Once a sex offender always a sex offender — even beyond death?

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

        By Sandy . . . Who was Benjamin Gran? Registered sex offender sentenced to a lifetime of supervised release after he was caught with a massive
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      If the victims of any tragedy had been convicted of anything else, would we had heard about it? Why or why not?

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        Helene Eschete

        This is so sad in many ways. When will this world ever change? This registry destroys a persons life and continues on even in their death. There was no good reason to print anything about him being a sex offender. Dear God, he has died. My prayers for him and his family in this heart ripping time. Merry Christmas to all. Continued prayers for change to this nazi form of labeling.

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          Reinhold Schlieper

          I am sure that the world has changed. Europe regards the possession of child porn as not necessarily a crime; at worst, it’s a thought crime. In fact, this kind of porn may be the lifeline that keeps people so inclined from doing any real physical harm to a living child. The world also recognizes that this “crime” has so many cultural variables involved that it’s very difficult to treat it in any absolute way as a moral wrong. For example, the philosopher Socrates was erotically interested in young boys. I have no idea why the US’s culture goes off so terribly against sexual deviancy and yet tolerates outright sexual violence as part of the character of some prominent figures.

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        Jonny everyman

        This is my state. We have a risk based offender system so you would not know about Gran being on the registry since as a level one he was not in the public registry.

        Shame on these newspapers for trying to make a story aside from the horrific accident taking three lives.

        Thankfully our main news source the Seattle Times made no reference to his criminal record.

        After all a man died…

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        wes gray

        Ben Gran was my cell mate at FDC for 1 1/2 years. I am also a registrant. He was a wonderful person, also very concerned about the irrational and abusive witch hunt that has developed against the “sex offender”, and all of us and our families and children who have been destroyed as a result of all the insane and irrational laws that continue to do so. He was a human being, as all of us, not an animal as many still want to make us out to be. I will miss Ben, as many will, and I will believe that he is in a better place, free from all the bias, prejudice, and ignorant and hateful persons that choose to persecute others for no reason, and who are no better than anyone else. We love you Ben always, and you will not be forgotten.

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        Thomas Darby

        I am just appalled at the coarseness and emotional immaturity shown by many people in the USA and around the world these days. To re-convict a man in the press after his horrific death is simply unconscionable. But there is one source, one place to lay blame, for this kind of rhetoric: The Internet, which allows public opinion, even vile, hate-filled opinion, to be spread far and wide… all anonymously! The wonderful tool that the Internet is becomes a loaded lethal weapon in the hands of people whose opinions would be unprintable in any newspaper of 20 years ago. They hide behind pseudonyms, Facebook names, Twitter accounts, and other services that offer them a platform. And what’s worse? Regular people are believing them! The same people who would never believe a story written in the National Enquirer or another tabloid, listen to every evil word spouted on Facebook as Gospel. God save us all.

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      Charles Durden

      As a society we need to look at our lack of forgiveness. If you are a religious person especially a Christian you need to study how forgiveness is required.

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      Angie Hampton

      My son has Aspergers and was convicted last year of possession of child pornography.
      My son is an amazing person. He’s extremely intelligent, full of heart, hard worker. But lacks the ability to understand social areas of his life. Thats just one issue.
      Before my son was charged with this crime I was an ignorant, uneducated member of society. I thought everyone who was on the registry deserved to be without knowing the details or their background.
      I am no longer a member of that society.
      Being put in this situation has made me open my eyes, my mind and my heart. I can no longer judge another and advocate for reform.
      Because no one knows the real story behind the person.

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        Sandy Rozek
        Sandy Rozek

        Angie, that is so beautifully said.

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        Sadly for most people, their EGO won’t allow them to understand that people in the registry are also Americans but who made a mistake in his/her life. Sadly for most people, they or their family member cannot do anything like “that” mistake. “Those mistakes are committed by the lowest of the low, scums of the earth, and they need to be shot dead or locked and keys throws in an ocean.” That’s what a general person in the society thinks until a “mistake” falls in their home. That’s how the American society is. From the attitude of most people including the overlords at the probation/supervision, people in the registry are lower than human. Sadly.

