NJ Superior Ct. opens door for removal from registry for two registrants

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      By Sandy . . . A New Jersey Superior Court has handed down a great decision. Two registrants had sought relief from registration under a law in that s
      [See the full post at: NJ Superior Ct. opens door for removal from registry for two registrants]

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      While I am glad some of the courts are Opening Doors and finaly coming to understandment of these sex offenses. I justr wonder what is non sexual related offenses mean, is there a difference from an actual sexual related offense, an assumed sexual related, or a fake encounter with those in blue prentending. Sort of vague if you ask me or is this whole internet ordeal vague. Would non-sexual be talking about sex or being induced to talk about sex. Sounds like two wrongs don’t make a right to me. Whether they are kids or adults doesn’t make any difference as we are all human.

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      R M

      That lower court was wrong from the beginning and they knew it as many people have sought and been granted relief after 15 (or 25 depending on tier level) years of being offense free from their last conviction or imprisonment. This was a lower court trying to read between the lines of the code and they failed.

      What really bothers me about CSL/PSL is that the 15/25 year clock resets after ANY crime/offense whether it’s sex related or not. In addition to that, all conditions of supervision in NJ are considered a crime if violated. A RC could go 14 years and 364 days offense free and then be violated on a technicality by their CSL/PSL tyrant and the clock resets.

      In addition to the obvious conditions like no contact with the victim/children, alcohol, drugs, firearms, here a few conditions some are violated for: Be 1 minute late on curfew…. 15 more years; Buy or possess a magazine/book with a picture of a kid in it… 15 more years; And of course failure to register yourself, your car, or who’s living with you… 15 more years. It’s all ridiculous.

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      Kelly sherrell

      I’m. Looking for help . My son 20 received 20 years for something so stupid .

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        Support group?

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      I did 17 years before anyone told me I could get off and before I could get a lawyer and to court I was violated. CSL started all over and lawyer I talked to don’t think they can get me off cause it’s not retroactive. And my violation didnt have anything to do with sex or even not registering. This whole state and law is ridiculous. So many people that aren’t even on it think it has went too far but still we are stuck.

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