On the registry? Do you know everything you should?

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      By Sandy . . . In a recent column, Dear Abby makes the unqualified statement that a person with a Level 3 or Tier 3 designation on the sexual offense
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      Michael Duckworth

      I am on the registry with no new offenses and no violations. When Michigan changed its laws I went from 25 years on the registry to LIFE. Talk about a heartbreak, I strive to prove to society that I am not the man that I have been labeled. I keep my nose to the grindstone and walk on the high road to prove my character.

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        Does v. Snyder, 6th circuit (2016). Plenty of information available.

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      My case is very well known in Pennsylvania. At 19, I got my girlfriend pregnant. She was 15.. We got married with parental consent when she turned 16. We had 3 children and were married 14 1/2 years.

      One day she met a man online and she moved in with him. He was a PA State Trooper and after arguing about child custody (He was not happy about every weekend was mine Court Ordered) he himself arrested me for Aggravated Indecent Assault, Indecent Assault, Corruption of minors FOR MY WIFE when she was 15 and pregnant.

      I was sent to county jail with $500,000 bail.

      I was told that I was looking at minimum 20-40 years or I could ple bargain and get 4 years.

      I was thinking okay, 4 years, I already have a year in, that won;t be as bad as 20-40. So I took the plea bargain.

      I then found out that it was 4 years minimum and 8 years maximum.

      I found out while in prison that my public defender was BEST FRIENDS with the arresting officer (my wife’s new boyfriend).
      It get’s better.

      Then I found out my charges were from 1994, 2 years before Pa Megan’s Law even started AND I also found out that 2 of the charges were BLOCKED by 42 Pa Cs 5552 (Statute of Limitations).

      I put in my PCRA.

      The Judge Masland of Cumberland County Pennsylvania refused to file his opinion in the case. He has had SEVERAL complaints about him regarding his personal treatment of sex offenders in Court lodged against him with the PA Ethics Board.

      I did a writ of habeaus corpus against him to file his opinion, Superior Court GRANTED it and ORDERED him to write an opinion. He did. 4 days after my maximum sentence expired. making it in Pennsylvania a MOOT point.

      I appealed to PA Supreme Court who ruled that since the sentence expired they had no jurisdiction BUT they did AGREE that the entire case should have been thrown out.

      I am now on registry for LIFE because I married my wife and had 3 kids.

      That’s Pennsylvania justice.

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      Lawrence Rider

      Why aren’t ‘civil’ registration laws ‘servitude’ prohibited by the 13th Amendment?

      It would cost the state a lot of money to track me around a 48 hour clock to keep my personal information current. Forcing me to supply data for free is unquestionably ‘exploitation.’

      Registration laws don’t seem to qualify as an exception since they do not apply to the general public, and known exceptions like jury duty and military conscription are compensated. Not nearly enough but that’s another problem.

      Can’t seem to get an answer. Civilians seem to think I deserve punishment. Officials say little if anything of course.

      Human Rights Defense Center says my question is not in their area of expertise and suggested I contact NARSOL.

      I think it applies to all ex-felons required to register, not just sex offenders, which usually starts by throwing a person in a cage and advising the person he will never get out unless he participates in a plea bargain process that more often than not surreptitiously operates to strip the person of civil rights. Years later the disenfranchised person is told he will be put back in a cage or killed unless he complies with ‘civil’ ex-felon registration laws.

      I fairly estimate the value of registration to government to exceed $250,000 per year, per individual, as the approximate cost to government of acquiring the needed information by alternate means, at its own expense.

      So there it is, again, which sounds a lot like human trafficking to me. I hope it generates some discussion since the 13th Amendment is everybody’s protection against forced labor and services, not just ex-felons.

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        I knew a family that was so Pro registry it was not funny. They would torment the crap out of offenders they would run into. The local police would give them warnings to stop. Do you know when they stopped? When their son was placed on the registry. He was 2 weeks too old. Just two weeks!!!! They quickly realized those “monsters” weren’t the monsters they thought they were after all.

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      Does anyone realize that George w. Bush IS a sex offenderhe married his wife Barbara and she was 16 and George was 21yr old
      . In 1945, he married Barbara Pierce. She was 16 years old and he was 21. The couple had six children, four sons and two daughters.
      So lets arrest George W. Bush

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        I think you’re right.
        Age of consent in Arizona is 18 but 16 in Nevada. So what they are doing in Nevada is a crime in Arizona but nobody will be prosecuted or placed on the registry for any of that open child molestation.
        Federal laws are not suppose to apply by such geographic happenstance. That defeats a laws intent and denies equal protection, privileges and immunities, civil rights.

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      Once upon a time, a guygal named Hoober wanted to build a huge data bank. Problem was he had no data for that bank. He thought about hiring news officers to collect data but the godfathers would not approve that, nor for the enlistment of private detectives. The cost would have been enormous. But then someone said: let’s make ex felons supply the data for free!
      The End.

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      If John Walsh and co. wanted to extract revenge through servitude under ex felon registration laws they should have sought to repeal the 13th Amendment first.

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      Many sex crime convictions are for the same species of crime the 13th Amendment prohibits: involuntary servitude.
      If congress wanted to impose a civil form of servitude it should have amended the constitution before embarking on a crime spree.

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      Dallas Shawver

      Woman meets a great hard working fun guy. Falls in love. Learns he is on the registry. She leaves. Hearts are broken. LLives are torn apart. Damn shame. So lets knock off the stupid shit and move to a remote piece of property and remove ourselves from society. SEE YA!!!!!! DONE.

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