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      God bless everyone’s and their families involved in this unfortunate accident.
      The media is a nasty thing sometime, lord have mercy on their souls. Have a Merry Christmas everyone. The only gift I want this year is to get off this awful registry.

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      This is a very sad thing that happened and the media as chose to focus on the one man and his past. Is his past more important than the tragic accident that happened? I think not. This man paid the price and was doing well for himself, but people chose to live in ignorance. No, I take that back, because ignorance is not knowing the facts. People want to live in stupidity knowing the facts and still believing the lie. This is the only crime that people say can’t be forgiven even some Christians will say it. I am a christian myself and it really upsets me they believe this. Jesus says, to forgive or he will not forgive us. Sandy the writer of this article hit everything right on the nose. I would say she is not defending the crime she is defending the person and what he is now. It should anger all of us that people are treated has such. We should examine our own lives first before looking at someone else’s. When someone points the finger there are three pointing back at you. There is much more to say on this subject, but not enough room or time for it. May eveyone have a merry Christmas.

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        This is not saaaaaaad…….This pizzzzzzes me off! It is unlawful for anyone to name what someone did and paid for…..as a matter of fact stiiiiiilllllll paying for! It isssssss Wronnnnng people! As Walter Cronkite one said “it’s your life god dam# it I want you to get mad” We the people need to find better ways to take a stand….let’s talk and reason together for a better future!

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          KAY GREEN

          THANK YOU

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      There are no words to describe how utterly disgusting the media has become. It does not matter that Ben paid his debt to society, probably paid restitution and had lifetime supervision. Wow, lifetime supervision! You can come out of prison on a murder conviction and not have lifetime supervision. But instead of focusing on the tradgedy at hand the media needs to further their efforts with “sex offender”. I for one applaud Ben on turning his life around and my heart goes out to his family.

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      Philip Sheppard

      This announcement was sooo unnecessary. With this information about his past, what were folks supposed to do? Celebrate? Dismiss his death as if he didn’t matter to anyone? “Well, there’s another one we don’t have to keep an eye on.” “ He deserved it and worse.” (I got that last one in prison when I got robbed at knife point.) Can anyone tell that felt like blowing my top when I saw this on the news? Sorry, friends, just had to vent.

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      Guys, this isn’t a problem with ‘society’ but rather with the United States. This country has a disgusting history of Hate towards any group. Native Americans? Blacks? Gays? Sex Offenders? No other country on earth (except the ones that unfortunately try to mimick the US) have such similar attitudes about groups.

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        You are so right!! This country has a propensity for “hate”. The United States Of America has to have a group of people to hate or life is not normal. It can’t hate Native Americans, African Americans, or the LGBT community any longer because the law protects them. The LGBT community was the most recent to be protected by a SCOTUS decision. The U.S. had only one group to turn it’s hate on……”us”.

        Now we get the scorn, ridicule, disgust, the “hate”. America has always had to have some group to hate. They have decided it’s our group now. Once they get through with RSO’s, it’ will be another group after us. What does that say about our country?

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      “The evil a man does lives after him, the good is oft interred with his bones”-Shakespeare. Some things never change.

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      It’s not just the United States that divides sex offenders from the rest of society and punishes them for the remainder of their life but the United States started the hysteria and continues to actively spread the violence and hate towards sex offenders and I might add that all of their families and loved ones are also ostracized from society. The laws and attitudes have been intentionally pushed to other countries.

      If you want to talk about “Christian” attitudes, the truth is that a lot of people who believe that they are “Christian” are not. The Bible says that we can tell by what they do.
      Matthew 7:22 Context (King James Version)
      19Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. 20Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. 21Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. 22Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? 23And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

      So, I’m not perfect and I have some serious problems. I have no idea what track I’m on but I can promise you all that those who mistreat others by word and deed are not going to do so well. First of all, we have Karma and secondly, we have God.

