PARSOL responds to Comm. v. Butler decision

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      By PARSOL . . . Although we at PARSOL are disappointed in the results of the PA Supreme Court’s decision in Commonwealth v. Butler, which was a 7-0 un
      [See the full post at: PARSOL responds to Comm. v. Butler decision]

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      Tim in WI

      I’m thinking there are 4 more registry cases still pending in SC of PA. The deal with SVP designation is that it comes with process protection, by jury of peers and not by the administration alone.

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      Douglas Martinez

      I have no clue what this case is about nor what a SVP is. I have tried finding this case but I am constnatly being asked to pay money. I tried finding it on the PA Supreme Court Website but could not find it. Can you possibly let me know where I can find this case?

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      The whole notion of calling <i>anyone</i> a “predator” is spine chilling to me. It is a dehumanizing term. For that reason, it reeks of systematic human – rights abuse. Dehumanizing people is the first step that the Nazis took. Dehumanization is the first step whenever someone wants to abuse and degrade and humiliate (and systematically destroy). Besides, this term is simply disingenuous, and it is altogether vicious to use it towards a fellow human.

      As a matter of cultural anthropology and psychology <b>every</b> human being is a predator when it comes to matters of the heart. There is oral sex, of course and all of its descriptive language. And the acts of kissing, licking and nibbling that every human engages in when in the throws of sexual intercourse. Even non-sexual adoration seems “predatory” at times. For instance, a grandmother might say to her grandchild, “you’re so cute, I could just eat you up!” And we call beautiful people “cutie-pies” (a pie is eaten – yes, even gobbled, at times.)

      The word “<i>Predator</i>” is extremely insulting (in general) to any civilization of humans. Those who use it, do so ignorantly and with mob-mentality.

      At <b>That</b> is the antithesis of human progress!

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      I have been designated as an SVP, by Westmoreland County. They did so, only because of my previous record of convictions-three others-and in all of them, I’ve never used Weapons or Intimidation against any of the People I’d previously Victimized. The first opportunity I get, I hope to relocate to another State, where I will have at the very least a real fighting chance, to have this Label eradicated from my life. Is it likely to happen in the Near Future? Most likely not. However; I must try, and try again repeatedly. I must believe, at some point in the next five or six years, and opportunity will present itself for this to be taken up again.
      I pray, that I won’t be in The ‘Common-Hell’, of Pennsylvania when that happens. You see, it’s ALWAYS, going to be about Money for Them,-The Legislators and Supreme Court Judges- and The Media anyway. We know it. So do They!!

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      The Criminalized Man

      It’s not just arbitrary and dehumanizing, it’s prejudicial. Is this the 1920’s? Do we really have to fight against state-mandated prejudice again, in the name of equal rights?

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      Dan B

      Dehumanizing is the whole point! You can do all sorts of evil things to something that’s less than a real person – in fact, a sub-human can be treated worse than an animal. That’s why slaves weren’t considered full human beings. That’s why we had nicknames for races we were fighting in wars.

      Think about the attitudes here in America. A person addicted to alcohol that’s been in jail or prison six times and ran over someone while drunk is a man with a disease, whose recovery we celebrate. A person that got caught looking at child pornography (sometimes even if he thought it was an 18-year-old) is a “monster” that doesn’t deserve to live.

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