No increase in sex crimes on Halloween says NARSOL board member

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      By Lenore Skenazy . . . A Boston Herald article is calling for a new Massachusetts law to stop registered sex offenders from participating in Hallowee
      [See the full post at: No increase in sex crimes on Halloween says NARSOL board member]

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      Michael A Pierce

      “Murphy is repeating an urban myth that sex offenders snatch trick or treaters. No evidence of such a phenomenon exists.”

      (Absolutes) can be a dangerous path to travel especially when defending the rights of R.S.O’s.
      It’s not that I disagree with your assertion, it’s that I believe the word “phenomenon” could be used to describe a single incident.
      Fear mongering hath no limits.
      Ex communi periculo, fraternitas
      P.S. I’m on your side. 😎

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      Frank Tatum

      We have more going on with our country that need more attention than worrying about sex offenders snatching up kids on Halloween its not even heard of makeing these ridiculous laws making it harder for people to live their lives after a mistake do something about the kids that are taken from their families in concentration camps lord knows what’s going on there

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      David M. Ortmann

      I am with you, and I quote a social worker colleague of mine who works with sex offenders:
      “The safest place in your neighborhood are the houses closest to that of a sex offender. These people are so excessively overly monitored that they can hardly go to the bathroom without it being posted to the Internet.”

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        absolutely right. I would rather live next door to a sex offender than a drug dealer that might temp my children into doing drugs. or someone who was accused of attempted murder.

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      Wendy Murphy has made a career out of lies and fear. She has made unsubstantiated statements from day one, just look her up.

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      As a society in today’s day and age people are still superstitious and there is never a 13th floor. So it’s not surprising that the same folks avoid having a 13th floor because of superstition. They love to fall for the old pins in the candy and sex offenders snatching kids on Halloween. It’s nothing but urban legend. We are not becoming more civilized with time. We are backpedaling.

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        People have become so mentally lazy that they rely on “media experts” to tell them what to think on just about any given topic. Lost is the idea of independent critical thought and weighing the evidence for one’s self. Law & Order: SVU is treated as a documentary and not a fictitious overly dramatized TV series solely designed as a political weapon to keep the sex offender hysteria stirred to a frenzied level.

        It’s more comfortable to look outward for the threats to their children’s sexual innocence than it is to look inward at one’s on circle of family and friends. It’s easier to focus on “the other” than “one’s own”.

        It just bolsters a fact we all know. We may be released back into the community, but the laws are written expressly to ensure we are never a part of the community. We are excluded from as much of society as can possibly be legally defended. The message is, “You are among us, but we will NEVER AGAIN allow you to be one of us.”

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      George Simmonds

      Yeah, it is ridiculous! They just want to breed fear to justify passing more restrictive laws and increasing their budgets for police and the sex offender registry, if you think about it they are using the same tactics Hitler used, that is bashing Jews to justify his agenda. Common sense would tell you that any sex offender would be stupid to do anything to a child that trick or treats at his house because the father maybe waiting outside and/or there would be any witnesses, like friends, no child trick or treats alone. But is easier to go by your fear than to use your common sense!

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      I saw an article where it mentions there is some sort of candy law in Texas that bans people on the registry from handing out candy or even having their lights on.

      False. No such law exists. The only restrictions in Texas on this topic are placed on people on probation or parole. Once you’re off paper, there is no Candy Law.

      Unreliable news sources strike again.

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