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      Yes we all should be a bit upset over this train ordeal and those focusing onthis sex offende. While this train ordeal was tragic this tells people about themselves. Sure its unfortunate that this happened during the holiday season it just goes to show one how callous others appear to be. I would have to agree with all of you that this goes a bit to far.
      Shameful act, indeed it is. Would that be their thory of a safety factor. We can ponder if a drunk driver that was killed in that trail derailment would have faired any better in this or the welthy business man would fair. I don’t believe I would want to have that one weighted on my conscious, if anything I would have just say a person that was in prison, that to me would be the safest option than makng the dead man some pawn.

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      i heard it once said that reporters are “bottom dwelling blood suckers that dwell on the misery of others”.
      and the prove it more and more everyday.
      my heart goes out to this man’s family and all those who knew and loved him. shame on the media

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      So let me get this right….

      Whenever there’s a tragedy like this, the news reporters actually go through all the names of the people involved to see if there’s any “dirt” they can report on?

      The family of this man and any other families of any other death victims should be able to sue for defamation of character.
      The news reporters as well as the jackasses who comment on these articles are no better than the Westboro Baptist nut jobs who protest at funerals for our dead soldiers because they got wind of the soldier being a gay man or woman.
      And the very same people who would comment on a story about that, telling Westboro to mind their own business, are the ones applauding the death of someone with a “sex offense” who never actually engaged in sex with any “victim”.

      I still say a bunch of us should get together, put our money together and class action sue the Kanka family for what THEY started. Let a story like THAT hit the news. Then the Kanka’s, while being sued, can bring a lawsuit against the state of NJ for bastardizing the original idea behind the law they wanted, which still hasn’t proven to save anyone anyway and has made EVERYTHING a sex offense that once was not a sex offense.
      Where is the logic is referring to something as a sexual offense when there’s no actual sex involved?
      This nonsense is enough to make your hair hurt…even if you’re bald.

      (BTW, I am not bald, just sayin’)

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        Jonny everyman

        I am no fan of the paper but in order to sue for defamation of character you have to prove the allegations were not true.

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          Well, if as you say, his level didn’t require him to register as and be made public, the news did it for him.
          I’d at least attempt to sue based on the FACT that a death victim’s past has nothing to do with the story.
          MAAAAYBEEEE if it was just that lone person’s death but even then it’s irrelevant and I still don’t see what it does for the tragedy. And that’s the argument I’d tell my attorney to make to the newspaper/reporters.
          Even if it doesn’t make it to court, the attorney suing sends a letter to the defendant explaining why they’re being sued. They might learn a lesson from it at least, especially if more people start doing it if there are any other tragedies.

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          In PA website it states as a warning any information used as harassment is illegal

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      What in G-d’s name does the individual among the dead whose identified a registrant in the media, have to do with the tragedy of the Amtrak train derailment, the media is stupid and the people that believe in this “once a sex offender always a sex offender” thing are just too dumb to believe in this logical fallacy.

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      Jerry P.

      I can remember years ago on the local nightly news a local man passed away in a car accident and the news reporter announced he was a convicted sex offender…

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      Irene Rubio

      People are not the Judge.There is only one Judge and it’s God….This is so sad how people are judging and labeling,due to politicians using sex offenders to get their Senate Seats. We the people can make Changes and we need to Vote….. Here in Texas we have sex offenders placed in Civil Commitment, which is monitor thru Senator Whitmire,he wants to keep sex offenders locked up and throw away the key. After they have completed their time ,sex offenders get placed in a secret prison which is in Littlefield,and never released.They created this secret prison,being run by TCCO and us as Tax payers are paying for it. It’s suppose to be a Treatment facility,yet their is no amount of time to complete the treatment. How does Senator Whitmire get away with this Secret Prison??? It’s Unconstitutional! Yet being run by Ex Warden and prison officers,yet it’s not a Prison…Who are they Fooling…God is watching Evil ,even on this Special Day as the birth of Christ,
      Merry Chritmas to Everyone,Lets make Changes for 2018.
      Please look up Civil Commitment and TCCO in google,also Littlfield facility.That facility needs to be closed!

