ivy-league $$$ paid careers to do what’s RIGHT! They just want to keep things quiet and move along.

      The quieter it stays the worse it gets. So now they have to be reminded of their place. And see the world they are immune to because of their shrouded existence. Because they chose to continue to do harm to the very public they pander to for votes when they need it. Citizen or convict, everyone deserves to be able to move on.

      There will be a time to blow the whistle soon enough.

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      nobody in particular

      I agree with Maestro: beyond full scale revolution, things will just continue to get worse. I greatly appreciate the constant efforts of advocacy groups such as Narsol, trying to change the system from within, but it seems every time a small victory, a small sliver of a crack is made in the massive fortress that is “sex offense policy”, it’s not only quickly patched, but the new masonry is twice as strong as before. I would imagine that even if some day the courts just out and admitted the whole scheme is aggressively punitive, the powers that be would simply shrug and say “It doesn’t matter anyway, because this particular group of criminals are just a bunch of dirty perverts, which don’t even qualify as human anymore,” and the bulk of the population would concur. Still, all change begins with language, knowledge, and honesty, so I am grateful that even a small glimmer of truth can survive in an ocean of lies, and for those who still hold out hope, when registrants like me have become complacent, accepting the eternal label as the “bad guy,” and the souless “monster”.

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      Wow I figured there be more comments by now

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      WOW… Im not shocked about this answer from PA Courts. Its election time and its all out war with Democrats and Republicans so they will prey on the vulnerable ROs. This State is so corrupt it aint funny. We as ROs need to start making noise and start our movement to change laws. If everyone else can do it, then we can do it. Everything goes to money.. We are Pons for the state to collect federal money.
      #solawsmovementinpa needs to start and rally. Everyone has paid their debt to society is time for us to stand together and make change.

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      Ed M.

      I was thinking of retiring to Pennsylvania in a few years. My conviction happened in 1991 in another state. So, it sure seems like I would not be required to register and actually not even be on the register anymore. Sure hope that is true

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      If anyone wants to join the movement in Pa. I suggest getting involved with NARSOL’s PA affiliate.

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      There may be a time to arm against tyranny.

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      What happens now to the persons who had an offense prior to Megan’s law becoming into effect, and one a decade later ?
      Pleading guilty in 2005, places me into a hybred situation.
      And having the Commonwealth use the “S.V.P.” designation to weaponize/increase punishment, doesn’t help. Chester county used to use ,( and still does at times), a Bruce Mapes to designate persons as S.V.P.s. And because he has a degree in psychology, and wrote a few books,( none of which deal with sex offenders or their offenses), he is deemed qualified.
      My grandson made some drawings with crayons. Maybe I should publish them, and have him designated as an authority on art work!

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      blacks law says labor is physical or mental exertion so
      it seems to me eliminating a physical in person reporting requirement only addresses half the problem. the mental burden remains a service worth over 200k per year to the state. exploitation.
      maybe one of them pompus clowns in the supreme court should be forced to assist a registrant in keeping his registration data current for the next 25 years, for free, and then if he or she thinks it a significant restraint.

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      but that sounds like a felony so bear not

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      I knew this would happen. My charge was one count of invasion of privacy with no minors involved. Only offense ever and they made me an SVP. My case is the only one of its kind in the state of PA and my sentence is officially an illegal sentence. The legislation states that the illegal sentences will stand though. Judges are God’s. The courts do whatever they want and humanity will sadly never change. Tribalism is fueled by hatred and who better to hate than us? Welcome to the world. We don’t progress as a species because we have smartphones and pretty things. We haven’t really progressed much at all.

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      The Bull

      America will get its karma for this grave injustice. What if one the judges and legislators need people like you when they are in trouble ? They will have no one to look out for them cause they are burn everyone.

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      Not sure if your post was directed towards my post or not, but my offense was only an M3; low level misdemeanor. My crime actually didn’t meet any of the criteria to be legally labeled SVP. I ended up homeless sleeping in a field for two weeks, lost my job, home (3 times), pension, car, all of my possessions and someone tried to murder me with a knife because they thought I was something I wasnt because of the 25 scary notifications the police hand out to my neighbors. Murderers get second chances and don’t have to live in a bad part of town forever, but don’t try to view a woman’s butt, that’s worse considering the multiple life sentence I got of a lifetime of polygraphs, treatment, and registering. Not to mention no one will hire me in spite of a great resume.

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      Carol Salacka

      Great point about the Govt., which has created a ‘special population,’ for extra punishment or for which many rights are denied. This is unconstitutional. The courts continue to decide on false assumptions. This decision fails to address the addition of YEARS on the registry for VOPs. My son used drugs and thanks mostly to Probation and Parole, nearly 4 years has been added to his registration. This is unconstitutional. No notice is given of tolling at plea or at going on P or P. Local attorneys told us they could help my son if he was a 25 yr or lifetime registrant, but not for a 10 year as he is, which expired in Nov. 2019. While P&P is being examined again for abuse of power we need to go to court over this. Looks like I have to write my own brief!

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      Dave C

      What ever happened to

      Pennsylvania Constitutional Right to Reputation?

      The PASC is a joke.

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      Not all constitutional challenges have been made yet. There are still some in the background.

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      This is all a scheme to form an iron clad precedent . They have invented a group of people that everyone will agree we need to remove their god given rights afforded to them by the US constitution in the name of public safety . Everyone will agree .And after many ,many, legal challenges they will choose another group and do unto them what they have made legal and it will be too late . When they howl “you can’t do that “they will say you have already agreed public safety trumps your constitutional rights . And so goes our constitutional rights . The haters that are enjoying our misery are fools that are oblivious to the fact they are next . They are facilitating their own demise ,

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      This doesn’t mean a reversal to the Muniz decision does it? really hope it doesn’t, a lot of us have been let off the hate list, some were let off and others had to hire a lawyer to have a judicial determination, that would really suck, because I spent a lot of money to go to court and be removed.

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      Honestly, I think it would be worth the try to appeal to SCOTUS, worst that could happen would be a cert denial, of all the years we have been fighting and penalized by these laws, that are all just made up for extra punishment, shaming, murders and whatever else, Who knows, maybe they will hear the two cases, it’s like, hey the pasc said no, well, we give up now, we’ll deal with the cards that have been dealt now, It’s not time to give up.

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      This does not overturn Muniz.

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      Plutarch IV

      I agree with Maestro’s thought above; however, instead of protesting in the street, I would suggest this: EVERY RSO in every state, in every city, town, hamlet, pack a few belongings, amass at their local police department and declare that they have had enough, that they will no longer register, report or comply with SO rules and then demand to be locked up to await charges and a trial. Get it? If this was done all over the US with the 900k to a million RSOs, it would cause the system to explode (trials cost money). Afterwhich somebody would then have to listen to our plight. But could this be done? And if so, how could it be organized?

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      the court says its minimal and imposes no restraint? kwak!

      its identicle to a formal arrest which is enough restraint to implicate the 4th amendment.

      and a witness subpoenaed to merely appear and testify before the legislature is nonetheless entitled to fees.

      i think this decision is plainly out of touch with reality.

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      could those wrongly burdened by the old version demand an indictment of the responsible parties?

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      to say the requirements are “minimal” is minimization.

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      they build an entire industry on the involuntary backs of a disenfranchised sub-class.

      Your Honor, whats that smell like?

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      That case isn’t over. It has been remanded to the lower court.

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