NO kid — make that no ONE — belongs on a sex offense registry

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      By Lenore Skenazy . . . Both the boys admit they did it. Horsing around, two New Jersey 14-year-olds pulled down their pants and sat on the faces of t
      [See the full post at: NO kid — make that no ONE — belongs on a sex offense registry]

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      Sex offender registrations should be abolished. They are a revival of an antiquated scarlet letter system. The system creates undo hysteria, negative impacts on real estate values, increases the homeless population and is an unnecessary drain on the resources of our police departments as well as our economy. The sex offender registry makes it almost impossible for a young person to leave the penal system and create a successful future. It gives offenders undue stigma for the rest of there lives and makes a full recovery impossible. Our system is locking up teenagers that are experimenting, even at a lessor extent than most of us did as teens and youths. The system is broken.

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        Michael – are you a sex offender?

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      I thank that is appropriate to set and example for others and I don’t thank it should be abolish because people can see the sex affenders in the area where they live to protect there children against perb

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        Says the troll that can’t form proper sentences.

        Honestly I am amazed the Registry in any form is still tolerated in current year.

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      Timothy DA Lawver

      Teeny n john,

      Troll much? Plain ignorance.

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      James Townsend

      I wanted to comment on this Lenore Skenazy but I guess I’d better not as that just might be the right thing to do but than again we all don’t do the right things. I guess we are not free ranged people to get duped up in all this sex offender ordeal, so in other words I guess we are not free ranged adults in a lot of these matters. Either you go with human wisdom or you might as well find another plant to live on.

      As I recall she was the most hatted woman for her free-ranged kids book but everything is a learning lesson and their are people that do try to help others and yes NARSOL is for Rational Sex laws or do we wrestle with flesh and blood.

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      If the registry saves one child they say it is worth it. How about if it destroys even one child it needs to go!

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        Robin Vander Wall
        Robin Vander Wall

        On average, more than 600 children are killed every year in the United States as a result of car accidents. But, I don’t hear anyone calling for the abolition of automobiles. Clearly, the “if it saves one child” argument rings pretty hollow in most applications.

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          Tim l!

          Hollow indeed is that phrase.

          Free range kids, by L. S. Is a great site. The lady lives in NY and permits her young son to ride the subway by himself, that is without supervision from her or dad. I’d do the same with my twins. Her point seems to be, it develops her child’s understanding of the world by plain experience. Her son’s life depends upon her teaching him right and wrong, good behavior from bad behavior, not solely from what they’d taught him, but from what he sees in the subway. He sees it all as one might imagine goes on.

          His fate is boundless because his parents have provided a way to live fearless! Without being convinced he WILL become a victim, he simply made aware and thereby appropriately wary.

          I go a bit farther and train self defence. Too many soft kids in the house playing video games IMHO. Too many overweight kids. IM not saying piano lessons aren’t good too but it’s not helpful when being bullied or harassed by other(kids, kidnappers, touchers). Same goes for these Dorm or college sex assault. A small derringer would do the trick. Yes females SHOULD NOT be victimized, but in the real world it occurs. Most of the assaulting is by males but certainly not all. The question then comes to what culturally should be done with young male sexuality? JAIL THEM ALL?????

          This is a conversation not really had outside of pure abstinence.. Which IMHO is unworkable…nuff said.

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      Robin whats with the mustaches on people on here even the women. Guess someone has a glass half full.Readig about this sex registry issue that Lenore has brought up makes one try to understand about all this. What is the underlying purpose for a lot of this? Should parents be guilty for doing the best they can for correcting their kids and if they don’t than law takes over. What is the purpose of giving a type of enabling opportunity. This is something that should be addressed more conscienciously. As I have said evil for evil is no good.
      Sure we all want to do the proper things in life but when law enforcement induce with an opportunity of sex one has to call them out on that. Sure police have authority to do anything they want today to compound another thru these internet sex sting operations but is it justifiablly right in this masquarade game of the to overthrow the law of the creator with such opportunity of inducement or should men of law induce one by this deceptive measure and means through this hour glass one calls a computer.

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