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        You say what so many Americans say:

        “We have to vote”

        Vote for who? Who is going to honestly speak up during an election and say

        “We’ve gone bat shit crazy in this country with sex in a negative way and have made damn near everything a sexual offense that once was not a sexual offense. Vote for me so I can change that.”

        Who is ever going to say that? No one!

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      Google is sex offenders and their families best friend, Enjoy!

      Third victim of Amtrak derailment identified as Auburn man

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      Tim L

      It is great to see others posting on Christmas! This issues discussed here are Paramount! A database is a powerful tool and in the wrong hands are extremely dangerous.

      Besides issues with deviants, biometric info/data are being compiled on most everyone in the U.S. and abroad. This behavior exhibits itself in both public and private arenas. It is safe to say the uses boggle the mind.

      Some uses of the database are unconstitutional. SORNA (The regime) uses a particular database and it falls in that category firmly.

      Merry Xmas

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      I tried e-mailing the editor of this article and told him/her how much of a disgrace they were and if it would of been a murderer or any other kind of conviction nothing would of been said about him.
      The editor never even considered this man’s family or how they would feel reading this in a paper pretty much most people read, I e-mailed the editor to complain and show my distain for his cold hardiness, but of course they never read it they just sent it back because I did not leave my full name address or phone number. disgusting.

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      William Gratchic

      It is typical of the media and the public in general of shallow, bigoted and retaliatory thinking. All this reminds me of the lynch mob mentality that permeates society regardless of the generation.

      Two questions remain.
      1. How long will this prejudice and hatred last?
      2. Who will be the next Frankenstein?

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      maestro we would never assemble. we are too affraid (we have been made to be). They would never permit such gathering eiher. They would kill us before we can move to affect change and many people (society) would applaud for it. We would ot be able to sue the Kankas for they are a particular race and therefore, immune from legal ramifications like the Walsh guy. I am bald from cancer, so my hair does not hurt anymore. My brain does instead due to painful constant migraines. Will probably die soon enough due to my illnesses caused by this government acts on me and family. Deb “misery loves company” right?
      Henry hate or opposite (ying yang) is the way of humanity and the cosmos
      Kathy even in death we n our families are doomed for life.
      Hay T no biblical pasage or constitutions or laws will atone for the wrong doings of powerful influences. money, power corruption rules and so does societies like the Illuminati. they heed no warning if it does not suit them. nor do many care.
      irene rubio sorry to break it to you, but there is no GOD! (a man-being-force in the sky watching everything everywhere on Earth and space, all powerful, permitting all these? …Think about it.
      Great article nevertheless and even better comments section. i do not believe in money-marketting-deceptive “holidays” but in the spirit of tradition and respect to those that do, merry christmas or happy holidays. Not looking foward to 2018 election year debacle.

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        I know people with sex offenses are afraid. But the fact remains that the registry was thought up for a specific type of offender. Megan Kanka was 7 yrs old. But with the way the laws are in regards to what actually IS a sexual offense, we’re ready to arrest the 7 yr olds just as fast as claim we are trying to “protect” them.
        Children are still human beings, and as they age and develop while still young, they get curious.
        When many of us were children we’d ask “Why does mine stick out and hers doesn’t” when our parents dressed siblings in the same room or gave us baths together. Today, it’s very easy for that inquiry to land that child on the registry.

