Number of untested rape kits mount, and so do LE “stings:”

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      Reprinted in full with permission. By Kathleen H . . . By We’ve all heard the adage ‘work smarter, not harder’ but that phrase actually changes meanin
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      Organizations do what they are incentivized to do. CEO’s make short term decisions to increase the price of their stock because that’s what they actually and literally get paid to do.

      The police in every state and jurisdiction do what they get paid to do. The problem is we citizens need to change what they get paid to do. Most police organizations equate arrests with safety. Not so. As we are learning now after all the stories coming out about cases like George Floyd. I read that in Camden, NJ the police department was disbanded and their violent crime rate fell 42%! Of course, there are multiple factors, but we can no longer incentivize police to base their performance on arrests. They have to be paid to affect real, positive changes in our communities.

      For instance, just about every jurisdiction likes to wright speeding tickets as a revenue source. Is it making the community safer? Probably not, but either way their needs to be proof. Give the police chief carte blanche to do whatever he/she believes will accomplish their goals, but ultimately, they are responsible to meet metrics that actually improve the community.

      People always do what we actually pay them to do. We’ve been paying the police to become militarized for far too long and it’s up to the community to make a left turn and pay them to do something else instead. They work for us. Not only do they need to be reminded, but we citizens need to be reminded. We all bare responsibility in the George Floyd murder because we’ve all let it go on too long.

      We can change it right now.

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      It’s all a Set-Up from The Jump, because that’s the way to get Fast-Track Convictions. Never mind that those who WERE actually Victimized ever get their day in Court. Many more than even we realize, are enduring this stuff. Why do we not know about more? Because it would RUIN the reasons for Sting Operations to continue instead of Real Police Investigative Work. I hear all the time about how backlogged the State police Lab here in Pennsylvania is just on Rape Kit Testing alone, but there’s no evidence in sight that anything’s going to be done about it. The Legislators don’t seem to care-now that it’s an Election Year-and they don’t want any extra money that could go TO THEM, diverted anywhere else…even a State Crime Lab!
      Talk about Corruption!

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