        There is no TALKING in the society anymore. No “sex ed” from parents or teachers. So we go on instinct and instinct can get us in trouble. Lawmakers don’t care about what religions say nor do they care about the NATURAL flow of things. We are a form of animal. And a curious one, much like cats. But because we can think, speak and reason, we’re expected to agree with the powers that be when they claim that taking a photo of your 8 month old having a bath in the kitchen sink is the production of child porn.
        Most people who grew up in my generation with FILM cameras which needed to be DEVELOPED at a local store had tons of baby baths in the sink because it was “cute”. Now it’s a sex offense.

        All the people who have experienced the left hand of the law due to such harmless things or those who have teenagers who sexted or people who got caught screwing in the backseat of their cars a-la “Happy Days” should be the ones suing the Kankas.
        “Make an example” as everyone in the justice system loves to say. Let’s make an example and circus out of suing them and let them in turn sue the state for bastardizing their initial idea. Not that I feel any registry should exist but if people with such petty issues got together and made a stink about how absurd the laws are regarding sex, we might actually see some changes as we embarrass the crap out of the lawmakers. That was my point. I hope you understand and be well.

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        Sandy Rozek
        Sandy Rozek

        Carmen, I am intrigued by what you have written and would like some clarification if you don’t. mind.

        What do you mean by “assemble”? We assemble every year at our conference and have done so for nine years. Our tenth is in June in Ohio. Many state groups assemble, and not just for conferences or meetings. Some state groups go in large numbers to legislative hearings and procedures; their members speak and give testimony about the registry, restrictions, their conditions, etc. There have been protest groups in public places and before courthouses. I assure you, no one has been shot or even harassed, as far as I know, for doing any of these activities.

        What do you mean by being exempt from legal ramifications due to race? I know of no instance where this has ever happened. People of all ethnicities are sued daily. No attorney would defend a suit against the Kankas, but it wouldn’t be because they are Caucasian. It would be because there are no grounds, at least none that I can think of, that could be the basis of a lawsuit.

        I am very well aware that many on the registry have a very difficult time maintaining a decent standard of living, and that and the continuing escalation of laws that target those on the registry who have paid their debt to society and are not allowed to reenter society as accepted members are the very things NARSOL was formed to combat, and we are doing the best we can with the resources we have. However, to say that all registrants are doomed forever is not true. Many registrants have found success in all areas of life. They have found that refusing to be marginalized, by standing up and speaking out, and with determination and taking responsibility to make life better for themselves and their families that they have been able to do so.

        I agree with you that power corrupts, but that has always been true and, I am relatively sure, will always be. However, it does not apply to everyone; many who have power manage it responsibly.

        Please be careful with your religious references. That is a topic that we try to stay away from as much as possible, although we know that it is not always possible as for some people faith in God is what sustains them or, conversely, they see God as responsible for their plight. Please couch any reference to religion as your opinion. You cannot tell someone that there is no God. You can tell someone that you do not believe in the existence of God.

        I am pleased you liked the piece, and NARSOL thanks you for your support or our mission and our site. A good rule to follow in writing comments is to try as much as possible to encourage or lift up those who are in the same conditions as you and your family. We have enough criticism and discouragement directed toward us by the rest of the world; we should be as supportive of each other as possible. Even when we disagree with what someone else has said, which is certainly acceptable, we can disagree with respect for the other person’s point of view.

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          “. No attorney would defend a suit against the Kankas, but it wouldn’t be because they are Caucasian. It would be because there are no grounds, at least none that I can think of, that could be the basis of a lawsuit”

          No attorney will take it because they don’t have the courage to due to it being a lawsuit against a family who lost a child. We have a programmed standard to follow to always pity them.
          HOWEVER…. if the manufacturers of an automobile made a crap automobile and it broke down while you were driving it and risked causing you some injury, are you going to sue the car dealership that sold it to you or the company who physically MADE it?
          Which one makes more sense? The people who sold it didn’t know it was defective. And the people who made it didn’t give it a test drive.

          The state legislature: They are the salespeople. They were offered an idea to sell to the public and they took it and sold it. They also added some things here and there for which they are also at fault …but….

          The Kanka Family: These are the manufacturers of the idea. And without THINKING IT THROUGH (i.e. a test drive to make sure it would work), they just immediately wholesaled it to the retailer and the retailer sold it, also without knowing for sure how it would work.

          So my point is – GO AFTER THE SOURCE. And in the suit, give them all these examples of what “sex crimes” are. Throw in their faces the fact that their idea spawned a true monster that is unstoppable and that many have clinged to because they were duped.

          Teens sexting, had it been around prior to Megan’s Law would most likely be a parental issue for private punishing of their kids, like taking the phones and iPads away for a week. NOT CHARGING A DAMN CURIOIS TEENAGER WITH AN UNFORGIVABLE CRIME!

          Yes, the Kanka’s need a lawsuit with a nice big sarcastic “Thank you! Thank you for making people more afraid of their own shadows than they’ve ever been. Are you satisfied, Kanka family?”

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            Maestro has made a good point here: “…HOWEVER…. if the manufacturers of an automobile made a crap automobile and it broke down while you were driving it and risked causing you some injury, are you going to sue the car dealership that sold it to you or the company who physically MADE it?…”

            Due to the outright denial by statute, we cannot sue Lawmakers. Politicians get away with it because they cannot be sued. BUT…we can sue the troublemakers who started all this. The Kanka’s, Lunfords and Walsh’s can and should be. Not a one of us did anything to their children, but ALL of us are suffering because the politician’s took the parents tragedies and profited from them by making names for themselves. Not only that, but no one knows WHO killed Adam Walsh. His father (John Walsh) assumed it was a sex offender and the politician’s created the AWA (Adam Walsh Act), which we now know as SORNA.

            I don’t like taking our fight to the parents who lost a child to murder, but WE (Registered Citizens and our families) did none of these things to any of them. If we can’t sue the politician’s…..let’s get the politicians attention by suing the people who started this oppression. All it will take is for a lawyer to think outside the box!

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        Carmen, thank you for saying but in the spirit of tradition and respect to those that do, merry christmas or happy holidays. That was kind of you to say. I do agree with you that the holidays have lost meaning and are too commercialized.

        I believe in a God, a creator, and I hope that there is a better place then here in this life on this earth with all the evil that surrounds all of us. But I will admit, some days it is hard to believe when I see and learn about all the evil on this planet and when I encounter it first hand due to my “label”. Having earned a “label” had made me more empathetic towards others and has made me be less selfish. Without my “label”, that may not have happened. So I believe God works in ways we would not expect. You have the right to not believe, and I will think no less of you for your belief. What matters in my opinion, is that you try to live a good life and treat others with how you would want to be treated.

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      Carmen sure we all have our ups and downs and yes so many people were upset about a sex offender being announced rather than any other being addresses. Well my dad once told me the dead can’t hurt you. Who’s fault for all this being in the newspaper. Can we say conspiracy or can we say public safety or should we all say hurt or that’s a throw back to me or who are they to downgrade me
      Actually Fred made the best point. Why or why not? See people today want to know the who, what, when, why, and how of things today. Do we all still judge a book by its cover? Sure we can all come up with plausible answers but it seems we are all looking at the negative effects of the who issue. An offender is an offender. We could look at this “Me too or this You too movement just about the same way” I could never understand the movement about saving the whales but man seems to come up with some reasoning.
      Little ole me, I’m involved by this mess too just like most all of you all are, whether its testing, potty mouth, physical confrontation it really doesn’t matter does it. Did we all get involve in all this for a specific reason or should we all just hide away as we are no better than . Should we use some tribal warfare or just let them drop an atom bomb on us which they used during WW2. Believe it or not I can see good things coming from NARSOL and those others that advocate for us and remember its also up to you all also. Start with a letter writing to our President this coming year. If we are in it for one we might as well be in it for all.

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      maestro, parents are sex offenders any time they do anything with their child anymore! Giving them a bath= you are one. Toilet training=you are one. Walk in their room as they undressing (someone has to pick up the laundry right?)=they make a call if their friends or school systems has brainwashed them that they should. Need I go on? Is endless and it does not have to be inappropriate, immoral or common sense. Just looked at wrong for any reason (I dont like you or you do not think like me or you do not have the same color, religion, money, as me so you are wrong XYZ…etc…anonymouse allegation…boom!) who would want to be a parent or adopt now a days??? (someone that kinows what is going on I mean) I tell my adult children to be celebate (for sicknesses out there) or fixed (for pregnacy)/ Good luck with either one! People will be people and do as they do! No matter how “smart”. I also do as wonder, since there has been so many by larger ammounts of “minorities” (citizens or not = legal or otherwise) that have been abuse (all manners verbal, emotional, physical, spiritual etc), raped murdered, in this country (and others) in many cases as often and unsurprising by people (men and woman) in power, with money, titles etc. since the founding of USA many of them never even known or followed upon in any way (still happens everyday) instead of your typical creepy strange person behind your dumpster ready to hurt as society have been conditioned to think, I wonder if all this would have ever been if it would have been a minority kid with no green or blue eyes or prominent in pageons or the community with “prominent or so called important” parents!? I wonder… (sarcasm)

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      Again, “sex offender” labeling is double jeopardy, as well as punitive. When will this labeling get stricken by the 9 old and angry justices? The proof leaks out, in people’s stories, very slowly and nearly daily. I hope it is being compiled.

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      Facts should matter

      It just seems like typical, click-bait fodder used on purpose and to “bring awareness” to sex offenders on trains.

      Now watch some fear mongering lawmaker introduce “urgent” legislation in January to screen train commuters like they already do airplanes and cruises.


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      Sandy – very well written piece as are many of the pieces you, Robin, et al put out here at NARSOL. This one piece deserves to be republished in some of the larger media outlets in the country to see what they say, especially now at this holiday season time when forgiveness, etc is supposed to be front and center.

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      I think the continuous shaming of somebody is the theme that stays in public arena because as long as you can focus on the other persons sins or crimes it deflects attention away from your own. If a person can never pay their full debt to society after being released from prison then what is the definition of rehabilitation?

    • #30397 Reply

      Hey, wake up people and cheer up people. It appears that newspapers and Govenment want to make examples out of all those involved in this sex offender scare. Notice I didn’t say mania. Sure one person goes to prison and they say we’re gonna make an example out of you boy. Another gets caught up in porno, we gonna make an example out of you. Or what about those people that people that are imprisoned in there own mind such as Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson or others of that nature and status, the pill poppers that need to releive their pressures.
      Sure we could talk about Tommy Chong but this is about sex offenders and their issues. Are we all not suppose to self-govern our own selves. Yes I’m glad Sandy brought this to our attention, and even thou it was in the newspapers it needs to be adressed, just like the hunger to feed the children or we are the world or should we all just hide away that got wrapped up in this ordeal or walk around in public with a T-shirt on that says I’m a sex offender Their are two things people can do in all this. They can make a choice or dicision so don’t let all this bring you down. Get on with your life and if one has to go to court to have all this re-opened it should be a group effort.

    • #30398 Reply

      I really think that the “ignorant opportunist” and I mean the person who wrote the story, is a very predictable type. He is the one you may have the great misfortune to met while at a party, you know, the one that drinks too much and spews opinions every chance he gets, the slob that double dips his crackers and eyes the crowd for his next victim, possibly another dumb bell he can relate to on his baseless theories about people and the whole world which he has little to no factual understanding or real world knowledge about. These are the people we deal with, but believe this, they are for many being seen for who they are and what they write. Its garbage they peddle, and the folks that matter can see this and will pay no attention to it or dismiss it as pointless, off the point dribble. This so called journalist is a true bottom of the barrel writer who could never write a truely legitimate piece.

    • #30404 Reply
      John Logan

      What everyone on this board falls to recognize is that SEXUAL pleasure is the number one competing enemy of religion and since the 1960s sex revolution the religious right and feminists will do ANYTHING to keep sex illegal and considered HARMFUL to minors.
      It’s the last line in the sand to keep sex demonized as the ultimate “Sin”
      If sex isn’t intrinsically HARMFUL-then the entire religious belief system is challenged because its whole house of cards is founded on this one doctrine more than any other.
      That sex is HARMFUL is the second biggest propaganda lie in the entire history of the human race 2nd only to the insane superstitious belief in a creator GOD and “Jesus”!

      • #30417 Reply
        Jonny everyman

        I think this is why sex offenders have a hard time making progress. Arguing over petty stuff like religion and politics while the registry stands another day.

      • #30490 Reply
        Em and P

        John, I don’t know whether to LOL or just shake my head. Son, the Good Lord created sex and sexual pleasure. If you haven’t figured that out yet, then you just haven’t hooked up with the right woman, one who still gets your motor running after thirty years of marriage. Keep sex illegal? Sex isn’t illegal. Just like everything else, people can use it illegally and to hurt others, but people do that with everything on this earth. The Good Book makes it clear that sin is sin and there is nothing that makes sexual sin any worst than any other sin. If one is the greatest, it’s pretty clear that it’s not loving God with all our hearts and not loving our neighbors as ourselfs, and that right there is what make all this sex offender registry stuff so awful. Not giving people a second chance and doing everything they can to kick him when he’s down is sure not loving your neighbor as yourself. Now you make it clear you don’t believe in God, and that’s fine if that’s what you choose, and I reckon we aren’t suppose to be discussion religion, and I’m sorry if I’m breaking the rules. I just wish people who talk about what’s in the Bible would read it so they would know what they’re talking about.

    • #30406 Reply
      Phys Ed

      I’m with John Logan on this topic. His response is dead on. Unfortunately the national media and federal courts would agree…but only, and sadly after qualifying the phrase “Dead on” by adding “arrival” to it. More shame to THEM!

    • #30437 Reply

      Donna I agree with you but still, “double dipping his crackers, that sounds a bit rough but polite People of power will write anything in the newspapers to either down another. Sure the train wreck was tragic enough but finding a juicy story in that train wreck such as a sex offender or former is still sending a message. To me its just reporting a story whether the government said print it or not, what’s done is done.

    • #30477 Reply
      John Logan

      In regards to Johnny everymans response to my earlier post–Johnny how do you think sex registration laws get passed in the first place?

      The religious right lobby’s elected officials to pass these kinds of laws–Sex Registration has EVERYTHING to do with both Politics and religion. These laws are violations of Church -State separation under the first amendment.
      The bottom feeder Child Sex Abuse Industry uses 1984 big brother Double Speak terms like SAFETY .and DANGER as propaganda to pass these arbitrary and authoritarian anti-sex laws.

      The only thing sex is DANGEROUS to is Religious Anti-sex beliefs!

    • #30844 Reply
      Don Campbell

      Blaming the religious right? Why did Obama sign the International Megan’s Law?

      • #30846 Reply

        Because it passed unopposed in a Republican controlled Congress, where it was introduced by Rep. Chris Smith R-NJ?

    • #80126 Reply
      Justin Rabbitt

      It truly breaks my heart to read this. To even punish someone even after they died by still smearing their name thru the mud and forever be related to a tragedy as a sex offender. It’s complete madness and cruel that the media would continue to smear someone on the registry in a horrifying accident like that instead of it being more about the accident. Seeing even how after death the person can’t get a break from the insanity and bigoted people who don’t want to see the truth. If a muderer, a burglar, or a drug dealer were on that train instead. No mention would have been made of them nor their past crimes.

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